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/out/ gear thread
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>tfw want to be /out/ but live in england
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I need a good umbrella /out/

I know this isn't 100% relevant to the board, but could you guys recommend me something that will actually hold up in strong winds and rain?
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Snowboarding question

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This past January I started learning to snowboard, and on my 3rd day I broke my arm. It's still recovering so I'm skipping this year and planning for next season.

I've had shit teacher that didn't teach me much, I watched youtube videos but putting that shit in practice wasn't easy and teacher let me go up the mountain alone and guess it was icy or something because I smashed my arm real good from simple fall.
My main problem was stopping, I start going down fast, I could only do a fast stop, turn hard and usually fall, that's how I fell and shattered my humerus, wasn't going too fast but still, could swear I had my arms against my body but maybe the angle was against me.
Anyhow yeah, I didn't get good enough for basics and that mountain didn't have much areas to learn that weren't too steep so I'd just go fast, try to turn to break but nope I'd just continue going fast to the side or crash into snow on side or trees which I avoided by falling a lot.
Next year for sure I'm getting a lot of classes but I still don't get it what I was doing wrong, I watch all these videos and it seems so simple. I'd just go on my heel edge, start turning but instead of slowing down I'd just keep going to the side or hell stop and then start going switch which I for sure didn't know how to do. The area was kinda narrow too so I didn't have ton of space to maneuver sigh, guess a lot of shit was stacked against me there...
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Sheath thread

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Lets see them sheaths folks.

How much is too much on a sheath? I just bought a mora kansbol and am going to attach a ferro rod, some tinder, a pocket bellows (all part of the same kit, company is eog) and maybe my dc3 sharpener

What do you pricks put on/in yours? And diyers wanna share their methods? I was just going to cut up some inner tube and use that

Pic related isnt mine but is damn sexy
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Tarps ridge lines

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What's the best cordage for doing a ridge line for a tarp? I've got a 6x10 and been using paracord but it sags quite a bit. What's something that doesn't sag?
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What Pants are these?
Anon on /k/ said you helped him find them,Dry pants is all I know.
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Does /out/ carry an instrument with them?
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Pacific Crest Trail

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Has anyone here thru-hiked the PCT? Any tips?

I'm seriously considering starting it early next April.
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Road trip thread

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Was bored with some free time today and decided to make a continental US Roadtrip. With both historic and /out/ values.
>Hot Springs NP, AR
>Taum Sauk State Park, MO
>Garden of the Gods, IL
>Holmes Co. State Park, MS
>N’awlins, LA
>Osceola WMA, FL
>Cheaha Mountain, AL
>Unicoi State Park, GA
>Congaree NP, SC
>Chimney Rock, NC
>Great Smoky Mountains NP, TN
>Red River Gorge, KY
>Hocking Hills State Park, OH
>Shenandoah NP, VA
>Washington DC
>Harpers Ferry, WV
>Greenbriar State Park, MD
>Cape Henlopen State Park, DE
>Some Campground on the Delaware, NJ
>Burlingame State Park, RI
>Myles Standish State Forest, MA
>Acadia NP, ME
>Mt Washington, NH
>Okemo State Forest, VT
>Kent Falls State Park, CT
>Ricketts Glen State Park, PA
>Niagra Falls, NY
>Mackinac Island, MI
>Big Bay, WI
>Jay Cooke State Park, MN
>Pikes Peak State Park, IA
>Ponca State Park, NE
>Fort Ransom, ND
>Mount Rushmore, SD
>Monument Rock, KS
>Dodge City, KS
>Colorado Springs, CO
>Jackson Hole, WY
>Yellowstone NP, WY
>Glacier NP, MT
>Round Lake State Park, ID
>Olympic, WA
>Portland (just to stay the night), OR
>Crater Lake NP, OR
>Redwood NP, CA
>Yosemite NP, CA
>Hoover Dam, NV
>Not sure where else to go in NV?
>Zion NP, UT
>Grand Canyon NP, AZ
>Tombstone, AZ
>Big Bend NP, TX
>Carlsbad Caverns, NM
>Red River, NM
>Palo Duro Canyon, TX
> Witchita Mountain Nature Reserve, OK
Any reccomendations? Does anyone else do this for fun?
I’d love to see other’s routes
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