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what's the most /out/ state east of the mississippi?

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and why is it new york
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What /out/ books would you recommend to someone that wants to improve their knowledge on nature, survival and /out/ things in general?
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Help me pick a deer rifle

Posting this here because /k/ is a bunch of 16 year old larpers.

I plan on buying a deer rifle soon, preferably under $1000. Do you have any recommendations? Any guns or companies to avoid? I already have a shotgun so I don’t want a slug gun. Also uhhh huntin thread.
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/shred/ - Ski & Snowboard General

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/shred/ - Ski & Snowboard General

Last thread: >>1678313

>ski or snowboard?
>skill level
>what the fuck are you doing now?
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Nudity while out

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Anyone else like to pull their dick out at overlooks and air out a bit?

Feels so good
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What are some items that total gimmicks and provide little advantage in the wild?
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im stuck in suburban hell for 5 months. developers have claimed every square foot of woodland besides semi-crowded public preserves. how can i get my /out/ fill?
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Realistically, can any /out/doorsman here live out in the bush for a year or more?