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Ontario thread

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What are my fellow Ontarians up to? Ice fishing or winter hikes?
Toronto fags not welcome.
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How do you North Americans cope with no ancient ruins in the outback?

My favorite spots/destinations to hike, far away from cities, desolate and mysterious.
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Anyone go innawoods all natural without footwear?

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This hippie fuck never wears shoes anywhere. He never wore shoes in the entire dual survivor series. Even in the Arctic he went barefoot because he claimed that he has "Strong mitochondria in his feet" from going barefoot all the time. Is this really possible? Does walking innawoods barefoot make you alpha or a cuck?
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Now they are starting another stupid fad

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I must live in /stupid general/. They make cairns, geo caching, painting rocks, and now doing this shit?!?! Is it a mental illness?? Is it a psychological thing like a dog marks it’s territory?
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Has anyone here done competitive skimo? I'm getting really curious about it and wonder how to get started.
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what would cause such a thing to occur in nature?
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Just spent a day and a half at a very cool campground that most people use for a basecamp.
Hot showers and picnic tables and fire rings.
Good times when you have been going without for a bit.
Anyway, shared a few beer around a communal campfire with a bunch of mostly couples. Some women who was a literal womens studies proff somewhere was holding court about white male privilege I shit you not. All the wives were very interested and there was a lively discussion.
The men were mostly silent and maybe did some nodding.
Later there was bickering coming from many tents.
I really had to chuckle , I wonder how many guys here who brag about their /out/ qts have to bite their tongues more and more these days.

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Slipped and fell on snow/ice in the mountain area I was hiking today

Pretty sure if I brake a hand or leg I may be fucked and I'll freeze to death out there wont I??

How do you stay safe? I literally fell about 6 times flat on my back or on my side..
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What are your go to 3 season clothes?
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I want to take up kitesurfing
I know nothing about it but it seems really fun
>What are some good websites/forums with info
>What equipment do I need
>How long does it take to be able to do it well
I live in a good area with lots of nice beaches so I figured I'd give it a shot
Any advice and tips are appreciated