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How wild camp in a small country with little to no vegetation and a well-developed police state.
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Urban Trapping

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Anyone else hunt in the Urban Jungle?

Today I started with a figure four deadfall trap to deal with rats. Just after dusk it caught a rat, flattened it to the thickness of a burger. Yum. I tie the bait to the stick so they have to pull the stick to get the bait.
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Gear thread #9: Christmas edition

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Previous thread: >>1137847

ITT: We discuss gear, ask and answer questions, and post our own stuff.

To get the ball rolling, are any of you anons planning on giving some specific gear to friends/family for the holidays? A local hardware store around here had some normally $40 Buck knives on for $12, so I got a couple for gifting to people.
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Big Knife Thread

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You may only post ITT if your knife's blade is 5" or longer.
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Recent /out/s

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Show me them pics. Been out camping inna woods this weekend, first time in a tarp. Got to make prints in the fresh snow. Feels good man.
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What kind of music does /out/ listen to? Looking for something to put together for backpacking through the Sierras.
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IFAK general

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hey bois . got a question about ifak's , last time i was riding to work i spotted a dude that was trying to kill himself , he had his wrists cut and was bleeding quite strongly , i had a medkit with me but it was insufficient , all i had was sum plasters and antiseptics , no gloves either . all i did was call an ambulance , luckily they came after 5 mins . the question i am giving , what's the best IFAK i can make , and which container/bag should i look for the equipment ?
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leave no trace is fucking stupid
it's fucking retarded
>let's penalize EVERYONE because some cunts don't know how to properly manage a fire

i got busted by a park ranger recently because i made a fire to melt some snow, let me off with a warning at least. why the fuck does this shit exist?
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Tfw want to get into more outdoors things but I live in Australia so ill just die
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Anyone ever hiked in 8 inch boots; What waterproof hiking boots do you recommend?
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