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What's the best place (state forest/national forest) in Michigan to camp?

I'm looking to go winter camping in late December

I'm looking
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Minimal offgrid electric consumption

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How much electricity does one need for a "normal life" offgrid (having an office job, not going full survivalist) ?

I don't know where to post this, sorry if I'm in the wrong board but I don't think this belong on /diy/ or /k/.

I unplugged all the electric appliances I could and tried to live a week without electricity. My fridge, electric heater and hot water heater were the only things working but I still managed to spend 10kwh despite using a solar panel to charge my phone and computer.

What is the minimal offgrid electric consumption one could reach ?
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Daily reminder that if you aren't carrying AT LEAST one of pic related on your backpacking trips, you aren't truly /out/.

Also, cast iron general.
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What's the deal with buying overpriced shit when great and proven useful military stuff is available for cheap?
Really, when i look for some tools:
>If you want to go /out/ you need this knife, it cuts slices of tomatoes 0.0005mm thinner than any other knife and it's only double the price...
>You need this hatchet because it's able to split wood and it's only the same price as a chainsaw...
meme shilling all over the place. Why?
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Patch thread

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What's on your backpacks, s/cout/s?
Pic is my favourite patch, reminds me of English riverside glens and the feeling of not having a girlfriend
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Van life/camping

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What is the /out opinion on van life?

I'm strongly considering buying a used cargo van (3k-4k) or maybe a medium cargo trailer (2-3k) plus a Jeep wrangler or something as a 4x4 tow vehicle. Thenspending 3-4k more on converting it into an off grid camper, with basic solar, and enough water/propane storage to stay out of the towns for a week or so at a time. I would take 6 months to go all the way around the boarder states of the U.S. with a detour to the grand canyon. Living expenses, as far as I can see, with gas, food, insurance, ect... is about $1,200 a month while on the move.

Sorry if this is a common topic, it's been a while since I've been on /out.
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/out/ humor thread?
Lmao at this design.
Anyone have any experience with Rough Rider knives? Aside from the stupid design pictured, something finally sold me on their product (mainly the three bladed whittler with the tapered backspring). I like my Case Peanut (wish I could afford GEC) and any Victorinox and also on the other side of the spectrum my Manix 2, but would be interested in a cheaper slipjoint I may be able to abuse a bit. Anyone have experience with Rough Rider? Anyone know of any cheap brands of slipjoint that have carbon steels (1095, CV, etc)?
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What's the most dangerous thing you've done while /out/?

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What is more survivable: class 5 hurricane or ground zero of a volcanic eruption?
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You are stuck at the north (or south) pole. Only decent clothing, a handgun and 12 bullets, and a 12 ounce bottle of water. What do you do?
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