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Pray for our sweet lionesses

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5 mountain lions that are tracked in the burn area are still unaccounted for. Pls pray for their safety!
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Nude hiking/nudism

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Anyone here ever been on a nude hike or like to do any other outdoors activities nude? I've been a nudist for about 10 years now, so I'm always looking for other people(not necessarily nudists) to share experiences.

I apologize if this isn't the right board for this. I've tried these threads on /soc/, but that board is just full of pervs, and I'd like to talk about this subject without it getting sexual.
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Anyone ever had the urge to do the Mccandless?
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What do you think about cairns?
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Looking for trails to either backpack over a weekend or day trail run. I've done many in the NC/VA area, now trying to find some good ones elsewhere or lesser known ones around here. What are some trails that are worth going out of your way to hike? Looking at doing the Pemi for a day hike/run, something similar maybe?

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Any Aussie's know any good hiking spots around the toowoomba/gatton area, mostly what I can find are tiny 4km ones or less, the longest one I done was the milne bay military challenge, which was a 30km walk around a circuit, held once a year, my team came first it's took us around 7 hours only because we had a Fatass who lost his dad the night before slowing us down,

So any good trails?

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What does /out/ think of cowboys?
I know there's already three /out/ job threads up but I want to have a cowboy thread.
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diggy diggy hole

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a propper entrenching tool is more valuable then an axe, a saw and a knife

prove me wrong. protip you cant
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Homegrowmen Thread #152 Farming and Gardening

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You have $500 to buy your /out/ setup. This $500 worth of equipment should be enough to give you comfort for a week of camping. What do you buy? This doesn’t include food.
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