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Axe General

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Welcome to Axe General! Ask questions, share pictures, projects, purchases, knowledge, etc. Learn which profile will work best for your application. What do you carry, and how does it suit your needs? What is your preferred handle length/head weight?

Sharpening edition:

A sharp tool is a safe tool. You can have a shaving sharp axe with very basic tools. A bastard file will remove large chips, allow you to alter the profile and geometry of the axe, and most of the time will leave you with a tool sharp enough to chop effectively. Splitting axes can be maintained and kept sharper than they need to be with a file.

Sandpaper and a flat sanding block can achieve a razor sharp edge simply by following the existing bevel angle starting with 220grit and stopping at 1000 grit. You can continue with higher grits if you wish to achieve a mirror finish. Stropping with an old leather belt loaded with green polishing compound will remove the burr and create a microbevel that will aid in edge retention. Stones also work exceptionally well and are preferred by many. Japanese stones cut very quickly but wear down at an extreme rate. Arkansas stones are pricier but will last a lifetime.

A sharpening puck is great for quick edge touch ups in the field. A basic toolkit that takes up minimal space and can fix everything aside from a broken handle would be: 2 sided puck (250 and 1000 grit), 6 inch bastard file, strip of leather, 2 metal step wedges (should the head become loose).


>USFS "One Moving Part" PDF download links

>USFS "An Axe To Grind"

>Literary References Short List

>Introduction Into Re-profiling An Axe
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Gonna build a simple setup in the back of my 98 tacoma to live full time out of and explore Canada/USA. Has anyone done this? What was your experience like? I'm a photographer/writer, and plan to do freelance stuff on the road.

Pic not mine
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this or that - woodsman edition

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hey all, angloid/britbong here, admins please remove if shit

straight to the point: axes or folding saws?
>i have an axe and it does the job of cutting but well, slowly. starting to think maybe carrying both is a good option. or am i just weak? this is for hiking btw, lots of woods around me
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I got this off-brand 85$ MOLLE backpack in june and it splits multiple zippers EVERY TIME I use it! FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!
It's damn true buy once, cry once FUCK
I am now going to buy some 250$ reputable brand backpack and tresure it like a child
Any good recommendation? Please... I am a broken man...
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Hello out bros. I just finished my first semester of law school. I have been cooped up and strung out on adderall. But, fortunately, it is time to camp. The weather is cool and I am ready to go.

But which way anons? I am in the Tampa Bay area and wondering if I break north or south.

I have plans to head north for a Georgia deer hunt later on in December, but I am not opposed to heading up that way and checking out some different territory. Ocala National Forest is always good for a night, and I wouldn't mind getting into some elevation.

Down south is the Fakahatchee strand maybe my only chance to check it out while the weather is cool. However, I am not sure what is available for back packing and dispersed camping down there. Don't think it is much.

I think I might get some cool photography opportunities down south, but I need to get schooled quick on everglades camping.

Give me some good landmarks or opportunities in the South East anons. Love you guys.

Knife General

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KG: Backpacking edition
Discuss, rage, cringe, cry. Do it all here.
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What are some cool and informative Bushtubers? I really like Joe Robinet.
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I'm thinking of getting into batoning since the weather has changed.
Any tips?
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Book recommendations

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What are the most useful books on survivalism and off-the-grid living?
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