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Feeling suicidal but actually am considering being an /out/hermit instead. How do I make this financially feasible? From Colorado. Basically I’m an asshole and I want to quit bothering people.
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If I pour cooking oil onto a charcoal briquette atop a pile of toilet paper will the charcoal burn?

Comfy photos from our /out/ings

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We haven't had one of these in a little while.

About a month ago I took my son on a day hike at Little River Canyon in Alabama. This first one is from the observation deck over the falls, which is where most people, by far, just stop for a moment, look off of, then leave. We took the trail along the canyon rim down stream until we got to the climb down spot.

We spent a while around the river at the bottom where I took him to my old favorite meditation spot from the 90s, which I'd shown him in a photo taken back then by his mother, my ex wife. After a bit of timeless exploration we hiked back to the falls from the bottom, spent a while there, then returned the way we'd come.

He's about to graduate and begin college, at which point I will depart and become a permanent /out/ist. I will very much miss his daily presence in my life, and being such in his.
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What are some easy freshwater flies to attempt tying (for bass, trout, and panfish) if you’re just getting into it?

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Hey, first time posting on this board. My gf and I are climbing Taum Sauk next week, planning on just bringing the basic hiking essentials. Is there anything else I need to know or bring? I would assume it'll just be like a steep hiking trail... Right?
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Three days ago I found a little hedgehog limping across the street in front of our house. I was afraid he might get run over by a car, so I lifted him up and sat him down in our garden, hoping he might recover. A little while later I saw him crawling through our hedge and then lying down next to a bush. The next day I didn't see him anymore, I thought he walked out of our garden again. Today I then saw him again while walking with my dog. He lay dead at the fence inside our garden. I dug him a grave in the rain and gave him some flowers on the way.
Goodbye hedgehog. I'm sorry I didn't save you.
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Homegrowmen Thread #177 Farming and Gardening

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Colorado weather

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who here /SNOW/? Also, them rivers are going to be flowing.
And to think I was naive enough to put my winter stuff away.

New sc/out/Car

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So with the money im currently saving plus my tax return ill have enough cold greenbacks to purchase a new sc/out/ car for my outdoor adventures

So I've come down to two choices that meets my needs. Suzuki Samurai with a soft top
Or a 1970-1985 Jeep CJ5 i know the jeep is more popular but the suzuki has some nice lines and mpg.
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