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What is this plant?

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Can someone tell me what plant this is? I think some kind of Achillea.Found in Central Europe in the shade.
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Are we going to get a lead free 350 legend?

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yeah i know, i got it bad:
land of the lead free
muh 350 legend is just 450 busch-lite beer

but seriously, i want to take my girl hunting and she's got tiny shoulders, so i bought a 350 legend upper and i want to haul her out into the sticks and show her around, but there ain't any blasted lead free 350 legend. does anyone have any insight about our glorious lead free futures or should i give up and look for a different cartridge for me. i mean for my girl...
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What is a good set of binoculars for general use? Think bird watching, stargazing, and observation while hiking. Was thinking about getting the BX-2 Alpine 10x42mm. Suggestions?
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Overland motorcycle trips

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Obviously "adventure" trips and motorcycle camping in general are pretty popular, but has anyone done extended off-road trips? I went on an overnight last weekend on a whim and had to turn a poncho into a windbreak, so any advice on how to stay comfortable without compromising off-road capability would be great.
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How do you become psychologically resilient?
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Guess the state
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I wish the suburbs didn't replace this
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How do you feel about this?
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How do I into panning for gold? Lots of nice streams for it around me
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Catfish bait

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What are your secret catfish baits /out? I have catfish behind my house and I want to catch my catfish on a hook and line and then let them go. What can they not resist?
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