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Nazi emergency declared in Germany

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>A city in eastern Germany has declared a "Nazi emergency", saying it has a serious problem with the far right.
>Dresden, the capital of Saxony, has long been viewed as a bastion of the far-right and is the birthplace of the anti-Islam Pegida movement.
>Councillors in the city - a contender for the 2025 European Capital of Culture - have now approved a resolution saying more needs to be done to tackle the issue.
>But opponents say it goes too far.

>The state of Saxony has also long been a stronghold of the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) and later the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.
>In state elections in September, support for the AfD surged, up 17.8% from 2014 to finish on 27.5%.
>Dresden is also where the anti-Islam Pegida (Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West) movement began in 2014, and where it continues to hold rallies.
>Pegida supporters say people need to "wake up" to the threat of Islamist extremists. They want Germany to curb immigration and accuse the authorities of failing to enforce existing laws.
>The movement has spurred large counter-rallies in the city