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Probably a deadly galerina edition.
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hypothetically, how would a small commune of ~20 woodsmen dispose of wastewater and trash without electricity?
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Has anyone here thru-hiked the Appalachian trail?

The idea has honestly entranced me for the past few years and I think I might finally have a chance to do it after college.

Is the PCT better?
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>wake up
>see snow outside
>day ruined
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Hog hunting on hard mode

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Plinking and target shooting

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Best /out/ hobbies next to hiking and backpacking!
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Does anyone fish Bronte Creek and know a good spot to catch rainbow or brown trout? Preferably not in the provincial park since it costs $17 leafbux to get in.


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evening lads i usually do this over on /k/ but i reckon you lot would be up for it too, ITT go on innawoods and make a loadout for a 5 day trek through the middle of a dense forest with no human contact expected
Hard-mode: only use items you actually own
Extra Hard-mode: youre never coming home
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