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/out/ tunes

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Weary traveler, calloused and sore
Time and gravity followed you here
Rest, my brother, and tell me
All about your favorite /out/ tunes
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I need a good sleeping bag, Anyone had any experiance with OEX?
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Hello! I'm leaving to go hike the Colorado trail on July 1st with a friend. I've from the appalachia so that's what I'm used to hiking, any recommendations for things to pack I may not have thought of, or stories about the trail or surrounding areas, any towns or hostels worth stopping at? Thanks Guys.
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how can i live out there?

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i don't want to go back


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my machete and metal canteen.. machete is an old hickory large butcher knife, made in USA, canteen stainless chinashit....bought the machete at a now closed Ace Hardware for 20.00, the canteen from a JC Penney for 8.00, the sheath is from an old worthless chinashit machete, i duct taped it up to reinforce the stress points
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hi /out/, i figured either here or /k/ would probably be the best place to ask this; i've been exploring various semi-abandoned soviet facilities for the past couple of years, and I always find myself running into the same fucking problem: dogs. I have no problem avoiding detection by man patrols, but if they ever have a dog with them, it'll detect me before i've even spotted the patrol, instant game over. I'll wind up some combination of bitten, jailed, beaten and fined. I'm planning a trip to chernobyl fairly soon and I'd like to spend more than a day there before getting caught by a fucking dog.

I know you can very quickly kill a patrol dog by crushing up broken glass and leaving it along your trail, but I'm not trying to kill a dog, I'm just trying to avoid the thing. Does anyone have specific tactics for breaking up or masking a scent trail? is there anything that fucks with their senses without actually hurting them? Any type of terrain that they can't easily track you through?
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Sleeping pads

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I have admited defeat, guys.

I've got a sleeping pad like pic related. Due to me having a rather wide nylon hammock, the narrow pad slips around and in sub zero temperatures it gets cold as fuck.

Anyone here know a good non-slip pad? I've looked at a Klymite one, but they're expensive as hell
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White shiny rock

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Me and my brother were walking outside when he saw this rock. This is the first time that we see this kind of rock. What is this?
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