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most /out/ thing you've ever done

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NOT the most outdoorsy thing you've ever done. i want to see maximum /out/ism
>batonny chop chop
>gear that's never been outside more than the walk from the car to the front door
>bushcrafting in your own backyard
>threatening dogs with mace
>shitting in geocaches
>whatever else ya got
here's mine: i finally made a penny stove last week and boiled some water on it inside my bbq on my back deck.
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Primitive skills

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How can I live like a caveman in the woods?
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Axe thread

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What is the best length for an all around axe? Is it hatchet sized or small axe? I’m trying to decide on a new gransfros bruk axe, I already have the wildlife hatchet which goes everywhere with me /out/ in the last 2 months when I got it.
What do you guys recommend and what do you have, pics of your axe appreciated.
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Has /out/ every been innabush?
Any bushy stories, tips or laughs would be great
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thrift store scores

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$35. brand new.
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Stories about summercamps?
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anyone have any clues where this image was taken?

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i cant pin point it
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Lake Como maps

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i’ll be staying around lake Como next month. Are there any good hiking maps for me to take a look at ?

Or, can anyone who’s been there post a photo of a good map.

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Northern Michigan /out/

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So I'm moving from beautiful Texas to fucking freezing, 8 months of snow, state taxes oh boy Michigan. I'll be in the UP just south of Marquette.

Any Yoopers out there? What do I need to know about your frozen hellscape that I can't get from googling?
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Rate my garden

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First year garden in 2017 had a small potato harvest. Very successful lettuce but it tasted like hand sanitizer. Large near baseball sized tomatos. And some other shit i forgot. Mostly here to give /out some new content
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