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>tfw you will never have a qt /out/ gf
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>150 years ago
>walk into untouched wilderness
>abundant natural resources free for the taking
>historic artifacts free for the taking
>do whatever you want with it
>make your family rich for generations to come
>leave a fuck huge mess of scrap, toxic tailings, excavations, buildings
>golden pass because they didn't know any better
>these places become protected historic sites
>we have to pay for access, stay on the trail, and touch nothing

Did we get fucked or what? Talk about being born too late. I would've loved to see the world before every square inch was picked over.
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>no knife thread
Maybe it's for the better but I'm starting one

I'm looking for a good, small carving knife. Something that's easy to handle and can get in those tighter spaces. So far I've narrowed it down to an Ahti Tikka and a Roselli Grandmother knife after a small amount of research. I'm leaning toward the Ahti since they made my current knife and it's excellent quality, but the Roselli seems more what I'm looking for in terms of the blade geometry. Anyone have any input on this? Price is comparable (+/-1$) so I'm not factoring it in

pic related, the Ahti
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How does one get an /out/ gf?
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Homegrowmen Thread #105 Farming and Gardening

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Old thread: >>1093050

Search terms:

Companion Planting - Raised Beds - Hugelkultur - Vertical Gardening - Square Foot Gardening - Polyculture - Composting - Windrow Composting - Mulching - Vermiculture - Espalier - Fungiculture - Aquaponics - Greenhouses - Cold Frames - Hot Boxes - Polytunnels - Forest Gardening - Aquaculture - Mittlieder Method - Keyhole Garden - Window Frame Garden - Straw Bale Gardening - Soil-bag Gardening - Lasagna Gardening - No-till Method - Container Gardening - Ollas Irrigation - Kratky Method

Chickens - Goats - Pigs - Sheep - Cattle - Ducks - Turkey - Honey Bees - Geese - Llama - Alpaca - Fish - Crayfish


Secondary Edible Parts of Vegetables:

Scans of Classic Herbal Texts:
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/Out/ings With a Pipe Thread #12

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Feel free to post tobaccos (no weed allowed), pipes, collections, pics of favorite combos for going /out/, pics of what you're doing with your pipe and any questions you might have.

Want to get into smoking pipes without spending too much cash?
Get a Missouri Meerschaum Legend corncob pipe and a pouch of either Prince Albert, Carter Hall or Half and Half tobacco, available at most drugstores.
What you'll need: pipe, tobacco, lighter or matches, pipe cleaners, and either a regular old nail or a pipe tool (combination tamper, scoop, and small pick).
All of these together should run you less than $20.

Having trouble keeping your pipe lit? Fill it with less tobacco and smoke it slower than you think you need to, lightly tamping as needed when the smoke starts thinning out.
If you're still having trouble, try filling your pipe this way:

Old thread >>1091027
Come on in and get comfy.
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>So, you say you'd like to visit the park and go hunting?
>Alright, you'll just need a permit to hunt in this state, a permit to hunt this specific game in this state, a hunter's education completion card, a tag for the animal, a permit to park your vehicle in the park, a permit to camp in the park, a specific itinerary and permits for the backcountry campsites you are allowed to camp at, a campfire permit, make sure you follow this 10-page list of regulations concerning which firearms are allowed in which townships, which calibers you are allowed to use, the dates and times of day you are allowed to use various weapons for taking game.
>Oh, don't forget to get your permit to set up temporary structures to assist in climbing into trees, etc., you'll also need your general state recreation permit (you know, the permit that says you're allowed to have fun on land that your tax dollars pay for)
>Also don't forget that after you and your team of lawyers take whatever animal it is you're hunting that you need to report in to a check station so they can assure it was taken legally within 24 hours of taking the game or you'll be sent to jail, the local check station is open for about 4 hours a day except weekends and also these random days where they're closed because my fat ass can't be bothered to drive out there and sit at a desk
>Oh, don't forget to take this list of regulations for how you're allowed to quarter and handle an already dead animal before having it checked
>Don't forget to buy your permit to buy permits, and also you'll need a permit to breathe oxygen while in the park
>If you need any help, don't forget to take along this 300-page manual detailing all of the regulations you'll need to follow while in the park
>If you break any of them we will confiscate your rifle, your game, your camping equipment, and maybe your car if I feel like it, fuck you!
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Where do rich people go /out/?
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Best hiking/backpacking/camping foods or recipes?

Ideal qualities:
>doesn't spoil
>is light
>easy to make
>tasty af

So far my favorite is Kraft Mac made in a tin mug
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