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Conservatives are better dating partners

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In Partisan 2019, Listing 'Moderate' Can Hurt You On Dating Apps
Some daters are quick to assume moderates on dating apps are really just Republicans in disguise.

Conservatives Make Better Dating Partners, Survey Finds

Conservatives are far better at dating than liberals, a new study has found.

They are clear from the start about what they want from relationships to potential partners and are not afraid to express this. These traits make them ideal partners, according to Lumen, a dating app designed for people over 50.

Furthermore, conservatives make friends and family their priority and tend to have smaller groups of friends with who they share close bonds, the survey noted, according to Fox News. This bodes well for them when it comes to dating.

Liberals are more carefree and tend to have wanderlust. They move in bigger social circles and are more inclined to want to cheat.
Shared political views also heavily influenced the survey's final findings. Conservative women prefer to strike up conversations with people of similar belief systems and are far less likely to char to liberal peers. The same is true for liberal men, who would prefer to engage with others within their hugbox

This is evident in several studies including one conducted by dating app OkCupid, which found that 74% of its users considered supporting Trump a "deal breaker."

"I continue to hear these stories from my friends about how when they’re on these standard dating apps, they’re always told they won’t get a first date. It’s right there in the bio," Emily Moreno, the founder of the Donald Daters app, told Vox about this so-called discrimination. "The people that do get a first date either don’t get a second date or they have to self-censor,"