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Milwaukee man mobbed by BLM activists—arrested for trying to defend his home

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Activists in Milwaukee, Wisc. staged a protest at a neighbour's home on Monday, alleging that he was racist. Police were called when the man could be seen holding a gun, and then he was arrested. The story was reported on Twitter by Kitty Shackleford.

As the crowd watches, laughs, and sings "you about to go to jail," an officer enters the man's home and seconds later escorts him out in handcuffs. The crowd goes exuberantly wild with applause and cheers.

"You about the go to jail," a voice calls out over a megaphone, while other activists scream "F*** you, Pete," and "Don't arrest me, arrest 'Pistol Pete!'"

After the man was removed from his home, the crowd remains, playing music, laughing, and joking that the man was now "Parole Pete." This was his third nickname of the evening after "Pushy-a** Pete" and "Pistol Pete."

A Black Lives Matter banner lays in the street, and a BLM fist cutout is present, while an American flag can be seen hanging near the man's front door.

Organized on Facebook, and with the intention of holding a "protest party," Vaun L. Mayes planned the gathering in front of his neighbour's home. He collected donations to prep for the festivities. The belief that the man is racist appears to have been inspired by a 15 second video shot by children and posted to Facebook.

The scene before the arrival of the police is a party, with music, laughter, and both adults and children dancing in the streets. Many people shoot the man's home with cell phones. No one in the crowd seems at all intimidated or afraid of the man they are protesting, rather it is a scene of exuberance.

The confrontation came to a head when the activists called the man out directly. Lights are shone on his home, which dons an American flag and an "all aboard the Trump Train" sign.