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Camping without a fire

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How do you savages in California do it?
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To dome or not

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Been growing move of my veggies and flower the last 12 years. Cant decide which is my fav method. Last 4 years I have used soil blocks and LOVE them. My question, after seeds germinate (usually 2-3) I put them under the lights and let the rest pop. Occasionally with some difficult seeds they fail to germinate due to the heat drying out the rest of the seeds. Its kind of a pain in the ass to move the blocks around and redo all the labels for the blocks that did not germinate yet. Due to the weight of the soil blocks last year I got heavy duty food trays and have enjoyed them. Though I cant put a humidity dome on top. I also like the completely flat bottom of the food trays.
Should I find a better tray that can accommodate humidity domes or just continue the method I have been doing and deal with the loss of some seeds?
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Garden Progress Thread /gpt/

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How are your gardens doing? I’m in Seattle Zone 8b and although it’s been wet as fuck no frost to report. Shit is creeping along. Anything to report or questions?
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Spotting Scopes

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For those of you that use spotting scopes for shooting or hunting, are they worth it? Looking at getting one for a hunt next fall - probably in the $300-500 range or are they not worth it at that price point and I should roll money that into
better binoculars?
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Would you recommend getting a 1 man or a 2 man tent for hiking longish distances while carrying a fair amount of stuff?

Being able to keep my kit inside the tent at night is appealing to me.
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Well, i failed, /out/. I went down to a creek and there were old people lounging around camping there playing music and trash everywhere. So i looked all day for woods i could walk to near my house and just go make a fire and relax at, but all of the had no trespassing signs up. I don't know what to do. If i go any further, I'll have to take my truck, and it'll get towed if i leave it on the side of the road. The suns about to go down, so i had to call it quits. I don't know how these lucky people just find woods to run off in near them and just live for a few days undisturbed.
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Mods Hate This

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Join the /out/ Discord today! It's so hot, the mods won't even leave the thread up!
Escape the oppressive mods and janitors today!
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reminder to kill each and every snake you come across
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How autistic would i be if i wore puttees while hiking? Im sick of snow, stones and spruce needles in my boots. Also they are comfy.
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I have a .22 airgun and Im gonna go hunting some rabbits.
I know I have to hit it behind its ear to kill it instantly, but if I miss, and hit its body:

>Will it bleed to death?
>Will I be able to retrieve the body?
>How do I track a bleeding small animal, where it will probably go, and how do I follow the trail without getting lost?
>How do I put it out of its misery if its still alive
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