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Ozark Trail

What's the deal. I hear Ozark is decent for money and Yeti is overpriced. All perform generally the same, Anyone have direct experience owning any of these. What should I go with for car camping?
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4chan be like

>>going /out/ this weekend

bitch ass kar kampers
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Gear Thread #5: Sous-vide edition

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Previous thread: >>1054612

ITT: We discuss gear, ask and answer questions, and post our own stuff.

I can't think of any questions to start the thread with, so you guys have to get the ball rolling by yourselves this time.
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Plague Found in Fleas in Two Arizona Counties

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Banff National Park

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Hi /out/ I need help from anyone who camps at banff.
I want to camp therein september, 2 nights and 2 days and know it's not enough to do most things there, but what should I do? I am a camping novice and will only have basic food/ camping setup and a car. Also dont want to go too far off the beaten track because I'm not from canada and dont want to deal with getting hurt by animals or anything. Should i bring fishing gear? Which lakes can I park near so I dont have to haul all my stuff? Which campsite is good? Is there a small hiking trail I could do? I'm used to lakes and many mile hikes but like I said I'm scared of something going wrong. I'm happy with just a lil taste of the place rather than going deep into the mountains.
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Going on a trek for a week.

Rate my gear, suggestions are welcome.
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Backpack ITT

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I will start of the discussion with a question, are the Millican Smith Roll Packs any good? They look really featureful but I am skeptical since there is so little online exposure of the bag. To boot, it looks really nice and classy.

Doesn't have a billion company logos splattered all over it and not a crappy neon material.
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What are some affordable sleeping bags?

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So far, looking at the Kelty Cosmic 40, and the Aegismax M2. Would primarily be used during the summer months as well as some fall/spring trips.
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river rock stacking

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what are your thoughts on this
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What's /out/ opinion on bivouac shelters?
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