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Buddy of mine caught this on a trail cam in north Georgia a few days back, we can’t figure out what the hell it is, it’s not a black bear, looks nothing like one, and it has bare skin on it’s face, so I ask, what the fuck is this?
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Why didnt you guys tell me about new mexico?
I have been camping and road tripping for much of the summer but i have not seen anything a cool as this.
I am trying to figure out where hike next and i am so spoiled for choice that i cant decide.
My airbnb host has been here 15 years and he says he still hears about amazing new stuff he had never even heard of.
One thing i will say is that it seems like everything is a secret here.
No one on the trails, and you really have to ask around before you can find things.
I am supposed to go to colorado tomorrow but everything is so crowded up there i might just stay another week here.
Too bad theres no jobs here.
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What's the best axe you can recommend for bushcraft? Getting into it with 2 friends and we have no idea what gear to get, and I keep hearing different opinions on everything from the people at my local shop
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How about a small hut/shelter thread? Things like small huts, shelters and the like. They can be work in progress.
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Are Chacos a meme?

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My birthday is coming up and several of my friends recommended buying a pair either new or second hand. I go to a fairly outdoorsy uni and while they're certainly a fashion statement here people also love to talk about how rugged and comfortable they are, waterproof etc.

Are they worth the cost? I already own boots, so this would fill the "everyday wear" or light /out/ niche.
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Skiing General

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What the fuck are you cunts planning on doing for this upcoming season? Buy your Ikon pass already? Your local pass? Epic pass deadline is this week, what are your plans?
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Western WA

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Now that the smoke is finally clearing I'm itching to go out again. Share pics, spots, stories. Does the rain bother you this time of year?
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what kind of mushroom is this?

Shit ass spring bb gun for small game?

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300 fps
purdy accurate.

Your thoughts? Viable for small game hunting? Anything else?
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US-Canada border reopening in less than a week boys. Anyone gonna cross the 49th? Where you gonna go?
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