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Earlier today a kind anon poured his heart into a whistle that he shared with us in this thread:

He told us how the song keeps him happy throughout his travels, and thanked another anon that gave him the implement to make the music.


It touched my soul so it was adapted to piano for your listening pleasure.

/out/doorsmen, I give you Anon's Happy Floote rendered for piano by another Anon.

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Homeless General

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Trains feet vans cars trucks tarps bivvys boots beans bad breath and booze in the new but nowhere near improved Homeless General!
Learn how to be an amoral bottomfeeding subhuman piece of garbage with your least favorite /out/ists!
Quit your job trash your parents house and pop open those steelies boys and grils lets do this
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EDC thread

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Empty those pockets boy. Let's see what you carry
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Axes and forestry tools

post your things
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So, I went out the other day...

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Just a day-long walkabout, didn't have time for more.
Found some mushies, had a coffee...
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Tarpaulin thread?
Thinking about going tyvek.
What is the best tarp material ?
Best tarp deployment?
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I have a pair of night vision goggles and i'd like to hike out on some trails with them. Should i bring them out? I live in montana and would like to go hiking at night, it would be pretty cool. will i get shot and maced by scared hikers?
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How hard is it to /out/ barefoot? Obviously our ancestors did it, how much is it going to suck before I can do it too?

Is there a way to ease into it without tearing the crap out of your feet?
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best hunting knife for me?

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I'm thinking of getting a new hunting knife. No gay batoning, I already have my grandfathers trusty hatchet, I need a durable, quality knife that can handle light skinning, sharpening and cutting some sticks, all around camp knife. I'm thinking of getting the Buck Pathfinder.
Is it a good choice?
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