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abandoned mine

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so im in colorado near alamosa in a small town named platoro. I found a mine shaft (pic related) i found it last year and came back and dug it out the side of a mountain. Any advice on what to do? i looked at a geological survey website and didnt find anything in that area. i have the coordinates but im gonna keep them to myself for now.
any advice on if i can claim it?
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Where in real life does this sort of place exist? I've been looking at Colorado and Sweden. Anywhere else to find a real version of pic related?
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hey /out/, I don't post here often but recently I've decided I really want to start kayaking and canoeing but I've never done either and I don't really know where to start, can I just go to a sporting place, buy a kayak, and find a body of water and paddle away? or do I have to register it with the state, get a special licence, etc? where am I allowed to kayak? can I do it in state parks? my friends and I are planning a lot of camping trips around idaho, utah, and colorado so I'm trying to learn as much as I can. do I need to take a kayaking class to not drown? honestly it seems like the kind of thing I could master pretty quickly on my own, but idk.

tl;dr: how do i into kayaking?
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post your kits

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Been ages pal
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What company makes classic style boots of high quality? I walked through an REI and was displeased by the ugly designs of their offerings.

(Puttees optional)
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Does /out/ read poetry?
It's the most /out/ art form for me.
Anyone want to share some?
Fuck if you've written any I want to hear it too.
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How Do I Get /fit/ For Backpacking in 1 Month?

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oh fuck oh shit guys I agreed to go backpacking with some friends and I am not ready for the 3 mile hike in to the campspot. It's next month and I have that long to get ready. I tried a half mile hike and I wasn't even ready for that. oh fuck I'm so shitted
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Water Bladders

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I’ve always been a bottle kind of guy, but am thinking about giving a bladder a try for the summer months. I generally take an osprey kestrel 32 pack for dayhikes and am thinking of pairing a platypus bigzip evo or the osprey hydraulics 3L reservoir to it. I’m thinking I’ll fill it to 2-2.5L and also carry a full 750ml smart water bottle as a backup. I’m a little worried about managing water consumption. What say you, /out/? Which bladder should
I go with
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Nature Recording General

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It's been too long since the last thread. I miss the noises.
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Why do normies claim to like hiking but never actually go?
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