Winter Equipment Thread pt 2

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Continuing from >>1366434

For all your winter kit related questions. Like it or not, winter clothing and gear isn't as straightforward as summer stuff so it's helpful to have a place for newer guys to ask questions and more experienced people to fine tune their kits.
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Need a freezer to keep deer meat in.

Will be putting in my garage.

Any recommendations?

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I’m inheriting 120 acres of land and I’m trying to figure out the best way I can use it. It’s down south in Australia, hidden in a little valley, maybe 20 minutes from the city centre (Population of 1 million).

Some ideas are:

>Organic/community farming
>High return crops (saffron, ginseng, etc)
>Winery/Vineyard experience
>Event location (weddings, concerts, etc)
>Golf course
>Paintball arena
>4 wheeler race track
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Tiny house/ cabin living

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thread about tiny house outdoor living
>Where to live?
>how much would it cost?
>how much would it cost for overtime?
>how large of a trailer?
please share other kinds of simple living such as cabins or shacks.
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Are Blundstones /out/ tier


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Questions that don't deserve their own thread! As the last one is slowly dying out we need a new one.
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Hey /out/, I went to Florida once and my landlocked ass was very impressed. Airboating, swamp lodges, great beaches, great food. I would like to go again and handline fish the surf. What other /out/ shit is there to do?
I totally don’t want to move there and build some shit on it because it’s literally the flattest state, I swear.
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ITT:Equipments for the 1%

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Why do city slickers insist on keeping these fuckers on endangered status? Do they actually think bears and wolves are just nature faeries that can do no wrong?
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Gear that looks cool, but you never really need.
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