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Van Life

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What budget should I set myself before vandwelling?
I am looking to be as frugal as possible, so no fancy solar panels, showers or kitchen. I can cook on campfires.
I'm aiming for about 2000 to 4000 dollars budget and I haven't bought my van yet.

I was looking at the Ford Econoline for stealth parking at night.
Any tips on vandwelling?
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What are some affordable sleeping bags?

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So far, looking at the Kelty Cosmic 40, and the Aegismax M2. Would primarily be used during the summer months as well as some fall/spring trips.
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I used to think that a large, heavy, useless object was the worst thing to take on a hike, but now I know it's diarrhea.

I pooped every mile for 7 miles.

I was behind the camera for pic related, so all in all 5/10 day.

Bad trail experiences thread I guess.
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is this pack reasonable for hiking up mt elbert?

or should I get a smaller daypack?
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So I finally got my wife to go on a week long hiking/fishing/cabin trip. Her one request was she got to pick the place. Long story short, she picked Shawnee National Forest (and a really nice cabin to boot)

Here is my problem. In the almost 5 decades I have been /out/ ive never really had to worry about snakes. Bears, wolves, moose, yes. Never snakes. Doing a bit of research it seems like Shawnee is over run by every kind of deadly fucker you can imagine. These bastards have apparently infested an entire section of the park. Doing a bit more research there is tons of conflicting info on what to do if you are bitten. Some say have a snake bite kit, others say it does more damage than good. Some say use a tourniquet, others say its a horrible idea. Some say stay still and wait for rescue. Others say you could be dead before rescue arrives and to hike out as fast as possible.

So what is it /out/? What do you do if your loved one is bitten by a venomous snake, you are 15 miles to the nearest ranger station, and you only have whats on you (I never go out without a Spot beacon) Its been almost 30 years since I had to make a forced hike with a person on my shoulders, and even when I was young, I dont know if I could have done it fast enough to ensure her survival.
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Alright /out/... in the words of Pickle Rick, I might have fucked up here. I desperately needed a new job after being laid off as a teacher. So when I got this interview I lied my ass off and they hired me. As a winter snowshoeing expeditionary guide in upstate Minnesota.

Now, I live in Colorado. I ski, I hike, I've even snowshoed before. But this is Minnesota. This is fucking Fargo territory. People are counting on me to keep them alive when they fall asleep on the ice at -40.

So... like, any tips?

>pic related, it's a developed fucking road.
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Anyone else enjoing their last days if summer?
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Why do hunters and fisherman love to murder cute little defenseless animals? You should all be executed!
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