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Is this an acceptable and safe way of helping up a second/following climber that has fallen and I’m at the top belay? If I’m not mistaken, it creates a 2:1 leverage that I can also use my legs (while braking on my atc) to be able to really lift.

Phoenix Hikers

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>Be Arizonan
Anyone from the Phoenix AZ area know of any good places to hike beside the preserves or camelback?

Best Animals out there?

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Squirrels, prove me wrong.
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where can i get psilycibin mushrooms

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Backpack thread. What is the best pack size for weekend backpacking? What is your go to pack size? What pack size is your favorite? Do you have multiple packs or just one general use pack? What pack do you have?
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Bored and furloughed USFS employee here

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Ask me anything.
Please note I won't dox myself.
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First time making a bow

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So I've lurked primitive forums for a pretty long time now, but I've never really done anything until the past year. Since I want to learn for myself, so I might develop the skills to live innawoods, I'm asking the anons of /out/ for advice.
>Goal: gullwing recurve using maple
I just cut the damn thing yesterday. Thicc af and taller than me (about 2 palms' thickness, 6'2 or so log), already sawed the top crotch and the cutting point off. I'll post pics later on my other computer (quick posting rn).
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12 Weeks of Vacation a Year

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>You now have 1 week per month to take mandatory vacation time outside of home, work, or education. Unused vacation weeks/days do not stack to the next month.
>You get $175 per septem or similar value currency, per immediate family member, which is issued via a special debit card and account.
>You may use your per septem on Day 1 of the vacation week, but at no other time and unspent currency does not stack to the next month.

Where do you take they family and what do you do?
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Will this do?

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Looking for a bag.
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Staying Warm

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I have a Kero/Diesel heater (pic related). I use it mainly for heating my shop. I want to use my waste oil i have collected over the years, figured i could use it some point down the line.
I know i cant just dump waste oil in the tank and have it work, the oil would be WAY too thick so i would need a pre-heater. I just dont know how to go about doing that. I also dont know how much co or co2 that will produce burning the waste oil.
Has anyone done this successfully for a shop? I currently run on non-taxed diesel and get no co or co2 emissions with the window cracked.
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