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What /out/ activities are there for big boned people?
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Are rain jackets a meme? All the praise I see for Gore-Tex feels like it's paid advertising and only really see normies use shit like the North Face, is it best just to use some poncho or get a regular jacket and waterproof it instead?
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>hiking in forest
>lightning catches it on fire
How do you prepare for and respond to this?
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/out/ pics thread- share pictures of interesting or visually appealing things you've caught on camera!
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Campground Car Camping

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No fancy, hardcore shit. Just relaxing, fooding, drunking, casual stuff.

What do you like doing when doing?
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Hey /out/ I need help finding a solid pair of boots. The last pair I had were similar to pic related. I do field work and live in the Midwest so I need a pair that can last in the snow. I obviously don't want fashion boots and I'd like comfortable seeing as I'll be hiking around in them. I was thinking of getting Chippewas, but wanted to get other opinions
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>Climbing mountainlets
Seriously /out/?
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Just climbed up mount San jacinto yesterday to the peak it was gorgeous 10/10 would do again. You fellas know anyother good hikes like this near San Diego?
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Dehydrated meals

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Been looking at a dehydrator to prep meals for the trail. There is obvious things like beef stew and pastas. Anyone have good recommendations on one that is good but wont break the bank? Also post your recipes.
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Bay Area overnights

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Hi guys

What’s the best area for a quick overnight in the Bay Area at this time of year. I have a 4 season tent, so I can stomach more aggressive Sierra options if possible. I also have a dog but I generally ignore all dog related rules as they are poorly communicated and retarded. Plus if fires are allowed. And I have a 4x4 so OHV trails welcome too.
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