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Why is the sound of rain so pleasing to the human ear?
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Are most americans scared of climbing trees like the man in the video?
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how do I keep my dog warm when taking him backpacking?
Do they make dog down bags?
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words to live by fellas

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Sooner ya'll learn this, the sooner ya'll quit yer bitchin' and start enjoyin' innawoods
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Has /out/ every been innabush?
Any bushy stories, tips or laughs would be great
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i'm confused on definitions. what's the difference between tinder and kindling?

is it that tinder burns easy but fast and kindling burns slow but not easily (needing the tinder flame).

but then if you have a lighter or match or other constant source of flame, can't you just bypass the tinder part?
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Weird squirrel

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My family was sitting in the living room when out of nowhere this fucked up looking squirrel walked right by the window (which was odd as squirrels in our area never get that close)

This little dude was missing fur, had callused mottled up dark grey skin, and was walking like he had no idea where we was going.

Anyone know what was wrong with him? Pic related
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>want to cook something nice while camping
>go to youtube to get ideas
>click on video that looks interesting
>video starts with them walking slowly through the woods towards/past the camera
>builds a fire for the next 10 minutes
>watch them boil spaghetti and add sauce
>click on next video
>starts with them walking slowly through the woods towards/past the camera...

Why does every video start off this way? I've seen every chucklefuck on youtube build a fire I don't need to see it every time
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shit that will fuck you up

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Camping my way back to Ontario from Idaho, gonna be sleeping/hiking around in Dinosaur NM, somewhere around Denver, and the Black Hills/Badlands. How prevalent are predators this time of year, and is it a good idea to bring a gun? Also, with regards to bears, what should I do for food storage? I've done a lot of /out/ shit in Ontario, so I'm pretty familiar with hanging stuff, but there don't seem to be a ton of trees in Dinosaur and the Black Hills. What do yall western /out/ists do to store your food?
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Looking to get a new bicycle since it's getting nice out. However, I'm a big guy and want to use this as a way to shape up. I'm not sure if this would belong in /fit/, if so just tell me and I'll kindly fuck off.. I'm 5'10, 210lbs. What size frame and wheels would I need for someone my size? I'm not looking to bike to work yet or anything but something nice to get outside and enjoy nature for a few miles. What bicycles should I start looking at for someone of my size?
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