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Post your your most recent or worst /out/ related injury

>by campfire waiting for food to warm up
>decide I should try to make my own spoon for once
>grab a piece of firewood and start whittling away
>lose grip of wood probably because it's so cold and my hands arent working
>slice right through the tip of my finger and piece of my fingernail
>hurts and bleeds like a motherfucker
>luckly didn't require stitches
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Soon to be homeless, again.

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Hello /out/ due to the fact I'm a total failure at everything I do I have 1 month to get ready for what is going to be probably the hardest and longest bout of homelessness yet.
I've slept rough many times, but always eventually managed to access some sort of temporary accommodation, especially in the winter months. Now, for many reasons that's not an option anymore.

So, I ask the masters of travelling and the /out/doors, how the fuck do I not freeze to death out there?
I have a full set of cold weather work clothes and a big down coat, but that's the best I got for clothes.

>TLDR need any and all help, advice and tips for winter homelessness.
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ITT: Wild Birds and other animals you've seen while /out/

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Been a while since we've had a thread like this. Post your pics of birds and other animals you've seen while outdoors! Since my interest is birding, I've got plenty of pics of birds, but I've also seen coyotes, bobcats, deer, and other small mammals (chipmunks, squirrels, river otters, etc.) So post your pics and stories related to wildlife encounters here. Also post here for ID help and photography tips etc.

Pic related, American Kestrel I saw recently.
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Fixed Blades Thread

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If you carry only one fixed blade on a several day outing, what would it be?
If you carried two fixed blades, what would they be?
I am mostly interested in style of blade, but the manufacturer is also of interest.

There was a pretty good thread a while back, I kept some of the pics.
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Found this in Canberra, Australia in a foresty area then I cleaned it. What kind of animal is it and can I sell it for much?
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Europoor wants to get /out/

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So long story short, things in my country are not going too well (ethnic tension that has been going up for years), and I would like to keep my paranoia at bay by doing something, just in any case. What books on survivalism and prepping would you recommend? I am most interested in how to keep myself fit, camouflage and the basic principles of survivalism and moving in and out of areas where civili unrest is going down.
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Fatherless Retards

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Fatherless Retards General [frg]

Ask your dumb questions and they will be answered by a guy with a father

First question, how do I shit outside? Drop trou and squeeze it out, out of sight of normies, cover with a rock a go
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Considering Jack Frost is currently a full 4 inches up your lower gastrointestinal tract if you're anywhere in the northern hemisphere, what are the best winter hats/methods of keeping your head warm? I personally use a polish military surplus winter tank helmet with the ear muffs replaced with down when I'm /out/.
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why are grouper the tastiest fish in the USA?
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