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Is metal detecting a boomer hobby or can I get into it? I want to find gold nuggets in the desert
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Lets get an /out/ approved car thread going? What do you guys drive. Show us your kitted out 4wds, vans, electrics if you got the tesla truck yet and etc.
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>Come back from club meeting
>Talk about muskrats causing tunneling issues that could cause an issue with the dam and game commission said to shoot them if you see them
>Mother starts drunkingly threatening about going down there for saying to kill animals while she eats McDonald's and hamburger helper
Jesus Christ bros
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How desperate would you have to be to Serve Man? And is there any nutritional/pathogenic/philosophical downside to human flesh?
I've been reading up about instances when people resorted to cannibalism and it doesn't sound that bad, I would likely do it in event of a societal collapse. Just to get a taste, if anything else.
Please let me know if this is the wrong board for this, I couldn't think of anywhere else to discuss the survival aspects of it but maybe >>>/ck/ may be better suited.

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>temporarily in the USA
>fat south american roommate
>he wants to go hiking
>picks a tough trail, huge incline, for experienced hikers only
>continuously blasts loud music constantly
>smoked weed constantly
>didnt bring any water besides half a bottle(asked him twice)
>didnt bring any snacks
>almost has a heart attack
>made it out alive somehow

retarded hiking buddy thread?

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I need a new hobby

What does /out/ think of trail running?

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I just got 2 warnings for saying things that were vaguely right wing, eg calling some a libtard. Not kidding, apparently those words can earn you a ban now. The warning was for 'ironic shitposting'. Is this the state of ''''''4channel''''''? Are lefties getting warnings for derailing threads with their gay shit too? Do the lunatics run the aslyum now?

I would assume that about 90% of us here are some form of 'right wing' or at least opposed to the current political agenda which serves to destroy our wilderness, our rights and our respective cultures. Where are we gonna go when this site dies?
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Alright /out/ it's 2020. Time for the discussion.
What is the verdict on this state?
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Comfy reading thread

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What are your favorite innawoods books frens?
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FUCK YOU /out/!
You won fair and square. You made a comeback. Good job. You better go all the way.
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