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Was he as stupid as the movie made him out to be?
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Iam new in the /out/doors.
Marshmellows... !
Bring it on boy Come on!

What would be the best experience for the first time? What can I expect when I hit the woods? btw Iam an ASD.
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Any ideas?
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Is Paramotoring a good /out/ related activity? I've been looking into it and think flying to a remote campsite with it would be fun.
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Guys, I got poison oak on my dick and balls. What should I do?
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Where would someone start on eventually trying to own or start some type of permaculture or self-reliant farm?

Are there any tasks that prior to starting the farm would be useful to do or learn how to do?
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Hello /out/
I was out fishing today and caught this weird ass thing , did I just find a new fish/thing?
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Hey /out/ what kayak should I get?
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Hi /out/ found this potential truffle <--- while walking Doggo.
>Is it a truffle?
>If so what variety?
I live of Alicante, Spain.
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