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What would slugs be best for /out/?

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I never use these, what would slugs be best for /out/?

>inb4 zombies/bigfoot
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Do you guys have seperate boots/shoes for winter? Is it worth getting dedicated footwear for cold weather? Atm i just take the sole out of my boots to make room for thicker socks.
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Where can I learn about geology? Can anyone recommend some interesting books about the topic?
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Backpacking/Camping in California Bread

Hello /out/, I'm planning on going camping for 3 days and 2 nights with 3 friends this December, and I was wondering if you knew any nice secluded places to camp/backpack in CA. Pic related is Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument, which I was thinking of going to, but I can't find much about it on the internet, although it looks gorgeous.
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>Dude, isn't winter time just wonderful?
>No mosquitoes, no pollen, beautiful snow...
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Why do people that hunt deer hide in tree stands? I've been /out/ hiking in a few states ranging from the north east to the west and I've seen deer wandering around. Why hide in a stand when you can just hike around and find them?
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/nightwalk/ general

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Anyone else /nightwalk/ ?

It clears your mind so much it's unbelievable. Everything becomes so clear and conscious which enables you to solve complex questions / issues that have been plaguing your existence

Got a crisis going on in your life? get fucking walking. Need a reason to live? bathe in the light of the moon.
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Pooping in the woods

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I'm kinda new to camping so i'll ask my questions and hopefully you guys will be kind enough to answer them for me.

1) Are piss and poop bad for a forest?

2) How do you correctly shit in a forest?

3) What do you do with your poop afterwards?
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Does /out/ prep?
Do you have any plans and/or safeguards in place for shft?
From prepping for a few days, few weeks/months, or even total post societal collapse?
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It's been 2 years. RIP
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