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Iranian Celebrities Join Protesters in Challenging Regime

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In addition to some Iranian journalists quitting their jobs in anger because the regime lied about shooting down Ukrainian International Airlines Flight PS752, Iranian celebrities are speaking out against their tyrannical rulers, while the common people persist in acts of defiance such as refusing to tread on American flags and holding banned funeral services for airplane victims.

The Financial Times reported a few acts of celebrity defiance on Friday, including top actor Navid Mohammadzadeh, who cleverly expressed his dissent by posting a scene from one of his performances in which his character talks about standing up and fighting for his rights. The Iranian people did not need the allegory explained to them, as the clip quickly racked up three million views.

Some other acts of celebrity defiance are courageously explicit in a country that has no qualms about using deadly force to keep its leaders in power:
>Gelare Jabbari, a television presenter, said in an Instagram post that she later removed: “Forgive me for 13 years of lying to you in Iran television.” The Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds called on its members to reject invitations to appear on state television. Renowned singers cancelled their concerts in Tehran and other cities. Others have withdrawn from theatre, cinema, music and visual arts Fajr festivals in February, held annually to mark the anniversary of the 1979 revolution.