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Is endurance hunting really possible?
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>maybe i should put my phone number in my wallet in case i ever lose it
>meh, too much work its chill
>lost my wallet the very next day

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How many things shaped like a penis OR things you found that you later used as a dildo while /out/?
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What’s the most remote place (miles away from anyone or anything) in Michigan or Southern Ontario? Preferably by water
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Turkey Hunting

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Planning on killing one of these bastards with my bare hands in a few hours. The town I live in is crawling with them and they are very used to humans, so it should be no problem to get close to one and snap its neck. Any advice?
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Can we have a /out/ YLYL thread?
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Hey guys, I'm looking for a new pack! I currently have one similar to the one in the photo and it does work great, super comfy even when fully loaded, but I've made a recent addition which has left me scratching my head a bit on a new one.

I decided to get a Boreal 22" folding saw, very happy with it, but it doesn't fit in my pack. I understand I could strap it to the side, but I'd rather everything fit into it because I don't like having extras that can get snagged up, or worst fall off and maybe not even notice.

I'm looking for a 22" H pack, needs to be super durable for backwoods hiking. I'm not looking for the full on trek packs, honestly I like my current 17 1/2" as it does everything else I need with comfy fit.

>Recommendations for a solid 22" H pack???
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Soverign wildin' again

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>ABINGDON, Virginia (WJHL) - United States Attorney Thomas T. Cullen and David W. Archey, the Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Richmond Division, announced today an arrest in a deadly stabbing incident that occurred along the Appalachian Trail in Wythe County, Virginia that left one person dead and another severely injured.
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Plant Identification

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I see a lot of "what plant is this?" Posts. Let's clear it up with a plant Identification general.

Here's a shrub I encountered on my last /out/ trip, smells amazing and want to see about planting them around the house. Western KY for reference. I'll post more pics.
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what's the crowded trail you've ever hiked?

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