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Can anyone tell me what kind of plant this looks like, I know it's either a vegetable or herb but I forgot the seed I used
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How hard is it to to be homeless in like a small-ish town in Florida or California where the weather is warm year round. (or at least not freezing.)

If I work an online shilling job for like $400 a month like mturk, doesn't it seem possible? During the days I can sleep at the beach or in park or library or something. Then, at night go to bar from like 8pm-2am or whenever they close, then go to planet fitness for hour or two to shower and shit, then just hang out at McDonalds for couple hours sipping free coffees. Rinse and Repeat. I get a PO box for mail, and then maybe a small storage unit for misc stuff. $200-$400 all you need to live at least comfortably enough to pay for gym + bar drinks and basic food at grocery store, and McDonalds unlimited refills.

Tell me why this wouldn't work, because I'm basically a neet and about to be kicked out of house, and have very little options left.
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help me pick out a daypack! I'm having a lot of trouble deciding on one to get and it's sending me into an outistic rage

here's what I'm looking for:

~25 to ~33 liter capacity
"hydration compatible" + space for a 3L bladder
side pocket(s) big enough for a nalgene
waist and sternum straps
under $65

one or more of these features always seems mysteriously absent. if what I want truly doesn't exist at that price point (which I doubt) then at least I want something to set my sights on
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Post your /out/ related infographs.
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Lost in the bush

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Scrapping A/C, TV, microwave?

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Could you make a dependable income for salvaging copper wire from peoples old appliances? Im currently out of work right now. I understand its a slow process, but if you put as much of your free time into making funds itd maximize your money right? Would it be worth it?
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Urban Exploring

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Hey Guys! Welcome to Urban Exploring page a safe place to share pictures, locations explored, and cool things you found. Urban Exploring is exploring abandoned land or property.
Remember these rules if you are going to explore:
-Where protective gear (masks, shoe coverings, long sleeves and pants) *asbestos is bad guys I've been there trus' me*
-DO NOT EXPLORE IF THERE ARE "NO TRESPASSING" SIGNS you can get into big trouble however if there are no such signs feel free but make sure its legal
-ALWAYS try to find out who the land or property belongs to before exploring *ask politely*
-Please follow law enforcement instructions: if you get caught you usually get three chances, if they ask you to leave LEAVE because if you get caught again on the same property they can fine you!
***100 to 5,000 years from now nobody will get to experience what you get to, take it in**** #history
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This is going to sound like a lost cause, but I'm interested in going /out/ and have the following problems
>no time
>no money
>no where to go

I go fishing on Sunday's and would be willing to give up some of that. I don't know what exactly I want to do but I used to to spend a huge amount of time playing in the 15 acre clump of trees in my pasture before I was in middle school when my entire life turned to sports until I graduated. One life changing injury later and I'm here in college and working to pay for it, but without sports I'm kinda bored even though I'm constantly busy, and I figured on going back to the woods would be fun.

I'm able to do anything that doesn't doesn't involve heavy blows to my spine (or heavy lifting) but I really don't know what exactly is out there past climbing trees and falling out of trees and exploring the same 15 acres over and over again. What do you guys do while /out/ and where the fuck do you go /out/ in fucking Indiana without spending money?
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Do any of you surf?
>talk about your recent sesh.
>surf travel?
>what's in your quiver?
>new to surfing or getting tubed on double overhead days?
>dickhead locals
>too many kooks

Now that winter is approaching in the northern hemisphere the surf is finally starting to get good in western north america. supposedly it will be 10-12 ft / 3-4 m at my local break next friday and I am so excited to ride some real waves. it's been too many months of 1-3 ft waves with summer kooks crowding the lineup with wavestorms. Luckily I got to spend a month surfing in Pichilemu, Chile, mostly Punta de lobos, and got spoiled by the constant double overhead perfect lefts that go for 1200m and no crowds. Then another month at Playa Colorado, Nicaragua riding 10-15 ft tubes. So stoked to long board some big winter california swell
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