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What is /out/'s stance on global warming?
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Brit /out/doorsman here.

I'm looking for a tent for 2 people (3 man, as I want some extra space) for occasional camping.

My budget is up to £50, and I'm thinking of getting the Vangoo Soul 300, which I can get for £42 with a discount code.

Would you recommend it, or perhaps you might have any other suggestions?

Also, would I need any accessories like a ground sheet?
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What are the creepiest experiences that you guys have had inawoods?

>inb4 >>>/x/
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White Wolf Killed In Yellowstone National Park

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Hey guys, im looking for help. Pleas redirect me if necessary.

The last white wolf in Yellowstone National Park was killed illegally and yes, im pissed as are others.
I would LOVE to fine out who did it so they can face the charges that they deserve to face.
This wolf was important to the eco system and was 12 years old. Yellowstone was her home and she was shot without a chance to play the game. Please help! thank you
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Solar Panel Chargers

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Anyone have experience with these?

What brands do you recommend?
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Quality Water Bottles

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What brands does /out/ approve of?
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I see more and more of these types of outdoor clothing on people, for example some on my classmates on an outing recently and wondered if Jackets and Outdoor pants with shapes and materials like pic related has a special name
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Peak District UK

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Long shot; but are there any britfags on here who know any nice walks in the Peak District?

Any /out/ists who want to walk out there with another bro?

Pic related: Me and my favourite walk.
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Aqua Thruster DIY Lake Weeds Floating Up to Shoreline

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Has anyone had any luck with DIY aqua blasters or any type of weed removal? I was thinking about trying a 3500 psi power washer to try to push them out, or possibly some other type of pump. I was even thinking about somehow hooking up a trolling motor. All of the products are at least $1,000 and its just a small motor on a aluminum pole.
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Aggressive Dogs

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How do you deal with aggressive dogs when /out/?

In rural areas there are heaps of dogs in villages, many are stray; all are territorial.
They are really unpredictable, and many are unused to being handled.

If not stopped, they will follow you around in a pack where their behavior is more erratic and they are more aggressive.

Often this requires taking a different route or shooing them away
however they become genuinely dangerous at night, or when you are alone outside of town
Rabies is also a genuine issue here as well, so an attack doesn't need to be serious to be fatal.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that the locals just throw stones at the dogs when they misbehave or use a slingshot, but arn't pleased when YOU throw stones at their dogs.
Pepper spray is also illegal here, and combined with the attitudes of villagers could see me having to pay off some cop
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