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Costco employee takes shopping cart from maskless customer, video goes viral

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tl;dr: 'murica, fuck yeah!
>One Costco shopper’s “Gotcha” moment ended up costing him his cart. The unidentified shopper recorded an interaction with a Costco employee identified as Tison, in which he was informed of the company’s policy that all shoppers must wear masks in order to shop at the store.

>When Tison is informed that the video is being broadcast to the shopper’s “3,000-follower Instagram feed,” he gives a polite wave and shares exactly what he is doing and why.

>When the shopper responds, “And I’m not doing it because I woke up in a free country,” Tison brings a swift end to the exchange by walking off with the cart, which prompted a futile last-ditch attempt to save his items as Tison walks away.

>This isn’t the first dust-up between customers and store employees trying to enforce their company policies as Covid-19 tensions escalate. It also won’t be the last, but Tison probably deserves to be featured in a Costco instructional video for how to stay cool and in charge when confrontations like these start to escalate.

>Take a look at the video below and please note that it does contain profanity.