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The plastic/resin around my sleeping pad's inflation valve cracked so now it can't hold air.

What can I seal this with?
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Are custom knives viable to go /out/?

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Would you trust a custom knife as your primary? Do you carry one? If you use one, Who made it? Counting axes and machetes as well.
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Is carrying a weapon in known bear/wolf country being too paranoid? Having an argument and I’m saying it’s totally legit logic to carry. What say you?
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Does anybody know of any good resources to learn land navigation? Like a good youtube channel or something. The navy never taught any of that (obviously) and I was never in any boy/eagle scout program. I just think it'd be a good skill to have.
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terrifying /out/ webms

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just lifted this off /tv/. fuck diving forever.
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Any other /out/men live in the best state? (Utah)
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Signal booster

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Do signal boosters actually work? I have verizon and am planning a major roadtrip in the outdoors. Would anyone recommend one to get? Also does it need a power source? Guessing it does and only via my truck when it is on it will work?
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ok so i've just bought this tent that i would like to use for long trips and i would like to know what do you think about it? I know probably i should have asked for opinions before buying it but eh, i've already done it so there's nothing i can do about that.
It's called Bertoni Xtreme and it's from an italian brand, i've spent 200 € for it, was it a nice purchase in your opinion?

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Looking to get myself a wallet multitool for reasons. What would you recommend? Wallet Ninja looks like a meme.
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How long could you realistically survive while /out/?

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If the electrical grid was taken down, by a nuke or a solar storm, how long could you survive? Many scientists say that over 80% of the population would die out with in the first year of such an event. What are your long term survival plans? How long could you stay alive?
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