Disk space woes. and yes, posting links is STILL broken due to some issue with recaptcha that I can't fucking figure out.

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What does /out think of pic related?
I heard the 420hc by buck is great. Any experiences?
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Is a takedown .22lr the ultimate /out/ meme gun?
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I explore abandoned underground mines AMA.
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small/practical knife suggestions

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Any suggestions for reasonably priced, smaller fixed blades? No tard chopping involved.

A mora cannot be beat for /out/, but it's not something I would carry around elsewhere. Been using pic related for almost a year, and it's hard to beat.

(not sure how an izula compares to a CIMA, size wise, but that would be my next choice)
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What the fuck it wasn't even smoking when I left
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ITT post your job, career, salary, and age. Are you happy and how did you end up with your career choice? I want to know also high paying /out/ related careers. Anyone work in the oil fields?
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Hey yall, im decently new to out, but have been getting more and more into it, im curious as to finding some /Out/ literature that will help me out. Specifically for where I live, Cuckafornia. Im mostly focusing on identifying vegetation and trees for use in camping.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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How to become more comfortable going /out/? And by that I mean being able to deal with encountering other people on the trail. I want to go out to enjoy nature without getting dirty looks and judgment from other people like I do in the city. How do I learn to not give a fuck?

Pic related, how to avoid or deal with these people?
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anyone have any stories?
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homeless general

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urban camping > nature camping
way better foraging
people are fucking intense
you can buy cold beer at the corner

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