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Short Thru Hiking

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Thru Hiking has been an interest in mine for some time. I hike ever weekend and have been on dozens of 3 day backpacking overnights in my area. I'm strapped for time though with work; my presence is a high priority in the office. I've only taken two 1 week vacations in the last 9 years. Thru Hiking almost seems out of the question.

What alternatives to thru hiking, or short thru hikes could you recommend to someone in my position? I live in Southern California (unfortunately).
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I know for a fact that there are arborists here, how did you acquire your qualifications and job?
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Is it worth buying your own land for /out/ and /k/ related activities? I'm talking vacant land.

How much acres would be worth it? There's not much in my area and nothing I'm willing to buy, but I was just wondering. I'd be spending at most 40K.
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Schnupftabak is the best tobacco for /out/

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You can't prove me wrong.
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I'm going /out/ of my mind

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I'm having an /out/dentity crisis, and it majorly relates to my pack gear and weight for the very specific scenario of backpacking and camping.

I've been going as light as I can for years, on the cheap. Pack for a three day outing likely weighs in at 25lbs, and that's with all the titanium bells and whistles. There are some more luxury items I would love to have in my pack, but can't seem to justify the extra weight even though I feel it may bring on a more pleasurable or relaxed time.

For instance... an ultra light backpacking chair. It's cool to have, and comfortable. The lighter alternative would be a simple foam sit pad. While not as comfortable you're saving 1-2lbs on weight. Same for my sleep system; an ultra light cot comes in a 2lbs and change, while a foam sleep pad comes in at just ounces.

There's unfortunately no middle ground in making a decision, and no trade offs. You're either slightly more comfortable at camp while lugging around the extra weight, or less comfortable at camp while carrying a pack that's less strenuous.

How do I come to terms with this?
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Anon is starving

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I'm getting really hungry guys... Would it be legal to use a pellet gun to hunt rock doves in San Antonio in my backyard? I searched the municipal ordinance library and couldn't find anything saying discharging a pellet gun is illegal.
Rock doves can be hunted year round as long as I have hunting license so this should be fine right?
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Upstate New England

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Anyone on here from upstate New England (NH, VT, ME)? If so, what's your terrain and local area like? Anyone have any recommendations on /outtings/?

Upstate NH here, few minutes from Mt. Washington, it's cold and backwater
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>Dick’s Sporting Goods announced on Monday it will destroy all of the unsold firearms it pulled off store shelves in February after the deadly Parkland school shooting.

It's getting harder and harder to find /out/ stores with a backbone.
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Axe thread

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What is the best length for an all around axe? Is it hatchet sized or small axe? I’m trying to decide on a new gransfros bruk axe, I already have the wildlife hatchet which goes everywhere with me /out/ in the last 2 months when I got it.
What do you guys recommend and what do you have, pics of your axe appreciated.
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In the ER about to get my first ever tick removed.

Ask me something.
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