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Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#296-“Xmas Season” Edition

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Talk about fishin
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How are these creatures so intelligent? They are just a big stupid bird that have consistently taunted me innawoods for the last 11 years.
>Be me
>Hiking around national forest land come up on what looks like a big nest on the ground.
>ominous feeling in the air
>Scares the shit out of me
>Look to my right, see big Gobblenigger Hen running at me from my right flank
>"Shit I must be inna nest"
>sling my crack-barrel 20 gauge shotgun off my shoulder.
>fire off a nervous shot, blow a chunk out of the ground in front of me
>Gobblenigger freezes and sprints off back into the forest.
>Walking back to my car sweating, head on a swivel
>Hear foot steps in the leaves and multiple Gobble's
>This fucker is stalking me
>See a shadow of the gobblenigger running swiftly through the brush off to the left.
>Nervously load my shotgun again
>I think I hit it but I cant tell because my ears are ringing
>Walk up to the brush where i shot
>Feathers on the ground, but no sign of the Gobble nigger.
>Load another round, and Sprint back to my car clutching my shotgun

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Do any of you guys ever do drugs while camping. I feel like acid is made for camping. Going camping this weekend in mild conditions (3c) on my own and planning to take acid. Any tips for not dying aside from don't do drugs?

Inb4 hippy I'm an accountant
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>you will never go /out/ while it's cold
>you will always be Australian
>every outing you experience will always be a desert survival scenario
I just want to be comfy and go out in the snow and rain, without having to move to Tasmania.

People in cold places dream of sunny skies, but i tell you living the dream, I wish it would rain and snow.
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>there was a time in history where you could sit down in a field of grass and not have to religiously check your body for ticks in fear of getting a disease that attacks your nervous system and fucks you for life
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Questions that don't deserve their own thread thread, because there wasn't one edition
"Packable" puffy jacket, or a thick one for general layering and warmth while /out?
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Best hog cartridge?

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Pic related or other? I'd lean towards the .480 Bushmaster, but want the .500 Beowulf.
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What are some good knots to know about?

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I have never been camping a day in my life and I'm in the process of joining an 18th century reenactment club where they camp out and shoot BP. Problem is their next campout is in two months and i have never camp out a day in my life much less with 18th century equipment. I feel like I'm a little over my head guys. I have no clue where to start on supplies.
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What type of stove for cooking dioes /out/ use,
is it gas(propane/butane), or do you use multifuel and what model/company?
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