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I'm from the Netherlands. It is illegal to camp in the woods, to make a fire, etc etc. Looking for some folks here either from the Netherlands or other countries where this is not allowed. How do you camp? Any special tips?

I'm going fucking insane indoors. The weather is amazing, I'm thinking of going into the woods and go bushcraft mode one day + night.

I would need to find the most wooded spot in the entire country to do this because we don't have lots of dense forests. I was thinking of finding some hilly terrain and going in a lower area, hang up a hammock and make a small fire, but I don't know how well smoke can be seen by others in some areas.
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Help. Every time I wear boots or shoes, my sock are wet from sweat after only an hour or so.

How can I solve this? Should I go sandals?
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Got all of yosemite to myself what do?

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any good backpacking trips or should I just car camp?
pretty cold and its been snowing for more than a week now.
but the park is shut down and the world is my oyster. any ideas?
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Scout general

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>decide not to go on the chamboree back in 2017
>don’t get selected for the America jamboree
>Essex jamboree cancelled due to chinky virus


Who else here /Scout/

What is the best method for germinating seed?

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I recently bought some seeds to start indoors for my patio. Nothing too crazy. Oregano, basil, chives, parsley, cilantro for herbs. Morning glorys, Chinese-forget-me nots, and pansys for flowers. But I can't decide which method is best.

Soaking them in water or paper towel method. Is there any better or preferred ways that ensures their development?

Any advice appreciated!
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How do I get a more substainable and eco-friendly life anons ?
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Could you handle K2?
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Fair Folk

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How do we stop our blond autistic children from getting abducted by fairies Innawoods

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Post rock stacks you are currently working on
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Fuckin Australia

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Why do you get all the good nature? I live in Australia, everything is fucking dead or infested with bogans. And that isn't even mentioning the fucking flies! I just want a bit of woodland, not Mad fucking Max!
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