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What kind of jacket is this. What kind of jackets like this would you recommend /out/?
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Im looking for an ice fishing backpack, do insulated packs even exist? Im in the northern great lakes region averaging -20c. This is only for day trips not 3 day adventures so i wont need a high volume pack. Budget isnt really an issue
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What is an item that you always take with you no matter what?
For me it’s pic related
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Folding gear thread

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hey guys, I always like to be prepared when I go /out/.
I often like to pack along a folding shovel to dig cat holes and poop into. It just makes things so much easier. Post up your folding shovels. Pic is the one I prefer, though I have tried just about all of them.
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I work at a deer processor. What do you want to know?

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I originally asked this on /b/ about ten minutes ago but I mostly got questions about deer pussy. Anyone interested?
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Hi /out/ found a derelict field with two buildings on it. Used to be a telephone exchange or something. Did my research, it's owned by some oil company who don't give a shit. It's quite desolate so while it has been visited by some minor vandals, I doubt it gets more than 2 visits a year. My plan is to fence the field off, put doors on the building and start occupying it as my summer home.

Im wondering how best to fence it off? I have a Nissan Micra so I can't carry large stuff. What would you do in my situation? Do I need to save up and buy a van or is there a way I can fence it without it?
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Should I choose a tarp and bivy setup or a tarptent for 3 season use in southern/central California?
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What happens in these two territories?
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Knife Thread

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Knife thread.

I’m looking for a good general purpose knife to take outdoors. It needs to be extremely durable, and also big enough to be used as a secondary self-defense weapon again any wild animals I may encounter.

I know /out/ has a big hard-on for Moras, but could someone tell me why? I looked through their website, and they’re pretty ugly. If push comes to shove I don’t know if I would trust one. Thoughts?
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Thoughts on freeze dried meals?
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