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After blaming white people for years, "white people" are upset at protestors

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An angry mob outraged at the death of George Floyd stormed CNN’s world headquarters Friday night in Atlanta, vandalizing the building’s facade, breaking windows, and tossing a firecracker or smoke bomb at officers blocking the entrance.

Video posted by CNN personalities and others showed demonstrators in a large, rowdy crowd jumping on police cars outside the CNN Center, which was defaced with graffiti, setting fires, and throwing rocks and bottles.

Police reacted by deploying tear gas and making some arrests, as shown on video.

“That is the CNN world headquarters,” said CNN host Chris Cuomo. “Police had been outside, and then as the crowds advanced on CNN, and they were on top of the CNN logo and spray-painting things on it, and they started to light cars on fire and become increasingly violent, we had the police move inside CNN and then the windows of CNN were broken. And so you had a big point of ingress.”

The crowd was one of many that gathered at major cities across the nation to protest the death of Mr. Floyd, 46, who died Monday in Minneapolis after an officer kneeled on his neck during an arrest for using a phony $20 bill at a grocery store.

What you’re seeing live on CNN is vandalism in the lobby of CNN Center in Atlanta. So disturbing to see,” tweeted CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter. “FYI: Our control rooms and newsroom employees are several floors and locked doors away. The coverage continues, no matter what.”