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I'm having some trouble with this fire pit.

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I have been trying to make a Dakota fire hole for a while now but it keeps burning out, maybe i'm just retarded but I think i'm doing all the instructions correctly. It is the one fire pit I can't seem to get right.
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i'm looking for a knife, got some suggestions? i like style pic related, also budget is $100
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Oregon /out/ thread

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Whats your area code? Where do you like to hike? What are some underappreciated areas? Have the fires effected you?
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Outdoors side activities

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I'm looking for some inspiration on side activities while outdoors to mess around with. I''ve been bringing some books along, which is a pretty decent one.

Besides the usual, what do you fags do when /out/?
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Underground housing/shelter.

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Anybody here ever try to make their own underground/earth cooled/heated home?

Have you ever tackled that kind of challenge? How much did it cost? When did you get around to doing it? How long did it take?

I'm curious about alternative home owning methods and It struck me that a lot of the long-term cost of housing is electricity, water access, and overall material cost like roofing, flooring, walling, and labor cost.

Is it practical to make a big hole in the ground and work with that space, or at the very least find a hill and build a house into the earth that way? I know it's possible, but has anyone here actually done it?
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desert island survival

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is there any good desert island survival stuff online? everything i can find is larping youtubers paying thousands of dollars to be ""stranded"" on an island for half a day and complaining when they get sand in their shoes. i would prefer if there's a element of illegality but it's not necessary
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I'm going to be moving from upstate New York to Seattle and plan on spending my nights camping in various parks. I'm going to try and stay in the Northern part of the US, and so far I've got Nordhouse Dunes and Pictured Rocks in Michigan but I'm not sure where would be a good place to check out in North Dakota and Montana. If you guys have any ideas, road trip stories, or tips please do share them. This is going to be my first cross country trip.
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What are the best states for owning a vegetable garden? I currently live in Tucson Arizona and I don’t think it’s suitable to cultivating veggies I can eat.
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one tool

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Can this do it all
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Thoughts on Bears

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I'm planning a backpacking trip for next summer and the places I've narrowed it down to have grizzly bears which I've never encountered before personally.

Any tips? I'm planning on doing this trip alone.
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