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Map Thread

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Hey /out/, map nerd here looking for some cool /out/ related maps. Hiking trails, national parks, climate, geology etc. Infographs are welcome as well. Thanks in advance.
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Bout to start the welsh 3000 in 4 about to do the welsh 3000 In 4 hours time with 5 other guys and can't sleep, hmu with some advice, got:
Waterproof top and bottom
Good walking boots
Os map of snow don
1kg of assorted foodstuffs
Gloves for scrambling parts
Canon for taking sweet sunrise pics
1.5l of water
Survival bag
First aid kit with opinel knife and Kendall mint came
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homeless general

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sleeping in cow pens edition

trains, pains, tents, tarps, booze, cigs, the comfy dumpster behind kmart where nobody messes with you and the random guy who says hello every time he sees you

learn how to be a bottom dwelling dreg of society, a real outcast looked down upon by everything and everyone except your fellow hobo

it's the homeless general!
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/out/ essentials

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Hey, /out/. When you guys go outdoors what do you bring with you?
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Bear Thread

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First time posting on this thread. Recently I've taken a trip to Arkansas for the second time and I finally thought about discussing it on /out/.

What I'm mainly wondering is, primarily: As someone who's interested in mountains, what trails should I check out? (I have a rather light book that goes over around 43 trails, I believe)
What do you guys typically wear when hiking? What's a good map for Ozark trails?
Are milsurp boots recommended for hikes over rocky terrain or should I invest in something lower-profile? (ankle-high hiking boots, but I collect milsurp, so if it's an overall better choice, I don't mind spending money on hiking boots instead)
Is Mount Nebo worth going up just for the view? (Went up there while it was raining, couldn't see past the drop off, a shame too since it was 700+ ft higher than the best viewpoint on Mount Petit Jean, considering going back to Nemo)
I've read that the Seven Hollows Trail at Petit Jean is very beautiful. Does this claim speak truth?

Other than those questions, feel free to discuss the Ozarks and their trails.

I'll upload the pics I have with my responses for anyone who's interested in the sights.
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Hey guys I'm a total noob but I want to go camping in pic related for a few days.
I'm wondering about what kind of stuff I need, obviously need a tent and sleeping bag, and a compass because of fog.
But what about food and water? Would a tiny gas cooker and some 'boil-in-the-bag' meals tide me over? I'd normally drink 3-5 liters of water a day at home but that would be extremely heavy to carry along with everything else, would probably sweat that much out just from carrying it.
What are some tips for travelling lightly you can give me?
In this enviroment there is pretty much no food or drinkable water, lots of flseh eating flies though.
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Trying to get into surf fishing. Give me everything I need to know like pole height and thickness, line and lures.
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Hello /out/
I've recently decided to go outside on a trip.
It was nice since i don't usually do this type of stuff but i thought i would share a little video i made with this board.
Hope you enjoy!