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Thoughts on the Victorinox Cybertool 34? Got this beaute yesterday.

also /SAK/ general. Post your swissies, and stories how they've helped you out a tight spot.
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Re: urban exploration - what’s the likelihood that security cameras set up at an apartment building construction site are going to be monitored at night? Or will set off a motion sensor alarm that someone will actually respond to?

Basically, are they there for live monitoring of the site? Or are they just there to record and provide historical footage in the event of theft or vandalism?

I just want to get on the roof, btw.
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Fly fishing - true or false?

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Anyone know where to get one of these sexy beasts without breaking the bank?

Probably the greatest /outing/ vehicle of all time.

Tank, can swim, climbs shit, cool as fuck
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I’m a city cuck, in NYC, who wants to try farming. Do you know how I go about finding some farm to take me on for free labor on the weekends? Also, any good books you recommend for a n00b to learn about the ins and outs of farming?
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Part of my work involves surveying tremendous amounts of land on foot; any advice for a durable and rain proof poncho?
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Do I need to become an experienced hiker before getting into backpacking in the backcountry? My friend who lives across the country tells me I will fuck my shit up if I go backpacking without any real /out/ experience
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Mountains in eastern Mass

Do they exist? Are they worth hiking?
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/out/ groups

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Is anyone involved in /out/ advocacy groups? I've been shopping around a bit and the Sierra Club website implies that they've lost focus on core issues.
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oKAY im not sure if this counts but do any of you have any ideas or guides or know anything really about wheel well stowaway? say, from london to somewhere in the USA like new york.
id imagine id need a bunch of coats something like wool or some shit to survive the cold and a cannister(s)of oxygen and a mask to survive the lack of air. i'd also like to know if any of you have any resources depicting the internals of the wheel well system perhaps engineering documents idk im retarded