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how to start a fire?

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how to start a fire naturally.

If ever I was stranded while camping, how would I start a fire without a lighter or match and just using things around me like twigs and crap like that.
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How's Decathalon own brand goods?
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Design a Self Sufficient Garden

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How would /out/ design a garden or farm if you wanted to live the fully /out/?
I would grow mainly staple crops in my region (North Carolina ) -sweet potatoes and some grains. Put in a large 100 ft by 100 ft garden with a rotational raised bed system. Raise chickens for eggs(Plymouth rock), rabbits for meat, and some nigerian goats for dairy. Stock a little pond with bass, bluegill, and catfish with crawdads. Set up a big compost section to keep waste down and good soil additives up. Of course, have my hotty and our kids and dogs with us. That's just about heaven to me.

Pic somewhat related.
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Found a bone

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Is there anyone here who knows anything about bones? I found this in my front yard and I'm curious as to what animal it's from. It's about 6 in long and 1.5-2 in wide.
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Did they reach the top?
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I made my first deadfall trap which I learned from this book. Having an effective trigger system was pretty exhilarating. Any more books on primitive survival skills that /out/ recommends?
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Let's do an experiment.

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Hey there, /out/. I'm fairly certain we all browse boards other than this one, so I decided to gather info regarding how much overlap there is from one board to another. I've included a (totally not a shooped food triangle) pyramid that I'd like all you kind anons to fill out so that we can get a better grasp on how boards relate to each other. I'll post my own filled in pyramid to give you a better idea of how this works. Keep in mind that you can put as many answers in the segments of the pyramid as you want, but you can only have one home board. Hopefully we get some interesting results. Cheers!
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/out/ clothing thread

What do you guys choose for all your /out/ related needs? Brands? Styles?
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Hey guys I'm trying to build a hydroponic system but need help id these containers. I've tried looking online and asked the guy at Lowe's with no help. Can someone direct me where to get them.

Video in reference