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Show me your fish.
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I just moved from the PNW where I've spent my whole life to the bum fuck center of the Sonoran Desert. I'm surrounded by wilderness area but I miss the trees and hills. It's depressing me (especially with a chapped asshole, fuck it's dry here). How do I fall in love with the desert like I did with the forests /out/?

Pic unrelated
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Does garlic work against ticks or is it just snake oil? Is there anything that DOES work to get ward off these fucking parasites?
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Has /out/ ever been caught in a severe blizzard like pic related?
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Why do people hike /out/? I had a friend who went out hiking in California, he died from a flames of a forest fire.
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i know this is a longshot but does anyone in the 905 area wanna go camping?
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Help /out/

My city ordinances restrict me from using my new bow (similar to pic related) anywhere in public.
I live in a shitty housing development where I don't have a big enough yard to do it safely at home.There are no archery ranges nearby that I don't have to pay for. I can't go out on my trails or in the park to shoot, so what can I do?

I need to shoot. It hurts
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Nordkalotten trail pic dump

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Time for some OC
Last summer I made the Nordkalotten trail, the section from Kilpis to Abisko (I left at Inset)
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Just watched Dick carve a wooden spoon with an ax.
Think some married guy could do that?
Fuck no
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Can anyone here on /out/ help me out? I went hiking today and this year the ticks are bad. Apparently there's a large amount of mice right now which are bringing a lot of ticks into the forest. As I was leaving my hike I found a tick on me, I flicked it off and watched it land on near the cigarette lighter. I tried to burn it with my lighter but I was trying to pay attention to the road there were a lot of cars. The tick retreated into the cigarette lighter so it got away. Should I be worried? I don't think it's going to starve to death, I really hope it doesn't lay eggs. What should I do?
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