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Hey /outties im going camping 10 days at the Rainbow Gathering in Oregon, anyone else going? any gear suggestions for extended stay?
if you havent heard of the gathering its like burning man but poor - everything is barter or free, no dollar bills and alcohol is discouraged.

my plan currently is :
> hammock about 12 feet up tree
> med kit
>knife, trench shovel
>dried food and oats
>lots of socks
>15 grams of dank nugs
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need this! where can i buy it?
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Catfish Species Help

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So I caught this guy the other day. First Catfish of the summer for me. He's pretty decent size.

But I don't know what species this is. I know he's either a blue or a channel. But I didn't bother to check the anal fin when I caught him. And I can't see it very well in pic related. Anyone know what he might be?

Also, he had this strange cotton type substance on his skin. It looked like his flesh turned to cotton in some places. (On his head and a little on his tail), does anyone know what was wrong with him? Fungus? Idk. halp /out/
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farming vs hunter-gatherer

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was farming an improvement to humanity or a hindrance?

it seems to have just made us overpopulated
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Camp Kesem

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Hey everyone!

Feel free to ignore if it's annoying: but I'm a counselor for a summer camp called Camp Kesem. It's an amazing week of fun and empowerment for kids whose parents have been diagnosed with cancer. Having gone through a tough time at such a young age, this camp gives them a chance for adventure, expression, and hope. We send them for free, funded by donations from people like you. Although the more the merrier, if you'd be willing to donate any amount, $5 or even $2, it would be super amazing of you! If interested in send a kid to camp, you can donate at
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Fishing & or Tackle

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#167-"Lone Star" Edition

Previous Thread:

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin
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What's up this weekend /out/? I'm going to check out this spot and maybe go camping.
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Appalachian Trail general

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General thread for hiking the AT.

Heard on a podcast that it costs about $5k USD, does this number sound right to you?
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Mountain General

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I want to start climbing mountains, staring with simple trails on relatively small mountains and working my way up.
My first destination is Whistlers Mountain in Jasper, Canada, about four hours away.

Are there any things that a first timer should know? I've got good physical stamina and I hike regularly, but I've never tacked something with so much verticality.

As well, I've got a friend who wants to come with me, but hes in poor physical health and I'm not sure if he could do it. Would it be a bad decision to bring him with me?
Is scaling a mountain alone a bad idea?

Anyway, /mountain climbing general/

How many mountaineers are on this board?
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How are there SO man mosquitoes?

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I mean, I get that 1 bite can probably feed 10 new mosquitoes, but what else do they eat besides people?

It doesn't seem to matter how remote you go, there are thousands of them all over you in a matter of moments, which means there must be 100 000 of them in just a couple hectares.

They don't even see or think, just get drawn towards your CO2 breath or body temperature.
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