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Who here /JMT/?

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Leaving Happy Isles on August 1. Still deciding on food.
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anyone here into proper adventure riding?

I'm test driving a KLR 650 this weekend, any knowledge is appreciated.
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Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#235-“Too Lazy” Edition

Previous Thread:

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin
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Ultralight general
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Hey fuckers I bought a whole bee hive and suit whilst drunk and when I sobered up I attempted to order bees after my drunken splurging. I found out they are not in season.

So i put an ad on craigslist saying that I'll capture swarms for free, but the only response I've got are from some old couple with honeybees that have nested in their birdhouse. Will it work if I shopvac them all out and try to reinstall them in my hive? Normally im against uprooting nests, but I think they're just gonna get gassed if I leave em bee.

tl;dr can I install bees if I rip them out of an existing hive instead of a swarm
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Is there any Euro-anon who might go to Tatras next week, and maybe want to hike together?
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Best Summer shelter is a bug net and a ground pad

What's the best winter shelter?
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What are my actual risks of encountering a bear while camping? I’ll be spending the night in Tahoe and that recent thread on the bear attacking has me spooked.
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Is it possible to survive in the taiga/boreal forest of Canada?
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/our boy/ Alfie is back with his quarterly videos

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