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should it be forbidden for women to go hiking alone?

>Moment Woman Slips Over a Waterfall & Plunges 50ft Down, Suffering 10 Broken Ribs & A Collapsed Lung

>A hiker’s GoPro captured the insane moment she plunged down a 50-foot waterfall in Hawaii. Heather Friesen, 26, an American beach volleyball player was hiking Ka'au Crater Trail in Hawaii with friends in 2016 when she slipped and fell into fast-flowing water below. Footage of the ordeal has just been released. She broke 10 ribs, suffered a collapsed lung, and fractured her shoulder blade after losing her footing. Friesen had turned her GoPro camera on moments before she fell.
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Im not 100% clear on why youd bring a knife while /out/.
What can knife do that a hatchet cant
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Deer Hunting

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You been sighting in your weapon, right?

Anyone doing primitive arms hunting coming up next month?

You got your stand and plot setup, right?

Been out scouting and anything on your trail cams?

Let's talk about deer hunting since the season is right around the corner.
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Have you guys ever come across anything strange in the woods? Found this yesterday and it sorta creeped me out.
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>Bags their dogs shit
>Throws it on the side of the trail anyways

Why do so many of them do this?
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Duffel bags

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I need a couple big duffel bags to clear out an old storage room and since I'm in /ck most of the time I figured that I'd ask here for recommendations. I looked at this and it's inexpensive but wondered what you folk with more experience would reccommend. I'd like them to last a long time if possible.
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/out/ date ideas

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I've recently started dating a chick and we're both into camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting. But I feel like that's all we ever do and I want to keep things interesting, but I'm not very imaginative. Can yall help me think of some fun /out/ things we can do together? I make alright money so I'm not worried about the expense.
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>be me
>shithead vidya-addicted loser
>get tired of feeling depressed and a mess all the time
>browsing /k/ read about this board, decide to check it out
>decide to try some of the dshit talked on this board
>went for my first long hike, tiring but rewarding
>tried fishing
>got into gardening, helping my father with his little plot of land, never felt more close to him
>dropped a few pounds
>actually feeling better and don't want to spend so much time on the pc anymore
>occasionaly browsing /out/, /k/ and /diy/ but not on 4chan 24/7 anymore
>damn, living is great
Thanks /out/, you guys are great
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hey guys what's that anime where the girls are outdoors and go camping? I need to get comphy before my hike tomorrow
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Just saw a fucking coyote outside. Its night how the fuck do I get out? I need to go the grocery store.
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