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Hi guys.

I'm that britbong who started building a shack in some woods owned and abandoned by an oil company. They sometimes patrol and I got into shit about 6 weeks ago when I arranged for a bunch of pallets to be dropped off. Almost got arrested.

I layed low but decided to go back and start building again. Its in an area they don't know about . Here's how far I've got so far.

Comments and suggestions appreciated.
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/boot/ general

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ITT: Post your boots, ask questions, give recommendations etc

I took these Keen Gypsum II's through Southern Africa in January. Could not recommend more. Great for hiking and the only issue I noticed was that the sole is a bit thinner than I'd like.
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Why is the sound of rain so pleasing to the human ear?
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how do you defecate while being /out/ ?
many people dig holes but personally I try to shit in rivers so I can wash my ass with the water too
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Les Stroud knife vs Bear Grylls knife

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You can only pack a knife for your next trip.
Which do you choose?
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Primus stove thread.

I have an really rare Optimus 101. The first in it's line. Only a few thousand made by the Swedish army back in the 60's i think. So it is a prototype of before Optimus 111 thats been used in the Norwegian force for around 60 years. It takes almost any type of flamable liquid because you heat up the liquid into gas. You can even use stearin or fat on it and it burns like a dream. The ultimate tool for camping outside.
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You've been dropped halfway from the summit of Mt. Everest

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The only things you have are what is in your room, stowed in a tent next to you. How fucked are you?
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So any plans for the summer?

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Any big planned rides?goals? Thoughts?

I’m thinking about really getting back into road cycling and getting my speeds back to 17mph at the least. I will probably try to ride 25 miles every other day around my suburbs.
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Birding general

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Last threat reached bump limit and 404'd, so how about a new general birding thread where you can post photos, information, tips, and ask questions.

Pic related, American Kestrels I saw on my last trip.
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/out/ movies

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name your favourite /out/ movie. NO INTO THE WILD ALLOWED
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