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I know theres probably not much out there, at least nothing worth much, but Im looking to go out and find things. Really want some adventure.
The only viable option I can think of is searching abandoned buildings, mills, or mines.
Where should I go?
What supplies and tools should I bring?
What should I look for?
What could I find?
Is it legal?
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Anon is hallucinating

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>Be me Slavic guy
>International Workers' Day (huge fuckin drunkfest at outdoors that lasts for days)
>We arrive to my friends orchard, that takes place in the middle of nowhere
>We set up all the tents while we are sober
>ffw getting dark, beta fags go to sleep
>there is a few Chad left around the campfire
>one of them pulls out a good amount of weed
>go to my tent cuz im drunk and tired as hell
>fell asleep immediately
>ffw in the night I hear wild scratching at my tent
>probably my friends fucking around (It was common to piss on each others tent)
>in half-dream I yell: fuck off faggets
>the scratch sound continues
>yell out: seriously guys, fuck off
>bit strange cuz no laughing and stuff, but the sound stops
>trying to get back to sleep
>I cant sleep cuz i feel cold wind at my neck
>turn around
>there is a big fuckin hole in my tent and cold wind breeze inside
>feeling something moving at my foot
>turn back around
>Holy shit nigga, there is a big ass brown rabbit in the tent staring at me with red eyes
>we just stare at each other with scare for a couple of seconds
>the rabbit goes fuckin mad and starts running around like crazy in the tent
>I cover my face with my arms and laying here in fetus pose
>The beast stops
>I open my arms so I can see what the fuck is going on
>the beast burst into a mad clawing making another big hole on the tent
>holy shit it just got out
>I leave the tent by crawling through the big hole left by the rabbit (it was that big)
>go to one of the chairs around the campfire
>sitting here confused af trying to understand wtf did just happen
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/out/ documentaries

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Good short film on the last episode of Independent Lens about hunting an invasive species in Louisiana. It's free to stream till 1-29:

>Rodents of Unusual Size is a real-life horror “tail” about the various and eccentric methods Louisiana residents have employed to tackle a growing menace that lurks in the bayous and backwaters: hordes of monstrous 20-pound swamp rats known as nutria.
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How often do you guys go /out/
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can i go camping in national parks? or are they strictly just hiking and 'come in and enjoy the views and leave' sort of thing? are the crowded during the summer?
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Worst Camping Gear Thread

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What are some of the worst camping gear designs, items, materials, and manufacturers that people should always avoid?

Pretty much anything with plastic right?
Foil is pretty terrible.
Duffel bag/tote/drawstring backpacks
Crank flashlights/non-LED flashlights
Non-lensatic compasses
Boxed wine
Tree tents
Folding axes
Survival credit cards
Aluminum cookware
Styrofoam coolers
Inflatable sleeping pads
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Keyring/carabiner thread

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What do you guys put on your keyrings or backpack/belt/etc. carabiners that you carry around either daily or when you go /out/? Other than your keys, of course.

Right now, I have:
- Maglite solitare (that needs a shorter lanyard or strap than the default, that shit's long)
- A Nite Ize DoohicKey
- FOX40 micro whistle
- one of those temperature keychains/zipper pulls (which might get moved to my backpack)
- Pic related to keep everything + keys together and also be able to clip it somewhere if I need to
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Have you ever taken a gril /out/?
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African Safari

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Thinking about going on a hunting safari in Africa in the near future. Has anyone here ever been on one? What should I expect, and what should I do with regards to preparation, clothing, etc.? I think I should also specify a few things about the kind of hunt that I am thinking about:
>Fair chase free range (no fences or dodgy stuff)
>Preferably in Namibia, Tanzania or Mozambique
>Will probably opt for a plains game safari, as I want to get a feel for the continent before spending a lot of money on a dangerous game hunt
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Tents tents.

Thinking of buying High Peak Kite 2. Pic related.
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