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Can he survive anywhere?
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>there are people who don't bring their hot tubs camping
what are you? A smelly barbarian hippie?
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Anyone able to ID this? Found it on a hemlock stump in the coastal oregon area a few days ago; think it's a butt/root rot polypore and my boss suggested fomitopsis but I haven't had any luck googling. Whiteish underside with no gills.
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I'm boutta be homeless by the end of the month, thinking of thru-hiking the AT while I'm still 19 with no responsibilities or ties to any one spot. How realistic would this be with no money, or should I sell some valuables I don't care about in the meantime? I already have all the stuff I'd need sans portable shelter. Pic unrelated, it was a castle in Germany and it was fun albeit cold as shit and hours of traffic jams there and back during the vacation
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Where do you guys get good deals on gear?

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Currently I browse steepandcheap, gear scan, the rei garage sales plus watching for jewpons and stacking deals. I'm not a real gearfag but I'm always on the look out for deals. Basically who else /jew/ for gear?
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Sunset thread
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Lighter Packs

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Gonna be camping in some alpine areas early this summer, need something cheap to replace my old sleeping bag because I woke up fairly frequently during the night because of the chill last couple of times.

I had a 15-11C° rated before, looking a a 8-12C°,
you think that be enough?

I also need a 2 person tent to cut down weight,
around 2,5kg would be allright, can you suggest me anything?
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What kind of food do you bring on long backpacking trips? And what kind of stove do you use?
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