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If you had 100k what would you buy?

Must be /out/ related, let's see who can make the best out of 100k.

For me it's simple,
-I buy and fix up an old RV(15k estimate)
-Get a great stock of hunting and fishing gear(5k estimate)
-A boat capable of living in(25k estimate)
-An acre with a garage to house machines and belongings(25k estimate)
-Exotic animals(10k estimate)
-Heavy machinery(20k estimate)

That's 100k from me, how about you?
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/fg/ fleece general

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ITT we discuss one of most popular jackets ever.

Why fleece? It's...
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tfw some cheap magic markers and mirror, cardboard, duct tape is all it takes to turn $.8 baseplate compass into $80
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>current year
>no /out/ podcast

I would unironically listen to one, there are zero good outdoor podcasts out there

Bonus points if it's called Uncle Ted's Cabin
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Any 4x4 gearheads here?

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I can get a 1990 Landcruiser troopy, diesel (non-turbo) with 500,000kms on the clock for $4,000 AUD from a lady at work.

She said it has been religiously serviced. From the pictures she sent me, it looks good for the price. No body rust. She said the fuel pump/injectors were replaced 5 years ago too. She is selling it due to having a second one and not needing this one.

This is my dream car for /out/. I am not sure whether or not I should get it? Any opinions?
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Learning to Hunt

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For better or worse I live in Holland now where gun ownership and hunting is HEAVILY regulated. There is good game here nonetheless--wild boar, deer, ducks, geese, rabbits.

I want to learn to hunt. From what I understand this will cost me thousands of dollars and will require I take a series of safety courses. On top of this each year the state sends one of their goons to any gun owners house to check on their gun storage.

In spite of all this I have an interest, particularly in duck hunting, but boar and deer if possible. I want to learn to earn my meat the honest way. The problem is, it's really hard to 'enter' into the practice as I have zero experience.

Just how hard is it to learn to hunt? And I mean the right way with butchering, having a retriever dog, and everything. Luckily my girlfriend is wants a lab and is fine with me training it to be a hunting dog. I don't want to larp and just daydream but it's so damn hard to get a sense of the scope of things without spending thousands of dollars and diving in.
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Military rifles for hunting?

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Besides weight, what could be a disadvantage? Iron sights are fine. It's been said the .30-06 cartridge was developed as an anti-cavalry round for horses. Is that true?

This should be elk competent.
What military rifle for hunting?

Pic related M1 Garand, M1917 both in .30-06.
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Anyone here had a dicey run in with animals while /out/? Such as being stalked, attacked, approached or even harassed by something?

I've had a friend's cup get swiped by a raccoon. Another time I was on a trail and walked into a lone hiker who said he
stumbled upon a mama bear with cubs, ended up getting charged by the mama bear (possibly a bluff charge, being a black bear and all, but could have been real considering the cubs).

Mountain lions freak me out. One could be stalking you and you'd never know it.

Pic unrelated, the opossums are bro tier.
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What's the most comfy "cabin in the woods" state in the US?
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