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Bros what shoes do you wear for the outdoors for the rain, mudd and snow season that wee are starting?

I was thinking on getting these Dunlop wildlander snugboot for hiking this winter. They seem to be designed for hunting and offtrail terrain. What do you guys think?
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ITT dumb gear for people with more money than sense
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Cold Weather Hats

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alright /out/, I need some advice.

I live in northern Pennsylvania and the winters here can get pretty cold (sometimes down to -20°F).
I'm looking for a good hat to keep my head+ears warm. I like the style of pic related, but are Fudd hats a larp?
should I consider something else instead?
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Long John Silvers thread

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Jesus guys , I nearly forgot this year.
Forgive me

Post link to great sales.
Post favorite LJS brands.
Argue with fellow boardmembers about merino wool vs cotton.
Everything long john silvers related belongs here.

Its getting cold, do you have yours yet?
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Why is it that I've heard people say catfish put up a good fight? Earlier today, I put some shrimp on my line, cast out into a stream, and put the rod on the ground with the bail down (because I'm quirky).
NOT ONE of those fat fucks even moved the rod a foot. Now, keep in mind these catfish were around arm length, they were kind of annoying to lift up. So, what the fuck is it with all these people saying catfish put a good fight? It took me like 25 secs to reel in my largest catch. Are the catfish just weird this time of year?
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You've been hiking in the snow for several hours and have finally reached camp.
What's for dinner, /out/?

>for me, it's ramen with spam
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What are the /out/ uses for a big black trash bag? Poncho? Lining bag to proof contents against rain? Riding down a snowy hill?
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I wanna make a sheperds sling to use in the great outdoors. thoughts?
Also sling thread.
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What do you fellow outdoorsmen munch on?

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/out/ Secret Santa 2020

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Welcome again to the Autumn Season.
Hunters are /out/, fishing is in, and outings with a pipe are never over.

Posting a day before the world renowned Veteran’s Day (name may vary by region), let us take this day of remembrance to look towards the future.

I have visited other boards to see how their Secret Santas were doing and came across /k/-Weapons, our Father board’s, website:

Here on /out/ we do a self regulated Amazon Wishlist.
For first timers and Alzheimer’s: Anons post their amazon wishlist (ex: )
other anon’s choose who, and what, to buy for a gift.

Some things I personally don’t like about the Amazon Wishlist is it’s not the most intuitive of things.
(After this post, guides will be posted on how to configure your list and then configure your list to ship to you. Just because it’s your list does NOT mean it will go directly to you; a problem I had years ago.)

I have been talking to the /k/ Sekret Santa website’s admin, Big Boss, about putting together an /outdoors/ branch on the original /k/ sekret santa site so that we may use it as well.

Pros: Ease of use, pricing selection, price matching, and anti-grinching protections.

Cons: Anons are expected to put a gift together themselves using recipient guidelines, ship themselves, and there are deadlines.

The deadlines are in place to make sure everyone receives a gift on time.
Anons can place a wishlist in their description, however it is understood that if you receive a gift you don’t like, but is in the price range, then you do not qualify for grinch consolation gifts.

Since I care about this board and it’s users, I would like to see how others feel

As I said, I am in talks with Big Boss and told him by Friday I will give him an answer if we are going to use his site going forward.

Love, Cajun Santa
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