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Earlier today a kind anon poured his heart into a whistle that he shared with us in this thread:

He told us how the song keeps him happy throughout his travels, and thanked another anon that gave him the implement to make the music.

It touched my soul so it was adapted to piano for your listening pleasure.

/out/doorsmen, I give you Anon's Happy Floote rendered for piano by another Anon.
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I'm going to the Galapagos Islands for study abroad this summer for 4 weeks. Recommendations of what I should make sure I have with me? (Waterproof sunblock etc.)
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Welcoming a New Era

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999999 and 1000000 get are coming. What will be the post to end an era and what will be the post to bring in a new era of sc/out/ing.
In the past 1000000 posts we have seen an era of Moras, batoning, tripfags, weaklings, hobos, MGTOWs and much much more. It is soon the end of 4 year posting era and onto a new one. We have seen the degradation of this board and in the coming one million shitposts we will see nothing but a path of raising up from our beastial bindings and truly make both /out/ and the Outdoors and the activities we love to participate in while in the great Outdoors truly great again.
So what say anons? What will you do to make /out/ rise in the new era before us?
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If you were to take an interview for someone who's into hiking (mountains, deserts, islands, everything), and you had to come up with 4 questions that lend themselves to an interesting interview... what would you go for?
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What should I name this ugly ass metal detector shovel?
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Camping Foods

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I'm planing on doing a two night camping trip and I was wondering what kind of foods I should take along. Something calorie dense but still light. What should I bring? I have a campstove like pic so heating won't be an issue.
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2017 NA Solar Eclipse

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In about 4 months NA will be getting it's first decent eclipse in quite some time. Any of you guys got /out/ plans involving the eclipse?

Google map of the trajectory:
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Summer outings.

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Okay /out/, I live in Spain which is nice for short outings, nothing too crazy. Over summer I am going to be in Russia (Moscow). I want to go roam the great swamps and forests. Where should I go on the european side of Russia awhich I can take a quick train to? Where shoudl I go in the east?

(I was thinking Kola peninsula) Any experiences? Personal plans for summer?

>got some cash saved
>Alice pack and wool blanket arrived recently

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>go /out/
>bad weather
>go /in
Anyone else?
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Barefoot Hiking

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Do any /out/ists have experience hiking barefoot? I want to try but my biggest concern is poison ivy.
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