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Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#290-“Dorian” Edition

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Talk about fishin
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What is the best shelter?

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What’s the best shelter/sleeping arrangement to have anons? I currently have a hammock and poncho for reference
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If there was a property you could stay on for as long as you needed, but you needed to provide your own shelter for $1K to $2K or less, what would be your shelter choice?

I know a girl who is moving back to her home town, and she's going to stay at her folks property while she saves up money for an apartment. She already has a job lined up and all that.

Only thing is, her folks are building a house and living in a tiny trailer while they do it. There's no room for her. So she has to provide her own accommodations. They've told her she can set up a tent, she can build a 200 square foot shed, she can park an RV, anything like that. Only problem is, she has very little money at the moment. All her money has been going to rent and she doesn't have anything saved up for a situation like this.

So, what would be the best option for her? Her dad is a handyman and could help her build something if she could pay for the materials.

I've been trying to steer her towards something like:

>1.) A really nice canvas tent like a Springbar Tent or a Kodiak Canvas tent.

>2.) A tiny A-Frame cabin. If you provide the labor (which might be an option in her case) a 14x14 foot A-Frame can be thrown up very quickly for around $2K, including insulation.

What are some other options?
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Post comfy pics from the last time you were /out/
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Camping with Instruments

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Which instruments are the comfiest to have on a camping trip ?
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What's a good pair of winter-socks & gloves to wear?

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Tomorrow I will do the last camp of the autumn season (in Sweden). After that, I'll have to save up for new equipment that can be used for winter camping instead. Looking for tips for keeping warm this weekend with a three season-sleeping bag, a tent, and a thin foam sleeping mat in temperatures down to 48°F (8°C).
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I’m staying in LA for the next few days (bel air) and am looking for some good day hikes to knock out that aren’t too far and won’t fuck me too hard with daytime traffic. Any suggestions?