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ITT: Good /out/ albums
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Fuck your lawn. Prairies are the chad biome
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I alway hear this myth that when animals are stressed they taste worste. Where is this bullshit comming from?

Every time i kill animals, i literally taste no difference, if i killed it in 20 seconds, or it bleeds out in 2 hours.

Where is this bullshit comming from?
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Purchasing land / houses to get /out/

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Real estate is getting crazy . Four years ago the minimum house price here was $30K, 2 years ago it was $50K the cheapest now for sale is $200K in my town .

Are other areas seeing these increases ? If so buy now or yet left behind
Pic related inland pnw
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US-Canada border reopening in less than a week boys. Anyone gonna cross the 49th? Where you gonna go?
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I'm having some trouble with this fire pit.

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I have been trying to make a Dakota fire hole for a while now but it keeps burning out, maybe i'm just retarded but I think i'm doing all the instructions correctly. It is the one fire pit I can't seem to get right.
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Any neofolk people here doing hikes and stuff?
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Good handheld GPS

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I've been taking trips deeper into the national forest near me (Olympic) and I'd feel more comfortable with a GPS over just a map and compass. What's a good rugged handheld GPS? Price isn't really an issue depending on what it brings to the table.

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Since the chinese flu have the outdoors where you live been more or less crowded?

For me in southern california it has become even more crowded which is basically unbearable. I live about 2 hours north of LA and all these freaks come up to my area every weekend to escape the city. They were already doing that, of course, but now it's even worse.
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Underground housing/shelter.

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Anybody here ever try to make their own underground/earth cooled/heated home?

Have you ever tackled that kind of challenge? How much did it cost? When did you get around to doing it? How long did it take?

I'm curious about alternative home owning methods and It struck me that a lot of the long-term cost of housing is electricity, water access, and overall material cost like roofing, flooring, walling, and labor cost.

Is it practical to make a big hole in the ground and work with that space, or at the very least find a hill and build a house into the earth that way? I know it's possible, but has anyone here actually done it?
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