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I identify as an outdoorsy person but most of my free time is spent browsing gear, /out/, or playing vidya

Why am I like this
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How do I go about germinating these pine cones. White pine.
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How do you northern keks cope with months without enjoying the based and comfy sun warmth soaking into your body?
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Fan of Corcoran boots, looking for full leather boot with these specifications.

-Rubber soles, not a fan of original leathers.
-Connected tongue, would like to be able to stand in water up to the top of the boot and not get drenched
-fuck zippers

-no insulation, using wool inserts

Planning to use them for cold weather hiking and survival.
I couldn't find a Corcoran without a zipper or disconnected tongue.
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Outdoors job

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Wanted to ask if someone knows or is doing a major/minor, profession or similar you can actually live of. Lots exploration, travelling, research etc. Something not in door related. No comfort involved.
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Stacking Rocks: knock it off

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Anyone else getting really annoyed by people stacking rocks in wild places? Understand "roaming owl" is just expressing his spiritual connections to nature, but the fuck do you have to alter the natural state of the wild because you think it's edgy. Fucking knock it off.
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have you ever made friends while /out/?
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Close calls

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Stories of close calls and stupid shit youve done while /out/ing.


>go hiking in super clifty wilderness area
>red river gorge if you wanna look that shit up
>hammock camping at the top of a ridge, 50lb winter pack
>shit yeah cellphone reception
>get woken up at 6 am by my wife saying that our car battery is dead and that my mom is coming to get me in my sisters car to come get the car I brought
>oh goddammit
>pack up and bug out
>know a super short but insanely steep route that would get me to where we would me up in less than an hour
>come to a spot called adena arch, pic related
>have to climb on top of it on that left side to continue on my trail
>not pictured is the 200ft drop on the left side of the arch
>it had rained literally all day yesterday so the rock was slick
>on all fours, my plant foot slips and I begin to slide towards the 200 foot drop
>catch my right hand on a divot to stop the slide
>crawl up on my stomach the rest of the way
>sit on the top of the arch for a good 10 minutes to chill the fuck out

So yeah, that was my day today.
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Which plants (fruits, vegetable, grain, roots, whatever) produce the most food for their mass? I can only think of one plant that produces truly ridiculous amounts of food and that's tomatoes. Are there any other plants that over-abundantly produce food like this?
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Is there a breed of Rooster thats so aggressive it can fight off small mammals?
Im raising chickens and theres a racoon or something breaking into the pin every other week and kills a hen or a few chicks.
And my cock is such a fucking pussy he just lets it happen. I really hope there is maybe a breed i dont know about yet that can fuck up animals like coons and foxes pls help
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