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I got my first tick today. found him hiding in my belly button. About as fat as this pic so hes been there for a while. i was pretty drunk and just ripped it out with my fingers. Do you guys think i should go in and get tested for some disease? Im in wyoming so im not too worried about lyme but still.
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Hiking osterdalen/st olavs/norway

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Anyone have any experience hiking any of the pilgrimage trails in Norway? I'm planning on going next summer, and it's between Gudbrandsdalen and Osterdalen paths. Osterdalen being the less used, more campy one. Only problem is, I can't even find Norwegian resources on it.

Anyone here know anything about it? Is this a real trail? Are the views good? Should I do a dif trail?
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Are there any good trails in southeast Michigan?
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I'll visit Vancouver next June and am interested in hiking, outdoor stuff and generally seeing the natural beauty of the region
Any advice where to go and what to do?
I'll be there for about two weeks and I will rent a car and am not opposed to long road trips so anything withing a 1000km radius is fair game
Pic not related, it is from my last hike
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Hey /out/ what's wrong with my tomatoes?
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How good is Wisconsin for /out/? I can only imagine it’s great for deer hunting, but what about for other activities?
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Making good progress on my camper van. Got some insulation in. This weekend I will go the floor. My goal is to have the insulation, floor, windows, fan, and bed frame finished by September. My first trip will be to Lassen Volcanic NP.
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Survival loadouts

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I'll start
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Hey Guys, I found this coon a few days ago in a dried out river, at first I thought hes just shocked, but now a few days laterhes still here, doesnt seem ill at all but his hindlegs and tail wont move.
So somehow this little guy paralyzed himself, what should I do about this/how to end him without bringing him too much pain?
Also, wild animal sighting thread, I guess?
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