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Is there a New World Order /innawoods/ infographic? Feels like somebody should've already made something like this.

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Red pill me on food forrest or permaculture. I know someone wanting to do it and idk about it.

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post /out/ comfy stuff
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/out/ Patch thread

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A thread for patches.
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Unusual camping spots

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What's the strangest place you've been camping? Anywhere odd you'd like to camp?
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Tapping birch trees

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Are you doing it, anon? Sap tastes good.
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Fuck it. I'm biking the Tour Divide this summer. Any tips for a bikepacking trip? Think this will take 20-30 days.
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Rate my cairn.
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What do i use to cook with generally when it comes to camping equipment? I have only ever done weekendhikes with some stuff i premade at home but never have i cooked out in the woods.
I assume i'd need some kind of steel waterflask to boil water with and some kind of small foldable frying pan to cook and eat out of, preferably one that fits INTO the waterflask somehow for easier packing.
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ok /out/ i want to buy a mountain bike
google is nothing but shills for four figure bikes telling me that "entry level" bikes start at 500

what i need is more like a guide for what to look for in used bikes or parts to put my own together for $200-300 max

even the new hardtail FRAMES i'm looking at start at like $200
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