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Is there a high population of black people in the woods? They due to lower intellect on average end up poor, so I figured they might be in the woods a lot. Is that an issue for the USA? Should I bring a gun? I'm neet and can't afford one ironically, but I know I can't beat a wild nigger at hand to hand even if I have a melee weapon. In my county due to living with a felon I can't get a gun.
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Campsite rate thread

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Let's have a good old fashioned campsite rate thread.
Post your favorite campsite from this year so far, and rate others' campsites

>pic related, grayson highlands in virginia
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Another Rainy Day

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What do you guys do /out/ when it's raining all day?

It's been raining for a couple days now and I'm bored. During the summer I don't mind it too much since it's at least warm out, but it's beginning to get colder and I'm trying to think of /out/ activities that wouldn't be miserable during a cold rainy day.
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Post your Black Friday sales. Convince me to buy things I don’t need
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>Globally, ticks are becoming more and more abundant every year
>Cost billions to agriculture, spread diseases which can permanently cripple or kill dogs & humans
Why is there no good way to deal with these little fuckers /out/?
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Is living in Western Minnesota sustainable?

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I found a cool house there but I can see why Ingles familiy almost froze one winter. There seems to be few natural fuels.

Scouts / Camps Thread

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Any fellow sc/out/s or campers here?

'18 Eagle/Camp Counselor here, haven't seen a good camps thread in a bit
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Why are you wasting your time right now instead of flintknapping?
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Flatlanders Out

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Should people living in flatland states like Florida and New Jersey be allowed to hike in serious mountaineering states like New York and New Hampshire? I say no.
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I’m hiking from Florida to Oregon all on foot starting tomorrow morning. I’ll list my gear ITT and you guys rate it.
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