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Australia is objectively the best country in the world to go true /out/.

>country basically the same size as USA
>1/12 of the population of America (australia only has 26 million)
>516 national parks compared to America's 62
>national parks are free to enter
>most areas of national parks are designated wilderness with few trails
>tourists are only common in the few national parks that are near cities, even then still uncrowded 90% of the time (compared to the millions of people which flock to USA's national parks every year, making camping and hiking miserable and solitude impossible to find
>varied geography, including coastal forests, swamps, mountains, deserts, plains, tropical rainforests and various marine environments
>no large land predators eg bears, only small predators that are usually more scared of you than you of them
>over 99% of visitors to australian national parks are white
>incredible biodiversity of plants, birds and other wildlife