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Why did they walk into the fire?
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Jerky Thread

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With the coming promise of venison this deer season, and as the air gets colder, there is no better time for a jerky thread.

Currently I've been using Newman's own cracked pepper marinade bags, and also some Hi- Mountain seasoning with some additional seasoning crushed and dried from the homegrowerman pepper garden. I use an oven at 170 and toothpicks in the rack. I'm looking at dehydrators as well.

As a side note : A buddy of mine has DEC permission to hunt off any Coyotes on his property. Anyone ever eat Coyotes? Jerky?
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Hey /out/ what is your favorite choice in hats? What brands are worthy? Whats the overall best type for going /out/?
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How to camp (alone) in the winter and not die

Gear/method/stories all welcome
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Anyone /out/ hunting today?

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It’s muzzleloader seasonn and im innawoods sitting in a bush in NE FL today, waiting on a good hog to stumble by. Already killed 2 deer in GA so far, but I wont pass on the right six point if he shows up. The weather is cool and the wind is blowing down the mosquitos. No where else I’d rather be, I tell you what.
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Our satanic alien reptile overlord has internet based weapons and they are on /x/ and everyone that uses this site for more than an hour a day will get brain cancer after a couple years
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Any of you /out/ists have asthma or any other debilitating disease that makes it harder for you to go on hikes?

Got any tips on how to overcome these problems?
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What passes for "skill" when it comes to fishing? How do you git gud at this?
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DCF or Dyneema Cuben Fiber whatever you wanna call it. Thoughts? It's expensive but light. Anyone own and DCF gear? What are your thoughts?
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Using Retort Pouches to Store Food

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Do you anons have any experience with this?

I would love to be able to make my own meals at home and take them with me on camping or hiking trips.

My only issue right now is finding the time and pressure for different foods. There isn't much information.
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