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ok /out/ i want to buy a mountain bike
google is nothing but shills for four figure bikes telling me that "entry level" bikes start at 500

what i need is more like a guide for what to look for in used bikes or parts to put my own together for $200-300 max

even the new hardtail FRAMES i'm looking at start at like $200
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/ulg/ Ultralight General:

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post /out/ comfy stuff
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EDC thread

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Long time no see, post them boyos.
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senpai a new month has begun. which knife will you buy this time?
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/out/ meetup thread

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Meetup with /out/ anons from your area! Make a profile and display yourself on the map!
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Montana is officially full

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Looks like yall missed your chance by waiting for cheap land and houses when the boomers die off

>As of Friday at noon, there were 54 single-family homes on the market in the Missoula metro area with a median list price of $797,450. Only 33 of them are below $1 million.
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Does anyone have any recommendations for a decent camping hammock that won't break the bank or my spine because it's a cheap Chinese POS?

Something like pic related would work for me, and it's got enough decent reviews, but something that cheap just seems funny.

I just want something as basic as it gets.
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Friend got hired to build this wood burning heater. I've never seen anything like it before personally but that don't mean much. Anyone here know anything about this design?
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Has anyone here been dumb enough to do do bikepacking for ski trips? I wanna go full retard with this since the temps are starting to make this more feasible in a couple weeks.