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How do you clean cookware and store trash while out?
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What knot to use

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Technically not an /out/doors topic, but I figured you would know best.
>What knot do I use to tie this mask to my head?
The loop HAS to be a part of it, otherwise the whole thing sinks to an extend where I can't see anymore.

Times you felt retarded while /out/

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>be me
>buy shitty pic related "commando saw" because it looks like a good lightweight tool
>first time using it is a struggle, it keeps getting caught
>already regret buying it
>guy next to me comes up
"Hey, I have a hacksaw if you wanna use it"
>hands me a Gerber fold-out large toothed saw
>works perfectly
>"Th-thanks man"

Felt like a fucking retard. Why didn't I think of that? Now I'm stuck with this gay chink Walmart shit that I have to give away to some loser
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Let's be honest with ourselves here. He's /ourguy/ right?
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Finding pine barren tree frog

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Hey faggots, /an/ here. It's getting cold so what better time to plan my future trips than now. Next year I am hoping to find a pine barrens tree frog. I live up in North jersey so I don't want to drive two hours to come up empty handed. So are there any fellow NJfags that know of good locations to find them?
I already did research and found some potential areas, but then I checked on iNaturalist and nobody has seen them there. Of course I know this doesn't mean they don't live there, but I just want to be sure.
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>*walks into your campsite and searches for you*
You have about 20 seconds before a rabid, hungry Bigfoot finds you and begins trying to eat you. What do you do?
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Why haven't you found it yet?

/out/ Cameras

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What cameras would you suggest for taking innawoods? Something compact, lightweight, rugged of course, but takes at least iPhone camera-level pictures for a decent price, say less than $300. Bonus points for if it can actually take a fucking night sky picture with it.

Also: Post cool pics you've taken innawoods with your cameras.
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Europe 7 day trek

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I'm looking for a 7 day trek in Europe that's open/walkable first week of May.
So far I'm looking at the West Highland way in Scotland or the Dolomites in Italy. If you have feedback on weather start of May on these two, or other trek suggestions, fire away.