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Looking for suggestions for first kayak purchase. Need one that can handle flatwater paddling and can take some bumps against rocks, etc if I go on a river. Preferably one with some room for gear since doing a float/camping trip interests me a lot.

Would pic related be a good choice? Not familiar with brands/performance specs for kayaks. What sort of lengths should I be looking for? Any types to stay away from?
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Where dat rainbow gathering at? I'm hearing it's at the Finicum National Wildlife Refuge. Can't wait for sum a dat popcorner
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Yo, some dude came on r9k talking about getting a van and picking some of us robots up for a road trip to rainbow gathering. I have to be at my college orientation on the 15th of July so i might have to go back alone. Anyway, what should I pack for this trip? I have my sword and 80 pound bag of tools ready. Maybe will bring cargo shorts for optimal bushcraft pockets.
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Were there really great hermits in history who trained physical and mental strength outdoors? There's a chapter in Musashi where the protagonist is described as having lived the winter in a cabin he built, practicing swordsmanship all day, but of course this is fictional.
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Went hiking yesterday and found this critter attached to me neck

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Is it a tick? I went to a motel too so I'm not sure if it's a bed bug or tick
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Barefoot Hiking

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Do any /out/ists have experience hiking barefoot? I want to try but my biggest concern is poison ivy.
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h-hey out,
I am going to Liberia soon if i have saved up enough to start a /biz/

i want to g-get later in into farming, but as you now the soil in the tropical region is really bad...

you g-g ot some ways to make good soil ?

Does someone know a good and easy makeable soil ?

My idea would be

>Terra Preta

or skipping soil, doing

> Aquaponics
>mfw no electicity
> mfw solar panel is expensive

I-is out the right board for this question ?
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Is this a morel?

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What would you cook it in? Also general forage/recipe thread
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Climbing thread

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I've gotten into a new sub-hobby. I now enjoy climbing small cliffs with just a regular old poly rope I got from harbor freight (inb4 harbor freight hate). I just tie one end to a tree, tie a loop in every 2.5 feet, then tie a log to the Very end and throw it off a slate canyon. They are around 50-150 feet or so. It's basic and amateur and not very special, but I love doing it now. Tell me how much better/more complex/ actually legit you guys climb so I can do more stuff.

Climbing is so satisfying and thrilling. I used to free climb little cliffs in Quebec when I was a kid but I live in New York/PA area so I do the little slate cliffs by creeks.
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What do you autists carry for defence innawoods? Let's face it, you're all alone out there, you need to have something that's capable of killing pretty much anything that may fuck with you.

I chose a big enough utility knife. I'm way too lazy/poorfag to buy a gun (Canada) and a Ka-Bar short is more than enough to put me on level footing with a black bear. Of course I have a small thing of mace, too.
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