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Magnet Fishing

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Anybody here ever try magnet fishing? Just bought a 1200lbs neodymium magnet (double sided, 600lbs per side) and some nylon rope. Any tips on spots or general magnet fishing know-how?
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Is Hiking a basic bitch activity? I actually really enjoy it, I go about once every month or two months. I enjoy it more so than anything else (rock climbing, skiing, wind surfing, ect.) but i am starting to get the impression that a lot of people say they LOVE nature and LOVE going on hikes even though they rarely actually do it and know very little about it.

>pic related, girl being obnoxious and only LOVES nature because it's a photo op for instagram
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Perfect /out/ state?
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Sun exposure question

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Good morning! First off, I'm new here, so I apologize if this question doesn't belong here.

I've got a question about a land purchase I'm looking to make. Everything I've heard and read says southern exposure on the hill is best. The piece of land I'm considering is directly north facing. Considering the details below, does this sound like a bad idea? I'm looking to garden and keep some horses, but not much more than that (maybe build a narrow gauge railroad (for chores of course!!)). Does anyone have experience with north facing sun exposure?

Latitude: 48*
Acres: 28
Hill is facing directly north
Hill grade is 6*, or about 10%
Summer sun angles in at 66*, winter at 18*

Thanks for your thoughts!
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(South) African-/out/

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Hey there /out/.
Due to a crazy carreer opportunity I'm going to move to South-Africa for about two years relatively soon. When I'm free from work I'd like to do some camping out in the wilderness as a hobby.
I'm from super urbanized western Europe so I've never really experienced true wilderness and all I'm used to is camping no more than 20km from civilization in a temperate sea climate with mild winters.
I'm going to move to the Drakensberg-mountains.
Any Africanons have tips for me on what to bring/do when I get out there?
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Alright /out/ share stories do you have?
>Went fishing in Pike County, Kentucky
>Parked car in an empty lot and hiked half an hour to a spot I knew
>Finished six hours later and went back to car.
>As I backed out I ran something over, so I walked out to see what it was
>Some junkie decided to nap under my car for some god damn reason
>He started screaming at me. Fair honestly, I just ran him over. Figured I’d reason with him once he cooled down.
>He never did, and after too long of listening to his empty threats U realized that since he was standing I couldn’t have injured him too bad so I drove off
I feel like this may be illegal but nothing came of it.
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I like fishing, sailing with friends, and paddle boarding. But there there really isn’t a lot to do here. Unlike most other states you can’t drive out for an hour and end up in the middle of nowhere. There’s not a square inch that doesn’t a building a mile away, Everything is just to fucking noisy and the only places of peace and quiet are out on the sea. Is there anything I can do on land, that’s fun. Suggestions frens

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Why, you're right, I am taking my nature photos on a polaroid. I'm glad you noticed. Photography equipment really peaked in the 90s.
I have an appreciation for the outdoors that people just don't understand. When I hear a bird, I feel it in my soul.
I would never hunt, because it's unnatural for a human to kill an animal.
I just want to hang out with all of the animals and be a part of nature!
You may have noticed that my walking stick is also antique, I had to search far and wide for one with this exact look.
Don't worry about my woodsman axe over there. That's just for my woods feels, man.
The sound of the forest is music to my ears. People really are too stuck in their technology today.
If only they could get out into the woods, they'd see how beautiful life is!
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go collect some Morels.
I'm going to make a lovely woods quiche tonight.

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Is it safe to use alcholl fire indoors?
Im trying out some things I bought tbuto use them wjen going /out i live in an apartment so im trying the fire inside and Im fellen kina dizzy shojl i put it out?
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