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Is it remotely possible for someone who is poor to escape all the intrusions of corporations, scammers, solicitors and government bureaus into your life? I've considered buying some kind of vehicle to live in just to get the fuck away from the constant harassment and intrusions. ShadowRun SUCKS ASS. I want to be LEFT THE FUCK ALONE.
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Who out today, or do you guys just larp about going /out/ but in reality rarely leave your warm house
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Anyone wear em?
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GearQueer: Black Friday Edition

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Can we get a general gear thread going? Black Friday is upon us very soon and places like EMS and REI are already running some sales. I
just picked up a Z Lite Sol sleeping pad today at EMS for $28
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Why is bushcraft so popular among fat people?
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what kind of toilet paper do you bring /out/?

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for me, it's the coughlans camp toilet paper

I find the 2-ply stuff I use at home is too soft to roll up properly, and if it gets accidentally wet it just turns into useless pulp
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I want to buy a Gorka for outdoors stuff but I don't know which version is the best and where to buy. Do any of you have Gorkas and care to elaborate?
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Hiking meals- Military MREs

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Does anybody take military MREs out on hikes? I know they're a little heavy, but there are a lot of them I've tried that are way better and more satisfying than some of the food options I've come up with.

I've tried US, Dutch and French military MREs. All are tasty! Does anybody else go this route?
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Bivvy or tent?
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Finnish Swede survivalist here, I am gonna look into migrating into the US of A and I was wondering where is the best place to live off the grid and if not off the grid far away from big cities? Some folk say Maine others say Colorado and Utah. I am very fond of the mountainous areas and what not as I wanna LARP as my mountain man forefather which migrated back to the north after he thought America was too civilized or whatever he wrote.
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