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Upcoming hikes

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Got any adventures planned anons?
I'm going to Scotland in few weeks, any last minute advice?

I'm hiking the northern half of the Cape Wrath Trail and from looking at the forecasts, I'm expecting temperatures to be between +5°c and -5°c for the most part, with added windchill. Any /scotanons/ wanna tell me if that's reasonable?

Anyone got any info about snowconditions in the Northwest? I'm expecting little to no snow on lower slopes, with moderate snow higher up, but I can't seem to find good confirmation for that.
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Hey /out/ I need help finding a solid pair of boots. The last pair I had were similar to pic related. I do field work and live in the Midwest so I need a pair that can last in the snow. I obviously don't want fashion boots and I'd like comfortable seeing as I'll be hiking around in them. I was thinking of getting Chippewas, but wanted to get other opinions
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Whether or not to circumcise my top?

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When evaluating a more versatile piece for 30-50 degree weather trying to stay as minimal as possible, do I go hoody or jacket? Specifically looking at Patagonia.
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Primitive thread

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There's never any thread about no gear or only using nature's supplies so I decided to make one before I'm overcome with Botulism H.
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Super Blood Wolf Moon

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So I want to see the upcoming lunar eclipse coming up in Washington state. Where would be the best places to see it at?
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Going /out/ in the Scottish Highlands from tomorrow til Wednesday (2 nights, no tent just tarp and wool blanket.) How much food should I bring? And what kinds?

Pic related is one of my layers. Idk what you call the style, primitivist or whatever. All my gear is wool, medieval woodsman style.
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Scotland Wildcamping

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Who of you did that? I, as a german, can't properly camp. It's the densest country in Europe. Scotlands highlands seem to be not really populated and wildcamping is legal.

Not only am I a very clean camper (you won't notice where I've been unless you know I camped there) But I am also a fisher so if any of you knows how I can legally fish scotlands rivers please do let me know. That always eliminates the need for Food (and water if I camp at the coast/near riverd)

Camping with your Father and/or Grandfather

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When is your next camping trip with your father and/or grandfathers?
How long ago was your last camping trip with your father and/or grandfathers?
Do you go hunting with them?
What skills were they able to teach you?
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do you prefer to be highly visible or invisible when you go out?

hi vis - good if injured right?
camo - good if youre being chased by a serial killer and need to hide. downside, you might get shot by hunter.
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