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Australian 60 Minutes Normalizing "Non Offending"-Pedophiles

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On 60 Minutes, reporter Liam Bartlett investigated the uncomfortable concept of 'good paedophiles'.

Bartlett sought explanation from a Melbourne man who identifies as a 'virtuous paedophile'.

"At about 15 I was going through school. I was looking at boys, I was finding them sexually attractive," he said.
"But as I was growing older I wasn't attracted to boys my own age. Post puberty, I was more attracted to younger ones."
Pressed by Bartlett to reveal the age of boys he was attracted to, Kira made a startling admission, "In a purely physical sense, I would say seven, eight years old."
Kira knows what he feels is wrong, and he is adamant he will never act on his feelings.

"You associate [paedophilia] with monsters. It's very hard then to realise that, hang on a minute, I'm not a monster. I've got a morality. I could never bring myself to do something like that. But then, you've got this dark secret inside you, as well."

Todd Nickerson also says he is a 'virtuous paedophile'. He is trying to educate the community about the difficulties he faces

"I feel a great burden has been lifted off of me because now people take me at face value, they know what I'm about for better or worse," he said.
Todd, Kira and thousands of other virtuous paedophiles say they need greater understanding and more support from the community so they can continue to receive the help they require to remain law abiding members of society.