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Where do people get military style stainless steel mess kits?
Every single milsurp store I look at online only sells aluminum versions and amazon/ebay just has soccer mom camping gear, yet every /out/ youtuber has a stainless steel one
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Hammock camping gear list

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What's your list?

I'm buying my first hammock (warbonnet eldorado) and looking for what other things I should get

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I bought a cheap folding saw on amazon. I don't have any real experience with saws. I didn't expect it to be good, but I don't have any gauge of quality for saws. How good is a good saw? How bad is a bad saw? No idea. So I went with a cheap one.

Anyway it's really hard to saw through wood. Even a small 2-3 inch thick branch takes a significant amount of work to get through. Not sure what the problem is, though. Is it that the teeth are too dull? The blade is too thick? Could it be that my technique is just shit? What can I do to fix it up? Sharpening a saw seems like an colossal hassle.
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Yo /out/,

So I like to go outdoors, I like the smell and feel and look of the mountains and forests and stuff. I also like to socialize believe it or not. What is a good place in the US to do that stuff?

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How much do you care about the weather when thinking about going camping? If you were planning on going up over the weekend but the forecast changed to cold, raining, or snowing would you still go or would you wait for nicer weather?
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>mfw finally bought a luggage scale
>turns out my baseweight was 30lbs for the whole past year
>went up to +45lbs with winter gear
w-what am i doing wrong, /out/?
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Chainsaws, weedwackers, lawnmowers

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It's that time of year again. Post 'em, discuss 'em. Do you prefer to work with your power equipment in the early morning hours or late in the evening?

Poncho Shelter

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>Ripstop Poncho
>Nemo Air Mattress
>Flannel Sheet
>70% Wool Blanket/Poncho
>Tiny Pillow

Damn, pretty cozy last night frens. Kit weighs very little, was easy to set up and (mattress aside) love coast and I love not being trapped in a sleeping bag. No spiders, slugs or bears stopped by to ruin my sleep. Any poncho tips anons to make this experience even better?
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New to /out/
Anyone here know a secluded comfy camping/hiking area in the Appalachian mountains, looking to get out this summer feel free to share other spots you might know of as well

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