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Mushrooming in SoCal

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I want mushrooms but sadly I live in LA. Waiting for the first rain of the season which probably won't come for a while but anyone know any good spots around the LA area that they've found that consistently produces some good shrooms?
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why do people keep commenting >>/out/ on some of my posts?

i don't get it
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Let's talk about these.
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Can we get a patch thread going?
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Biolite, king of all meme gear

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>Buys Biolite because the concept is cool
>Figures out pretty fast the major problems with it
>Make thread trying to justify purchase
>Pose as multiple other people defending the Biolite
>Eventually get called out
>"Well I enjoy using it"

This seems to happen at least once a month on here
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Are there any youtube channels of ambient/atmospheric woods walks that you watch? Like this but in the woods obviously. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HYq9kTOT70
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First Time Backpacking

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I'm going backpacking on a mountain at Frozen head State Park, going up 1800 elevation, staying for 2 days and one night. What should I get and how should I pack? Going with a few friends and I have a 60 liter backpack is what i'm carrying my supplies in.
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Wool blanket vs sleeping bag? On a budget, I already have a sleeping bag but it is very large. Using a hammock btw.
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Apiculture General

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Are you currently a Beekeeper, do you have any plans to become one, are you interested, etc

I started recently by joining a club at my university, I've become intrigued by this ancient practice

Also, sharing any files on history/practice/recipes would be greatly appreciated
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