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/gear/ - Gear thread #11: Gerber suspension edition

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Previous thread: >>1212391

ITT: We discuss gear, ask and answer questions, and post our own stuff.

Gonna start posting unanswered questions from the old thread in the OP from here on out. Answer them if you feel like it.

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What are the best /out/ youtube channels?
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I will be going camping for the first time in my life this summer and I plan on littering as much as I possibly can. I have experienced a decent amount of racism in America and so I will be passively lashing out at whites when I go in to their precious wilderness and shit it up as much as I possibly can. I dont give a single fuck about the environment or my impact on it so I will be bringing with me heaps of wrappers and such to disperse as I walk. I am going with a group so I have to do it subtly as Im sure they will be extremely butthurt if they see what Im doing. Have a great day.
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Guess the country thread?
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Chest rigs

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Who wears a chest rig when they're /out/doors? If you have, did anyone look at you weird and think your autistic?
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Next year I'm planning on doing my first long hike. It's going to be the TRT (Tahoe Rim Trail); a 170 mile loop around Lake Tahoe. I'm gradually building up my daily walking/hiking distance so I can put down at least 15-20 miles a day--meaning I'll finish in 9 to 11 days.

It's still far out where I have enough time to research what I need, but I wanted to ask anyone here who may have done similar long hikes about their personal experience, maybe something you learned along the way which would have made your travel easier or more enjoyable.
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Hi guys.

I'm that britbong who started building a shack in some woods owned and abandoned by an oil company. They sometimes patrol and I got into shit about 6 weeks ago when I arranged for a bunch of pallets to be dropped off. Almost got arrested.

I layed low but decided to go back and start building again. Its in an area they don't know about . Here's how far I've got so far.

Comments and suggestions appreciated.
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You can practice your white environmentalism from your hammocks you can preach LNT on the interwebs you can recycle your Fiji water bottles you can kick cairns and carry shit shovels you can complain about Trump or the EPA or the park service budget you can drive your Prius on your excursions to REI but you can't stop billions of people who dont share your values from strip mining your wilderness your last haven and safe space from this clown world. Fuck you
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/outing/ with dslr

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How do you guys carry your camera when out for longer periods? I used to carry it in a separate bag on my hip but it's just pain to do when you carry more lens / other gear. I was thinking about making DIY insert partition that I could just have inside of my 60L backpack, or maybe buying some lens pouches that I would throw into my backpack while carying my camera on my hip.

Any advice appreciated, also /out/ photo gear pics in general
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timekeeping while /out/

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for time when reaching for your phone isn't convenient ...what's the best way to check the time under a 100 bucks that won't die after some rain or a dip in salt water or getting smudged in mud and sand etc...

narrow down by budget, under a 100 buckaroos.. smallest watch face possible, none of that meme gshock stuff. analog, solid and stylish design.
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