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/out/ Flashlight

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Comfy /out/ edition
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Budget Bowie Knife

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Talk me out of this $19.99 Amazon special. Want something to carve a tri tip, salmon, and maybe twice a year use when camping.
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“Muh bug out bag.”

First Aid thread

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When out in the wild, accidents happen. What first-aid-stuff do you take on trips of what length?

My 1-2 day hike and camp kit consists of
-Iodine for disinfection(also in case of radioactivity)
-pure alcohol for disinfection(in the big jäger bottle)
-tissues, cotton swabs, bandages, bandaids
-hand sanitiser
-gunpowder for bad wounds(small jäger)
-tongs and scalpel for cleaning wounds
-lighter for cleaning tools
-Razor, scisors (for head/hairy wounds)
-bar of hand soap

what am I missing? what do you bring with you?
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Emergency food for hiking and prepping?

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Is this safe?
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I was going to post some photos here but I see its just shit tier trolls and children, survival lily gearfags and basement dwelling armchair quarterbacks that dont go /out/ at all. Feel free to check out my Face Book page if you want to see some of my latest RAW Adventures in the great outdoors
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Based adventure youtubers/ documentaries

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Looking for more based adventure sires to watch where the filer actually shows the adventure and doesn't just talk into the camera the whole time.

Here are some of my favorites

Hog hunting in Texas

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Hi. I would like to go feral hog hunting in Texas this year.

I've done basic search-fu and there's too much information. Could someone please recommend a shop, a website, or a document they've found useful.

I mean, I appreciate that they're an invasive species, but what's the etiquette? "Hi bud, I just left 20 rotting pig carcasses in your field! Have a nice day!" - can't see that being seen as friendly.

Any relevant advice appreciated - I freely admit I don't know what I don't know.
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Beef solution

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Doing a two nights hike and eating pic related and I need to know what is the best beef solution. Carrying frozen beef? Beef jerky or canned or cooked burger? I like to think outside the box so be crazy like I am going to buy a few pots at Goodwill for $5 to cook this in and after I finish eating I will bury the pot halfway in the creek so it either makes a home for critters or a kid finds it and uses it to catch water skippers . Sharma shwarme
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Home-made /out accessories!
Let the goodness come for inspiration!
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