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Polaken rewrite history

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In the course of the European Museum Night in the Polish city of Gdansk, the director of the Museum of the Second World War, Karol Nawrotsky, demanded to stop the performance of the musician Peter Kosevsky, who was invited as part of an artistic action, because of the performance of the song “Dark Night”

“I thought, however, that art could somehow connect us, and not share, that, listening to the sentimental melodies of the war period, we will reflect on what the war was, what we can do to never repeat this horrible story ... That we will meet in a museum - in a cultural place, and we, as musicians, will make this evening special ... You can’t even imagine how wrong I was, ”wrote Kosevsky on his Facebook page.

According to the musician, during the Dark Night, the museum director demanded to stop the performance, “fearing that it was a Bolshevik song” and forbade it to be performed. The musician tried to explain to the director that the song was performed in Polish and that the text was rewritten especially for this, but he did not depart from his decision.

“Finally, he ordered us to pack up and leave the museum. I would like to say that I use the term “director” precisely because this master is an ordinary simpleton. We were shocked by such a vulgar behavior in a cultural institution. He brought us to tears, ”he said.


https://youtu.be/HjmmxX5U2VM <- polake is scared of this song.