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What is up babycakes

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What is up my African-American friends,

I’ll be living in the Adirondacks for a month starting next week and leaving my metro suburbia home. I like aquatic /out/doors most.

I will be felling the pictured deadwood either tonight or tomorrow night with a really crappy Home Depot axe to celebrate. I have never felled a tree before but I bet I can drop it within an inch of where I want unlike you non-Thumos having sc/out/s. I live in a decently densely populated suburbs so hopefully no one calls the cops. Will keep you guys updated when the time comes.

What’s your favorite environment? Do you have a geography you would consider yourself more of a specialist on? Where my ocean fags at
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creek boats

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does any one here know anything about white water kayaks / creek boats?

i found a good deal on a liquid logic gus
is this a good boat
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What does /out/ think of Ted?
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My parents must hate my gardening hobby

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Screw what they think of my gardening hobby.

>Be me
>Grandpa gives me eggplants, peppers, and Armenian cucumber to plant
>One day, I decide to make room for some more plants (I had a shit ton of eggplants)
>Dad sees this, goes batshit insane while claiming those plants were his, which isn't true, but whatever.
>Long story short, my mom, more batshit insane than my dad, tears everything out, leaves me in tears, and some bullshit argument erupts between the 3 of us.

Gardeners, any advice on growing sweet potatoes, yams, ginger, potatoes, and turmeric?
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Whats Your OUT Dream?

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My out dream is to stay over in a town at the base of a snow peaked mountain, step out of the hotel with my gear, lock eyes on the mountain, and spend the next 1-7 days marching towards and up it.
Noting the gradual rise, noting the change in terrain and plant life, and even the climate itself. Having to change from summer to winter gear while on the mountain.
And then when at the top, surveying a full 360, and taking a pic of the town.
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does /out/ have firearms?

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im a hunter. live in canada, got a small family collection.. my favourite rifle is the mini 14, always was .. do you own guns? post em
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Hey /out/
I'm a NEET who's never held a job in his life, and I intend to keep it that way until I die. Are there any real easy ways to live off the grid? I mean like ones where the chances of dying are lower and where maybe I can still watch anime and not have to work too hard for survival.
I don't care about the environment as long as it's not hot. Cold is fine.
I've considered doing like the HMS Bounty Mutineers did and just sailing to an uninhabited Pacific Island and living there but I think that's a bad idea.
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How much anime do you watch while out?

Do you watch different genres than usual?

Best way to watch? Phone or tablet?
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Barefoot while /out/

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Anybody else go barefoot as often as possible? I've done whole trips without any footwear. Down trails, up trees, over rocks, through streams; there was never a problem.

Hiking in boots always hurt my feet. Going barefoot feels great and there's nothing like soaking your feet in a cool stream after hiking 15 miles.
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>never touched a kayak before
>worked on a bridge in the boonies (scugog, ontario) and saw old retirees just pull up near the bank of the river, take out their kayak, and go for a ride.

gon buy a kayak off kijiji. what type should i get? also, what length? most are 10', do they need to be that long. i saw an 8' that wud fit better in my vehicle.
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