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legal\no-legal marijuana grow

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hey this is my 2nd year growing outdoors and this year its LEGAL! pot your grow!.pic related. this summers grow
strain- girlscout cookies x platnum kush,
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What to look for in long lasting cookware?

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Going winter camping with the lady in CO, and I've usually used dried meats/hard cheeses/non perishable/nontemp foods for eating whenever I go for day hikes or camps solo, but since I've recently come into a food dehydrator, I want to try some dehydrated meals.

I've only got like a 350ml cheap aluminum cup that I've ever used for oatmeal, but have been eyeing the Toaks 750ml for myself for the stews/chili that I plan on prepping for us. Also using the Toaks for boiling water in general.

But are there any other similar or better price/quality products that would allow for her to get her own (She's adamant about buying her own gear, because she wants to do this more than once with me, but she's also buying a bit more gear since she doesn't have as much winter ready kit as I do. I'd like to help her out by finding her a budget friendly pot that way she's not trying to east out of a 350ml)

>tl;dr Are there any better price/quality alternatives to the Toaks 750
>tl;dr What is a good budget one for the girl traveling with me?
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Advice for my first innawoods experience

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Hi y'all, /out/! First of all, i'd like to tell you i've never posted anything before, as i was basically a lurker, but i want to go /out/ for the first time, and i couldn't think of any place better to ask for tips.
For starters, i live near seville, in spain, and i'd like to try staying a couple of days in the woods, isolated of any human contact, but i don't really know a place in which i could do that, and i want to make sure what i'm doing isn't illegal. And, although many spanish woods are like pic related this time of year, i'd love to stay in a green forest, so i could wait until winter, or take a train to the north part of spain.
Anyways, i'd be thankful if y'all could help me with anything: any piece of advice, any indispensable tool, any cool place to stay or any book you recommend to avoid dying innawoods would be bless, and i thank y'all in advance for everything.
I'm sorry if my english isn't perfect, or if i broke any rule, as i'm new in this board!
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>clapping at the sun like it can hear their approval
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An Idea for a race

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So for some years actually, I've been wanting to do this thing that I thought of, that I think could be pretty funny

It's a race, and I imagine it would be carried out on mountain bikes.

The idea is that you somehow draw a totally random, straight line on a map (preferably in a area with a lot of nature though).

You then have to get from point A to B as fast as possible, while diverting as little as possible from the straight line.

A lot of the fun, I've imagined, would come from the fact that you should modify your bike, so it's ready for a lot of shitty situations, like floating devices for when you might have to drag it through water. Or a winch that can be taken off the bike and planted in the ground, so you can hoist you bike up steep places if needed.

I imagined that you would get points for time, and then the area you had diverted from the line would be added to your time, or multiply it or something.

I know the concept is very incomplete still, but I think it could be pretty funny to try out
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Going on a trek for a week.

Rate my gear, suggestions are welcome.
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Outdoor Lifestyle Shirt made of Hemp!

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Found this awesome new brand that is doing hemp blend shirts focused on mountain biking, but great for all outdoors. "GNARnia" IS the great outdoors!
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ITT: God-Tier trail food

First time I tried these, I was hitchhiking in Japan, and some dude bought me these and a water from a convenience store.

Japan in general have a shitton of awesome foods for hiking. The amount of dried meat products for cheaps is insane.
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Hey /out/ tell us about your last /out/ing
> Esmeralda county Nevada to see "best in the desert" endurance race
> camped out for 3 days doing a little hiking and exploring
> learned that Nevada plants are all sharp and pointy (pic related)
> helped get a dune buggy racer get his car unfish hooked after he hit a tree
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