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Building a Kayak

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Started building a kayak, this will be the base. I'll update with Photos as I work on it this week.

If anyone else has /out/ projects they're working on please share. Bonus points for anyone who's built kayaks/canoes and has tips.
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hey everyone does anyone here have any bike touring tips for a beginner?

I am a road cyclist with optimum health I average about 50 miles for my own rides. But now I want to take an adventure ride for a couple of days. I'm most concerned with my lack of basic camping knowledge. How to pack light and must essentials I must bring with me other than shelter and water.

I want to pack light as I enjoy riding a lot of miles already, but I also want to enjoy the ride and not let it be about how many miles a day i do. I originally wanted to do NY to Pittsburgh which is about 500 miles, but I think that is a big task for a beginner.

So instead I want to tackle something like NY to Philly and then perhaps Philly to DC if i enjoy it.

Any fellow bikepacking or tour heads in here?
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Favourite /out/ thinkers?

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comfy campsite for longtime camping

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Hi, I've been thinking to buy me little plot of land to put a cabin on so I could every so often get away from the daily life for some short breaks. (few days or maybe max few weeks if i can take a vacation).
Lately I came to an idea -- why not some large tent instead -- otherwise I would be worried about looters/vandals.
With tent I'd just pack my "cabin" up and put it on the car. It would also be cheaper and I could theoretically set it up somewhere else. No issues about building permits or codes etc. either.
How could one make a life in tent as comfy as possible. Suggestions of where to get suitable tent for good price. What to take into account when choosing a plot, what kind of improvements could one make on the plot and what kind of stuff to bring along to make life neater and more in the line of having an actual cabin in the woods.
I was thinking an outhouse and a fire pit would be self explanatory improvements for example.
Pic kind of related - I think some old-timey canvas tents could do fine as the weight is not an issue. Maybe a tad larger, heating would be bonus but not a must I guess. Although wintertime camping seems to be an interesting idea. Could pretend I have a ski lodge.
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Outdoor trousers

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Can anyone recommend some good outdoor trousers to wear? Will mainly be using them for hiking and foraging in dense wooded areas.

I've been looking at pic related but they're crazy expensive. Anyone have a pair?
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/out/ YouTubers

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I absolutely adore watching /out/ related videos when I can't go /out/ myself. What channels do you recommend?
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Alright I need to play less vidya, look at my phone less and work on my out goals more. Who else?

What is the Wild West of 2019

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I think a lot of people really itch for a wild west these days, or at least some place that offers similar opportunities: battle of light vs darkness, man vs wild, law vs lawlessness, really some sort of fantastic opportunity to express oneself and impact the world via subtleties of manner and lifestyle.

This would explain why hipsters worship the possessions and aesthetics of pioneers and colonialists; trapped in the city, they try to emulate the pioneer lifestyle in the most materialistic way (the only way they know how).

Urban explorers try to create their own wild west, hoping for a fantastic surprise in every abandoned building or storm drain they come across.

But all of these things are obviously shit substitutes. What would be a modern day wild west that isn't africa?
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water treatment

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I've had the Platypus Gravityworks for about 7 years now, I love it, but I finally decided to replace the filter and went with a Sawyer due to it being cheaper and 0.1 micron instead of 0.2.

What's everyone use and how long have you used it?