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Criticism of Newsom, sanctuary laws at indictment for 4 tied to El Dorado deputy’s slaying

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person lets illegals grow marijuana illegally at his property, and when concerned that he wasnt getting the cash he was promised called 911. responding officer murderd by illegals.

Took a while for federal agents to determine who the illegals were because California sanctuary laws protected them,

A federal grand jury in Sacramento on Thursday indicted four men who authorities blame for the death of El Dorado Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Ishmael two weeks ago, part of a concerted effort by federal and local prosecutors to bring maximum penalties against the suspects.

The indictments came as Sheriff John D’Agostini and other law enforcement leaders severely criticized California’s sanctuary state laws for hindering their investigation. D’Agostini also singled out Gov. Gavin Newsom for failing to attend Ishmael’s funeral Tuesday.

“He had an important meeting with PG&E,” the sheriff said. “One morning out of his busy schedule to respect my deputy and his family I don’t think is too much to ask.”

The governor’s office said later that Newsom sent representatives with a letter from him to Ishmael’s family.

“Governor Newsom was represented in Deputy Ishmael’s funeral by his public safety liaison Wayne Bilowit, who presented a letter to the family on behalf of the governor and CHP Commissioner Warren Stanley,” spokeswoman Vicky Waters wrote in an email