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I'm bored /out/, post the scariest shit that's haooened to you in the woods.
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How many backpacking tent brands exist?
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Things found while /out/

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What have you found on your adventures?
Pic related. Stocked first aid kit, drafting set, grip gloves, slightly rusted dive knife with plastic sheath, Zelda bracelet I cleaned the rust off of. Not pictured: drawstring college backpack the drafting set was in, circular cooking grate

I scavenge sites after people leave, looking for easy firewood or cool items. A man and his son had left behind a Hornett .177 caliber air rifle on a shooting trip, worth around $140 new. I decided to leave it hoping they would return and pick it up. The circular grate, the gloves, and the air rifle are the only items I've found at an empty campsite along with some lighter fluid. Everything else was innawoods.
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I walked in the forest today after not having slept at all the night before and not close to enough the night before that.
My lack of sleep caused very vivid hallucinations (no I was not intoxicated). A rotten tree (pic related) was to me a dishonest woman with a yellow umbrella, light brown hair and a brown dress. I was convinced she tilted her head towards me and smiled, of course the tree did not do this.
After this experience I decided to go home. While walking I came accross a very frightening 10m drop. I don't know why but I thought it was a good idea to jump, but I changed my mind.
I was speaking to some users on Discord as I thought I heard a twig break behind me. I thought I heard a scary animal noise from right behind me. This scared me. I ran through the forest and while I was running it seemed as if the cup of coffee I had brought was attempting to speak to me. I then stopped running and asked it what it was trying to say before I realized how silly speaking to a cup of coffee is. Memories from my past created physical shapes and sounds next to the uneven trail. Finally I was out of the forest. I ran to my home and now I feel safe.
This was by far the most frightening thing I have ever experienced.
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Do any of you outists live in one of those touristy villages, or seasonal out village, or general park village?

I've driven through Yellowstone village, MTand Moab, UT. I was extremely jelly of how out they were, atvs were more common than cars and the "downdown" was actually made for humans.

I would love to move to one less populated by normie hoards but can't imagine what I'd do to pay the bills. How do you do it? The tourist places seem like a dead giveaway during season, but post season does it just die?

Do you have to be a mad rich cattle baron to do well in those places?
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Where to go /out/ in Oregon?
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Okay, i think I'm not going to die.
Basically I was experimenting with the fire bow drill and got one to fucking work! (If you want pictures comment)

I also know how to twine reeds, make string and eventually make a bow.

So I'm going to start doing random survival tips threads, where i don't ask for em', I comment some.
Well yeah thanks all.
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Batoning, is it a meme or do people actually do it?
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Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#159-"Chartruese" Edition

Previous Thread:

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin
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/out/ career/lifestyle

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hey /out/
I'm currently in trade school for welding/machining/manufacturing, but I've been realizing lately that if I have to work a job where I'm inside I'm going to be miserable. Every day I'm inside and the weather's nice is so depressing, the only time I feel really good is when I'm out alone in the woods and nature.

What kind of career field can I go into to work outside in the woods? First things that come to mind are park ranger, wilderness guide, and firewatch. What other choices do I have if I want to live a life out in the wild?

I've considered being a hermit in the wild/vagabond before.

What are some good/stable /out/ careers or jobs?

If I have to live most of my life inside around civilization I think I'd end up shooting myself.
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