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Perverted Tennis Player asking Ball Girl to Peel his Banana Outraged the Umpire

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Perverted Tennis Player Elliot Benchetrit asked the girl who handles his balls to peel his banana as he watched. This outraged the umpire, "Peel your own damn banana." But the perverted Australian claimed his fingers were too slippery to handle his own banana.

Long story short, Ball Girl had to give him back his banana to peel himself.

What escalated all of this anger from the umpire was because earlier that evening, Perverted Tennis Player kept watching Ball Girl bend over for his balls. This is what Ball Girl does. It's her purpose in life. To deal with his balls. And other tennis players' as well. She's into multiple ball handling. It's her profession. Handling balls.

But Perverted Tennis Player saw her as more than just a Ball Girl. A Banana Girl, "I bet she can handle my banana just as good as my balls."