is van life for real or what bro

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>be me
>study financially worthless subject in uni
>broke but get to travel the world
>be /out/ half year
>in some desert middle eastern tent adventure
>getting dick sucked by US college chicks on project
>fuck up academics because you only care for actual adventure (was good in writing papers but f'ed up hanging out with the nerds)
>be a fisherman my whole life (since 5 years old in competition n shiet)
>now stuck back home again
>craving /out/ so fuckin much
>mentally rottening away at a McJob right now putting everything into baller fishing and /out/ gear

shall i consider starting vanlife guys? i wanna fuckin /out/ and i know i will never be a financial chad. Thinking of getting a van, go fish europe and go to festivals on the weekends doing acid and getting fuckin blowjobs again (not happening at McJob right now; i am just the weirdo with cool adventure stories; my co-workers are bluepilled NPCs i like them but you know what i mean).

tl:dr: old /out/ fag stuck in the city. thinks of van life. anyone vaning from town to town doing McJobs for gas and loving it?

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Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#239-“The Hangover” Edition

Previous Thread:

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin
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I want LARP hard as afghan dude since I saw the thread about the blanket. I got in the cart the blanket and the hat from etsy.

Anyone knows where can I buy the suit pictured?
Can't find anything on eBay
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What does /out/ think about RVs

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Are they redpilled?
Are they a good way to explore and meet a waifu and obtain nakama?
Are they a good way to travel the country?
Are they a good solution to the rising housing costs?
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What´s your limit when it comes to not taking a shower while /out/

Mine is probably 15 days

Of course this does not include swimming or washing yourself in rivers, lakes, sea, etc. I mean a real shower
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Salomon Discovery GTX Hiking Boots

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I'm looking for a good pair of men's hiking boots. These Salomon Discovery GTX boots caught my eye. They are $111 in REI's clearance "garage" on their website. They are about $100 on Amazon.

They are fairly cheap price wise in regards to hiking boots.

Anyone have experience with these or Solomon in general?

Will these be worth it for moderate hiking or should I hold off and invest a little more money in a pair?
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Cairn hate thread

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ITT post before and after pics of cairns you found and knocked the fuck over. Hate these rock stacks!
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I want out.
I want to quit my job and take my gf and my 1 year old boy somewhere in the mountains.
Was thinking montana or something, not really picky as long as its outdoors and away from people.
Give me suggestions on where to go, and how much money it would cost me to build a small cabin, buy a generator/plumbing/etc.
Im super new to the idea so sorry if i sound retarded.
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/frg/ - Field Recording General

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Over the last year, I've been cultivating an interest in found sound and field recording. It seems like a very /out/ hobby, and I know we have at least one active recordist (MJC Recordings) on this board, so I'm wondering if there are any others, or at least any interested parties. Discuss field recording and the myriad sounds of nature here!

Some basic information: (overview) (more technical, nature-oriented subject) (a different take on fr and our perception of 'nature' overall from a prolific recordist)

Some work I've compiled: (contact mic play) (more work with contact mics, this time a cohesive project! read the description; context is often paramount) (slovakian meadow sounds by one of favorite recordists, based in that area) (more urban pieces, interspersed with some wild sounds)
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Pics of caves?

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Can I get some pics of caves? Entrances or interiors, doesn't matter. I'll dump what I have.
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