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Questions that don't deseve their own thread

Didn't see one in the catalog so I figured I'd get one going

I've been searching around for caves like pic related to camp out in but they seem to all be claimed by state parks that prohibit camping, any tips on finding any? Much appreciated
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Dog thread

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Dogs are the ultimate /out/ companion. Post your doggen.
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ITT: Waterfalls

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Post cool waterfalls here. Bonus points if you took the photo yourself.

Pic related, hiked to the top of Vernal Falls in Yosemite this summer.
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Post your rigs
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Who went /out/ this weekend?

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Who actually went? Post pics
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Joshua Tree Hidden Treasures

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Heading out to Joshua Tree this November for a three day weekend solo trip. Anyone who's well versed with the area know any hidden treasures away from the crowds that aren't found on everyone else's "Top 10 Things to do" list of Joshua tree. Difficulty isn't a problem. Rocking climbing gear isn't an option. Thanks
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Hey let's sneak up on animals by brightly showing them where we are!
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Boy Scouts Will Admit Girls

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"The Boy Scouts of America announced on Wednesday that girls will soon be allowed to become Cub Scouts and to earn the coveted rank of Eagle Scout, the organization’s highest honor."


" Earlier this year, the National Organization for Women urged the Boy Scouts to admit girls to the entire program, supporting the efforts of a New York teenager, Sydney Ireland, to attain the rank of Eagle Scout, as her older brother did.

"I just want to do what the Boy Scouts do — earn the merit badges and earn the Eagle Award," she told NBC News. "The Girl Scouts is a great organization, but it's just not the program that I want to be part of. I think girls should just have the opportunity to be a member of any organization they want regardless of gender." "

so, instead of fixing the girl scout program, they're going to make the boy scouts program worse
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>Americans can't into deep woods or animal behavior

Where were you when you realized americans have a child's understanding of the forest?

I was on /x/ talking about people dissapearing in the forests of canada when I got bombarded by americans crying about how nothing in the woods can hurt you and how big their forests were.

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