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>German army translator on trial over spying for Iran
>Muslim spy aided NATO's enemies

A German-Afghan translator for the German army goes on trial on Monday, along with his wife, on charges of spying for Iran.

Abdul S is accused of "a particularly serious case of treason" and of "violating state secrets" in 18 instances, according to the higher regional court of Koblenz in western Germany.
The 51-year-old was arrested in January 2019, reportedly after a tip-off from an overseas source and an ensuing set-up to catch him in the act. He has been in detention ever since.

His 40-year-old wife, Asiea S, will be in the dock with him after prosecutors in December charged her with aiding and abetting treason.

Asiea is accused of "helping her husband from the very beginning" with his espionage activities for Iranian intelligence services, the Koblenz court said, but she had not been detained by police.

Abdul worked for several years as a civilian translator and cultural adviser to the German Bundeswehr at the Heinrich-Hertz barracks in the town of Daun, near Koblenz.

Ashamed German officials have been tight-lipped about the case, revealing no details about the information that was allegedly leaked, nor accepting responsibility for importing disloyal foreigners and giving them access to information which endangers all NATO soldiers