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suggestions for good starter camping tents for 1-2 people?

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Archery Thread /arch/

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Because the old one has reached bump limit

Come in and tell us
> What kind of bow are you using?
> How long do you archer?
> Do you use your bow to Hunt or just to shoot on Targets?

Or feel free to post /arch/ related stuff.

Want to get into Archery? Just ask questions

Please no compound vs trad wars. We are all stick-flinging friends
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hello my fellow /out/ers, anyone ever do /k/'s stalker challenge out in pic related?

Any stories or places to recommend will be highly appreciated. Stories don't have to be in pic related state, but would be recommended.

Rescue a dog and take it /out/

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>The Eternal Spitz looked upon all that he has pissed on and saw that it was good
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>yeah, I can climb this solo, and all I need is...
>these specialized rubber shoes that allow me to grip the wall, without them it's impossible
>these shoes are made in a sweatshop factory in bangladesh and the waste is dumped into the local river - did I ever tell you I'm a vegan and an environmentalist?
>and this magic sticky powder, otherwise I'd lose hold and slip
>and to rehearse the route for months and months until I guarantee I can do every hold
>conveniently placed cracks all the way up to the top that I can grip on to
>but yeah, I can solo it
>"it's all about the mental aspect, that's what makes it so impressive"

Goats don't rehearse anything, they climb on whim to lick salt, no magic sticky powder, no specialized shoes, nothing. That's free soloing, none of this artificial, Redbull-Go-pro tier commercialized sport.

Honnold claiming to be an environmentalist is what gets me the most. He wears 100% synthetic clothes which cause pollution in the third-world countries they're manufactured with, and which are proven to leech microfibers into the ecosystem each time you wash them. Human wastewater is filled with microplastics and that all runs into rivers and oceans, most of which comes from abrasion of synthetic plastics. Honnold is a fraud.
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So I'm thinking about dropping everything and doing the PCT in April/May. I'm laid off right now, broke up with my GF, and fate aligns the timing to be able to go on a thru hike for the next 6-8 months. I have no experience thru hiking, but I've been a wildland firefighter for the last 8 years, hiking and camping at spike camps and spending 21+days living fairly rough hiking everyday. I've got no traditional "backpacking experience though. I'm about 20 pounds overweight and have lost the shape i keep during fire season by drinking beer and laying around being broken hearted and worthless. I figure I can just get my supplies together in the next 2 months, and then head for the Mexican border and just start walking north, after i get the permits of course. How feasible is this with no thru hiking experience?
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So my slopehead friend in Texas almost let his baby freeze when the power went out last week.

What could he have done different? Other than not live in texas. Like, do you guys have back up plans in the winter using your gear?

Personally I have a small little buddy heater with a built in censor. I also have the better fire detectors that sense gas.

I would have taken the gas tank off his grill and put that on the little heater. Kept them far apart. Cracked the window and had a spare co2 censor. One person would have to be awake to make sure the beater doesnt light the house on fire. Sleep in shifts.

What do you guys think? What's your plan?
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Solo Nomadi Plan Thoughts?

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Hey /out/, I'm a newfag who's been pondering asceticism and the boons of nomadic living.. It's a pipe dream of mine to live nomadicly similar to Vikings, Scotch Highlanders Bedouins, Mongolians, Gauchos, Indigenous Americans and Paleolithic peoples. Once I make enough capital hopefully within the next half decade, I wish to travel alone on foot in Appalachia, the Plains, and boar infested areas of North America. During the winter/fall I want to be reliant on the fishing industry around California and the Outer Banks, while in the warmer months traveling on foot to the inner country side hunting boar and invasive pests, doing odd jobs and ranch work along the way. I plan on having stashes/shelters in hillsides within the areas of my timely migration, so I can follow a migration path relatively covered with supplies and able to. In cases of following animal migration patterns of the beaten path, I was considering carrying a cart contain a small teepee or tent so I can stake out herds easier. If anyone is interested in this schizo daydream, post migration maps of animals and required gear. I don't plan on owning a vehicle and instead purely relying on my feet and maybe horses for herding.
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be honest /out/

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when's the last time you went /out/doors?
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Strange findings in a german forest, any explosives and ammo removal experts/forestry experts that could explain what I found?

for reference, former WW2 factory in germany where they're currently cleaning up

pic related is one of the many heaps of shrubbery i found with pink, neon green or orange markings around them
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