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Huge RC Car

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Is this real gold if so how do I separate it from the black shit
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How did you guys get used to sleeping in the woods alone?

I would be afraid of someone or something sneaking up to me in my sleep.
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What do you guys think about renting electronic fat bikes
My friend an I are staring a business in Slovenia.
Does this have any potential?
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greenery identification

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Hey /out/ can anyone identify this plant? They grew rapidly in my garden and some grew outside the fence. My guess is pumpkin from a few years back
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Advice on living off the grid and keeping the government away from your business.

So I have lived in poverty for most of my life until recently. I recently got a decent job and managed to save 30k in 3 years, but I hate this work.

My plan is to buy 20-30 acre in the middle of nowhere Midwest with a well and a used RV trailer with a solar powered generator and some propane.

So anyone know how best to
>Avoid DNR / small game hunting
>Avoid property tax surveys
>Living year round without labeled as "primary resident" for tax purposes.
>Putting in a septic tank / water tower / ect without permits (i.e. avoiding penalties).
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So I my family has about 10 acres of land and I want to grow crops. Would Okra zucchini and cabbage appeal to you? The soil is pretty dense red clay with some boron in it so there isn't really a whole lot I can plant. Maybe corn as well. I'm trying to think what I can raise that would make a good CSA package.
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What are your experiences with outdoor uni clubs? thinking of joining one
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Countries with great /out/ potential but with little expression on /out/

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Why don't we see here lads from South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Argentina, Thailand etc often despite they being big and populous countries with excellent /out/?
We're mostly Anglosphere and European shitposters.

Do you guys from other countries just lurk and don't /out/ yourselves or they don't even wander around here at all?
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