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Michael Avenatti accused of committing new state, federal crimes while on bail, prosecutors say

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This guy is like the gift that keeps on giving


Attorney Michael Avenatti, who was arrested Tuesday, is being accused of orchestrating several schemes to hide his assets from creditors and continue to live a lavish lifestyle – including residing in an $11,000-a-month apartment, being chauffeured in a Mercedes and staying in luxury resorts – despite debts surpassing $10 million.

IRS agents arrested Avenatti on suspicion of violating his bail in a California case by committing a series of state and federal crimes while awaiting trial there and in New York, U.S. prosecutors revealed in court documents Wednesday.

He was taken into custody in Los Angeles during a break in a California Bar disciplinary hearing over allegations that the high-profile lawyer scammed a client out of $840,000.

"Defendant’s extensive pattern of criminal conduct and the overwhelming evidence supporting those charges demonstrate that defendant is a substantial danger to the community,” wrote the prosecutors, who said they wanted Avenatti’s bail revoked. “If allowed to remain on bond, defendant will almost certainly continue to engage in further fraudulent and obstructive conduct.”

The documents unsealed in California Wednesday said there was probable cause to believe Avenatti – while out on pre-trial release – committed federal offenses such as mail and wire fraud, and state offenses including money laundering and fraudulent removal of property.