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Believing Survivors Makes Me the Real Threat to Society

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>Not the attackers, not the media who rip apart the character of rape victims, not the public who slut-shame every chance they get - no, no, it's lil' ol' me. I'm the biggest threat in town.

>Another day, another angry dude on the internet deeply offended by my choice to believe survivors of sexual assault.

>What's a gal to do?

>Well, I guess I'm expected to reflect even more deeply as to why I, a survivor of sexual assault, "should" actively not believe other survivors when they claim they've been attacked, just like I wasn't believed when I first stepped forward about it.


>Because apparently when someone confides in me that something deeply violating and traumatic happened to them, and I believe what they're saying, I become a highly threatening person to the livelihood of society as a whole.

>So, let me get this straight: when a survivor comes to me and says, "I read your article, and this experience happened to me too," I'm supposed to question them.

>I'm supposed to doubt them.

>I'm supposed to assume they're lying, even though statistics show that only 2-10% of reported sexual assaults are found to be false accusations.

>That means there's another 90-98% that are found to be true and valid.

>But still... I shouldn't believe them?

>What complete and total garbage.

>Considering that I know, from personal experience, how deeply traumatizing a violation of this kind can be, and how retraumatizing it can be when you're not believed when you step forward, I'm not about to go out of my way to cause further trauma to another survivor just for the sh*ts and giggles.

>No thanks, I'm going to keep believing survivors. All survivors.

>I'm not about to pick and choose the 90-98% that I'm willing to believe based on how I'm feeling any particular day.

This story was a weird, weird trip.