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Lily has the sweetest little but whole. I would lay her out on that tropical beach like a blanket and lay in to that like a John Deere Tractor in a Iowa corn field. Forget motor boating. I'm talking about PLOWING.
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I just bought a van. I want to visit all the national parks in the US. Anyone else doing something like this?
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How do you guys not freak out being in the woods alone at night
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Homegrowmen Thread #188 Farming and Gardening

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First time posting in /out/. Shit I think like my 3rd time every clicking on here. Quick question.

Why would someone climb K2 or Mount Everest?. Is it simply "to get a sense of achievement/accomplishment"?.

Is that really it or something I'm missing?. Aren't there more beneficial ways to feel a sense of achievement/accomplishment than blowing money and putting yourself in dangers way for a synthetic benchmark?. Do most commoners agree with me while the K2 experience is some rich man's dream? or would most commoner outdoorsman sell a left nut to go through that?.
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"Hi I'm Zap and this is Scooter! What's your trail name Anon?"
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Questions that don't deserve their own thread, stupid questions general

Didn't see one up.

Well guys, I did it. I bought a cabin in the woods and am going off grid. I have 14 acres of beautiful woodland.

First order of business is getting a chainsaw to clear woodland and prep firewood. Also in the market for a good ax.

I don't want to spend more than I have to, but I don't want to cheap out either. Any recommendations?
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Was Ted Kaczynski Right?

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Elon Musk recently unveiled this project. In it he detailed that he had used a laser to drill into a monkey's brain and microchip it.
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Outdoor tea thread.
Post teas
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Google "Pentagon Weaponized Ticks"

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BREAKING: this is not a drill, bros...
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