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Desert Camping

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Has anyone ever gone camping out in a desert?

I want to try it in an area like Utah/Nevada but idk if its that good of an idea, anyone ever tired it?

Pic Related, something similar to that kind of area
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Massive snowfall this week
Can't go safely ./out/
Have to stay in the city and find something to do Fri,Sat and maybe Sunday
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Post your favourite piece of ultralight kit

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Mine is pic related.
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So what are your guys thoughts on the Outdoors?
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Kentucky Thread

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Let's get a Kentucky thread going! What's your favorite backpacking trail in the state? Know any secret fishing holes? Discuss!
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Any stargazers, amateur astronomers, and/or astrophotographers on here? I could use some advice on where to begin and what telescope I should buy.
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Northeast meet-up

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This still happening?
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Fucks these guys. But it's never too early to start prepping. How's everyone dealing with ticks this year? Don't want to get that lymes.
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National park disappearances

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Over 1600 people have gone missing in the U.S. national parks. Is the cause of most of these people just over estimating their abilities? is it serial killers? Something weirder? Why doesn't the parks department try to keep a list of these people either? all seems pretty strange but probably easily explainable.
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why haven't you gone /out/ in japan yet?

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