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Winter Activities

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I live in a rustbelt town that gets brutally fucked by lake effect snow and short days during the winter. I take vitamin D to cope but some sunlight wouldn't hurt, shit gets outright depressing here sometimes. Anyone else have any recommendations for winter activities?

So far I narrowed down the choices to

Expensive to get in to, and my nearest slope is a half an hour drive, but could be fun.
Like hiking, which I do a lot of already.
>Ice Skating
Very few places to do this outdoors, as the ice never gets thick enough to support a persons weight. Mostly rinks around here so it kind of defeats the point.

Anyone else have some recommendations? I am open to all the weird and esoteric shit that is dredged up on image boards.
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Hey gang. I’m back. Been rough. For everyone who doesn’t remember. Back in July I died.
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Planning to winter camp for a few days in Norway. What are some things to remember/essential gear/tips anons?
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If I theoretically needed to go off the trail in the Utah desert and had no prior experience with desert hiking, what advice would you give me?

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Dressing in layers, how does it work? Is it like this?
>underlayer technical fiber sports t-shirt and such
>middlelayer a shirt or wool
>outerlayer something that protects from wind
did i get the idea right?
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Fancy axe

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Is pic related a functional, useful tool? Or is it just a retarded tacticool larp? It's out the ass, like $200 out the ass. Are there any better options?
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QUICK! You have 30 seconds to post the COMFIEST cabin you've ever been in.

Comfy-ass camps also work
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Why do women complain a lot when camping/doing any outdoor activity?

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Should we have this in the United States?
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Backpacking with the Seventy2 shell

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Has anyone tried using this bag for back packing it looks modular/minimal enough to actually hand enough gear the bag is 48 liters but has two points for attachments
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