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Be careful going outside, or some evil whore may steal your virginity.
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Prepping- Help a Beginner

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Can we talk about prepping here? The world is only getting gayer with the whole "COVID passport", and "labeling everyone the NWO doesn't like a domestic terrorist" things, so I want to start moving more 'off the grid' slowly but surely. I really have no idea where to begin though. A little on me:

>I live in the rural northeast US, so I wouldn't have to go far for land if it ever came to that
>I have a fairly good paying office job
>I just graduated uni, so not all that much money yet
>I currently live in an apartment
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Alright missing 411 skeptics. Tell me how a hunter who's crazy enough and skilled enough to hunt Tigers in Russia gets taken out in Canada.
Bart Schleyer hires a guide plane into the Yukon to hunt moose. Pilot returns but Bart is a no show. Pilot nopes out.
Mounties called in and find nothing. Freinds are concerned and fly their own asses in. Find his camp intact. Food and all. Later find boat. Find a dry bag with Bart's gear, bow, and quiver set up in a spot obviously meant to call in a moose. Later find bloody hat. Call in mounties again. They find some bone fragments. Pants intact with no blood. No other clothes. His food still left. No evidence of struggle.
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Favorite /out/ YouTube Channels?

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I’ve been watching Femboy Fishing lately. How about you?
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Join me on my walk, /out/

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It's summer here in spicland and I'm gonna walk across the countryside around my property and sharing some pictures.
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anyone here own a telescope or stargaze on the regular? I was thinking about getting into it but don't know where to start
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I made an oopsie today
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How much are you willing to spend per gram saved

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Is it worth paying 10x for a ultralight tarp to save 200gram when you can buy cheap gook shit on amazon instead?
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how do i get into slinging? does anyone here use shepherd's slings? they seem like a great way to pass the time
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US Forest Service seasonal summer job

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I'm interested in getting a seasonal summer job with the Forest Service. I'd pretty much take anything they have available. I live in Colorado and have never been employed by the Forest Service before.

Does anyone have any experience with getting a seasonal summer job with them? Any advice anyone wants to share?
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