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Anyone here wakeboard? If so are you boat or cable?

Crappie Removal From A Farm Pond

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My 16 yo brother likes to fish on the pond on our newly aquired land. However he wants to catch bass and there's only a shit load of crappie and some catfish in it. I recently learned that crappie are the niggers of pond ecosystems, and it's impossible to breed catfish and bass in the same pond where there are many crappie. There are many methods for removing crappie but those methods will harm the catfish my brother wants to keep.

We can't go electrofishing because it affects catfish more than crappie/perch.

My solution is to use our seine line + boat + feeding pellets to draw in fish to a certain place, net them up, then sort out the catfish from the nigger crappie. Then repeat this process in quadrants until the pond loses most of its' crappie population.

Though the seine net genocide method is the most effective it is very time consuming. Is there any way we can genocide the nigger crappie without using as many resources? I know I can't completely destroy the crappie population, though I do want to limit it extremely so bass and catfish can grow.
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Axe thread

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I really want an axe to call my own but I have no spare income and can't ask my parents for money. I really want something that can truly be mine and I could pass down to my children but I only have like 50 or so dollars saved. I don't want a synthetic handle because I've tried it out on other to tools and just can't get behind it. Sorry for the bad format, I'm on mobile. Any help /out/?
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Is mushroom hunting /out/? I found these mushrooms under a cluster of ash junipers today, it's been fairly rainy and warm. They look like real chanterelles but I'm not enough of an expert to tell for sure between this and the Jack o Lantern, which grows in my area.
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>he doesn’t take one with him /out/
I am disappointed, anon.
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Who was on the wrong here, /out/?
Went fishing for the first time since childhood, spent an hour finding and killing two caterpillars, trouts just swam around instead, none of those twats wanted to get hooked up.
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Consider this

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>no rocks bigger than a fist
>no metal
>tall grass, heather and sand
How do I go about making a container for boiling/cooking? Pic related
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/out/door pets thread

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post pics of your outdoor pets
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A tree got struck by lightning in my mom’s suburb and I got a piece of it. What should I carve it into?
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city life

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Are people who claim to enjoy the city life retarded/conditioned or is it a legitimate preferance a healthy human can have?

Serious question, have a friend who I like talking to, but whenever she visits my small country town she talks about how she could not live without being able to meet new people or visit different venues/social events whenever she feels like it. I really would like to try to understand that.
inb4 >slut
she ain't a slut, but bluepilled af and depressed
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