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How does /out/ feel about outdoor vitals? It's a direct to consumer business model so everything is like half (if not more) than retail. I'm considering buying their 0°F down sleeping bag, anyone have experience with their products?

>Inb4 stop being a poorfag and drop $500 on a western mountaineering bag
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Making money from my land

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I own a bit under 50 acres of pinyon/juniper forest on the side of a mountain in NM. It's right off the highway and has an uncomfortable little cabin with running water and electric. A friend told me I could make some money selling hunting access or partnering with the state or something. I'm not looking to make bank or anything but it would be cool to offset the cost of improving that cabin. I feel like 50 acres is pretty small for hunting and there are neighbors across the highway but I have seen lots of elk over the years. Is this a sane idea? How do I get started?
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Inflatable options

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Ive been looking at a few inflatable options the last couple of weeks (I know its not the ideal type of boat) , as I dont have the space for a rigid kayak. Ive come across the Zray Pathfinder C-II 350, but cannot find anything about it other than the amazon description, does anybody know anything about it?

Im looking for something that can be two person and used solo at the same time. I know the Intex explorer and challenger are both reasonable budget options that will serve its job. Does anybody have experience doing weekend trips with them?

Thank you!
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Hey /out/
I'm a NEET who's never held a job in his life, and I intend to keep it that way until I die. Are there any real easy ways to live off the grid? I mean like ones where the chances of dying are lower and where maybe I can still watch anime and not have to work too hard for survival.
I don't care about the environment as long as it's not hot. Cold is fine.
I've considered doing like the HMS Bounty Mutineers did and just sailing to an uninhabited Pacific Island and living there but I think that's a bad idea.
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Hats general

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Hat thread: spring edition. Post the last hat you wore /out/

Pic related is what I wore when the sun came out and I was too lazy to get sunscreen. Feel free to roast my basic-ass cotton bullshit.
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Midge bites

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Anyone one from /Out/ know how to treat 500'ish midge bites? Also is this what he'll feels like?
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Anyone here do any bicycle touring and camping? Whats your gear pro tips?

Im planning on touring west of ireland on a 3 speed dutch style bike with panniers and stealth camping.
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What does /out/ think of Ted?
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Camped in the forest near by, and found one of these fuckers near my elbow. Tried to remove it by the head with tweezers, and accidently crushed the body. Finally got it out on the second attempt. Initially I was panicking about Lyme's, but turns out only a small percentage carry it. I didn't know DEET sprays were effective against ticks. How many times have you other anons encountered ticks? How do you deal with them?
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/out/ field recording general: new thread edition

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Old thread reached bump limit and 404'd, so I figured I'd start a new one of these. Share your new and old recordings, tips and tricks, gear and equipment recommendations, etc.
Just went out in the field with my new Tascam DR-100MkIII. Was rather impressed with the preamps and quality of the recordings but I still have to get the hang of the proper input levels.

Here's a recording taken today at a new spot I visited, along with the desert spring in pic related. The recording has been unedited aside from cutting off the head and tail of the recording and boosting the loudness to TR-B32 standards. I had the input levels set at "18.0" while recording, as well as the built-in low-cut filter set to 220Hz. Huge improvement over the DR-05, probably even more so when I get better at using the device to its full potential. Let me know what you think, thanks! The band-tailed pigeons periodically hooting in the background are my favorite part. Thankfully the recorder did not pick up much of the thousands of flies/mosquitos/annoying flying insects swarming my exposed skin and face. They weren't bad in the meadow areas but were hellish in the shade of the forest canopy.
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