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Can anyone recommend an actually durable headlamp? I can't seem to get one that doesn't shit the bed either through abuse or just piss poor construction.

I'm tired of plastic. Is there a full metal headlamp somewhere? search bar is next to worthless on this as it brings up vehicle headlights instead.
If not i'm going last century and just getitng a god damn carbide lamp. they seem to last forever.
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German /soc/ for /out/

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There are not a lot of germans on here. But I want someone with whom I could go /out/ sometimes.


will post mine in the first response.
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Found these bones near a danm in Australia do any of you know what it is maby a yabi claw

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I'm really tired of living in the city and want to live away from it all. How do I escape the concrete prison and how much do I need make so I can live out there? I see poor people in rural areas all the time I don't have land.
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One day, probably within my lifetime maybe even soon, there will be no more snowy winters. I only probably have a few more years at most to enjoy winter /out/ activities. This nice storm we had this weekend may even be the last full blanketing snow. Someday it will all just be a memory.

Winter is my favorite season for out, how do I deal with this feel?
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Pocket Knife Thread

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Pocket Knife General Thread

Had this one for 2 years now and I’ve beaten it, But it’s held through.
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People like Honnold, O'Brady, Jornet, Ondra or Lama keep showing us great /out/ feats are still there waiting to be conquered, are you an /out/hlete too? Do you push your limits and mix /out/ with sports? If so, what's your poison, trail running, climbing, diving, base jumping?
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I'm thinking of living in a set up like this for a year, travelling around Australia.

I have an 80 series landcruiser, and an offroad trailer. Just need some bar work on the trailer to mount a rooftop tent.

How feasible is it?

Anyone done anything like this before?
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Trail cams

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Looking to buy a good trail cam for under $100 that is capable of capturing birds and other animals. I've been looking into getting a Campark T45 (pic related) because I like the features and options it has and it has good reviews. Anyone have experience with this trailcam or experiences with others you can recommend? Also post pics from your own cams if you have any. Thanks!

Traps and Snares Thread

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Traps, do you make them? Have you ever used them? What is your success rate?
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