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Does somebody know what kind of shroom this is? It is growing in my Container
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which state has the most disgusting beach?
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name a better /out/doors breakfast food

protip: you can't
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Campsite hauling/pack carts

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Hey guys, /k/ommando here, in need of help.

My friends and I recently acquired a tubular greenhouse frame that we intended to turn into a yurt. It's roughly 6ft long (if split) and 7.5ft tall.
The frame and tarps would make a badass large tent, but hauling it is a BITCH if you're dressed in full autist rattle.

We decided a stretcher or wagon would be kick ass to use, but I figured I'd ask around. The frame weighs roughly 15 pounds if including the second second, plus another 8 pounds of tarps. And we may pack a ground cloth and cots, if we're gonna be fancy.
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Best /out/ Phone

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We're gonna settle this for good and for all..

>Categories that matter.
>Battery Life, How many days on standby
>Can Take a Beating
>Cost ie; Don't care if it takes a Beating
>Is the Fucker Ultralight?
>FM Radio, fucking rights

>Categories that don't Matter.
>Almost anything /g/ would give a fuck about
>gps, you can read a map right Anon?

Want to ditch my iphone. I'm looking for something under $100, 3g (first worlder here), light, battery lasts forever, has a light, maybe plays mp3's? Rather have a radio, can text. I think that's about it. /out/ is a huge consideration. Anybody else ditching the screenphones?
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THIS IS INSANE. Also conveniently a bomb threat at the pedo inn they use to black mail elites in New Orleans on the same night .....? Stay inside tomorrow

Solo camping

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Did you get nervous or uneasy when you first started solo camping? How did you deal with it?

I’ve camped a good deal with others, but I’m trying to go on more solo trips. Most of the solo camping I’ve done has been at campgrounds, so I’m a little uneasy going on overnight trips alone in remote areas. I have a gun, which makes me feel a little better, but not much. Tips?
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Search and Rescue

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Any good stories or cool pics?

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Are Barebones products any good? Specifically their knives/axes and cookware.
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