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What do you guys drink when /out/? Pic related
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Hoboism General

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Hoboism General - #003

Links N' Shit:

Post Hobo Tips, Tricks And Advice.
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What's your favorite oil or wax for knife and/or axe maintenance? And is there anything that smells good that you can use for leather sheaths as well?
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Thoughts on Billie Eilish?

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Anyone ever done hunting with one of these?

Currently building an ultra light bug out bag got 7 strand survival cord with flaxed tinder fishing line and snare wire for trapping.

Am considering getting pic related for more options. Does anyone have experience hunting with a slingshot? Figure it would do for hunting squirrel gopher and small birds thnx
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Tips/Advice for Kayak Trip

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Going on a 5 day kayaking trip in a few days. Never any done anything like this before, usually just play video games and go to concerts. What am I in for, lads? We're planning on kayaking 8 hours a day, I've only kayaked once before.

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Longtime lurker here, I posted a bit around a year ago, mostly about climbing/alpinism.

Well, I finally got my dream /out/ job; I'm heading to Antarctica to work on the ice. It's for a year and a half.

I promise to take lots of pictures and make a thread when I get back, approx April 2021.

Pic semi-related; trip across Hardangervidda, April 2016
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Are they worth it?
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Do you guys have /out/ themed homes?
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MGTOW community

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Last thread hit its bump limit
old thread >>1499696

What part of the country would be best for self sufficient living and cheap land?
If you find that perfect plot of land for sale, please post a link.
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