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/lg/ Layers general: ITT we discuss our preferred item to wear for each layer.
>pic related
Muh PNW loadout for Fall/Winter. Yes I don't wear rain paints, just high gaitors and DWR pants with wax treatment. Worse comes to worse, if it actually rains instead of just the constant drizzle. I'll get a rain kilt and be covered 100%. I've noticed the upper half of my pants don't get wet either way, mostly just bottom half hence the gaitors.

Post your loadout.

What is everyone else wearing this Fall/Winter?
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/pg/ parka general

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I am trying to decide between the Rab Neutrino Down Plus and the Patagonia DAS Parka.

Both of these will function as a Parka to be worn on top of my Wool base layer + Fleece + small down puffer. Since I have found those three layers only keep me warm down to 15F if I stop moving. This is my understanding of how the Parka Belaying layer is supposed to be used correct? As a last and final additional layer of peak warmth for when you stop moving and it's really cold?

Anyways, the Rab is insulated with Down and the Patagonia is synthetic. Both have DWR coatings which basically don't do much but the Rab does have Pertex® Quantum Pro outer fabric which is supposed to be pretty damn water resistant (albeit not water proof).

Anyways? Is down or synthetic the better insulation for parkas? What parkas does /out/ recommend and how do you layer them? Which one of these would /out/ get for winter & alpine use?
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/out/ food

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Lets talk cooking /out/
I havent used anything but mres in years but i cant take them from supply anymore. Give me your go to recipes
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Best Tents

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Post only the best and most based outdoor accommodation and discuss why nylon tents are cancer.

Pic related - nothing quite like the classic bell tent.
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anyone else bring out their umbrellas anytime they go out to protect against UV light from the sun? It supposidly protects your exposed skin from getting damaged from the sunlight
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Motorhome General

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I want to get a camper, and want to get one as fast as possible.
Are there any places where I can put a low down payment. Like $600

also Motorhome General
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What does /out/ think about wildfire bunkers? Would they work? Below is one being installed
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What water bottle do you take /out/?
I thought it would be cute taking my Yeti insulated bottle. But it carries so little water and is heavier than it has to be for just carrying water while /out/
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Anyone here enjoy swamps?
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sup /out/

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bored with no strings and like 20 grand

basically gonna go homeless for a bit see how it goes

should I buy this

I feel like it would be kind of funny to toss on each night whenever I find a suitable shrub
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