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Paris: an anti-Macron demonstration in front of a theater in which the head of state was

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Protesters gathered in front of the Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, this Friday evening while Emmanuel Macron was there to attend a show, BFMTV learned.

"The President discreetly attended a performance at the Bouffes du Nord with his wife," confirmed the entourage of the Head of State to BFMTV. And to assure: "The President will continue to go to the theater with his wife as he usually does. He will continue to protect the freedom of expression and creation of artists threatened by political violence."

Dozens of protesters

According to our information, an extreme left activist and independent journalist posted a photo on social networks locating the head of state. Following this publication, several calls were made to meet in front of the theater.

According to witnesses on the spot, dozens of people gathered in front of the theater around 10 p.m. shouting slogans to protest against the pension reform.