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Going out doesn't make me happy. It's just easier to be sad in nature.

Anyone else know this feel?
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does /out/ keep a note book?
what are some usefull notes to take?
do you log your days? diary?

what are some useful instructions/reminders/notes etc. to keep on like the first few pages? like pace calculation formulas or trap instructions, things like that?
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what did you pick up today at your local REI garage sale :^)

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im planning on leaving the cancer fully in about 5-7 years what skills should i acquire first

> father was a carpenter & i looked down on his job because it wasnt classic enough & i didnt even learn how to cut a piece of wood FUCKING IDIOT
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Anyone else on the AT wanna share a meal tonight?
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Can anyone identify this bug? It’s more grayish color irl and im from Florida if that helps
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Australian /out/ Thread!

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Oi! In ya get! A thread for Australians to discuss the outdoors!

Meet new friends, post your projects or about your upcoming and recent /out/ings, share tips and resources with an Australian focus.
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I live in North Bama,near the TN river but I have never been hunting, fishing or camping. I spend maybe an hour outside yearly. Whats the appeal? Pic related, its my front porch