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Sup /out/,
I'm an Aussie that lives in a fitted out shipping container. Due to this summers extreme heat I'm hardly inside. I have a fan and a cheap little air cooler which can get it down to roughly 35°C during the day (from upwards of 50°C inside 40°C outside). Just wondering if you dudes know of any tips or tricks to cool that Hotbox down?
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What’s your EDC knife?
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Morning /out/ing

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Sorry guys I was busy with my last week of uni so I couldn't hit up the mountain
But I am now
Just got to the spot but not up the mountain yet
Steep hike is yet to come
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You're suddenly in Siberia in the 1940s, and you've just escaped from the gulag. How will you survive?
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/out/ clubs

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you have 10 seconds to explain why you aren't a member of either the freedom club or the outdoor activities club
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Any UK sc/out/s present? Or anyone else who has experience on the coast to coast walk or conditions around those parts in general?
We're planning this for the upcoming summer and I was wondering what the bug situation is in the UK. Are there large amounts of mosquitoes or other annoying critters in June-August?
Does anyone have any general tips for this walk?
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Cairns: Rock Stacking

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The Australian news is running a segment in the next half hour PROMPTING CAIRNS! I will be updating this thread with pics when it comes on.
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How do you poop outdoors?
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>he bought brand new expensive boots
>he didn't replace his laces with paracord w/ flint and a striking plate
Anon I...
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