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What kind of fish is this?
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trail greetings?

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When you're /out/ on the trail do you greet fellow hikers? Is greeting others on the trail a thing of the past?

My last hike (pct) I noticed that lots of people were not into saying a basic "hello" while on the trail. I was taught to greet fellow hikers or at the least share a glancing smile. Most of the hikers we encountered seemed self absorbed barely smiling or nodding with our group of 4.
It was a bit disheartening. What are your thoughts on greeting fellow hikers while on the trail?
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Canoe Camping General

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We are planning with friends a 4-5 day long canoe camping in this year's July in an Eastern-Europe country.

What distance would you suggest to paddle with less fit girls?

What about the meals?

Would you let the canoes on the river bank while you are hiking in the woods?

Also canoe camping general:

Share your experiences and your best stories about canoe camping.
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What happened to homeless general. Been a while since I've been back here as my /out/ relating activities (fishing) has died off due to circumstances. I used to enjoy lurking the homeless thread as I live in a van and sometimes would get some good tips. I saw it bred a lot of hate and some homeless fags were being somewhat insufferable though. So what happened? Was it purged or did they all just die? Am I the last living homeless guy?
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How do I go /out/ for the first time? I don’t mean hiking or fishing. I mean camping. How do I go camping for the first time?
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New life

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I have nothing in my life. No friends no career family doesn’t want me. Im young and want to see the world. Should I just leave everything and become a van dweller?
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Has anyone walked around the entire perimeter of the Grand Canyon?

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And if so how long would it take to walk that far? I believe it's around 4.1 thousand kilometres (2.6 thousand miles).
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runners vs boots

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what do you prefer?
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