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I was outside yesterday with some friends at a festival, and they had this dancer inside a bubble, which we've never seen before. A whole place was dedicated just for her to dance in, and I'm not so sure how she even got inside the bubble. I wonder how much air she has in there, because we watched for about 15 or 20 minutes before leaving, and then seeing her dance again for about 25 minutes. It seemed pretty cool
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Northeast meetup #5

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I'm going to post this again in the hope some people are still coming to this

I'm actually getting real frustrated and fucking pissed off with the number of people that seem to be pulling out at the last minute. Why bother saying you'll come if you're not 100% sure, I just don't get it

There's some genuine tards seem intent on causing trouble on /out/. I recommend they do not bother coming to Long Lake because I (and others too I suspect) will not hesitate to punch teeth in if anyone starts shit. srs

Anyway, attendees so far (post location + dates to join list)
>Albany, NY - 6/21, 6/22 - 15' sailboat, 14' canoe
>Waterloo, ON - 6/22 and 6/23
>Northern VT - 6/21-6/24ish
>NE, CT - 6/21-6/24, 22nd at Plumley's
>NW, CT - 6/21-6/24
>Boston, MA - 6/21-6/24, maybe + wife/buddy, giving NH a ride
>NH1 - 6/21-6/24, bus + riding up w/Boston guy
>Lancaster, PA - 6/21-6/24 - 17' canoe
>Delaware Cty, NY - 6/21-6/24
>PA Dad - 6/22-6/24 + 2 sons
>Manassas, VA - 6/21-6/24
>Buffalo, NY - 6/21-6/24
>Greenfield MA - ?dates, maybe + GF
>2 hrs NW guy - prob stopping by
>Miami, FL - ?dates, heading over for sure, +other anons?
>NJ3, Ocean City - ?dates
>? Montreal - if DJT lets him cross
>? Central, CT - if other plans fall thru
>? Quebecnigger - has expressed interest
>? Couple Mainers
>? LI possibly - scouted site
>? NJ1 possibly
>? NJ2 possibly + friend, needs to look at sched
>? OH possibly
>? PA possibly
>? NH2 + friend possibly
>Hopewell Bigwoods, PA
>***Updated 5/27/18***
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What are my actual risks of encountering a bear while camping? I’ll be spending the night in Tahoe and that recent thread on the bear attacking has me spooked.
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I always wondered if a shovel can serve as a substitute to an axe, at least for a short trip. Especially after watching that chink video, which does look impressive.
I used this heavy as fuck, built like a tank, old polish saperka, sharpened the sides pretty well.
Took it innawoods about 2 months ago.
The results ware not promissing.
Sure, it can cut some shit, and shit accesories, but nowhere near as good as an axe. Even though the 'blade' is in the middle of the grip, unlike in most other army shovels.
And even though it's very durable, it still started to move a bit.

I'm pretty sure any other "entrenching tool" that has moving parts would quickly fall apart. I have a east german one, west german one, they all started to get looss after just a few swings.

Just my few cents.
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Before joining my school out club, I never realized how many fat chicks pretend to like hiking. So many fat girls sign up but few come to meetings and fewer still go on trips. Are they in denial or just delusional?

Anyone else notice this?
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>Following the search for a missing man in Eagle River, and a bear attack on one of those looking for him, the hiker, Mike Soltis, was found killed, authorities confirmed Wednesday afternoon.

>Soltis was attacked and killed by a bear, according to APD spokesperson Renee Oistad. Whether that is the same bear that attacked a victim, is not yet known.

Why didn't either spray the bear?
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Where to camp in Finland?

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Yo Finnish brethren! I've moved to Helsinki and im curious what some of the best parks are. Im from Washington State and am used to off trail camping in the Olympic National Park. Im just hoping for some suggestions. Kiitos!
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/out/ists, can you explain to me why normies like camping? What do they do when they're camping?

I live in Denver and every woman lists "camping" as a fucking interest. We all know they drive 2 hours west and park with a bunch of other normies, drink beer while burning grocery store firewood, and hike maybe a mile or two a day. That shit is boring as fuck.

What is the point? Am I missing something about this "camping" they do?
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Desert /out/

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Friendly remeber that only true men go /out/ to the desert.
I dont know what the desert have but its the max comfy.
Do you like it too?
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Help a newbie out

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Henlo frens of /out/ in about a month or so I'll be flying to Kosovo to backpack the entire country with my pal, thing is I've never backpacked before and I need to know everything there is, what equipment do I need? What do I need to be prepared for? How do I do the thing? Help!
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