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Poland called the liberation of Warsaw in 1945 a “communist captivity”

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Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Pavel Jablonski called the Russian Ministry of Defense's publication of declassified documents for the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Warsaw an attempt to “rewrite” history.
"This was not liberation, it was the bringing of a new communist captivity, and we must remember this, respecting, of course, individual soldiers," Yablonsky said.

The Russian Defense Ministry previously published declassified documents from archives on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Warsaw from the Nazis. A new historical section has appeared on the department’s Internet portal. It, among other things, contains a selection of documents on the Warsaw Uprising in September 1944.
According to military historians, about 200 thousand Soviet soldiers were killed in battles in the Polish direction.
Russian authorities have repeatedly pointed out that some European countries are trying to rewrite history. Russian President Vladimir Putin said in mid-December that Poland had entered into a conspiracy with fascist Germany. At the disposal of Russia there are documents on how different countries negotiated with the Third Reich.