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Cheap shitty land

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How much land do I need for doing general /out/ dickery?
I've been looking at a nice cheap as fuck plot of land, about 5 acres, swampy woods surrounded by other more or less abandoned swampy ass woods and nothingness, accessible only by way of a shitty unmaintained canal/ditch.

Should I? Thinking I could go all primitive technology out there. May have to fight off roving hobos though as I have noticed some hobo camps in the general vicinity from satellite maps.

Pic not of the property, but probably similar lol.
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What is this kawaii little thing and how do I care for it
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I have anxiety problems

what are some /out/ things I can start off doing in the back yard?
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Shotgun scrub

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N00b question time. Thought I would ask both weapons and outdoors since it kind of falls into either board. I’m planning on getting a shotgun sometime next month and was looking around at all these different guns. Eventually I would like to hunt shotguns seem like a good all around weapon to do so ( especially in Maryland ). I was looking at the Mossberg 500 as it is a lefty and comes with a rifled barrel. Here is my dumbass question ( which yes I googled but I don’t want to have to read 5 pages to get my answer). Can a regular smooth bore shot gun shoot deer slugs? Are rifled barrels only for sabot rounds. Can different round fuck up different barrels? What is the advantage to having a rifled barrel? Does it really spin the slug that much to make a accuracy difference? Am I just a dumbass in general ( yes )? Any other advice?
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Dumbest /out/ Claims

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>Hiking the AT on $2 a day for food.
This one takes the cake for me. What's the dumbest claim you've seen people make about /out/ that's clearly bullshit but they believe
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Hey /out/ies, I just recently started visiting the board but I love it. I checked the catalog but didn't see a thread about making shelters innawoods.

Basically I live right next to a state park and have a huge expanse of forest behind my house (pic related - some of the woods).

Was wondering if anyone had some cool shelters I could build with just a hatchet/machete. I of course know basic lean-to and A-frames. But what other types could I build? Any favorites you guys have?

Really just want another activity to do out here when I'm bored on days like today. Probably would just use it to smoke in or maybe bow hunt during season. Can be multi-room, single room, big, small, whatever.

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Would appreciate any practical literature on getting around in the wild - basic gear, tents, what to prepare for in different climates and so on. Maybe some books on flora? Really overwhelmed, don't even know where to start.

Also would be useful to hear, wherever you're from, how do the laws work regarding camping out in a tent in your country.
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Climbing mountains

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Hey guys what would be the best way to experience mountain climbing(could be one mountain could be an expedition on multiple mountains). By bike or going on foot? And what should you keep in mind while climbing like what are necessary things I should keep in mind so that I get the full experience of the mountain climb.
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Let's have a debate

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What's the sweet spot between weight, durability and comfort for you? How much of your stuff is ultralight, what are you planning on lightening and what comforts can't you go without?
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Hi, I'm a new fag and need some help with /out/ stuff
My family got some land in the interior and I'm going there with my dad to scout the place , he's a farm guy and knows his shit
I've never done anything like it and would like some tips on how to get around in a subtropical bush/ pastures , we plan on staying there for a week and sleeping in tents
Any tips or something I should know?
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