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Fucking hate these.
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I alway hear this myth that when animals are stressed they taste worste. Where is this bullshit comming from?

Every time i kill animals, i literally taste no difference, if i killed it in 20 seconds, or it bleeds out in 2 hours.

Where is this bullshit comming from?
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/out/ Meetup Thread

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Pretty simple, post area code and what you do outside.

29M/703 (Northern VA)
Mainly hiking and camping (not much water stuff like kayaking or canoeing). New to the area.
Kik: Fizzys0da
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What is your favourite tarp shelter?
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Old map symbols

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Anyone would know what this German Messtischblatt symbol means?
Hiking to interesting historical objects is my hobby, this one looks promising, likely related to the mineshaft I found nearby.

Animal Encounters

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>Dumb toad pee peed on me
Post animal encounters and pictures.
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Keeping newfags entertained on first campout?

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finally got some autist friends to come on an overnight. Other than a short hike to camp and some fishing, how can i make sure they have a good time and are willing to come again?
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why did nobody tell me zion sucks?

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seriously? most trails are paved, most are less than 5 miles round trip and Angel's landing might be the most overrated hike in history
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Has anyone made a strong connection with a wild animal while /out/? Post stories please.
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RIP Airsoft?

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Do you think with how much more realistic videogames are becoming and the death of suburbs that Airsoft fields will be around in 20 years?
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