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have any of you folks ever been to a rainbow gathering and I don't mean jesse jackson or lgbqrst
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hunting in solid colors

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so i've always hunted fully camo'd out but i bought this really comfy and warm parka from Varusteleka.
>pic related
obviously it wouldn't matter to much in my blind but i have some concerns from my stand. does anyone have any experience hunting in solid colors.should i just bite the bullet and cop for some sitka gear? i hunt in heavily wooded east Texas for reference.
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ITT: we post outdoor Gifts from the Gods

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Pic related, birch bark. The absolute best natural tinder you could hope to find. A small amount of this stuffed in your pockets and dried with your body heat is all you need for tinder.

Any other plants that outdoorsman must know about?
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Seed Identification

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hey /out/ figured you guys could help me identify these seeds i know most of em belong to fruit but i dont know what kinds and ive tried to look up botanical seed sites to identify them but most of dont show, i do know that 2 of the seeds are either a lemon or orange and the small black ones belong to papayas i believe, will take any help i can get in iding the rest.
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Homeless and Giving Up

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Hey, /out/. I've been homeless for a little while now and am sick of it. Meth head schizos, thieves, cops, can't put up a tent or tarp. Being homeless in the city/burbs sucks fat wang. No one is hiring. Gyms are closed so I can't shower. They shut off the water, electricity and the public restrooms at the parks. The lockdown really made things significantly worse for the homeless.

I figure, fuck it. I like hiking and camping anyway. I'm going to go live in the Panhandle National Forest. Three national forests all right next to each other. As long as I move every 14 days at least 25 miles, don't litter, don't cut down any trees, or set the fucking place on fire, then I'll just have to keep eating, not freeze or get too sick, not snap my ankle, or get eaten by bears, wolves, rednecks, ect.

I'm curious what kind of set up would work best for long-term, portable, calorie-dense, cheap food? Should I just bring a bag of flour and salt and make hard tack in ~4 day batches at a time? I'll get a fishing license for protein. But is there a better system for staying fed, lightweight, cheap, and attracting as few animals/bugs as possible?

inb4: you're going to die in the forest retard.
I sure hope so. I wouldn't really mind dying right now. In the meantime though, I'd like to either spend my last few months away from other people in nature or actually gitgud at surviving.
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Anyone else pack starter logs during backpacking trips? I generally do 3-day outings, and I bring two. They are excellent when it's wet out, and the peace of mind is nice since it's a great thing to have for an emergency.
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Looking to get a dog. I’m pretty active and like to go camping, hiking, walking, etc. What would you recommend that can keep up with me and can handle themselves from coyotes. Pic related, it’s my gf dog I take hiking now
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Batonny chop chop

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Do you baton wood while you're out camping? I always wondered, who told you that batonning wood with a knife was a good idea?

Instead of bringing a heavy (1 lb+) fixed blade knife to batonny chop chop logs, you could instead bring a small folder for cutting cordage and food, and then have a lightweight hatchet to process firewood. A lot of the people I see doing this shit, they aren't ultralight backpackers anyway. And even if a hatchet is a little heavier, so what? It's the better tool for the job.

Also, where are you even getting logs? Do you bring a saw with you and cut down trees? Or are you buying firewood from a campground host? I have always (100% of the time) just used dead-and-down wood for fires while I'm out backpacking, and I've literally never gone wanting for firewood. So I'm always suspicious of people trying to sell me a cure for a problem I don't even have. Why aren't you?


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just want to put this out there, before coming here I had never really thought about the difference between "campers" and outdoorsmen, now it is really obvious, campers spend a lot of time bantering back and forth about which overpriced prob made in chinashit gear is the best, whilst outdoor folks are more concerned with actually using what works regardless of some brand allegiance, and the funny thing is, I have witnessed several times the "campers" dishing out abuse, pretty typical , go into the wilds and school the natives, almost makes me regret the times i have helped "campers", and makes me feel better about scavenging their expensive gear left behind after they got spooked and run away at daylight, having said all of that, this is still the sanest and least abusive board on least you're trying,
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how does hiking work

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what happens when you get to the end
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