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Hey /out/, I went to Florida once and my landlocked ass was very impressed. Airboating, swamp lodges, great beaches, great food. I would like to go again and handline fish the surf. What other /out/ shit is there to do?
I totally don’t want to move there and build some shit on it because it’s literally the flattest state, I swear.

Homegrowmen Thread #153 Farming and Gardening

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I found and old austrian short sword. Scales and guard are long gone but the blade is still sound with some pitting. The blade is 45cm long and 6cm wide so it's beefy and the right side is fullered while the left is flat
Should I make an /out/ knife or just try to restore it into the original shape?
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Hi /out/,

I will buy a new car soon. I really like the look of the classic Uaz 4x4 van.

I am in Europe so I can easily get a new one in Poland etc...

But I wonder if it’s the right car for me.

I am willing to learn mechanics to take care of it myself when needed.

But I also intend to use it as my daily car.

Anyone have experience with that type of car?

Thank you
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How hyped are you for the collapse of industrial society, /out/?
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Post /out/ related guides, lists, infographics and educational material.

Anything you got!
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Hi friends. /k/ommando here.
When me and my wife were 18, we got an inheritance. We bought 10 acres of woods in McNairy Co, Tennessee, the most beautiful place we’d ever seen.
Then I got arrested. A dwai I got 5 years probation for. I can’t take it anymore and I can’t keep my family in New York anymore.
I intend to pack my Jeep with supplies and drive down there, basically camp until I build enough of our homestead to move them down there. Then I’m gonna get a job and get the rest built.
Help me build a list of supplies?
>I intend on building a 3 bedroom timber framed house
>surviving off the land, supplies I bring, and 2 grand.
Before they come down I need
>the house built, a pig pen, a garden planted.

In time we’re gonna put a generator, diesel storage, and a well, until then it’s stored (and treated) water from a creek and a little camping Honda generator to charge phones and for emergencies.
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Questions that don't deserve their own thread! As the last one is slowly dying out we need a new one.
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Get Those Snowblowers /out/!

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Lets see your snowblowers! Post em if you got em. I'm interested to see what eurobros use.

I just picked up my first blower ever. An Airens 22" for $250
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