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CDC: Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota blamed for Trump Virus spread in Minnesota

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Blue states better start setting up armed checkpoints to stop the Trump Virus from spreading to their states.


A motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota attended by approximately 460,000 in August resulted in at least 86 cases of COVID-19 in neighboring Minnesota, including four hospitalizations and one death, according to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday.

Why it matters: The CDC said its findings illustrate how large gatherings in one area can have an impact on surrounding areas, and highlight the importance of wearing face masks and social distancing.

The report found that of the 86 cases, 51 were in people who attended the rally and the other 35 people came in contact with event attendees.

What they're saying: "The motorcycle rally was held in a neighboring state that did not have policies regarding event size and mask use, underscoring the implications of policies within and across jurisdictions," the report said.

"[T]hese findings highlight the importance of reducing the number of attendees at gatherings and emphasizing mask use, physical distancing, isolation for patients with COVID-19, and quarantine for close contacts as strategies for reducing the spread of COVID-19."
"[T]hese findings demonstrate the rationale for consistent mitigation measures across states."

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, a Democrat, criticized South Dakota Republican Gov. Kristi Noem for refusing to take more aggressive steps to slow the spread on the virus in the state, the Washington Post reports.

Walz said the Sturgis rally was "absolutely unnecessary," adding that Noem should have canceled the annual event and imposed a statewide mask mandate.