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Do Criminals want to inject you?

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The WHO 'can't' you trust POTUS?
Misleaders disguised as experts and leaders? Dig deep and see them for what they are?

Four of the main global big pharmaceutical companies are convicted felons. Having paid billions of dollars in fines for defrauding regulators, falsifying science, bribing doctors, lying to the public and for killing lots and lots of people. Robert Kennedy Junior. Look it up!

The free non patentable treatments are suppressed and stamped out together with those who dare to spread this TRUTH.

You are worth more VX'D living half dead than cured...wake up? Take back domain and ownership of your bodies?

Are the rates of all illness over 1000% lower in the Amish community? They don't VX? Do they? Wake up?

Injecting billions of people makes no logical sense? 0.1 to 0.3 Death rate so why force inject 99.09% who will survive, should they ever become ill? What is in the VX they so desperately are cornering you to have? Why?

Scrutinise their VX record in Africa before we let the unelected herd driver dictate which medicines we need to take? The smoking gun?