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>be me, 19
>work at county park system
>nothing special, just maintenance
>be last night
>forgot to make lunch, mad scramble to pack lunch
>make a shitty lunch and crash on the couch
>be today
>worst day yet, had to clean up after an Amish party
>horses shit literally everywhere
>guess who has to clean it up
>noon finally rolls around, time for snack
>open up lunch
>see shitty lunch
>eat shitty lunch

You got a license for that hike?

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/out/ Humor Thread

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Post em.
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Backpacking food thread.

What do you bring on hikes, and do you have any cooking tips?
Home dehydrators, coffee addicts, foragers/fishers, cold soakers are all welcome.
Tinned stuff and faggots who only buy pre-packaged mountain house meals are NOT welcome.
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What is the minimum HP outboard I should consider for a 14’ aluminum Jon boat? I don’t want to spend more than I have to.
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havent gone outdoors in years. where should i start?
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/myco/ - Mycology General

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What've you guys found/grown? Anyone know what kind of mushroom this is?
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any poles here?
i'd like to go to bieszczady with anon someday :3
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Disaster preparedness gear thread

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Discuss emergency supplies here. Freeze dried foods, MRE's, shelters, BOB's, etc.

Question: Which solar-powered hand crank radio has the best sound quality? They all look kind of junky.

What did you do today /out/?

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I collected firewood. What’d you do?
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