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What happens if you encounter one of these on a night hike?
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Does anyone know what these are, also are they edible ?
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Why is gerber the most undervalued brand?
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Juneau, Alaska

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>tfw flights to Juneau from the East Coast are surprisingly inexpensive

Is Juneau a good city to go /out/? Evidently, Tongass National Forest isn’t too far away. Would it be accessible if I don’t have a car?
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How poor is this hiking pace? When training, should I focus on elevation gain or distance?
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/out/ spook thread

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What's the scariest thing that's happened to you innawoods?

Summer of 2015 I had a guy follow me and my friends while backpacking through the Sawtooth Mountains in northern Minnesota.
It was raining for about three or four days straight and my friends were getting really pissy about the weather but really pushed ourselves through the terrain once we noticed that sometimes on the trails we kept seeing the same guy behind us, but he would never pass us or make a camp in the same campsite. It must've been five days of seeing the guy about 100 yards behind us without him passing, and then he stopped appearing after a group of a dozen or so college girls passed us in the other direction. It was kinda weird. The youngest of our group kept saying somebody was in our campsite in the middle of the night but nobody wanted to go see.
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Its that time of year again.
I was doing some yardwork, cutting down some poison ivy from my tree so the neighbor kids dont get pwned. I was careful to wear full length clothing and gloves, but neglected to wash my blade. I think some of the resin stayed on there and i picked some up the next time i used it. Long story short, some little bumps are appearing on my forearms and -skin. Ive definitely had worse ivy rashes but i was interested to see what remedies /out/ has that arent housewife science

Pic unrelated
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Hiking in the dark is terrifying
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>/out/ must read books
From fiction, to survival stories, to learning skills to plants guide. Post them.
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Does /out/ now any good places to go camping and fishing in this area? I bet there's at least some Poles here. I'm planning on going out for the first time in a foreign country but I dont really how much of a clue where to go