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After I graduate uni I want to live in some fucking cabin in Montana/Oregon. Talk this suburban basedboy /out/ of it
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/out/ wortrthy uninhabited/unvisited islands.

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What are some good, out-of-the-way uninhabited islands?

Key features must include:
-Rarely visited by man
-Relatively far from human habitation (far enough that people won't come check on it without good reason)
-Large and interesting enough to be worth visiting
-Climate that doesn't make visiting a living hell

A preferred but not required feature is:
-Not part of a protected park, nature area, or world-heritage site

Places like Auckland island south of NZ come to mind. Pic related.
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[email protected]¢!!!

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Any south AZ /out/ists know if there's any good (free, non-designated site) camping on Mt. Lemmon that'll be open this time of year?
Would I just be better off heading somewhere else?

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Heading to Yosemite and surrounding areas this weekend to tent camp, just me and the dog. Been too busy to be /out/ the past few weeks. I’m stoked and will update this thread with some photog and hopefully some pictures of rainbow trout, Allah willing

I love national parks in winter conditions

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So I've only ever been successful when fishing with a hand reel. I've used rod and didn't really like it very much and have always come up empty handed with one.
I never really see hand reel fishing discussed here but considering they are so light weight surely people keep them on their packs right?
Anyway am I just incredibly lucky with hand reels or are they actually worth exclusively taking with me on a camping/fishing trip or are they a meme and I should just go with the rod.

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Hey /out/, /an/on here. How do I start hog hunting on WMAs? It’s hard to find resources for this because most hunters are brought up by a family of other hunters who can pass their knowledge down. I’m already a good shot and I’ve spent my whole life in the woods and hunting small game, but hogs are a whole new challenge and I have no family or friends who are into hunting.

Is it worth it to hunt hogs on foot?
Can I put bait down in a WMA?
How do you not get shot/not shoot other people while hunting a WMA?
Will blinds work for hogs, or are treestands a better investment?
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Turning parks into landfills

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>China axes nimby trash hauler scandal
>Recycling burden exposed
>National parkland to be sold off for landfills to ease the burgeoning environmental crisis and budget debt. Thoughts or concerns?

Seems like a reasonable trade-off so I can have curbside recycling bins even if the cost goes up 200% it's worth it

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>late 2017/early 2018
>new trend in EDC community is traditional folders
>like any fad, they’re popular because people think they look nice, but they also like them because they aren’t scary and despite their simple construction, they’re just as effective as expensive, over-engineered tactical box cutters
>middle end production knife companies try to get in on some of the action by producing “modern traditionals”, but they’re still scary looking because of tacticool designs and are too expensive for lack of complex design
>high end production companies seem to keep their distance, makes sense considering less cleverly designed features means less money the company can charge for a knife, r-right?
>benchmade makes the Proper, a “modern traditional”, and it costs more than a Bugout
>most people avoid it and see it for the scam it is considering the only reason to buy a benchmade is for the axis lock
>there are still people who buy it, and they love it because it cuts boxes just like any other thing that is sharp
>eventually friction folders become a mainstream hit, since they epitomize the simple and strong design
>people also love that they’re dirt cheap because they don’t waste a dime on things that aren’t relevant to cutting
>seems like high end knife companies have learned their lesson, nobody tries to make a high end friction folder because their price is what’s appealing
>SHOT Show 2019
>TOPS brings a friction folder
>It costs $130 dollars
>paying for materials
>you could do it yourself
Could this be the end of LARP?
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Cork hats

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Serious question, why don't more people wear cork hats while /out/? I go outside all the time and people think of mine as a novelty while not knowing why gnats ignore me and ear rape them. I understand not going to Walmart with one, but when camping it's almost a necessity
t. floridaman
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