Disk space woes. and yes, posting links is STILL broken due to some issue with recaptcha that I can't fucking figure out.

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Just bought this bad boy.
What pack do you guys use for long trips?
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>tfw no /out/ gf that doesnt mind getting dirty
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Found these in my yard and my dog has been sick the past few days. Throwing up and diareah. Could anyone identify what mushroom this is, and is it toxic?
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Has anyone here gone caving?

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Is it dece? Would you recommend?
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I have a cordless blower that I blow stuff with around the house. Directions say to prime it 10 times and I accidentally primed probably 25. It did start and I blew for 10 minutes or so but it looks like the rubber button is getting filled with liquid, did I flood it? Should I have blown more to use that gas up or will it be okay sitting there till I wanna blow again? Sorry I'm a neet new to outdoor activities
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Wool blanket vs sleeping bag? On a budget, I already have a sleeping bag but it is very large. Using a hammock btw.
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What are these berries? Can I eat them?
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Autumn is here! In anticipation of the annual influx of fungally-related threads, here's a one-stop shop for everything--

Tips, questions, mushroom ID, bragging, and discussion.

If you want a mushroom ID'd, please take pictures of the cap, gills, and stem!
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What longboards do you guys use?

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I have this deck with 69mm silicon wheels.
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What is the best water bottle for going /out/?

Thinking about getting this 38 oz stainless steel nalgene
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