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What kind of fish does this catch?
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Do "natural forests" still exist in NA and Europe, unaffected by men?

I'm thinking of a forest like Mirkwood, especially the eastern end.

I just want a creepy, gritty forest man.
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Antique axes

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Hey guys. Looking to pick up a couple antique axe heads after work that i plan to use. Any brands to look for/avoid? Im in the southern United States. Pfa

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Is it worth being a bike snob or should I just get a bike at a thrift store that I can ride? I want to start biking on trails and in the park. Good outdoorsmen are super expensive and out of my price range though. Please give me recs and advice for a beginner. I’m not familiar with any brands.
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Any watch/smartwatch recommended for /out/?
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I'm looking for MREs for a Youtube video I've had in mind. I live in Canada and these are the only ones I could find. Do you recommend these or do you have any other recommendations?
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How am I supposed to pack a banjo on any decent hike/camping/kayaking trip? It's already nearly as light and portable as a musical instrument can be but even caseless (which would make it very vulnerable) it's still awkward. Some people say not to bother bringing a gun because of the extra weight and mass but god damn it's a lot easier to walk around fully packed with a .30-30 than a fucking instrument
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Why do we tolerate these invasives, /out/?
They don’t even taste anywhere near as good as native game birds.
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