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Should you be afraid of /out/ murderers?

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>some fucked in the head bastard decides he likes the idea of murdering random people
>lives in an area booming with /out/ approved free camping zones
>decides to prey upon random campers under the cover of night
>the remoteness of the area becomes a sort of playground for their murderous amusement
>potential victims are unlikely to be found quickly and unlikely to be rescued if they start running
This is something that has always disturbed me. None of that skinwalker bullshit gets to me because it's clear fiction, but shit like this has not only happened before but it seems like there's not much stopping any old nutcase from deciding to go ahead and try it. Is /out/ prepared for these kinds of encounters? Have any of you anons had a close call with crazies in the woods at night? Genuinely curious.
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Night sky

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Night sky
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Finally got a sample of the patch we were discussing previously.
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Looking to get a new bicycle since it's getting nice out. However, I'm a big guy and want to use this as a way to shape up. I'm not sure if this would belong in /fit/, if so just tell me and I'll kindly fuck off.. I'm 5'10, 210lbs. What size frame and wheels would I need for someone my size? I'm not looking to bike to work yet or anything but something nice to get outside and enjoy nature for a few miles. What bicycles should I start looking at for someone of my size?
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i'm confused on definitions. what's the difference between tinder and kindling?

is it that tinder burns easy but fast and kindling burns slow but not easily (needing the tinder flame).

but then if you have a lighter or match or other constant source of flame, can't you just bypass the tinder part?
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Outdoors recording

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Lets get another /out/ recording thread going.

There were some great /out/ rec threads a while ago, and I'm getting into outdoors recording myself. Planning to make a parabolic microphone to connect to my Olympus WS-853 recorder I got for Christmas.

Any Anons wanna contribute? I would love advice for complete beginners.
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Knife thread

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Father & Son OC edition
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I'm going /out/ of my mind

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I'm having an /out/dentity crisis, and it majorly relates to my pack gear and weight for the very specific scenario of backpacking and camping.

I've been going as light as I can for years, on the cheap. Pack for a three day outing likely weighs in at 25lbs, and that's with all the titanium bells and whistles. There are some more luxury items I would love to have in my pack, but can't seem to justify the extra weight even though I feel it may bring on a more pleasurable or relaxed time.

For instance... an ultra light backpacking chair. It's cool to have, and comfortable. The lighter alternative would be a simple foam sit pad. While not as comfortable you're saving 1-2lbs on weight. Same for my sleep system; an ultra light cot comes in a 2lbs and change, while a foam sleep pad comes in at just ounces.

There's unfortunately no middle ground in making a decision, and no trade offs. You're either slightly more comfortable at camp while lugging around the extra weight, or less comfortable at camp while carrying a pack that's less strenuous.

How do I come to terms with this?
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Northeast meet-up #3

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>When: June 21-24
>Where: Long Lake, NY - Plumley's lean-to
>Boat or hike in (~8 mi)
>See maps in attached pic

Attendees so far (post location + dates to join list)
>Albany, NY - 6/21, 6/22 - 15' sailboat, 14' canoe
>Waterloo, ON - 6/22 and 6/23
>Northern VT - 6/21-6/24ish
>NE, CT - 6/21-6/24, 22nd at Plumley's
>NW, CT - 6/21-6/24
>Boston, MA - 6/21-6/24, maybe + wife/buddy, giving NH a ride
>NH1 - 6/21-6/24, bus + riding up w/Boston guy
>Lancaster, PA - 6/21-6/24 - 17' canoe
>Delaware Cty, NY - 6/21-6/24
>PA Dad - 6/22-6/24
>Greenfield MA - ?dates, maybe + GF
>2 hrs NW guy - prob stopping by
>Miami, FL - ?dates, heading over for sure, +other anons?
>NJ3, Ocean City - ?dates
>? Montreal - if DJT lets him cross
>? Central, CT - if other plans fall thru
>? Quebecnigger - has expressed interest
>? Couple Mainers
>? LI possibly - scouted site
>? NJ1 possibly
>? NJ2 possibly + friend, needs to look at sched
>? OH possibly
>? PA possibly
>? NH2 + friend possibly
>? Hopewell Bigwoods, PA - possibly. No horses.
>***Updated 3/24/18***
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