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Two teenage girls dead in snowmobile accident in Söråker,Timrå,Northern Sweden

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On Sunday 13:30 a train ran on a snowmobile whit a sleigh in Söråker outside Timrå

According to the police, a total of four people were involved, all traveling on the scooter and the associated sleigh
It is the sleigh that has been hit by the train

Two girls aged 14 and 19 was sitting in the sled and died in connection with the accident

It is an unguarded railway crossing, where the scooter would pass and the train arrived at the same time

There are a number of unfortunate circumstances that caused this accident to occur

There is also no suspicion that any of the driver was drunk at the time of the accident

The driver wrote on his facebook
-Yesterday what should not happen happened, I was inattentive in the worst of seconds.
Two children died because of it.
I ask all my loved ones and those who knew them for my deepest forgiveness that I took your hearts away from you.

Rest in peace girls Rest in peace My thoughts go to all the loved ones