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Spring edition
Post 'em
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i hope this is the right bord for my question...
i'd really like to get into climbing, but i have no idea how. i know nobody who climbs and i don't even know if you have to absolve some courses first, belong to some clubs or if you can just go to climbing routes and try for yourself?
anybody here can give me some bloody beginner infos?
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Advice on going innawoods? Basically, how do I not die within a month?
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GA /out/ road trip

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Sup /out/

I'm planning a week-long road trip with my girl to hit some of the nicer spots in Georgia. We're starting at Burgess Falls up in Tennessee, going down to Pigeon Mountain and Cloudland Canyon, skipping over to the Cohutta and then moving onto Brasstown Bald, Angel Falls, Tallulah Gorge, and Currahee Mountain.

Is there any other spots we should hit along the way? This is going to be a relatively casual trip, nothing too big. I just want to show her some of the prettier parts North Georgia has to offer. We've got a week to hit all this, and all told it totals a little more than sixteen hours of driving. Like I said, it's pretty casual and I'd rather keep it at a leisurely pace for her. If it were just me it'd be very different.

Any recommendations? I've got a route planned to hit these spots already, and I'd prefer not to deviate too terribly far off course.

Pic not related
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Hi /out/

I am from New Zealand and looking to get some trousers for hunting sent over from America. I am now starting to hunt open tops above the bushline so want a pair of wool trousers to put over my shorts if it gets cold the same type of material as my lambies.

I have tried synthetics but they stink, I tried a softshell pair of trousers but cut holes in them as I was boiling alive in them.

I am after an unlined wool trouser with rear and front pockets but no cargo pockets. I quite like the Johnson Wool Mills trousers but are there any other brands to look at?
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Hi All

I need a backpack that I can use for outdoors and commuting as well.

Which one would you choose?

The unknown brand koala-gear "Joey" or the trusted Swiss brand Mammut?

Regarding outdoors I only go for 1 day so a normal backpack is enough for me. I lake to take camera and other stuff so rain protection is great as well. When I am in the city I might need the anti theft features of the Joey backack. So which one?
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Vintage Axe

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Hey guys, any of you happen to know about hatchets/axes? I am looking to date an axe I found. I am fairly certain it is a Plumb axe but it does not have a sticker or a stamp. The handle looks pre-permabond.
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What does /out/ think of campers?

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I've always had an irrational, seething hatred for campers in regards to /out/ings. There's something about their bland, corrugated metal appearance that makes me want to take a page out of the Indian's book and burn the thing to the ground, returning it to nature. Is this just me, or am I in good company? If not, at what point does it stop being a camper and start being a mobile home?
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/out/ fav instruments?

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I want to learn to play a musical instrument, preferably one I can take on camping trips without much effort. I was thinking maybe a harmonica but I'm not crazy about the sound. Any suggestions?
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>tfw your 6 miles into an old growth forest and its 92 degrees and you are praying for wind and then you hear the trees rustling to the west and you brace yourself for it and it's barely a breeze.
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