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Pelosi 3rd In Line Republic's Last Defense Against Trump Tyranny

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Speaker Pelosi must simply continue to investigate Trump and submit the articles of impeachment to the senate AFTER the scheduled state of the union speech Feb 4 2020, there is still much to investigate and expose and 4 weeks is less than sufficient time for a thorough job demanded by the us constitution, earlier submittal dates ensure Democratic defeat in November, imagine another 8 years of Trump

a submittal prior to this speech will enable s McConnell to acquit Trump in less than 3 days and ultimately Trump's landslide into reelection in November, the acquittal is 100% certain, some GOP senators are merely acting as if they are undecided to appear impartial when in fact their vote is already certain, Trump will use the speech to continue to utter countless lies and claim the trial was fair and found him innocent, not to mention Trumps desire to denigrate the left up and into the speech itself in front of a national audience, the public at large believes what they hear including falsehoods that will go unchallenged on stage

don't rush Nancy, its only January