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Tents tents.

Thinking of buying High Peak Kite 2. Pic related.
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Advice needed

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Any cowboys out here?
Last summer I almost got killed by a cow.
I was walking past them by the stream embankment (some mountain torrent) and naturally kept my eye on them cows. Suddenly I saw one charging at me, head down. it was a normal size cow, not too young, with some horns, maybe young female, but i had no time to look.
I am not a matador, so I jumped off the embankment with my bakcpack on, and scratched all my arms badly. It could be worse since that concrete wall was much higher further down the path.
I wouldn't usually walk in the cows enclosures but the cowboys set them up there overnight and they were blocking my way out to get to the village.
How dangerous are they?
Will a shot in the air scare them?
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Thinking of a savage rascal for a backpacking 22, for grouse and squirrel.

I'm Canadian so pistols are a no go, and would prefer a bolt action over semi auto. Already have a heavily modified 10/22 that weights nearly 8 lbs.


ps: /k/ is full of retards and I doubt they have the stamina for hiking. It's why I'm asking here.
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/out/ today Orange Beach AL USA
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Pocket Knife Thread

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Pocket Knife General Thread

Had this one for 2 years now and I’ve beaten it, But it’s held through.
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Questions that don't deserve their own thread.
If you're too lazy to google or you don't want to kill innocent threads you can post here.
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>Living in a truck
Who here has done it? How hard can it be? I'll be in a 2nd gen tacoma shortbed. I'm not a manlet, so a camper top and sleeping in the bed is not an option.

I'm tired of paying fuckloads of rent money, and I want to payoff all of my fucking debt. I figured if I lived in my truck I could pay everything off and have a down payment for a 30 year fixed mortgage in about 18 months. I'm heavy into motocamping, so I'm no stranger to packing light and living (short term) without things the 21st century man has gotten used to having.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Counterpoints?
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Tick tips

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The one thing that's stopping me from being outdoorsy is bloody ticks. I can handle the cold, the wet, the mosquitoes, tough climbs but I just can't stand ticks.

Are they an everpresent thing when you're in the woods? Is it just a thing you have to get used to or is it possible to go in the woods and not get a single tick? And since this global warming shite I've been reading how ticks are getting more. abundant and they now carry some tropical diseases. Should I just go out when its cold and snowing?
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Worst Camping Gear Thread

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What are some of the worst camping gear designs, items, materials, and manufacturers that people should always avoid?

Pretty much anything with plastic right?
Foil is pretty terrible.
Duffel bag/tote/drawstring backpacks
Crank flashlights/non-LED flashlights
Non-lensatic compasses
Boxed wine
Tree tents
Folding axes
Survival credit cards
Aluminum cookware
Styrofoam coolers
Inflatable sleeping pads
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Have you ever taken a gril /out/?
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