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What /out/ activities are you trying to learn and why?

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And how are you learning it?


Basc cos just seems like the ultimate challenge/adventure
Doing army courses in it when poss

And bushcraft

Wanted like Ray Mears as a kid; cool skills to have; wanna be able to be comfy af innawoods
Just trying out skills myself from instructions in books/internet

What about you, anons?
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NEET wanting to live innawoods

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Hello /out/ I'm a NEET living in Florida, I would like to move to another state that isn't very hot a humid and live innawoods, maybe have a small cabin by a lake or something. I currently have 45k USD in savgings after selling my stocks that I owned, and I have no debt. What are some essential things I should buy? What state would you recommend to live in? I would also like to grow my own food mostly, but I would buy a big stock pille of MREs for safety. I am tired of living with my mother in a big neighborhood in awful weather.
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>budget cuts


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going /out/ in the woods at night

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been hiking at night in the local woods( probably about 3miles through bush)

anybody have advice for longer walks and stories about the woods at night so far its been enjoyable for me
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Budget Packs

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I found these Hisea backpacks for $25.

What are the chances it will be a total piece of shit and fall apart? And is it possible to reinforce the stitching by hand and turn it into a quality pack?
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Joshua Tree Hidden Treasures

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Heading out to Joshua Tree this November for a three day weekend solo trip. Anyone who's well versed with the area know any hidden treasures away from the crowds that aren't found on everyone else's "Top 10 Things to do" list of Joshua tree. Difficulty isn't a problem. Rocking climbing gear isn't an option. Thanks
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Hey Spain can you annex us already? Who /no /out/ because the country is burning to the ground again/ here?
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There's literally nothing wrong with wool and other natural fibers like waxed canvas.

You guys realize that people back in the day went /out/ way more than we do today, right? And going way, way back (1800s, early 1900s), there weren't even trails in many of the areas you went hiking or hunting yet. And yet they didn't all freeze to death and die from using wool and canvas.

I know you guys are desperate to justify spending $1200 on a plastic coat, and there's nothing wrong with it, but stop shitting on people that still wear wool. I've been hunting in the Rockies longer than most of you faggots have probably been alive and I haven't died yet from wearing leather boots, wool pants, and flannel shirts.
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