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Hat Thread

Do you guys customize your boonies or hats? If so with what?
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Patch Thread

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Hi all, last thread is archived so here is a new one.

Outdoor Activities Club patch is RESTOCKED!

Previous thread: >>1224424
Patch Pastebin (look for Badgerhound):
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Has any of you ever fugged a local on your while hiking? Share stories
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I'm getting some chicken soon, if y'all got any tips please give them. What extra items should I get them so they can be happy?
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Anyone here that literally goes on the boards outside?
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How big

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My mom and dad (in their mid 60's) have decided to hike the French Alps in August; and have voluntold me I'm coming with them.

>~10 mi. hikes a day through mountainous trails, for 10 days.
>staying in hostels along the trail, with showers, food, beds, washing machines, etc.
>be 26 y. old male; not super fit but not fatass either. Can manage 8 min. miles, do HIIT daily, lift. No major hiking experience.
>only need to carry ~2 changes of clothes, personal water supply, rain protection
>might have to carry some/all of mom's load because her knees are still busted from patellar bursitis

My dad bought these large 55-60 L frame packs from REI and hiking poles. I think way too big for what amounts to tiny successive dayhikes. Am I wrong? Also, I have no idea whether this calls for trail runners or boots. Thanks for the help in advance.
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There’s these weird ass brown mushrooms in my pepper farm
What the fuck are they and are they harmful to my plants?
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I drew a cow elk tag that lasts from Aug 1 to March 31, do you think there is a period in that time when an elk's meat would taste better than other parts of that particular season?
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Nomadic Farming.

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Hey guys, I'm just wondering how one would go about farming whilst on the move.
I have a car, and can access a trailer, any guides to set up an easy to move farm? Something that can be put in a trailer and transported easily.
Or are there any plants that grow quickly if one were to stay in one spot for a few weeks, then move.
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