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Global Warming

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11x isn't small, we can stop global warming very easily simply by clear cutting the Amazon rainforest on rotation and replanting it, the more often the better!
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What the fuck, I was told black flies are only a problem in early summer. I'm camping in Acadia and my campsite was swarmed by them. It was weird, they're not like mosquitos, the swarm out of no where then leave as quickly as they come. This is the first night I had seen any, it must have been the rain combined with the warmer temperature. (It was about 70 yesterday)

Prehistoric Hunts

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ITT we discuss past big game we wish we could put a sight on.
>also what would you bring to take on the largest rhino in png
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I was up on Rainier today bumblin around with my camera.
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What are these bugs on my mint plant and how do I get rid of them?!?
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I need a hobby to take me more outside than I am now. I already fish occasionally and exercise (in a gym), so I don't want it to be just another exercise. What do you do?
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Potatoes actually growing

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All of friends told me it wouldn't work. I believed it myself since I had used haved potatoes from my kitchen and backyard dirt. But after 4 days of watering dirt there are signs of life!

I know this isn't a guaranteed success, but it really tingles my autism
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is the space /out/ ?
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Anyone else watching this guy?
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Sea urchin spines

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I walked on a fucking urchin like a month ago and got six spines stuck in my foot. The three smallest fucked off quite fast but the others turned into dark spots one or two mm wide. When I press on the floor with my foot it kinda tickles and it's just almost painful.

Wat do?
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