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Dumpster Diving

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Is Dumpster Diving /out/?
If so how does one get past the stigma of looking like a hobo?
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What does /out/ think of dirt bikes?
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ITT: low priced items that are actually god-tier, european version.

I'll start: MIL-TEC 30L molle backpack.
Got it 6 years ago for 30€ as a temporary replacement. I ended up using it every single day for the first four years, then I was forced to use a bigger bag for my pc. I still use it for /out/ings though.
It has been to 5 countries as well as in snow, fine sand, heavy rain, rocks etc.
The only thing that is slightly damaged is the rubber lining along the inner part of the zippers. It's also dirty af but I like it this way.
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Hiking-Fast Considerations

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Has anyone on here ever gone hiking for more than one day whilst on a fast?
I have the following idea. I'm gonna pack my backpack with:

- a raincoat
- set of fresh clothes
- 6-8 litres worth of water; electrolytes
- toothbrush & tooth paste
- map & compass
- a flashlight
- some money

Once prepared, I'll just start walking. I'm from Southern Germany, living in a rural town. I'll set my destination to a town further in the North or to the West, where, once arrived, I'm planning to buy fresh water, head for a spa in order to get a shower and put on my fresh clothes etc., and to buy a train ticket to ride back home by train.
I've done ten days fasts, and my journey should not take any longer than maybe three or four days. I've done cardio while in a fasted state without problems. Sleeping should not pose a major problem; in a fasted state, I don't need more than three hours of sleep and turn into an approximate insomniac.
I intend trying to sleep a few hours during daytime in forests/parks etc., which means I'll have to walk through the nights, which is something I've never really done. I've been to "my" forest at night, and I always was a tad bit afraid, but it was manageable, as it's just navigating a familiar environment. But I imagine trying to follow directions at nighttime in an unfamiliar environment to be way more difficult. I could still use my compass in the darkness, and additionally consult a map at daytime to get back on track if I should veer off too badly. Something along those lines.
Apart from the nights, which might turn out to be uncomfortable, are there any major problems I could run into?
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Gimme some recomendations for rain gear. Idealy olive green or coyote brown, lightweight preffered.
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Where do you keep your gear?

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I manage to keep my camping and hiking gear in storage bins, but what should I do with fishing gear? I saw an old episode of Andy Griffith and he kept his rods in what looked like a wall mounted gun rack. Right now I keep my stuff in a corner of my garage and the rods end up covered in cobwebs and my tackle covered in sawdust. I want to keep it clean and accessible, but I also don't have a spare room just for fishing and hunting gear. My guns are also in cases in the garage, but I'm planning on a gun display case soon.
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Baking bread while /out/?

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I had this idea with my wife while we were hiking a while back and now that we have some backpacking trips coming up we want to try it.
>Flour is a fairly light dehydrated food
>So are salt and packets of instant yeast
>Combine small amount of flour, water, salt, and a pinch of yeast in the morning
>let proof inside of pot all day
>punch down periodically so it doesn't climb out the sides
>When making dinner at night, stretch dough around a stick to cook over flame
>can also be stretched into flatbread and cooked in the bottom of the pot
>can also be cut into small pieces and thrown into soup for dumplings
>combine with ghee/clarified butter or olive oil
>either way you get to have hot fresh bread after backpacking all day
>alternatively, do this process at night, let it proof in the bear bag all night, then make fresh bread in morning

1lb of flour is 3.75 cups, enough to make fresh bread every single day for one person for a 4 or 5 day trip

What do you guys think about this idea?
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Summer Shirt Material Showdown

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Here we go /out/. Need a new t-shirt for hiking/backpacking in. Last one was a merino wool cool lite shirt. Was actually pretty good. could sweat in it all day and stayed pretty cool at night it dried off and you didn't freeze in it like cotton. Don't want to spend $80 on a t-shirt ever again though, still ends up shredded after a short time. What material is best? Just want a simple white t-shirt for a not stupid price that isn't cotton.
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When the Fishing in your Area sucks

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Anyone else love to fish but live in an area where the fishing generally blows? Where are you and what kind of fishing do you wish you had access to?

I live in the NYC metro area (Westchester County NY) and the fishing is a joke.

I wish I lived closer to more places where I could launch my kayak, I wish I had some decent or even half decent walleye fisheries down here, and I wish the striped bass, fluke, and bluefish would come back. Also, a good ice fishing lake would be nice.
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