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What hiking boots do you guys recommend that are cheap? I want to start walking some trails and start taking pictures but I dunno where to start. What gear should I start with? I'd probably just bring a water bottle and some trail mix since I just want to do easy and short trails first. But as I move up what other gear should I get besides boots?
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use caution when wrastl'n horny deer

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>A frisky, sex-crazed deer charged at an Oklahoma pastor Wednesday, forcing the man to wrestle the aggressive buck’s antlers away from him in a surprise attack caught on video. “He got the best of me,” Travis Hurst said, according to Fox 4. “I think that he’s had some human contact because he wasn’t afraid of us at all.”

>Hurst and the deer walked away from the encounter, though the deer got in a few good hits. Hurst, a pastor in Shawnee, Oklahoma, was working to build a church bonfire when the deer emerged from the woods.

>“So I literally got attacked by a deer! It went on for much longer than the recording. Every time I let him go he would charge me. When I got home I found 2 puncture wounds on my legs! I’m pretty sure he won. It’s all good,”

>Eventually, the deer calmed down and walked away into the woods, another video shows.

I wouldn't suggest trying it a second time, that could have ended badly
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/Ausgen/Australian Camping General:

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>Can we get an Ausgen going? I know theres dedicated threads for stuff like bushcrafting and foraging but most of australias flora and fauna is unique to the continent so there's not really much help from dedicated threads. Also check this guy out:

any resources people can dig up we'll add to the general, I think this guy's videos are a good start but some books/guides on finding bushtucker and identifying different types of trees and their uses would go a long way.

Also post your camping trips, what you took what you learnt, etcetra, I know it's mainly Americans on this board But I think there's enough of us to get something like this going.
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/out/ Preparedness Literature/ Loadout - TLDR Edition

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What book(s) is (are) essential for /out/?
I bought a navigation book and it was ABSOLUTE GARBAGE.
I have a compass and I can use it to find north (duh) but not get my location on a map.

-NALGENE water bottle/ Sport squirter too (Always have 2 right?)
-Perkn survival knife capable of defense/ digging/ cutting wood for fires/ utensils
-Foldable pocket knife wide blade
-Top notch compass
-Maps of (x)
-Teton Mountain Ultra 1 tent
-Shitty sleeping bag in a fucking trash bag etc.
Hot liquid thermos/ cocoa
-Shitty Jeans/ longjohns
-Shitty shorts walmart tier
-Tees/ tanks/ socks/ undies/ towels/ bandanas etc.
-Meme headlamp from Target/ batteries
Foldable pots pans majig/ charcoal in a bag (fuck stoves)/ Tons of matches/ cotton
-Duck Tape (impressed?)
-2 ponchos, biking jacket underneath and raincover for pack
-Mummy sack/ dry bag/ soaps
-Mountainsmith Full pack
-Random cords caribiners etc.
-Mirror/ magnifying glass
-Inflatable couch
-phone/ keys/ rubber tire wallet/ toiletries bag
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What happens in the woods, stays in the woods:


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Why do people do this? You can run literally anywhere. They're just adding bodies to the trails and aren't even appreciating their surroundings. Every other week one of them slips and dies and people have to spend days trying to find their body. Fuck trail running
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Best mountain range views.

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Mountain range thread! Where are the best places to hike? (Pic is Mt. Katahdin)
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What does /out/ drive?
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