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5 MILLION Opiate Pills - From One Privileged Fuck

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Dr. Bruce Coffey and his degenerate wealthy sons helped fuel the opiate epidemic crisis in Oneida, Tennessee. Some dumb fuck town, perfect location for a million-dollar drug operation. And you would think, his 500 patients a day would be enough money for his whore family, but it wasn't. He also owned the pharmacy next store he'd send the victims to get their dope from.

Assholes like this one, are what politicians (left and right) and local law enforcers allow to do business that destroys our families in this nation. It took a "federal investigation" to take this scum bag down. Yet, he's still running his drug businesses! Thanks to his local and state supporters in government and the judicial system.

These doctors are idiots from the get-go! Privileged retards. Their educations are paid for. Even the test and exam scores! So when they finally get that "doctor" title, they do what most dummies with drug connections do, start selling drugs. But this prick was selling so many addictive pills, it was enough to supply the entire town; 15 pills per resident, per day!

Assholes, like this guy, turn our children into drug addicts. And they get away with it! Local protection. It's always local.

We need a FEDERAL POLICE agency. Police to police the police. Like a big brother watching you. But not in a hillbilly way. That's just sick.