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Chickens 2019

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I'd like to dedicate this thread to everyone that will be raising chickens in 2019.

First day of spring is right around the corner, and that's usually when the first chicks are bought and raised in a brooder until it's warm enough outside.

Share your experiences. Together we can learn and grow.
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Hot Pocket thread

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Well /out/... Is this the future of camping?

Also post your reference links, let's get some free gear for each other :)

/out/ Movies on Netflix

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What are some good ones? I've seen Into The Wild and Wind River.
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Geocache thread

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How many of you guys geocache when /out/? Post what you've found.
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Ok sc/out/s heres the deal

I have convinced my gf to sign on for camping out on a roadtrip. rather than stopping at hotels we will be setting up tent along the way.

this is a big deal because I am trying to ease her into being more outdoorsy. She likes going on hikes and such just fine, shes not UNoutdoorsy but she is scared to leave trails, sleep outdoors etc. I need to get her really jazzed on the more real aspects of outdoorsmanship, getting away from crowds, exploring, etc. How do I keep it feeling safe, keep it familiar, but gently push her in a direction where I think she can actually have an eye opening experience. Because I don't think it's gunna happen pitching a tent in a national park RV campground.

pic unrealated

Can't take it anymore

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That's about it. Any place like this in the USA where I can just set up a tarp and eat fish. I don't mind working 12* hours a day as long as I can have a place of mine and people won't hastle me. Do I need supplies or gear
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What unique plants/animals do you have in your garden?

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I don’t have anything fancy as far as plants but I raise a mix of cutornix and jumbo white quail. I sell their eggs and meat at the farmers market in my town. What do you raise that’s a bit different?
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/out/ watch thread

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What watch brands make decent quality but still affordable (around $50 or so) watches for /out/ and daily wear?

I'm mostly looking for brand reccomendations, but if you have a specific model or line that you love, go ahead and let us know.

I've always had Timex watches (pic related most recently) and liked them, but want to see what else is out there.

Canteens, Water Bottles, Cookware, Etc

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What do you go out with?

Also, has anyone ever tested the seam on these fucking things for lead?
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Tarp tents

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Anyone ever make tents out of tarps?

Tarp. Paracord. Stick. Stakes. couple of tiny rocks.
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