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Who are your favourites?
BC Bushcraft and Far North Bushcraft And Survival are a couple of mine.
Lonnie and Connie are a charming pair.
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I have always had this weird fascination with the idea of owning a shit ton of random land. I see that land in areas like Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada are dirt fucking cheap and I am tempted to just buy a few acres for the fuck of it. Tell me why I am retarded
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I live in Colorado and every week I'm out in the woods no matter if its rain, shine or snow I'm usually out in my spots

June hits and 10x the traffic in these areas and everyone is out there

I just cant enjoy it anymore, I know of a few 10+mile hikes and they're packed with hikers
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Europe general

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Everything /out/ related in Europe, discusslaws, meetings, languages, trails,...
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Moving to Alaska. What do?
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Shenandoah and Hiking

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Hello /out/ anons!
My dad and I, along with my best friend and brother, are going to be staying in Lexington VA for three days soon, near Shenandoah national park, and I was looking for some advice if you could please give it.
What are some nice mountains to hike up there? I've only hiked up one mountain before, Wind Mountain in Washington, and was wondering if I could please be suggested one that's good for people with very limited experience.
Also is there anything I should bring besides good hiking boots, water, and bear spray/a pistol?
Also also, are there any especially beautiful nature spots I should see/experience in the area and make sure not to miss? I already plan on seeing Luray Caverns and Dark Hollow Falls.
Thanks everyone who replies and helps, much appreciated :^)
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Hey /out/ been a while. I have a question about the identification of a tool. I was told it was for sharpening twigs and sticks to make tent spikes but I can't find it anywhere on Google. Thought maybe yall would be able to help.
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Higonokami Nagao Kanekoma, Aogami. HKI-100Black
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Out Photos Please

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This one here is on top of a hill, though it may not look like it, (only about 1,100 ft elevation)
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Achilles tendon injury

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So I thought about putting this in /fit/ or something but I think /out/ards might know more about this shit.

So I'm getting ready for a ~160 mile thru-hike and getting in shape with hill training and road-hiking since the trail I'm looking at has about 40 miles of road hiking. I've been getting pretty near a 4mph pace uphill on roads at a pretty decent grade even with my training pack (weighs roughly 45 lbs) but last night I noticed a lot of pain in my achilles tendon. It hurt a lot worse this morning and has been bugging me all day. Also there's this weird creaking feeling when I go up on the ball of my foot on the affected foot.

I really want to get back to physical training for this, how serious could this be?
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