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Antifa Arson Links

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Arson investigation underway where human remains found at Almeda fire in Ashland, chief says:


WSP: Man arrested for setting fire in median of SR 167 in Puyallup:


Man caught by property owner:

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‘We got another one’: Second man arrested for intentionally starting brush fire in Pierce County:

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Man arrested on arson allegation in wildfire west of Eugene, deputies say:


Man seen starting fires at Oregon state park, fire chief says:


Security camera footage possibly showing arson suspect driving away after starting a fire:


Man arrested in connection to three suspicious fires in Olympia


"A suspect, identified as 30-year-old Fresno resident Ivan Gomez, has been arrested on arson charges in connection to the fire. Gomez was first detained on August 18 near the origin of the fire in the John Little State Natural Reserve."