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/out/ jobs

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What kind of jobs or professions exist that directly relate with nature and outdoors? I don't necessarily mean Park Ranger or lawnmower guy, but anything where day-to-day work would deal with the nature around us.
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best hunting knife for me?

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I'm thinking of getting a new hunting knife. No gay batoning, I already have my grandfathers trusty hatchet, I need a durable, quality knife that can handle light skinning, sharpening and cutting some sticks, all around camp knife. I'm thinking of getting the Buck Pathfinder.
Is it a good choice?
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some /out/ accident in your life?
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UMM sweeties, why no /out/ car general?

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Discuss /out/ related car shit.
Post picture of your vehicle, ask questions, argue over what car to buy, and if 4x4 is even required, lust after Soviet dinosaurs, post interesting vehicles for sale in your area, etc
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Heading to oregon in the morning.
Hope to see you guys there!

Not sure how many /out/ists will actually make it to the gathering but I will post pics if there is cell service.
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/out/ I need a knife.
I'm an infanteer so I need something thats mainly a tool but push comes to shove maybe put it in someone (in the unlikely event I don't have a bayonet but whatever). I would ask /k/ but they just scream KABAR at me so I thought you'd be better
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post hot pictures of you while you are in the /out/doors
>easy mode: backyard campers are welcome too
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Gear Thead #2

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Let's talk gear, again.
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Roadkill Thread

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I live in a suburban area with a shitload of deer. They are killed all the time by cars (in addition to other critters of course). It's bad enough that the county pays for bow hunters to come in and cull the population. In the past 24 hours alone, I've seen two fat does dead on the shoulder.

>I want to start harvesting these animals. If possible I want to get the bodies REALLY FRESH, so I could potentially harvest the meat. I definitely would want to skin and try out different methods for preserving the pelt/hide. I've got experience with this from my days as a kiddo with a bb gun, and a back yard full of squirrels.

I'm in MD if anyone has better details. Google has yielded shit results, and I was wondering if anyone had any expertise or sage advice on this matter. I was wondering if I could get on some sort of call list? Or how should I go about getting better intel on very recent roadkill?

Pic isn't mine.
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