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Ultralight hate thread
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What's stopping you from fully growing out your manes, are you scared of your inner man ?
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Growing With 9.6PH soil.

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What can I grow with a soil PH of 9.6? Serious answers only.
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Free flowers

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Jensen street Westbrook Maine

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What is the warmest, most comfortable (and also /fa/ to an extent) fleece that I should buy for under $100?
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Any good running backpacks? I'm going to start cross country running in the woods this fall and want to bring a packpack with water/food/and my phone possibly some basic survival tools. I'm not interested in the plastic bag for on demand drinking water, I just want a small backpack that will fit tightly to my body while I run that will fit everything snug so it doesn't rock around.
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I'm hoping to travel across Europe mostly on foot when Spring comes. I don't intend to do EXACTLY the route outlined in the image but it gives a rough sense of what I want to achieve, mainly going from England to central/southern Italy. However, I'm largely new to long distance hiking and to /out/. Am I mental for thinking about this? I'm starting to try and toughen myself up for longer distance hikes overland but is this likely to be too physically wearing?
Assuming I'm not being ludicrous, what sort of kit is best for a trip like this? Rucksack, boots, clothing, things I haven't considered yet, etc.

bls respond
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Attire 101 / retard's guide to everyday outdoors

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Money is relatively tight, but I'm looking for some bits of attire that are going to not look full-LARP, but offer some decent weather- and terrain-functionality.

New to innawoods adventuring, but basically wondering if there are any /out/ staples that I should be looking at.

Thinking something to keep my face warm (cold-ass climate life), ideally lightweight gloves, a good not-autist looking jacket for rain and cold protection, a decent ruck that can multi-purpose in normal life, trousers that hold up to some outdoor use, and boots that don't look full goose-step autist.

Total shitcunt, so will be happy on any reccs - especially on shit I've missed out on because i know nothing. Thanks, faggots.

looking for a knew knife

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Looking for a light weight chopper, under 8 oz, something that could chop off repetitively thick tree branches with ease. My mora broke on me after whacking on it for a year. ive been looking at the Terävä Jääkäripuukko 140 but i'm unsure of its chopping capability
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I'm having some trouble with this fire pit.

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I have been trying to make a Dakota fire hole for a while now but it keeps burning out, maybe i'm just retarded but I think i'm doing all the instructions correctly. It is the one fire pit I can't seem to get right.
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