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Teenager Has 29 Magnetic Balls Removed After Putting Them In His Penis

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A teenager in China has had a set of 29 magnetic balls removed from his bladder, three months after shoving them up his penis.

The 13-year-old, known as Lin, reportedly suffered severe abdominal pains for weeks after placing the objects inside himself but was too embarrassed to tell his parents what he had done.

I bet he was.

He was taken to Xi'an Children's Hospital in the capital of China's north-western Shaanxi Province on 11 May.

After being admitted, doctors ordered for X-rays of the youngster to find out the cause of the pain.

According to urologist Zhang Yanyan, the magnetic beads had formed a tight cluster inside Lin's bladder and had to be surgically removed.

Speaking about the bizarre case, Dr Yanyan said: "Roughly three months ago, while the boy was playing with the magnetic balls, he lined them up in a row and inserted them up his urethra out of curiosity.

"By the time he felt discomfort and tried to pull them out again, the magnets separated and some remained inside his urethra.

"During this time, the boy didn't tell his parents because he was too embarrassed, but the child admitted to experiencing abdominal pains for three months.

"He thought he could expel through urinating, not knowing that it would not have been possible to do so.

"His parents only discovered three months later when they noticed him walking with a limp and questioned him about it.

"We were unable to remove them in microsurgery, so we opened up his bladder and removed the entire cluster of magnetic balls - all 29 of them."

According to reports, the teenager is now recovering well after surgery and has already been discharged to continue his recuperation at home.

Dr Yanyan said it's important that children like Lin are given the right help and guidance during this particular time of their lives.