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/shell/ general

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Shell season is here so lets talk shells.

What do you own?
What do you want?
Do you have a running jacket?
What's your layering situation like?
Is Goretex Pro worth it?

Insulated jacket discussion will be allowed but be aware that you are on a tight leash.
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/nightwalk/ general

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Anyone else /nightwalk/ ?

It clears your mind so much it's unbelievable. Everything becomes so clear and conscious which enables you to solve complex questions / issues that have been plaguing your existence

Got a crisis going on in your life? get fucking walking. Need a reason to live? bathe in the light of the moon.
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Can /out/ recommend me a knife?
I already have pic related so I'm good on a scandi grind
this is my ideal knife but not my ideal price range:

>not scandi grind
>full tang
>4" or longer blade
>kydex sheath
>something that has a lot of versatility and I can defend myself with if I don't have a firearm on me

pls no ESEE or meme-bar
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hey show your /out/doors knife
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Any trail makers break through rock?

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I'm on a sort of ledge/cliff and I actually made this much so far but I just want to get rid of some of the rock sticking out. I have to use "hand tools" so I'm using a very big rock bad with a point. I busted through the other rock but this stuff is really hard and not cracking like the rest.
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UberEx Clothing and Gear

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What would be the best or reccomended type of uberex clothing (Ex: Top, bottoms, and shoes) and gear (Ex: Flashlights, gloves, respirators, etc.)?
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cairn hate thread

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found in the wild, gave the salamanders back their homes.
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Love or Hate CheapRVLiving, but he's speaking straight facts

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Living an entirely mobile life is just about as /out/ as it can get. Why wageslave for the rest of your life to MAYBE enjoy 10 years of retirement when you could hit the road and take full advantage of your youth? I've seen people converting school buses, vans, trucks, and even jeeps into full time homes on the road to travel all over North and South America, and all around the world. You can survive on very little income, and even build out pretty /comfy/ rigs to travel in as well. Seriously considering quitting everything and doing this. What does /out/ think of the 21st Century Nomad life?

Some of the best examples: -- Ignore the annoying bitch host on this one, but great "schoolie" conversion
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/neofolk/-guy here.

Can you recommend tried and tested outdoor-gear that fits the aesthetic?
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Idiot Traps

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anyone have any other /out/ stories of places + trails that have a knack for killing idiots?
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