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Backpack General

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I'm looking at getting my first backpacking pack. Currently looking at the Osprey Stratos 50 (pic related) or the Osprey Aether 60. I've never really gone backpacking before but I've heard 50-60L would be good for weekend or multi-day backpacking. I'm leaning more towards the Stratos because I would rather pack lighter. Any recommendation? Also, is AG just a meme or should I be looking into AG models?

Also general backpack questions and whatnot
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Where are all my kayak bro's at? Is nothing more peaceful?
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Where are all the /out/ists from?

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I'll start. SE Wisconsin

>inb4 datamine, NSA, OP can't inb4
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So I was strongly coerced into doing a Machu Picchu trek and I've never trekked before.

I have 0 gear. No boots, no bags, nothing.

Do you folks have any tips to what gear I need and for example which brands to go for?
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Looking for a traveling partner
I have a small dog and and small tent.
I am in Kingman Arizona.
I am an exceptional panhandler
And good at odd-jobs/manual labor
I do smoke weed. No meth no heroin.
I am interested in botany, philosophy, and psychedelic drugs and their usage in a shamanistic aspect.
I admire Terence McKenna and Alan Watts.
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Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#130-"Springin' Forward" Edition

Previous Thread:

Where is that anon who posted the long video telling when to use which lures in what conditions? Anybody else ever watch it? Should we keep it in the OP? Otherwise we could get a list of Youtube vids and put them in the Pastebin or keep a couple important ones in the OP.

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin
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How do you cope with loneliness innawoods
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What's the meaning of life, /out/?
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I want to buy a canoe

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Hello all, i need help! I want to buy a canoe, i live near Danube river so water is calm, also i want to camp so i need canoe where i can put things.
I liked this one...
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Beach tents

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Any good recommendations? Ideally looking for the following features

-Withstand constant and sometimes strong wind
-Rain fly that isn't the equivalent of a g-string
-Lots of air flow/windows/mesh
-2 doors would be nice
-Simple set up
-Not going to cost me a kidney in $$$

I've made some pretty cheap and shitty tents work and survive more than one 3 day excursion at a beach, but having one that would hold up for a year and not be a janky POS would be nice.

pic unrelated
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