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sailing thread

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General thread regarding sailing: favourite places, types of boat used, life aboard, advices...
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ITT: /out/ feels thread

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>tfw you will never achieve the dream and get to live in a comfy cabin in the woods
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New knife

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Made a thread awhile back about gettin the schrade schf36 well i went out and got it the other day and i gotta say im pretty impressed by it its a really high quality steel blade even though it has a minor flaw the tip of the blade has a slight bend but the cutting edge is for the most part straight will include pic in a reply. I also made a slight modificaton to the ferro rod where i replaced the cordage with a slightly longer string
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Long John Silvers thread

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Ok I barely made it through the coldest part of winter with LJSs and will need new silvers for next year.
When do the end of winter sales start ?
Who has the best ones?
Merino wool?
LJS thread
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Get out your cook kits
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This is Varg home, lol

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Any anons had experience getting their dogs used to being in a tent? what are some things that can help? My doggo is a good boy but I know for a fact he will try to claw at the walls of the tent the first few times he's inside, should I just buy a shitty cheap tent with the purpose of just training with no risk of ruining expensive equipment?
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>tfw no /out/ wife
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Aside from mowing down flocks of these locusts and dumping them in the desert, what's a homesteader to do?

>Responding to a call on January 19th, Fish and Game conservation officer Brian Flatter found nine Canada geese, and two duck carcasses left to waste along Swan Falls Road south of Kuna. On February 5th, fellow conservation officer Brian Jack responded to a second call and found 31 Canada goose carcasses dumped in the same area.

>No meat from any of the birds had been taken. Idaho code requires that the breast meat be removed before disposing of a harvested waterfowl carcass.
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