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What is Crater Lake like at this time of year? I just moved to the Oregon coast and want to check it out soon. I’ve heard that the lake is basically invisible on cloudy days.

Any recommended trails to hike?

Are road conditions going to be shitty due to weather?
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Panning for gold

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I've never liked fishing because fish are stupid and smell bad, is panning for gold an alternative hobby that can be just as relaxing?
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ITT: post your /out/ goals and what you are doing to reach those goals. Or talk about /out/ projects you are currently working on.

If you're on /out/ often enough that you're complaining about larpers, knife threads, and gear that you don't like; you're not going /out/ enough.

This board is something you check every once in a while to remind yourself to go outside and have some fun, or to ask questions about common interests. It's not for spending 12 hours a day 5 days a week complaining about what everyone else is doing. If anything anywhere on the internet is bothering you, you're on the internet too much. Stop complaining and go outside.
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What happened to the FL to PNW schizo?

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Quick rundown:

>admitted fatty is directionless in life
>decides to do something drastic
>plans to walk from Miami to Oregon
>flies to Miami
>buys some gear from Walmart
>supposed to start on 11/20, according to what I think is his last post on 11/19
>radio silence after that

Some people say it was just a larp, but there’s no evidence of that. He was definitely in a hotel room. There was a WaWa bag, which is some kind of convenience or grocery store only found in Florida and around Maryland. He posted a pic of an Ozark Trail (Walmart brand) pack along with a huge ass sleeping, it all looked new, and there was a tag still on one of those items.

Not gonna lie, I’m hooked on this dudes story. It’s interesting as fuck, as it’s something we’ve all thought about doing. And by “we” I mean every social retard reading this, lol. And I think even though everyone talks a colossal amount of shit, deep down they’re still rooting for this guy.

What do you guys think? Was it all fake? Did he walk for a day and realize it was a mistake? Is he still out there? Did he died?
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Any bikepackers anons?

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What bike do you use? I'm gonna buy my first one and start bikepacking next year. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with a hardtail but still undecided whether I should go with an XC or a trail one.
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Have any bongs on /out/ taken the narrowboat pill?
I have managed to save a bit of money and am strongly considering getting one to live aboard in from next Spring.
They seem to hold their value pretty well, a good used example will cost almost the same amount it would cost to get a new one built and fitted out.
For anyone that lives on one or has done in the past, how is it? Anything to look out, for or consider? One pitfall I see is security, if you aren't in your boat and it's just moored along some footpath somewhere it would be easy for opportunistic thieves to break in.

For foreign anons who aren't aware, these boats were traditionally horse drawn and used to transport coal and other goods around the country before the car, there is quite an extensive network of these thin, artificial canals all across England. Dutch barges and widebeam boats are better for living aboard but can only access a few parts of the network, are more expensive and more difficult to manoeuvre so a narrowboat is preferable if you actually want to explore the country a bit.

Also general liveaboard boats thread I guess, post if you live in a yacht or something else.
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/out/ approved jobs

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What are some careers that will allow me to develop knowledge and experience of the great /out/doors? I'm a 25 year old Canadian who never got his grade 10.
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Is this the most soi board on 4chan?
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/seamen/ - Sailing General No.2: Shores of Tripoli edition

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Previous bread:

Welcome back sailors.

>Old threads
0. Pre /seamen/ Sailing/Boating General: >>1799222
1. /seamen/ 1: >>1861134

1. Resources lists:
2. Good anon quotes from previous threads:
3. Backups of OPs:

PS: Became a tripfag because someone impersonated me.
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my grampa goes out with nothing but his wool thermals a blunt knife and a 50kg cheese wheel he can use his piss and shit as a compass