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>live in flat state
>only ever seen big mountains in pictures
>never thought they were that big, probably qbout the size of an average sized building
>"oh, 15,000 feet huh? That's probably only sea level"
>never really seen anything to scale
>looking at 360 image of Mt Rainier on Google Maps earlier
>realize I'm up in the clouds, overlooking dozens of miles of landscape
>look at mountain and see the cameraman is almost to the top
>look closer
>zoom in on some tiny dots surrounding the base of where we are
>it's all fucking people, probably a mile away
>realize I've misjudged the pure size and scope of mountains my entire life

I think I might have given myself megalophobia, but at the same time I'm super interested in visiting one myself. Is Mt Rainier a good place to start?
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Dogs pooping in the ski track

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Is this the most disgusting thing ever? It makes me so fucking furious you have no idea. The next time I see a pooper in the track I will fucking mow over both the dog and the owner with my steel edged skis. Fuck them so fucking hard
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This is correct.

p.s. yuropoors feel free to do europe
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Conifier vs leaf trees?

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I see there's a lot of hate going both ways on this topic and it never even occurred to me this was a thing. I have basically never seen anything other than conifer forests before, so it made curious why some people hate it so much. What's better with leaf forests?
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oh no no no no how will conifer fags ever recover

this meme was made by lush deciduous gang.
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Why Do You Go Out?

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What's out there for you?
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I fucking hate these.

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Every trendy fuck has one. I passed someone on a trail with two of them. Fucking two.
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What should I know about buying large amounts of land (100+ acres)?
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Are flare guns worth buying and carrying?
What kind of emergency equipment does /out/ bring?
(a gun is a tool, I mean for devices dedicated to emergency use only)
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