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I have lived in the woods off and on all of my life...ask away
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British Camping

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Hey pals. Just wanted some advice from any experienced brits out there about camping in the UK. (Also UK camping general thread I guess)
I moved here from Australia in April of last year and only just got my camping gear in order but now that it is I'm really keen to start. Unfortunately haven't bought a car yet but willing to rent one to get out of London. I was wondering what the deal with wild camping is and where some good spots to break in my gear would be. Next weekend me and my mates are keen to head out just for a couple nights so any sites you'd recommend within a few hundred km's with some pleasant trails and bonus points for a body of water nearby. Cheers
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Redpill me on UL

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Current set up is 21 pounds. Is it worth it spend 1k to get around 10 lbs?
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Desert clothing/gear thread?

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Looking for best hot weather and intense sunlight clothing for being in the sun for 10+ hours a day, namely in Phoenix AZ. I need long sleeves and pants because I've been getting burnt pretty gnarly over the past few days. And I can't constantly apply sunscreen to my arms.

It's mostly for out on the lake and hiking, and on the lake I'm beat down on with no options for shade other than clothing.
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Foraging and medicinal plants general /fg/

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Foraging and medicinal plants
general discussion of wild plants,
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Are these iron?

I found it in gravel of the road
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What's the hat situation?

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I need to get some kind of sun hat for sun/rain. Any solid brands? I've never had a hat with "breathable mesh." Does that stuff make any difference?