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/out/ related pet peeves

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Post things that grind your gears about /out/ related things. I work at an outdoors store, I have a lot of them.

>People who have no intention of backpacking/thru hiking and buying an MSR Hubba Hubba over an elixir 2 because they heard good things about it
>People who buy titanium gear for car camping
>Those fucking boomer sporks with the fork on one side, spoon on the other
>People who pretend GORE-TEX is good
>"I want a cheap, lightweight and small sleeping bag that can do -10c"
>"Aluminum will poison you and give you Alzheimers"
>I need a gun to protect myself against bears
>I need bearspray to protect myself against bears
>I need a bear bell to scare away bears
>I want an unbreakable coffee mug that isn't made from plastic or metal and isn't heavy