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Homegrowmen Thread #140 Farming and Gardening

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any of yall been to wilderness? Bet it is harder than any of the shit you do
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why not simply throw it in the fire???

i don't get it...
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Going hiking for the first time with a friend. Were going on a path where rattlesnakes live. On the off chance that i’ bitten, what should I do? Also, what precautions should I take when hiking in general?
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Trail Running

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I know there's at least a couple of you here doing this, recently I was told to try it and go to a race and I got interested in actually give it a try. Any advice? Poles, no poles? Hydration pack, no hydration pack?
All expertise is highly appreciated.

>it's just running bro
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euro /out/ing

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>two and a half times smaller than the US
>Over twice the population
Jesus Christ, yurop is overpopulated as hell. How does /out/ing even work on a continent like that?
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Small house in the woods project

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So /out/ I have decided to build a little house to live in the next 5 months, the house will only be approximately 4 square meters.

>The budget is 600 USD
>I have already found the land it will be builded on

Inside there will be a bed, some bookshelves and a stove to heat it up during the winter.

The house will also be insulated with rockwoll.

I will update this thread every week with news and pictures of how my project is progressing.

The first update will come within two days, so please don't let the thread die.
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Have any of you guys ever eaten some dead animal youve found while /out/ or roadkill?
Share any tips if you've done it.
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hi /out/

I'd like to start camping on my own, but I'm a huge fucking pussy. I'm 26 years old and still afraid of the dark, especially while being outside. How do I overcome being this big of a puss?
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>Can stuff the chimney with kindling if you run out of fuel
>Can use any liquid fuel
>If you run it over Zippo will replace it for free

Why dont you carry a zippo when you go /out/?

Also post your zippo if you do.
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