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straight line hike

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If I wanted to hike long distance in a straight line to make a good youtubes - like the geowiz guy, what would be somethings I would have to do so its not a lame clone of an adventure?

Any recommendations appreciate.

I just got really inspired and wanted to make sure if I do it , if there is anything I should do to make it more interesting content?

>In before do it naked

Serious discussion would be good.

For instance:
Should I camp on the route?
Am I allowed to take detours aslong as I rejoin the line at the same spot?
Should I do it alone?
Is there anything I need to make sure I dont fail miserably?

Thanks for your time.
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Comfy Autumn thread

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Looking forward to a good Autumn season. Just an Autumn thread about all good things about Fall.


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Amateur Radio is a great accessory to the being /out/. Ham radio allows you to:

>Use lightweight handitalkies to communicate with a range of several miles to dozens of miles (dep on terrain)
>Communicate in emergency situations where no cell phone towers are in range
>Use APRS to keep track of the GPS location and keep in contact with your group
>Participate in /out/door ham contests

What can I do with amateur radio in the great outdoors?

>Summits on the Air: take a portable HF/VHF rig to a picturesque mountain summit, throw up a wire antenna, and activate it by making contacts with people all over the world, info:
>Parks on the Air: take your HF rig to a state or national park, find a nice quiet spot, activate the park, info:
>Microwave: build microwave antennas and use them to make contacts from one mountain peak to another

Due to the influx of chinese equipment, new ham radio equipment prices are at all time lows. With boomers dying off the same is true of used equipment. You can get started in the hobby for as little as $30.

>How do I get started?
You start with your tech license, this gives you access to the higher frequencies VHF. It requires taking a 35 question test on the basics of radio which you can take in your local area and costs $15. Once you have that you can upgrade to General or Extra which will give you access to all frequencies.

Study the materials

Find an exam session
>(don’t be intimidated, they genuinely want you to get licensed)

More resources
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Love or Hate CheapRVLiving, but he's speaking straight facts

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Living an entirely mobile life is just about as /out/ as it can get. Why wageslave for the rest of your life to MAYBE enjoy 10 years of retirement when you could hit the road and take full advantage of your youth? I've seen people converting school buses, vans, trucks, and even jeeps into full time homes on the road to travel all over North and South America, and all around the world. You can survive on very little income, and even build out pretty /comfy/ rigs to travel in as well. Seriously considering quitting everything and doing this. What does /out/ think of the 21st Century Nomad life?

Some of the best examples: -- Ignore the annoying bitch host on this one, but great "schoolie" conversion
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/out/ watch threat

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Thinking about getting pic related. Gshock rangeman. Any opinions? Got a basic Casio already but want to upgrade.
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Bug out bag

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Do you have any bug out bag?

After certain events in my country (heavy rains and flooding in some areas) I just realized that I'm not ready if shit hits the fan and I'm considering building one of these.
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I was on /out/ when it first started. Over the years I left 4chan and gotten new computers. Can I have some of the classic /out/ memes?
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Off grid stuff!

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so, me and my wife are taking the leap! We move to our ten acres in April with a yurt to live in while we build our house.
Couple of questions.
>A.) is it legal (in case of emergency) to fill a 500 gallon water trailer from a local body of water/river?
>B.) where can I find a reliable manual pump for a well for relatively inexpensive?
Down the road we intend to install solar panels and set up an electric pump house,
>the only other problem I need to solve is a large freezer without electricity, I’ve looked into propane but honestly it’d be just as cheap to set up a shed on the corner of the property to put on grid, that’s sort of another line of conversation I’d like to have with you guys.
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>be me
>shithead vidya-addicted loser
>get tired of feeling depressed and a mess all the time
>browsing /k/ read about this board, decide to check it out
>decide to try some of the dshit talked on this board
>went for my first long hike, tiring but rewarding
>tried fishing
>got into gardening, helping my father with his little plot of land, never felt more close to him
>dropped a few pounds
>actually feeling better and don't want to spend so much time on the pc anymore
>occasionaly browsing /out/, /k/ and /diy/ but not on 4chan 24/7 anymore
>damn, living is great
Thanks /out/, you guys are great
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