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Strange findings in a german forest, any explosives and ammo removal experts/forestry experts that could explain what I found?

for reference, former WW2 factory in germany where they're currently cleaning up

pic related is one of the many heaps of shrubbery i found with pink, neon green or orange markings around them
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Good folding knife ?

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Hello my girlfriend birthday is coming soon and im thinking of buying her a folding knife. Any advice ?
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Would it be legal to establish an intentional agrarian community far off the grid that was male only?
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How do you guys do topo maps? You get the paper ones or is there some way I can get the USGS one onto my phone?
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How do you ease anxiety when you are /out/? I’m a pretty anxious person, not schizo or anything, but I do have fears of being killed in my sleep, kidnapped, jumped by a bear/skin walker, etc. I am really /k/ so I always have a gun and that helps a lot, but what do you do to quell anxiety?
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Best European country to going /out/ing?

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Ameribro here getting tax returns soon and i'll finally have enough to travel to Europe for a camping trip. Can any eruobros give me reccomendations on where they like to go? I can speak French and Russian so areas like that would be preferred but not limited to.
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Hammock Camping

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Does anyone here use a hammock to camp? Why or why not?
I hear it's good for summer camping because it keeps you cooler.

I just purchased a Warbonnet Blackbird XLC hammock, and I am excited to try it out.

Pic related, its the hammock.
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bad news guys
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/out/ jobs?

Tired of my office job. Cozy outdoor job recommendations? Anybody here getting paid to /out/?
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I've never seen a pristine night sky
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