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Does moisture wicking clothing actually work for any of you? I've tried using it or wearing long sleeve shirts that are supposed to help keep me cooler underneath my Columbia fishing button down and honestly it just makes me feel hotter and stuffier. Any advice?
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Does /out/ like bluegrass music?

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/OUT/ gear

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Almost done
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I'm camping overnight here. My method of transport is a shitty rowboat

You guys have any ideas on what I should bring?
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need this! where can i buy it?
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I'm heading off to Philmont soon, where I plan on nutting on the three main peaks (Phillips, Baldy, and Tooth of Time). Wish me luck /out/.
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Questions that don't deserve a thread of their own. I didn't see one up.

Names ideas for this cutie? Female, GSP. Going to be a hiking companion.
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Hey Spaniards I'm considering going there this summer to do a long distance trail, what do you guys have to say about the French way and the GR11? Can you camp along the trail? Also do any of these trails get to experience any decent "wilderness" as far as being away from any type of civilization?
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EDC thread

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Empty those pockets boy. Let's see what you carry
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Killbear Park

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Has anyone been to killbear park in Ontario? Would you recommend?
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