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Need rucking advice

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I keep getting blisters in the same spot on my foot - right foot, outside back, just above the heel where there isn't any pad. How can I harden this part of my feet so it doesn't happen again?

Also I keep getting strep throat every time I really push myself above 6 miles with >32 pounds. I live in a transitional living facility for vets in Humboldt county, Commiefornia while I try to get back on my feet - the group living situation means I always have some sort of cold, but hard rucks make it worse.
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how are u protect ur phone when your are going /outing/?
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Hey /out/,
Im based in northern England (just on the very edge of the peak district) and looking for the largest areas of woodland/outdoors in the UK.

Im interested in this as id like to go and try and spend a week or so alone, away from civilisation to try and properly immerse myself in the wilderness.

I live in the countryside as it is, and have spent much of my life camping out, building dens and such in the woods surrounding me, often spending multiple days out away from home. I plan to take my Jack Russel with me for company.

However, ive always been too close to civilisation, and always wanted to have the sense of true outdoorsmanship, where i can wander for miles and miles without seeing any sign of human life.

Obviously I plan to take adequate supplies and so on so forth. So my question is, where would you recommend I travel to in the UK? Where will I find the biggest sense of freedom?
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Hello, /out/. Im trying to be more prepaired and wanted to get a nice first aid kit for my truck but don't know what to get or any good resources on how to effectively use it. Should I buy a kit and add to it or build piece meal? What's a good pocket manual to keep with it so I know what to do if the need should arise? What online resources, (like wikis, databases, videos) should I look up to better educate and prepare myself myself?
Much appriciated.
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>he doesn't wear cargo shorts /out/
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Hey /out/! I've always wanted to hunt but never knew anybody who hunted. Do you guys know how I would go about finding experienced hunters who are willing to take a newbie on?

I'm from Arizona if that helps!
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When was the last time you shit in the woods /out/? If the answer isn’t within the past 7 days you’re doing it wrong. I did this morning and yesterday morning.
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Urbex thread/
Ready, steady, Go!
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how do you defecate while being /out/ ?
many people dig holes but personally I try to shit in rivers so I can wash my ass with the water too
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Has anyone as much as

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Has anyone as much as going /out/ and recording it all & posting as he went goned?
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