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Best gloves for shooting & hunting? I have some neoprene-ish gloves with dexent dexterity but my fingers were numb even in 20 degrees yesterday. I'm a wuss in the cold and I need some seriously warm gloves with good dexterity and grip for shooting. What does /out/ recommend?

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So I've been getting out lately into the woods, i have a small decent shelter made but i haven't been able to start a fire properly. I have a small firepit already setup, it's just getting it lit is the problem. Any advice?
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Is this book /out/ approved?

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Thinking of buying it
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CDT Section Hikes

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I did the John Muir this year and I'm starting to plan something of similar length (2-3 weeks) along the CDT for next year. Right now I'm looking at flying to Helena and hiking from somewhere the Bob Marshall Wilderness up to Glacier. And experiences or suggestions would be appreciated.

Hitchhiking from NY to LA

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Okay so I know a lot of anons must be wondering if I'm dead or not since my last thread (>>1307572) died but I've been a bit lazy and so much has gone on so here I am.

If you don't know I'm from London, England and I'm hitchhiking from NY to LA with no money. Previously I was a neet and decided to embark on this adventure while contemplating my flight back to London while staying in NYC.

If you have any questions, please ask and if you have any hitchhiking tales and tips of your own, do share.
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Trying to get home now
I fell a few times through the snow and hit some rocks
My feet hurt and I feel a bump
Internal bleeding? Bruising?

Should have stayed home

Wild Berries

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Hi /out/

I was out hiking in the woods early this morning, and I found pic related berries. I thought they were red currants at first but I’m not sure. For context, I live in northern Illinois in the USA.

Could anyone identify them for me?
I couldn’t find anything on them on the internet so far. Thanks.

I Love to Skateboard

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Skateboarding is my passion, my hobby.

Winter hiking boots

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Just moved to a snowy region after living in a place that doesn't have real winters and I'm wondering if it's ok to hike in my regular hiking boots (Salomon Quest 4D GTX) or if I should get something specifically for snow.

I need help messing w someone

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I want to mess w my friend. Please call him pretending to be a wheat, dill, barley, basically any farm crop salesman. Selling it in bulk. Thank you.
# is nine one seven-six four eight-5587