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be honest /out/, when's the last time you went outdoors?

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>y-you do go outside, don't you anon?
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Not sure if this is the correct board but it's worth a try.

My dad is a big Sailing fan and owns a small sailboat. I want to order a custom flag for Christmas as a gift. I have the design already, but want to know if there's any particular type or material of flag that is appropriate for a boat. Obviously it needs to be pretty weather-proof. I don't know the type of boat but its open-deck, seats four, no cabin, no motor. Has a mainsail and a jib, about 12 feet long.

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Who else runs /out/ just to cope with stress?
What do you do to unwind innawoods?
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I think these are edible Volvopluteus gloiocephalus mushrooms. Am I right or wrong?
Do you know of any good website, messaging app group, web forum or such to ask?
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>live in flat state
>only ever seen big mountains in pictures
>never thought they were that big, probably qbout the size of an average sized building
>"oh, 15,000 feet huh? That's probably only sea level"
>never really seen anything to scale
>looking at 360 image of Mt Rainier on Google Maps earlier
>realize I'm up in the clouds, overlooking dozens of miles of landscape
>look at mountain and see the cameraman is almost to the top
>look closer
>zoom in on some tiny dots surrounding the base of where we are
>it's all fucking people, probably a mile away
>realize I've misjudged the pure size and scope of mountains my entire life

I think I might have given myself megalophobia, but at the same time I'm super interested in visiting one myself. Is Mt Rainier a good place to start?
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I fucking hate these.

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Every trendy fuck has one. I passed someone on a trail with two of them. Fucking two.
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Redpill me on trekking support tights
does the so-called ""taping theory"" tights work as advertised and make your trek LONGER and HARDER or just bs marketing gimmick?
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What is good way to set up a regular tarp in a way so that it is enclosed and low profile?
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How do you pooperino in nature?

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Personally I just lift off a piece of moss and shit on the exposed ground and then put the moss back on top of my cake.

If I'm in the mountain and there is not vegetation or soil I just poop behind a big stone and cover it with some small rocks. In this scenario I often burn the toilet paper to avoid it blowing around in the wind.

What's your way /out/?
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