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I have been several months thinking seriously about being a hermit, I am fed up with this society, I want to be quiet in the forest submerged by the stars every night and eating real food, free of hormones, toxic elements and shit. Just imagine, it would be hard but you would be without paying taxes, without getting up at 6 am to be 8 hours at work, without debts, without degeneracy, without seeing whores in instagram, a simple life free of worries, and if you die you become one with nature instead of being buried in a crappy cemetery in a city being forgotten, surrounded by thousands of other tombstones that nobody cares anymore.
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Antler restoration

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I shot this buck a few years ago and it sat outside for about a year. Im trying to get the antlers back to looking as closs to the original condition as I can. Ive seen products that you can use to do this and also have seen people use coffee grounds. Has anyone done this before and if so what was the better method?
Pic related.

Travel Trailer Thread

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Why is it a bad idea to live in a fiberglass 4 season trailer and live on a plot of purchased land or boondocking in national parks?
Escapes the debt Jew and prevents you from being denied service or housing due to the incoming mark is the beast.

>buy or finance a nice trailer
>acquire acreage for relatively cheap
>drop the trailer

Bigfoot seems to be the best brand.
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SCUBA Diving General - /sdg/

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I'm going to give this a try.

SCUBA = Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

Since this is the first (maybe last?) thread I guess a good start would be asking anons some questions:
>Have you tried or thought about trying it?
>Are you certified (what certs, how many dives)?
>Experiences so far?

>Why bother?
It's a pretty based hobby if you like getting wet. Staying and breathing underwater for longer periods of time exposes you to a completely different world and experience. You should at least try this once in your lifetime. Also, there's no talking underwater (except occasional hand signals), so you won't have to deal with nagging from other people except for a short period on the surface.
>Is it expensive?
Any hobby has its expenses. If you choose to own your own gear instead of renting it you'll quickly drive up quite a hefty cost. However, if you turn out to be an active diver the initial investment is usually worth it over time.
>Isn't SCUBA diving dangerous?
Yes, you could die with very little effort (hold your breath and ascend: boom, you're dead). You should keep this in mind every time you dive. The risk is worth it though, and quite low when it comes to recreational diving between or shallower than 18-20 meters.
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Ive heard almost 5 different stories all in the area of Appalachia from the past 30 years of people out in the woods looking for campers, killing them, burning down their campaigners and taking bodies. Has anybody had experience seeing people like this or finding remains? This seems like an actual issue
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I thought better of you, /out/
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Please post cute /out/ girl pictures.
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i need help anons

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i live in north africa , what is the best way a person can become self-sufficient with as little money as possible (pic related)
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Solo camping?

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Is solo camping weird if you don't have a dog? I have the means, just no one to go camping with (single as well).
Do you guys solo camp?
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Movie Night

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What are some good expedition/explorer movies/docs/YouTube vids to watch while I'm stuck in the house /out/?

I just watched Alone Across The Arctic on Prime Video. Shoalts seems like a good rugged chap.
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