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I'm trying to learn all the plants in my area including invasive species but the grasses and grasslikes are kicking my ass.
Is there a book or website that goes over the key differences between grass tribes?
I live in Utah by the way.
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Asia Gear Kino?

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Are there a better brands? Is Asia Gear a meme?I lived in Japan via military for four years where I got to use a good amount of montbell products and totally fell for them.

That being said, now that I'm back in the US, I'm rebuilding my gear stock, even sniping them on Ebay is pretty rich. Is montbell/asia gear priced up for weeb memes or is it actually good?

Futile claim to starve off the Muh American-made /pol/sters, I have and go for USbased products as well, please don't shit this bed.
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Anyone ever find and use someone elses fire circle while off trail?
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Using Retort Pouches to Store Food

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Do you anons have any experience with this?

I would love to be able to make my own meals at home and take them with me on camping or hiking trips.

My only issue right now is finding the time and pressure for different foods. There isn't much information.
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Budget Amazon Gear Challenge

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$250 budget
Essential items include
>fire starter
>first aid
>Reflective blanket
>Sleeping bag
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Anyone here work in Landscape Architecture?

What's your role and what's it like?
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/out/ approved podcasts

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Do any of you listen to any podcasts? Either outdoor related or just want you listen to during the boring parts of your activity
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How good are these for extended trips?

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My favorite camping is dispersed beach camping.
Unfortunately its pretty hard to find so please share any locations you know about as well as any beach camping tips.

This winter I plan on camping a bit in Texas then on to Sinaloa then take the ferry to Baja Sur.
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>told to get >>>/out/ again
how do you lads deal with it?