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Help to Survive in Venezuela- Urgent

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I need to store gasoline, food and water. There will be massive shortages within the next weeks and I'm worry that this will aggravate the humanitarian crisis exponentially. I fear my family could starve to death if we don't organise ourselves, which is why I'm looking for help here and others sites, but this is my first try.

Considering internet is as cheap as gasoline in here, I'm going to take advantage of both, to learn survival skills and learn tips. And we need to buy so many things for the next week. We can not buy canned food because it's extremely expensive, which is why we have thought about buying meat and put salt to it so it can be preserved for more time.

I'm trying to survive for the next months. What I have in advantage is that I see gasoline shortage as reality right now, therefore I can buy dozens of gallons of gasoline because it's cheap. What I don't know is how and where to store it. First I need to buy the bottles or drum cotainers, and I don't have money enough money to buy drums containers, as they costs 30 USD for a 52,8-gallons (200 liters) plastic container. 30 USD is a LOT of money for me. Of course I wish I could buy ten or twenty 52,8-gal containers, but I don't have the money but buying them would solve a lot of problems for me. So the next option will be to buy bottles of milk of 0,475 gallons (1,8 liters), which are a little cheaper but storing them will be a lot more difficult and will take more space and I don't know whether these milk bottles can store gas. I think I can store a lot of gasoline which later could be exchanged for food as gas becomes more scarce and expensive. 15 gals of gas costs $1 here right now and in the future it could be 1 dollar per gal.

These are the 0,475 gallons bottles https://i.imgur.com/7GeB137.jpg
Each costs between $0,2 and $0,3

These are the 52-gal containers https://i.imgur.com/vlCICo5.jpg
Each costs $30

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