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Out blankets

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There are many options for blankets and sleeping bags for out. Post what you prefer or carry and lets have a polite discussion on the pros and cons of all the types of blankets (wool, flannel, synthetic etc.., comforters (real down fill vs synthetic fill), sleeping bags, and woobies.

Leaving Monday Need Help

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I need help /out/. I'm leaving my life behind and going /out/ for at least a year or so. It's either this or death. Literally, this weekend, I need to make preparations. Monday morning I need to leave. I plan to take my dog, my phone, my computer, a laptop, a notepad, and my lucky pen, and several other items for safety. I have a vehicle that while not the best can operate on moderate offroad terrain. I need to get across the country. I'm on the edge of the East Coast. I'm thinking of Washington State or maybe even British Columbia (I can cross the border legally, but would rather not). I need to find somewhere that I can get off the grid and just live out life with my dog for a bit until things improve. I'd rather not make the trip in one go. I'd like to stop off at national parks and forests and ideal /out/ places along the way so that I can practice outdoors shit like starting fires, where to camp, how to camp, etc before I commit to seriously getting way the fuck out there.

I have the following things sorted already:
>A decently serviced vehicle, albeit fairly old
>A steady income, albeit low
>Clothes to get me through winter

That's about it. I need to know locations to go, how to sustain myself on a low income by supplementing it with hunting/fishing. Things like that. I have never gone fishing or hunting, but have extensive experience with weapons. I don't want to end up like that guy you all meme out about from Into The Wild, but I do need to get off the grid for a little bit but I don't want to be an underprepared idiot like him.

Please dump anything from hunting advice to general advice about how to make my life easier on the road. I need to learn how to fish fucking immediately too. Also, how the fuck do I take weapons across state lines legally? Like, what happens if I enter a state where certain weapons are banned, but I'm just passing through? Do I need to ship it over the state and pick it up in a legal state? I need the weapons to hunt with.
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It's that time again

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/out/ musical instruments thread

What are your favorite gitfiddles and poorwhistles to bring along on the great outdoors? I currently bring a banjo and a harmonica, but the banjo is still bulky to pack into a kayak or bring on a trail. Been thinking about a cheap mandolin to cut down on space and maybe worry less if it takes a good knock. Anyone have any recommendations on one that doesn't suck ass and is <$300?

Post stories, pics, make fun of other peoples instruments etc
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Not sure if this applies or is /out/ material, but I recently just bought a snowboard that put a hefty dent in my pocket. I used to always rent and I haven’t really explored the world of gear. As of now I just have the snowboard and bindings. Do you guys have any recommendations for cheap and good gear? Here’s what I don’t have:
>Jacket & Snowpants
>Everything else
Thanks guys! Pic is the bottom of my board.
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OC views thread, post some of the best views from your adventures. I'll start with the good ol' Smoky Mountains.
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There is something very unnatural about the coniferous and deciduous split. Perhaps even quantum. Do not pitch your tent near large unnatural growths of these trees /out/sman
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Who else here is anti-deep ecology? Nature isn't beautiful or Gaia rainbows. It only produces suffering for hundreds of millions of years via self cannibalization and should be nuked.
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Anyone here a boy scout in their youth?
Have any good /out/ stories?
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any homeless tips
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Feral Dogs

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How does one protect themselves from a pack of feral wilds while out solo hiking WITHOUT a gun or pepper spray...? Both guns and pepper spray is illegal in this fucked up country. Attacks are becoming more frequent and last year during my huge 200k+ trek I was stalked for 4 days by at least 11 dogs. I've been scared to solo hike ever since.
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