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*destroys your landscape*
pssh, nothing personnel kid
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Have you ever bonded with a wild animal while /out/?
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What should I know before climbing Mt. Fuji?
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What's a good knife for batoning? Thought I'd check it out this winter in the woods.

pro tips appreciated.
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Best sleeping pad?

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Input appreciated

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Mors Kochanski died today Dec 5th age 79. F
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Moving to Montana

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I live in Florida and I'm set on leaving here and Montana is my first choice. What can you tell me about it?

I'm not just talking about camping stuff, I think it goes without saying that Montana is one of the best for it, what's it like in general? How do outsiders do there?
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Why has 99% of this board never hiked in West Virginia?

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Almost all the /out/ shit here is West Coast or Europe.

Wet, deciduous forests are just top fucking tier.
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Is skateboard/longboard a viable mode of long distance transportation? How long of a distance could a normally fit male cover in a day without killing himself, with a light backpack, on a flat road with equal stretches of uphill/downhill/flat surface? I used to skate as a teenager, although obviusly in parks, so I'll probably recall the technique quickly.

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>be silvicultural engineer
>work in a wilderness of salal with just a radio
>kick dead trees, bear dens all day
>cougar sign, sightings everywhere
>BuT wHy ArE Ya ScArEd Of CaTs BrEh?????

I'm going to murder these stupid cunts
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