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Trail Runners

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My Salomon xa pro 3Ds are reaching the end of their lives. I’m happy with them so should I get another pair or is there something out there better? I hear the altra lone peak 4.5s have some comfort issues in the heel. What do you guys use.
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What's the hat situation?

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I need to get some kind of sun hat for sun/rain. Any solid brands? I've never had a hat with "breathable mesh." Does that stuff make any difference?

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>buy cheap habanero seeds at walmart
>plant them
>take so many fucking precautions to protect my precious habanero plant by moving it daily from sun to shadow and watering it daily
>ffw 2+ months
>Finally sprouts flowers
>check what i need to do to get the flower fertilised
>turns out its a completely different plant
What the fuck am i growing?

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What is the farthest you've hiked in one day?
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My backpack just arrived. Going to go /out/ for real for first time. Not going to return home until summer is over

Am I gonna make it? I stand at there door too nervous to go out, I been hyping for this for so many months
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Historic/LARP /out/

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Semi-regular catch-all thread for nerd related /out/ings! Reenacting, mountain man/buck skinner rendezvous, medieval pilgrim campers, LARPing, whatever.

Pic related. Just got some goodies from Townsend's last weekend.
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How do Canadian territories and provinces rank in terms of /out/ness?

Amerifat here. I love BC and assume it ranks highly
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swiss army knives

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what is the bare minimum combo of tools that a swiss army knife should have for it to be practical for (1) self-defense and (2) /out/door survival?
I would also appreciate your knowledge re longevity/endurance and authenticity of material
t. poorfag who wants to buy the cheapest but most efficient type
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so was he retarded /out/?
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What is the superior multi-tool and why is it leatherman?
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