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Killbear Park

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Has anyone been to killbear park in Ontario? Would you recommend?
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I want to buy a knife of <100 dollars

full tang and blade Length of 5-6"

My research tells me that the Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion is the best call

Any advice / opinion / experience ?
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Schrade knives

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Especially the high carbon series. What does /out/ think about Schrade? Would /out/ have a carbon blade or rather stainless? I've been eyeballing the Schrade SCHF59 and it seems to do most tasks well. Also full tang, although that wouldnt mean much on a 65 Mn steel knife, because supposedly this alloy is ver brittle?
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Homesteading/Property Projects General

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What projects are you currently working on /out/ on your own personal slice of heaven? I would prefer keep this thread away from "I'm building a cabin" because there are a lot of threads to do with tiny houses and cabins etc. I want to hear about peoples' little passion projects.

Me and the guys I live with have thrown together a top bar bee hive, planning to throw up the bait boxes and hopefully catch a swarm in a couple of months (Southern Hem).

Also been making a forge out of an old industrial fan housing. We want to make our own arrow heads, knives, nails. Eventually move on to swords and shit just because we can.
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any good stealth camping spots near Julian/Oceanside
/Vista CA
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Hammock General

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Wasn't one in the Catalog and I had a question

I've got a decent hammock, tested it out when I was in Arapho and it was so damn relaxing. I want to take it with me and hammock camp for the first time this winter. I have a zero-degree rated bag, and plan on sleeping with my coat and all that on of course, so if I don't have an underquilt, would that work out just fine? I imagine a suitable setup would be

>Tarp (Also in the market for a good tarp, any suggestions?)

>Mylar blanket
>Sleeping Bag
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Georgia Camping

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Anyone know good places to go camping in Georgia? I don't want any bullshit RV places where they have showers and vending machines, I want a real outdoors experience
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>go camping
>lonely innawoods
>look out your tent
>see this
wat do?
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anyone like to mine?

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i live in southern new hampshire right down the road from a beryl mine and i have spent a few days there out in the woods looking for beryl. so far i have found pure beryl which is clear and emerald and aquamarine beryl as well as golden beryl. other stones include smoky and rose quartz and a small garnet. id like to get into it more and perhaps someone on here could provide tips on how to look for small minerals and gems in dirt much better? currently i use a small rock hammer and pick through the dirt and rocks for the pieces. there was an old cave but i think someone blew it up because its all rubble now.
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i live in ontario canada and saw a bee that was bigger than a humming bird ( not exaggerating). he was like 4x the size of a normal bee. is this normal? what species is it
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