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who's ur favourite bushcrafter?

for me it's
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Documentary or series talking about nature ?

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I recently got interested into nature and stuff like this

Give your best documentary/series or even movie plz /out
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Trout fishing

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What’s the strangest baits you catch trout on that nobody uses?
I catch stream trout on crawfish soft plastics.

how to start a garden

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I want to start growing some tomatoes on my balcony. I'm trying to get everything sorted out. I have little experience with gardening as I've only grown weed and was somewhat unsuccessful (grew fine, wasn't good). I'm trying to do this as cheap as possible with the highest success rate.

I've done a little research. So far, I think I'll need:
>mater seeds (beefsteak)
>seed starter pellets
>organic soil
>3 gallon pot

Germinate seeds in pellets for a few days and wait for them to sprout.
Transfer as many healthy ones into the 3 gallon pot without making it too crowded.
Wait for maters to bloom.

Am I on the right track here? Any tips? Thanks /out/
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Places to camp in Northern California/Oregon?

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My friend and I are going camping in the coming month or so and were wondering where the best place to camp is? Preferably not too popular and relatively safe.
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Live in a fag state.


Get frowned on.

Don't want to argue with anti-hunters.

One thing to link them to?
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Anyone have any recommendations for good eyewitness accounts of disaster/war etc. (books, pasta, articles and so on)?

I remember reading a greentext story about a guy from Serbia I believe or another Balkan country who talked about his experiences as SHTF and his town was occupied in a war.

Anyone have that story or others? I come from /biz/ and I'll shill you something if you help.

Best scrambling in Bozeman?

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Me and a buddy are looking for some good scrambling to do in the Bozeman area. We were thinking about Teton originally, but we want to go further off the grid and away from normies...

Is Custer Gallatin NF the best place to search? Big Sky?

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Where the fuck can i go /out/ if I'm stuck in South Florida where theres nothing but swamp and mosquitoes?? Are there any good camp sites that don't require a 4 hour drive?
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for me, it's the lean-to™ campfire
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