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thinking about making a trip to the grand canyon from south ms.

Any ideas/tips? i have about 5 days to work with. i would like to camp in the canyon so any tips on that?

also would like to havasupai falls if possible and any other waterfalls
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how much prepping is to much?
lets face it, the odds of all out society collapse is slim, but a natural disaster is always possible.

How much supplies should a person have stored, 2 weeks, 2 months, 6 months? Is more ridiculous, 6 months of food and water takes up a lot of space and money?
do you pack luxuries like coffee?

In an event like a major earthquake on the west coast, what is the worst case scenario for power and utilities to be restored?

sorry if this is the wrong board for this question but it seems like /out/ skills will apply to basic survival in such a situation
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Am I too fat to /out/?

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I'm 6'3 and 280 pounds, and I really like the outdoors. I've recently moved to a more rural place, and the town his this little two mile hiking trail it seems like no one really uses. I went down it a few times, it's only around two miles are so, but I always reach the end out of breath. It's an uphill trail so going back is always easier.

At the end it takes you to a little clearing/lake. I've never seen anyone else come here and I feel really at peace with no sounds around me or anything. Just nature.

Should I just do this trail every day? I mean I'd have to lose weight if I do that, right? I've always wanted to hike the appalachian trail after college but there's no way I'd last with the current state I'm in.
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europoor here, i have a question for yall: how do you protect yourselves from tick bites? one time i was napping while /out/ and i saw a tick as big as a nail on my leg, bruned it with a lighter.
another time i found a tick on myself very close to my ass two days after i got back home.
I'm afraid of those things, is there a way to be 100% safe from them?
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Anybody been to Big Sur? Where is a good place to camp here without being bothered by tourists and camping fees?
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What is the best car model for going /out/?
What car do you drive?

Are Subarus god tier?
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What's your favorite bush drink?

Not limited to beer.
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>he uses a rock to hammer his tent stakes
you deserved this
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Good /out/ books?

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I want to expand my library. What are some of your favourite /out/ related books? Fiction, non-fiction, doesn't matter. Give me what you got.

Pic related is one of my favorites.
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I'm going camping in the spring with a Russian girl I've been talking to for a few months now. To increase the chances of her snuggling up to me should I bring a tent or a Zeltbahn to sleep under?
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