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What efforts are you making to be more self-sufficient?
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Going to Alaska, y'all want anything?

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I'm going to Alaska this coming week, will mostly be staying around Wrangell-St. Elias and the Talkeetnas. I will not be heading up towards Denali or Fairbanks at all. Anyone have any recommendations for cool stuff to do or see when we're not backpacking?
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Going /out around Berlin

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Any eurofags here? Just have been lurking here and want to start going /out after some years now that my son is 9yrs old. I know this is not the best place for camping but do you know some good spots for a weekend in da wild for starters around Berlin?

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Is white water rafting fun or is it a meme like Zipline.

Plan to go to hudson River Gorge Rafting and it's 6 hours.
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Are cooking sets a meme?

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Considering getting pic related? Weighs less than 12oz and comes with a cooking pan, bowl, cup and strainer lid.

What cookware do you guys use when /out/?

Is titanium a meme?
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Question about Ham radios and other radios.

I've got a pretty nice Tacoma rig and I've heard of a lot of offroaders or "overland" types using Ham radios. My understanding is that Ham requires licenses, for all the types.

So my question would be, what is stopping someone from using a Ham radio on a private frequency (if that even makes sense), and just using it to communication among friends on the trail.

Another point is for use during emergencies. I was lead to believe that it's okay for an unlicensed person to broadcast for help on Ham.

I'm not interested in buying a Ham myself because I'm paranoid, but I just have to ask.
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New To Camping

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New to camping, so any recommendations for a 2-person tent or should I use a tarp as a tent?
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post some skulls of wild animals

/out/ spook thread

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What's the scariest thing that's happened to you innawoods?

Summer of 2015 I had a guy follow me and my friends while backpacking through the Sawtooth Mountains in northern Minnesota.
It was raining for about three or four days straight and my friends were getting really pissy about the weather but really pushed ourselves through the terrain once we noticed that sometimes on the trails we kept seeing the same guy behind us, but he would never pass us or make a camp in the same campsite. It must've been five days of seeing the guy about 100 yards behind us without him passing, and then he stopped appearing after a group of a dozen or so college girls passed us in the other direction. It was kinda weird. The youngest of our group kept saying somebody was in our campsite in the middle of the night but nobody wanted to go see.
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