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living with angloides - EU accuses Britain

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The European Union has accuse Britain of failing to implement Brexit agreements, in an explosive letter published just hours ahead of talks on the controversial Northern Ireland protocol.

In a letter to British Cabinet Minister Michael Gove, EU Commission Vice President Maros Sefcovic criticized the fact that agreements to control the movement of goods and people between Northern Ireland and the other parts of the United Kingdom are allegedly not being adhered to.

He also criticized misinformation for traders and lack of access to customs data by EU representatives. Sefcovic wrote that he assumes these are teething problems for which quick solutions can be found.

Sefcovic is due to meet with Gove on Thursday.

The British side actually wants to push for a relaxation of the Northern Ireland Protocol in order to cushion negative consequences for the economy.

The Northern Ireland Protocol keeps goods flowing between EU state the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom. The aim is to avoid the creation of a hard border, which could lead to a flare-up in old conflicts.