/out/ Survival LARP -"I don't care" The Fugitive edition

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You have been framed for the murder of a Kennedy,American political royalty. A over enthusiastic reporter has aired the story before the authorities have acted. The news is everywhere that FBI,CIA,NSA, Homeland Security, local SWAT, Green Beret, and SEAL Team Six agents and soldiers have just set out to capture you. Fortunately for you they are heading to Florida, your only known place of address. You left for that week to go on a hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains in northern Montana all by yourself. You told no one of your plans and displayed no identification along the way. All transactions were done with cash. As an obsessed k/ommando for years you have been acquiring every weapon and military equipment that is reasonably possible for a person to obtain. From ghillie suits to a predator drone.You name it, you have it. In addition you have tactical skills and battle experience that puts Jason Bourne to shame. Your intelligence,adaptability, resourcefulness, and situational awareness is unparalleled .You make the realization that no matter what you say the frame up has been so meticulous that you will be found guilty and put to death with the entire nation cheering your demise.