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Virtual wall stops illegal immigrants

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>The reform is prompting protests from Democrat state officials who say the denial of work permits to migrants will force American companies to hire Americans:

>The multilayer defenses promise to shut off most international migration to the United States by persuading migrants’ families that they will never recover the huge economic investment in sending their young men to the United States.

>Guatemalan police accompanied by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents swept up the majority of a group of some 300 migrants Thursday, loaded them on buses and took them back to the Honduran border, effectively dashing their plans to travel together in a “caravan” with hopes of reaching the United States.

>Migrants’ families are usually not poor, and they usually have enough assets to borrow funds for a young man to try to get a lucrative legal foothold in the United States. The international journey can take $20,000 or $40,000. But families will not pay the smuggling fees if the young men are returned home before they can earn dollars at U.S. jobs.

>Only one-in-20 migrants are being released into the United States after being caught at the border, the acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, told Breitbart News. “We have all but ended catch and release,” Morgan said. “It is a game-changer.” That is a huge shift from mid-2019, he said. “We were actually releasing half [of the arriving migrants] into the interior of the U.S., most never to be heard of again.”

>The resulting reduction of illegal migrant labor will likely increase pressure on employers to hire sidelined blue-collar Americans and may further raise wages for blue-collar Americans during 2020.