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Idea for unlimited food while on trail

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I'm not really a hunter, and it seems like each terrain has its different animals, trapping techniques, and even amount of animals to hunt. But every environment has bugs.

So what if you took a solar panel + battery pack + LED light + Bug Trap similar to pic related. Set it up at night, and bam. In the morning you have a jar of bugs ready to eat. So theoretically if you got stranded, and weren't familiar with the plants or wildlife, you could just subsist on this.

Also ideas on bug traps. I'm sure this isn't the best type to make
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Okay, /out/, I need some advice and to be called an idiot if need be.

I'm from Southern Ontario and have always wanted to see "the mountains". Southern Ontario is the flattest piece of land you'll ever see, the biggest hill in my area is literally an old garbage dump that was covered over.

So I've been planning a long camping/road trip out West to see the Rockies and I'd like to try my hand at dispersed camping (or off-site, wilderness, backcountry camping, whatever you want to call it). I've camped quite a few times before in Northern-ish Michigan (think centre of the mitten) so am not completely new and I'm not an out of shape fatty so I think I can handle it just fine physically. However, I am kinda scared shitless of bears, especially after reading about them. The idea of them entering my camp after night while I'm sleeping is particularly terrifying.

The place I had in mind to spend at least the first few days of my trip was Custer Gallatin Forest in Montana and apparently this area has both Grizzly and Black bears. Should I consider a different spot? Do you have any other, less bear prone suggestions that would still let me satiate my mountain boner? Or am I making too big a deal of it and will be okay if I follow the general bear advice and carry bear spray?

tl;dr first time dispersed camping, worried about bears, suggestions?
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Roadkill Thread

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I live in a suburban area with a shitload of deer. They are killed all the time by cars (in addition to other critters of course). It's bad enough that the county pays for bow hunters to come in and cull the population. In the past 24 hours alone, I've seen two fat does dead on the shoulder.

>I want to start harvesting these animals. If possible I want to get the bodies REALLY FRESH, so I could potentially harvest the meat. I definitely would want to skin and try out different methods for preserving the pelt/hide. I've got experience with this from my days as a kiddo with a bb gun, and a back yard full of squirrels.

I'm in MD if anyone has better details. Google has yielded shit results, and I was wondering if anyone had any expertise or sage advice on this matter. I was wondering if I could get on some sort of call list? Or how should I go about getting better intel on very recent roadkill?

Pic isn't mine.
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>camping as a solo guy in a camping ground with multiple people around
Is it awkward?
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Forrest Fenn's treasure

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Anyone else remember the Fenn treasure? Well apparently a second idiot has died looking for it. Of course the fact that this idiot was dumb enough getting killed trying to find is the fault of the dude that hid the treasure. How do people fuck up this hard when trying to replicate a hike that Fenn did when he was 80?
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How would you guys feel about a 4chan rv park?
Really good wifi, hot showers, beer in vending machines.
I would be called "The Gay oh ayyy", not because gay stuff would go on but to keep the normies out.
Van and tent campers would also be welcome.
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Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#168-"Redfish Jewfish" Edition

Previous Thread:

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin
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/urbex/ + /rooftopping/ + /draining/

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paying for tours doesn't count edition

Previous thread: >>988998

Asking 'any spots in x' will most likely not yield any useful responses. Find your own locations, it aint hard, google earth and flickr's map search are your friend.

If posting photos, your phone pictures don't need to be 3.95mb, resize.

proper pastbin coming soon
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Underwater Videos

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Hey /out/ a while back I was talking about making a channel where I would be uploading underwater fishing videos, well here is my first video. Enjoy!
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Sorry shitty pic
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