Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#301-“RIPIP Knoife Doge” Edition

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Talk about fishin
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Survival Russia discussion thread

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Lars from SurvivalRussia discussion. Also just found out he's the ex-leader of the Danish Nationalist Front, got arrested in Denmark, trained with a Russian nationalist group in Moscow, now /comfy/ in the Kirov region innahomestead. Based as fuck.

Anybody else watch him? He does a good job about not shilling for useless shit. His Siberian log fire is pretty good.
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Quality /out/ whiskey?

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What kind of scotch or whiskey do you guys pack out with you? I'm thinking between pic related, tincup or makers mark for next camp and hike
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Entrenching Tool

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Any good entrenching tools that are a good price and fairly reliable / durable?
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What does /out/ like to do during the winter?

Question !

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Going to Vancouver soon do you guys know any cool hiking trails, tried looking it up theres a ton to choose from just wanna know if any stand out to y'all.

Scared of camping anons please help eliviate fear

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ever since I was a kid ive always feared camping because of wildlife and now as ive grown older im more afraid of human traffickers or some schizo in the woods.

I've got a revolver as a weapon but still fear camping alot. pls help
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SHTF Communications

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UHF vs VHF vs HAM for SHTF? Which gets the longest range per watt? Which will others be using and should this be taken into consideration? I'm assuming less people will have HAM but the HAM guys might be more prepared? Obviously recharged with solar because SHTF.
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Australia is objectively the best country in the world to go true /out/.

>country basically the same size as USA
>1/12 of the population of America (australia only has 26 million)
>516 national parks compared to America's 62
>national parks are free to enter
>most areas of national parks are designated wilderness with few trails
>tourists are only common in the few national parks that are near cities, even then still uncrowded 90% of the time (compared to the millions of people which flock to USA's national parks every year, making camping and hiking miserable and solitude impossible to find
>varied geography, including coastal forests, swamps, mountains, deserts, plains, tropical rainforests and various marine environments
>no large land predators eg bears, only small predators that are usually more scared of you than you of them
>over 99% of visitors to australian national parks are white
>incredible biodiversity of plants, birds and other wildlife
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Backpacking loadouts

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Show me your backpacks and all the stuff you put in em
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