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Proof of systematic racism

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The right likes to pretend that institutional racism doesn't exist, and actively like to challenge us to point out a case for this racism. Well here it is....

1935 was the beginning of Social Security. At that time blacks lived to an average age of ~51 years old while whites lived to be an average ~64 years old. The earliest you can receive benefits was at age 65. This has increased to 67 in 1960 but you can still retire earlier with reduced $. Fast forward to today the average black person lives to be about 68 is still 10 years below white people.

So why is that racist? If you die early then you cannot recoup the payments into SS unless you are married and your spouse can draw on the account. ONLY if you have been married at least 10 years. There is a gap of 33% of married black to married whites. Which means your money goes to the government and is lost.

If you were able to invest your money vs put into the SS, then your families overall wealth would grow over time and if you pass away, your family would receive your stocks.

We should DEMAND that democrats fight for our rights and remove this injustice. REMOVE SS FROM OUR COUNTRY