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Any anons innawoods often in Texas? I'm saving up to get ahead on bills by a month or two ao I can afford to dip out and go survivalist for a month or two this winter.

I've done 1-2 week long trips before, but never anything as ling as a month. Any suggestions on things like locations here in Texas or things to do/build, etc.?
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Trout fishing in southern arkansas

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Im from out of state but ill be around lake Hamilton for a few days. Is there any trout of any sort left in the lake this late in the summer.
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How do you guys feel about wine skins?
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Hammocks and spine health

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I've recently been considering getting into hammocking as an alternative to bivy camping, but I have major concerns as to how mid-longterm hammock sleeping would affect spine health. It's easy to find anecdotal evidence claiming that hammocks are great for the back, but it seems to me that sleeping with your back in a C-Shape for 1/3 of your day would be a very unwise idea. My hammock using friends told me that you're supposed to sleep in some specific way that mitigates this issue, but I'm not totally convinced. It still seems like your neck would be pitched forward, and other areas would be imbalanced. Any hammock users want to weigh in?
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I've been looking to cut down some pack weight, and the biggest offender is my bear can.
Do i really need this? The western Catskills are my usual spot. I have scent proof bags...isn't that enough?
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Are you ready for squirrel season /out/?

Squirrel hunting for those who don't know, is all about being out, walking where no one else is, stoping to observe and sense your surroundings. You will see more interesting things hunting bushy tails, then you ever will hiking established trails.

What's your plan for this season? Are you hunting new grounds, or old family land? Bringing dogs, or still hunting?

What gear will you pack? Using a fine tuned .22, a rusty 410, or something of like a slingshot?
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Followed by cubs/mom

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>Hiking along
>Look behind you
>See this:

wat do?
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a "summer" in McMurdo

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I'm really thinking about this, definitely as support staff as I do not have a science background. Seems like a lot of fun, I have no problem working as a janitor or line cook but ideally I'd get on a heavy equipment operator as I have a background in that.

possible quals
>able seaman
>100t master captain
>class A CDL
>forklift "license"

I've spent 3 years as an OTR driver, deckhanded on a lake freighter for a season and worked on a fishing boat. I dont mind shitty conditions for long periods of time, I learn to revel in the misery. So unless you really think this would be worse than being forced to splice lines on deck in 30 degree cold on Lake Superior, dont say I cant do it.

but for real, can I do it?
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Banff National Park

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Hi /out/ I need help from anyone who camps at banff.
I want to camp therein september, 2 nights and 2 days and know it's not enough to do most things there, but what should I do? I am a camping novice and will only have basic food/ camping setup and a car. Also dont want to go too far off the beaten track because I'm not from canada and dont want to deal with getting hurt by animals or anything. Should i bring fishing gear? Which lakes can I park near so I dont have to haul all my stuff? Which campsite is good? Is there a small hiking trail I could do? I'm used to lakes and many mile hikes but like I said I'm scared of something going wrong. I'm happy with just a lil taste of the place rather than going deep into the mountains.
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who's this little bugger
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