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Knife help

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Can anyone identify this knife?
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Leaving Monday Need Help

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I need help /out/. I'm leaving my life behind and going /out/ for at least a year or so. It's either this or death. Literally, this weekend, I need to make preparations. Monday morning I need to leave. I plan to take my dog, my phone, my computer, a laptop, a notepad, and my lucky pen, and several other items for safety. I have a vehicle that while not the best can operate on moderate offroad terrain. I need to get across the country. I'm on the edge of the East Coast. I'm thinking of Washington State or maybe even British Columbia (I can cross the border legally, but would rather not). I need to find somewhere that I can get off the grid and just live out life with my dog for a bit until things improve. I'd rather not make the trip in one go. I'd like to stop off at national parks and forests and ideal /out/ places along the way so that I can practice outdoors shit like starting fires, where to camp, how to camp, etc before I commit to seriously getting way the fuck out there.

I have the following things sorted already:
>A decently serviced vehicle, albeit fairly old
>A steady income, albeit low
>Clothes to get me through winter

That's about it. I need to know locations to go, how to sustain myself on a low income by supplementing it with hunting/fishing. Things like that. I have never gone fishing or hunting, but have extensive experience with weapons. I don't want to end up like that guy you all meme out about from Into The Wild, but I do need to get off the grid for a little bit but I don't want to be an underprepared idiot like him.

Please dump anything from hunting advice to general advice about how to make my life easier on the road. I need to learn how to fish fucking immediately too. Also, how the fuck do I take weapons across state lines legally? Like, what happens if I enter a state where certain weapons are banned, but I'm just passing through? Do I need to ship it over the state and pick it up in a legal state? I need the weapons to hunt with.
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Trail Running

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Ran my first 5k last year and I've been a life-long lover of hiking. I've been thinking lately I should combine the two. There's a trail race in my area in about 4 months, 12 miles with 3,500 feet of elevation gain. Anybody here trail run? Any tips or tricks? Training or gear suggestions? Think I can prepare for it in 4 months?
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Innawoods bug out gear. Do you really need anything else?

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Realistically? I mean, I know plenty of arguments can be made for all the stuff in the Altoids tins, and big ol backpacks, etc but I really feel that if I found myself in an "oh fuck" situation like breaking down in the middle of nowhere with a dead cell phone, or similar situation where it's likely that help WILL come, it just may take a day or three, that this is more than adequate.

Corona Folding Saw - 10" blade, cuts on the pull.
Mora Companion MG - sheath has the following: 3 meters of 550 cord, 1 meter duct tape, 3 meters jute twine, 4 water purification tabs, 1 non-latex, unlubricated condom, and a ferrocerium rod.

You could build a shelter, start a fire, gather water, make it potable, and even lash together a bundle bow, sharpen some sticks, and make fletching with the duct tape for arrows. You've got shelter, water, and food covered. Why do people make all these big obnoxious kits, or Altoids tins that have a bunch of crap you'll likely never use? A good saw and fixed blade knife, some cordage, and a method to start a fire is all you really need imo.
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best /out/ country EU?

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Hey /out/

I'd go to fa but im looking for some good boots. Something rugged, but stylish (leather). Don't have anything like it so I need recs. Obv comfortable. Not so much timbs as they should be leather/military-esque.

Plan for general use and outdoors shit.
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Let's see your urban exploration photos and hear your urbex stories. Anyone know good locations in the PNW? I have hundreds of photos from mostly Idaho, Washington and Oregon.
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How do we get more normies /out/doors?
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edc thread?
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Hey /out/, what are your plans for Summer? Any fancy trips planned? Anyone hitting the trails/road solo?
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