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What city should I move to that has cheap rent and in a place where I can easily explore the outdoors or go /innawoods/
I want to become a hermit and do some self studying
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can people please shut the fuck up about skinwalkers?

that shit dont exist

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hey show your /out/doors knife
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Is it important to look aesthetic when going on trips?
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/nightwalk/ general

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Anyone else /nightwalk/ ?

It clears your mind so much it's unbelievable. Everything becomes so clear and conscious which enables you to solve complex questions / issues that have been plaguing your existence

Got a crisis going on in your life? get fucking walking. Need a reason to live? bathe in the light of the moon.
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ITT: Zippos & Fire Making Stuff

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Lets have a good old zippo thread

i bought one recently off amazon from Jew Bezos and it'll arrive on friday, anything i should know. Cost me 20$

Pic Not Mine
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Man fuck these

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Wetter hotter summer this year means they’ve overtaken the neighborhood.
>Spawn exclusively in government protected wetlands
>Fly miles from home to fuck shit up.
Meanwhile increasing chemical runoff in area retention ponds has damaged based dragonfly numbers.

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>innawoods right now with two bars of 4G
How does /out/ feel about using technology while camping?

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Name a shitter country than the UK to be /out/ in.
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Whats the best knife out there?

Is it stall fallkniven? (or at least when bang for your buck is concerned?)

I love the A1 but I think I'm going to end up going with the F1 because of its legal blade length, and i have a nice bowie knife already.
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