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Trump admiin atty general Bill Bar wants back doors built into phone software for law enforcement

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The federal government is once again “asking” Apple to break into an encrypted iPhone that was once owned by a now-deceased murderer and which contains what officials insist may be vital information — information that, without Apple’s technical intervention, will remain hidden from investigators’ view.

The request — it’s really a demand, and it's one that the feds have made before — can only be granted by Apple if the company makes all of its iPhone customers less safe.

To its credit, Apple has resisted this demand, as it has on similar occasions in the past.

The government's current request is related to the Saudi Arabian cadet who was training with the U.S. military in Pensacola, Florida. He killed three people and wounded eight more before he was shot and killed, according to official accounts. Apple, in response to requests from law enforcement, turned over the cadet's data it could retrieve from both its iCloud service and his online transactions.

The government — as it has in the past — wants more. In a complex ecosystem of hardware, software, storage and communications, officials want Apple (and Facebook, Google and every technology company that provides encrypted devices and software) to build what technologists call “back doors into those products and services.