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Weekend /out/ings

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Having breakfast on a mountain side. Doing another trail after this.

What are you all doing this weekend?
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>What do we do about Freedom Camping?

It's a huge problem in this country. Share your experiences and attitudes locals and travellers. IMO the regulations in some places are obnoxious, but tourists all have the wrong idea and we don't tell them the right thing.

I am sick of being told by Europeans that they are 'environmentalists' and that they want to leave things the way the found them and that it's only a handful of bad eggs leaving rubbish and mess. I've camped around the country a lot, and I have not seen, ever, not once, a European tourist picking up someone else's rubbish. I do it all the fucking time. I do it to make the place I stay in nicer, I do it so that locals do not think I have left the rubbish, and I do it to contribute positively when I'm in a nice place.

We need to tell tourists on the plane that it is their responsibility to pick up rubbish. No more pretending to be environmentalists. They will reap the benefits of it in goodwill from locals and looser regulations. So far I have not heard anyone suggest this and it baffles me as it seems obvious.
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Dual Survival

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Why don't Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundin have a show together

I learned A LOT from them on Dual Survival
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Finding Mushrooms in Cow Fields

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How would I go about hunting for mushrooms that grow from cow patties in cow fields (for simple mycological study of course, and not consumption). Any tips for how to get in, what times to go, and how to actually find the mushrooms? Also any tips for tools to use such as a specific type of mushroom knife/brush? Thanks guys
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Upstate New England

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Anyone on here from upstate New England (NH, VT, ME)? If so, what's your terrain and local area like? Anyone have any recommendations on /outtings/?

Upstate NH here, few minutes from Mt. Washington, it's cold and backwater
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lil Texas girl, 7, climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro to honor late father, breaks world record

A 7-year-old girl from Texas broke the world record as the youngest female to climb the 19,341-foot Mt. Kilimanjaro -- the tallest mountain in Africa. Her motivation? Her late father.
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Chest rigs

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Who wears a chest rig when they're /out/doors? If you have, did anyone look at you weird and think your autistic?
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What shovel do you use to dig your poop / grey water holes?

I use a cheap small plastic trowel and am thinking of updated to pic related bad boy to see if it cuts through small roots better.

And then there's this:
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In the ER about to get my first ever tick removed.

Ask me something.
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