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Beginner hunter

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Good evening /out/,

I am a beginner hunter. I grew up in the south but I was never taught how to garden, fish, hunt, or clean animals. I was educated on guns and I went fishing with my dad but that was about it. Never learned how to tie knots or filet a fish and I never learned how to find and shoot any animals or how to process them.

Basically I want to learn. I have watched a few videos on the matter so I have seen plenty of what it looks like and I have a few books on how to do all of these things that I have read. I fooled around in the woods as most kids did. Killed and beheaded a few snakes but I never killed squirrels. I don't think I ever killed mammals. A few years ago my wife's grandfather took me gulf fishing for red snapper and we caught some and he showed me how to filet it and we ate it that evening for dinner. Easy enough. Currently I am living in a house where I have 5 acres of woods I can haunt. At some point I want to hunt deer, bear, elk. I figure I should start small and learn the basics. That brings me to rabbits. I want to hunt for food. It will teach me self reliance and I can provide my own meat rather than having to purchase it. The reason I am posting here is that I don't have a guide or a mentor to do this with. Of course I will find a friend to teach me when I want to go shoot a bear or a deer but I figure that I can begin learning by hunting/trapping rabbits on my own. So I am just kind of afraid of bitching out when the time comes. I watched a video on youtube of a guy showing how to quickly break a rabbits neck after you've snared it. Sometimes I can be pretty squeamish when it comes to irl gore. I've passed out at the doctor several times before. How do I overcome my anxiety regarding this? Do I just man up and do it? Does it just come with practice? How do I make sure I don't faint after I kill a rabbit out in my forest? Thanks for reading my blog.
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Good one person tent.

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Yo first time camping and need to know a decent cheap tent for a single person. Any of you pros got recommendations?
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Walking through the woods when suddenly
>Tresspassin' on my property? Well I reckon it's open season on criminal thugs! *BANG BANG BANG*
How do my ameribros deal with retarded property owners and their deficient sense of proportionality? The fact that my estate can sue their pants off isn't much comfort.
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Have you ever encountered guerilla growers or weed fields when /out/? What did you do?
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Let's say a good friend of mine with not much to his name and practically zero outdoors experience wants to escape civilization. How would he start?
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The Difference?

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Hey /out I'm having a hard time actually finding out what the difference between a Gorka 3 and a Gorka 4 is. Would any of you know? I was wanting to pick a suit up for my long term hiking and backpacking trips but couldn't actually find what the difference is.
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Summer Hate Thread

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Another 100 degree day today. WHEN IS IT FUCKING OVER
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so that's why they banned the lyme disease vaccine...
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Kabar Supremacy Thread?
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deer hunting

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Is there a field test for chronic wasting disease? Can one become infected by eating the meat, or just the brain? What about the blood?