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ask a tree climber in the pnw anything pic is me
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I am making an all natural aquarium based of my local pa, usa stream eco system. It will mainly feature a crayfish but i noticed the other lifeforms i picked up and need help IDing them. I see the fosset snail, but what are the bettles, tentactle worms, squiggles, and anything else you see? Also any tips?

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Is it possible to survive in the taiga/boreal forest of Canada?
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Have you ever encountered Sharks in freshwater?
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Water Packing

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Planning a little weekend getaway in a desert region this weekend. It's just an overnighter, but there's no water resources in the area. It's a 12 mile out and back with an 1800 elevation gain. I probably drink 3L of water a day on the trail, so that's 6L for the entirety, plus maybe 1L for cooking. That's 7L of water which will weigh 15.4lb on top of my baseweight, bringing my total pack weight to 28.9lbs.

Carrying a ton of water is shit. How do I fix this.
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Do you force patina on your knives? Which method is your favourite? Any experiences with more intricate designs, like lettering? I was thinking of masking out the blade with electrical tape and covering it with mustard, but I'm worried the text might turn out illegible.
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Hi /out ,
I am from germany and start a hiking tour through europe on july the first.
The route I want to walk is in the picture related.
I going to start in Alicante, spain, and want to walk all the way back to germany.
I have all the things I probably need , inclusive 6l water inside my backpack.
But I have nothing for cooking, and here is my question:

Did anyone here walk a simiular route? And could tell me if it's possible to put on a fire? I really dont want to burn down some forrest by mistake. Spain is really really dry, things burn easily there.
What is a good, easy and SAFE way to make a good fire to cook some food?

It is illegal to do outdoor camping aside of regular camping places in spain. Should I expect any trouble when I just put up my tent somewhere?

I want only a really little fire to cook some potatoes or shit, I had a plan like in the painting underneath to place it:
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altitude sickness thread

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I just got to denver from the Midwest and im feeling all goofy. How long did it take you other/out/ists for your altitude sickness to settle down the first time?
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Billhooks or Hatchets?

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I found an old billhook at my summer cottage and im interested in cleaning it up, but I curious if I should even bother since I have a semi-decent hatchet. Anyone have any advice?
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Hat Thread

Do you guys customize your boonies or hats? If so with what?
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