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I quit my job and running away

So in two months after i save up 10k im going to become ahomeless tranny clown.
I already know how to juggle 5 balls and im on hrt.
I'm thinking about just being on adderal and juggling for twelve hours downtown somewhere somehow.

Also I need to learn how to ride a unicycle somehow...
What's the best city for this?

My trips going to be Austin, than Tempe Arizona to California.
Anyone have train riding tips?
Or unicycle riding tips?
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Why does camp fire smoke always follow you around?
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Odd question, but I do a lot of bass fishing and naturally like most bass fishermen I love to throw plastic worms. I usually buy the Yum Dingers for the cost (aprox. $2.99 for a pack of 8) in comparison to others. However does anyone know a good website to get Yum or another brand for cheaper? Thanks
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Nature Preserve in Spain ID?

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When I was a teen I went on a group tour of Europe and one of the places we went was like a nature preserve somewhere between Madrid and Barcelona. We went there while traveling between the two cities and I remember maybe a lake surrounded by hills and a footpath and maybe some Christian stuff too. Was very beautiful and I forget the name. Please help identify what I'm talking about!
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>tfw you will never go out on a morning walk on a cool saturday morning after a night of heavy rain with the smell of petrichor and dew still hanging.
Why even live.
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>/out/ must read books
From fiction, to survival stories, to learning skills to plants guide. Post them.
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Would Outside Magazine be an adequate alternative to wasting time on 4chan?
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Alone The TV show - Arctic version

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Is anyone watching this season? At least they are trying something a little different.
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Was it autism?
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