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Tree planting job. BC

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Hey /out/. I'm not a particularly outdoorsey guy, but I'm fit and want to be a tree planter in British Columbia this summer. Any of you have experience with it. I know it's exhausting, I've been in the millitary I can push myself. What I want to know are things likel; what camp is best to apply too, how much should i expect to make, what gear should i bring, what are the people like, AND how do i make sure I get a job.
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Currently on my way to Florida, where’s a good spot to camp?
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Trekking Poles

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Do any of you use trekking poles? Should I use them on day hikes or are they just a meme? They seem useful, and can also be used to setup tarp shelters.
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Climbing General

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Climbing General #16

A place to talk about climbing in any aspect (trad, sport, bouldering, aid, alpine, etc).

Rock Climbing is a dangerous sport that can cause loss of life, limb, eyesight, or sanity.

Useful Info:

It's fricken cold
off-belay >>1936981
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What does /out/ think of vanlife?

>Rent free/Debt free
>Electricity provided by big brother Sun
>Park at cool natural sightings
>Perfect for remote jobs
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Backpacking General:

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There seems to be enough of you to have our own thread.
Lets talk Backpacking.

>What was your last trip?
>What is going to be your next trip?
>Bucket list shit
>Thru hiking vs Section hiking
>Gear Suggestions?
>Gear you're in the market for?
>Being Bear Aware
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Island Survival.

You land on an island. What do you do for the forseeable future? I've been obsessed with the idea and want to learn what is my most efficient use of time and what tools to make as soon as possible.

Also what're the best island survival media? I only know of Cast Away and that one gameboy game.
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Thoughts on David Paulides, and the strange, unexplained Missing 411 cases?
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>transferred out of stem and became forestry major 2 years ago
>everyone is dumb as fuck and courseload is community college tier
what are the chances i can epstein (shoehorn) my way into becoming high chancellor of the EPA or 33rd degree climate granddragon at NASA or something?
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>wear sunscreen
>wear hiking boots
>wear a hat
>have a pack