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Looking at doing the Bowron Lakes circuit in a few months and was wondering what /outs/ thoughts are on multi-day canoe trips. Any good stories or advice from your past paddle journeys?

What U.S. cities are /out/ certified?

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Mt. Fuji is the world's most aesthetic volcano
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Just train hopped from Cedar Rapids, IA to Willow Springs, IL with plans to keep going east. AMA
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Looking into getting into fishing

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Hi, I have not gone fishing since I was a child and thought my partner and myself would like to try it as something to do outside together (we honestly do not want to get hardcore into it just something to do and maybe catch a fish).

I am looking at chinese stores online like:

We will only be fishing from the shore, we only want 1 rod/reel. What would you guys recommend? Max I want to pay is 35 USD.

I guess some random questions I have are, should i be looking at a spinning or bait casting reel? When i was a child i remmeber the line always flying off with a baitcasting reel (but this may be due to me doing it wrong as i was a child). Another question is, what material would best suit for the rod?

Basically I know a tiny bit but am just looking for any information to help me pick my first rod/reel for cheap.

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Is he berrypicker or chadoonga?
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>recently accepted a job offer from a hotshot crew
>just found out there are four girls on the crew.
This isn't quite the "elite team of firefighters" I was expecting.
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What's the point of sleeping bags anyway

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Outside of sleeping somewhere incredibly cold, I have never felt the need to use my sleeping bag when sleeping /out/side. I'm a lot more comfortable sleeping in warm clothing with a sleeping pad.

Why do people bother with the weight of a sleeping bag? Am I retarded?
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