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Homemade /out/ weapons

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Monkey's fist #2. Thinking about making a flail. Its core is another of the big bearings from the pic on the left. Gonna tie those other bearings in so there's a chain of knots then fasten the remaining paracord to the end of a stick. Should be a good pest killer when its done.
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Hi /out/, I’m a fairly new father, and obviously I want to feed my daughter what is best for her. I don’t trust store bought food and try to avoid it as much as possible. I recently read a study that said game in the EU was so contaminated by lead shot it exceeded safe levels as determined by the EU. I can only imagine the situation is worse here in America. Is it unsafe for me to feed my daughter wild game?
Mass produced food is unsafe, wild game is unsafe. I can’t help but feeling a dread in my stomach for what I’m going to do to take care of her. What do you guys think?

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Redpill me on national forests /out/
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what was the last thing you bought?

>picture releated
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What's the most north you've ever been?
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AZ /out/

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So I don’t know what changed in me but I really need to get away and be /out/. I don’t know where to start with this hot ass weather though.

Any tips for hot /out/ings? Pretty new to outdoors but I like bouldering.
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Sleeping bags/systems

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Let's talk shleepin'.

Is there any system more ideal than the Modular Sleep System? In terms of cost to quality, versatility, and packability. Is it the only sleeping bag you'll ever need, barring some extreme circumstances? Most importantly of all, is it comfy?
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>Decide to go on a 7-mile walk
>Peaceful, tranquil woods
>Suddenly hear something behind me
>Turn calmly around, wondering what it is
>Trail runner coming at me full speed
>He's already within 6 feet of me
>Shouts "MAKE WAY" like he's the fucking Queen's Guard
>Hop off the narrow trail
>Step in shit
>Hike interrupted by 3 other trail runners the same day, all appearing out of the brush with not a sound despite being at lightning speed

Why are trail runners so fucking quiet? If they can't be bothered to make themselves known, they should be forced to wear bells so people can hear them coming.

Or they should just be shot on sight.
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What kind of bird is this?
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Why is nature so damn scary? Ignorance sure is bliss. Remember when you were a child and a trail walk in a park was an adventure instead of a constant fight to maintain your barriers from all the crawlies that can seriously fuck you up?
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