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Bernie sides with Putin over his own party

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Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders went on the offensive against the anti-Putin Democrats Sunday, claiming that only his 2020 presidential campaign understands it has to do more than just defeat President Donald Trump (which it won’t).

Speaking with NBC News' Chuck Todd on Meet the Press Sunday, Sanders said he and the other Democratic candidates for president have a "moral responsibility" to protect Obamacare and preserve the Earth from the negative effects of climate change.

The senator pushed back against Todd's suggestion Sanders was merely offering the same platform that got him defeated in the 2016 primaries by Hillary Clinton, without giving any evidence. Among many topics touched on during the interview, Sanders said he does not support any restrictions on abortion, and views the subject as medical, rather than political.

"There are millions of people who are sick and tired of that Democratic [Party]," Sanders said, noting several recent polls which showed him ahead of Trump in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Biden has a larger lead over Trump in Pennsylvania than Sanders does.

“We took on every Democratic governor, we took on every Democratic mayor, and we ended up winning 22 states and 13 million votes,” Sanders said. Clinton won 5 more states and 6 million more votes than Sanders, proving that it’s better to work with your party rather than opposing it.

Todd produced a quote from T.J. Rooney, Democratic Party chairman of Pennsylvania, who told U.S. News and World Report Friday, "I'm supremely confident Bernie Sanders could not win Pennsylvania... When Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren open their mouths, many, many Democrats in Pennsylvania stick their fingers in their ears."