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What knife does /out/ prefer for camping/hiking/surviving
I personally think you can't go wrong with a good ole' USMC KA-BAR
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Can we have a prepping thread going on? Long time no see.

Some topics to discuss
>Sustainable living
>Geography/Types of events you prepare for
>First aid training
>Individual/Family/Friends/Community prepping approach
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Continued from last thread
You know the drill
> Pic is small abandoned fort in LIthuanian woods
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How does /out/ shit ?
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Do i have to go outside in a place like this?
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Alone TV Show

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Third episode is out,
Get in here.
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Anyone know what's going on here? Cant seem to find an answer on google.
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What do you eat when going /out/?
What do you think about MRE?
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What does /out/ thinks of primitivism?
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