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What's the difference between hiking and mountaineering?
A lot of cultures seem to say that mountaineering is equivalent to hiking, and vice versa.
Is hiking a mountain considered mountaineering even if the trail is without challenge?
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Hi guys, so i have a Venus Flytrap and one night i say that it was starting to grop a flower thing like in the middle, i was like ''noice'' then i went to bed and when i woke up it had fallen off..... i couldnt see it anywhere it was just gone. The stem is still there and growing but the top thing is just gone. Do you guys know if it will grow back? Or should i cut it down to make it grow back? I have no idea what to do to get it back, plz halp
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Rain jacks, and alternative rain protection gear

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What's the point of having a rain jacket if your pants are going to still get wet?
I never see anyone talk about a full rain 'suit', with pants included.
Why not just get a poncho? It's the best of both worlds if you get the right sized poncho.
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Innawoods recommendations

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I'm flying out to HELL-A today to help my friend move back to Pennsylvania. We're driving the west coast up to Washington and then heading east. What are some must see spots/destinations we should check out? We're experienced in backpacking and car camping and are looking for options for free/cheap sleeping arrangements, preferably away from normies.
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Is there any Euro-anon who might go to Tatras next week, and maybe want to hike together?
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any point using a water bladder in a civilian environment like college or work?
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Sailing thread

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Sailboats are >>>/out/ aren't they?
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What is this? No clue at all.
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Post tents
It’s kinda my fetish
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Boot thread

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I’m looking for some good hiking boots. I prefer the style kinda like pic related or the leather canvas combo. Are these timbermemes any good? Also post good boots
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