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Mushroom Thread

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Post your fungal finds and questions here.

I want to start foraging for wild mushrooms. I live in Asheville, which is a mycological paradise this time of year and I just got an Audubon field guide for mushrooms.

I found a bunch of these little boletes growing under some pines where I work. I'm 95% sure they're Dotted Stalk Suillus, which are supposed to be good to eat. Is it worth trying to harvest and cook them? Have you tried these particular shrooms?
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Winter Sleeping Bag

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Hey bro's
I'm looking for a sleeping bag, I can use in winter.
Hope some have Expererience with that.

Here Some infos:
I'd say up to 200$
On Snow, around -10°C/14F, there is a lot of wind.
In the alps, somwhere above 3km/10k ft
Backpacking / Ski mountaineering
Tent, wind might still blow through it.
>Other purposes if possible:
Sleeping in Mild climate under tarp at around 0°C / 32F

Maybe a start, but heavy: Slumberjack Sojourn 0 DriDown Mummy Sleeping Bag

Mat might be Therm A Rest Z Lite, as I heard good about it.
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Other than by not being a pussy how do you deal with your first solo camping trip? Man and wildlife isn't a concern but other /x/ shit kinda is. Advice please.
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/out/ gear thread
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Send me to Fjällräven Polar

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Hello everyone! I am competing for a spot on next years Fjällräven Polar, but to win I need your self!

Go to the link to vote, it only takes 15 seconds and additionally you have the chance to win some really sweet Fjällräven gear for yourself.


Thank you very much!
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Best /out/ music?

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Pic related
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Birding pics and tips

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Posted this in /p/ and they shat all over it. It IS shit but I was looking for more discussion and sharing than criticism. Went out today for my first time and it was quite pleasant. But have no clue what I'm doing. /out/ can you share some tips for someone new to birding.
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Fan of Corcoran boots, looking for full leather boot with these specifications.

-Rubber soles, not a fan of original leathers.
-Connected tongue, would like to be able to stand in water up to the top of the boot and not get drenched
-fuck zippers

-no insulation, using wool inserts

Planning to use them for cold weather hiking and survival.
I couldn't find a Corcoran without a zipper or disconnected tongue.
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What are the best /out/ hikes, beaches etc. to experience in California?
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Have you ever gone hunting in the wild?
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