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Anon is starving

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I'm getting really hungry guys... Would it be legal to use a pellet gun to hunt rock doves in San Antonio in my backyard? I searched the municipal ordinance library and couldn't find anything saying discharging a pellet gun is illegal.
Rock doves can be hunted year round as long as I have hunting license so this should be fine right?
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how do I keep my dog warm when taking him backpacking?
Do they make dog down bags?
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>want to cook something nice while camping
>go to youtube to get ideas
>click on video that looks interesting
>video starts with them walking slowly through the woods towards/past the camera
>builds a fire for the next 10 minutes
>watch them boil spaghetti and add sauce
>click on next video
>starts with them walking slowly through the woods towards/past the camera...

Why does every video start off this way? I've seen every chucklefuck on youtube build a fire I don't need to see it every time
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Hey /out/
My mom wants to do a controlled burn for her yard, front and probably back. Any tips?

I'm located in StL Missouri, humidity is probably going to stay pretty low when it's not raining, like today.
It's a pretty small house, the lawn is probably no bigger than 40'x10', with the back yard being slightly bigger

My neighbor did one maybe about 3 weeks ago, which was probably a better time to do it, but I'm not seeing any real grass growth except for weeds so maybe it'll work out?

pic hopefully unrelated
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I'm not American.

Please explain to me what this shit is, and why everyone on this board shits on it non-stop.

Is it some kind of suburban shopping mall place that sells clueless baby boomers and weekend warriors cheap Chinese junk for 3000% markups? Some kind of richfag store that exclusively sells normie-targeted Premium Brands® gear that perform just as well as cheaper brands that cost 1/10th of the price? A pseudo-milsurp store that sells crappy tacticool shit marketed at LARPing fatasses and teenagers? A hipster place that sells artisan sleeping bags hand-sewn from organic vegan materials for $1,000?

Why is this thing the bane of every American poster's existence?
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Hey, guys. Need some quick suggestions here. My best friend is got married last week and they just booked a place for a big party on Saturday. I'm looking for something related to the outdoors that that can use together. Some piece of gear or activity they can do together. Decent hammock would have been great, but that's what I got him last year.
Anyways, I'll take any suggestions. Thanks fellas.
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Urbex thread/
Ready, steady, Go!
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/gear/ - Gear thread #11: Gerber suspension edition

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Previous thread: >>1212391

ITT: We discuss gear, ask and answer questions, and post our own stuff.

Gonna start posting unanswered questions from the old thread in the OP from here on out. Answer them if you feel like it.

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Recommend me some decent sunglasses that don't feel shit to wear and won't break/get scratched the fuck up the first time they fall off my face. Not trying to make a fashion statement, I've just got light eyes and am tired of squinting.
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shit that will fuck you up

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Camping my way back to Ontario from Idaho, gonna be sleeping/hiking around in Dinosaur NM, somewhere around Denver, and the Black Hills/Badlands. How prevalent are predators this time of year, and is it a good idea to bring a gun? Also, with regards to bears, what should I do for food storage? I've done a lot of /out/ shit in Ontario, so I'm pretty familiar with hanging stuff, but there don't seem to be a ton of trees in Dinosaur and the Black Hills. What do yall western /out/ists do to store your food?
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