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redpill me on thru hiking the AT
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He has such good information, everyone new to /out/ should watch his survivalist playlist.
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You're on the air anon, go ahead.

Finally pulled the trigger

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Bought some raw land. Need a driveway cut in, stat. One neighbor with a camper and, apparently some without. Saw this youngster right by a trail in the "neighborhood" of where I bought.

Pretty excited to get started on this after 10 years of talking about it !
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Daily reminder if you can't walk out to your local woods and identify 95% of the species you can see, you're not a real outdoorsman.
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How can I be a wizard like John Muir
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Winter equipment

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Now that fall is officially here let us coldfags discuss our coldfag stuff

>Eye pro
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gold panning and prospecting?

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anyone around here do gold panning as a hobby?
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Do you guys ever take girls /out/? What do you do when they get hysterical?
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Have you wrapped your fig tree yet?
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