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Does moisture wicking clothing actually work for any of you? I've tried using it or wearing long sleeve shirts that are supposed to help keep me cooler underneath my Columbia fishing button down and honestly it just makes me feel hotter and stuffier. Any advice?
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Anyone else make tea or use as tinder?

Very good anti tumor, antioxidant, etc. Its the true tinder fungus. Will catch a cold spark and become a slow burning coal. Good for lighting fires in adverse conditions, or even transfering fire long distance.

I add a bit of the honey i farmed to it. I don't like it black yet.

Also i still can't describe what it tastes like...
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Trophies from /out/ings.

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My fish got done at the taxidermist today.
30 in. Walleye with a 17 1/4th girth out of Red Lake, MN.

Reminds me of the day I caught it. Brisk north winds freezing our asses off on a February morning on the ice, not even a bite for several hours. Desperate we try all our hooks in the tackle box, all the fancy shindigs that rattle, whistle, flash. Trying all our bait: Wax worms, Emerald shiners, Fatheads. I slap on a small 1/8th old fashioned chartreuse jig with a fathead and jig for 10 minutes and suddenly a wicked ass hit.

Sadly it didn't put that much of a fight, landed it relatively easy. Took longer trying to fit the head in the hole than it took actually fighting the fish. (6 in. hole.)

Anybody else have trophies from outings, whether it be hunting or fishing? Stories would be amazing.
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What is the northernmost area of Canada that you could reliably live on your own?
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Rock Climbing in TX

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Hello all,

I am new to Texas. I started climbing a few months ago and want to climb at natural places. I happen to be heading to the Trans-pecos (Franklin Mountains area) in maybe January. Does anyone have some suggestions on intermediate natural climbing? If you know of any in South Texas (RGV), that would be appreciated as well.

Rock Climbing General?
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I have a pair of night vision goggles and i'd like to hike out on some trails with them. Should i bring them out? I live in montana and would like to go hiking at night, it would be pretty cool. will i get shot and maced by scared hikers?
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Hey /out/landers,

How do I get a job at a sailboat? How do i get training for something like that? and is there a way for me to buy my own?


>pic very related
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Going on a 200 mile backpacking trip this summer, can I get some quick guidance on boots? Considering these Aslos, but would the Solomon 4d ones be a better option? Others out there perhaps? I've been paddling a ton but am new to backpacking.
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post hot pictures of you while you are in the /out/doors
>easy mode: backyard campers are welcome too
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Does /out/ like bluegrass music?

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