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city life

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Are people who claim to enjoy the city life retarded/conditioned or is it a legitimate preferance a healthy human can have?

Serious question, have a friend who I like talking to, but whenever she visits my small country town she talks about how she could not live without being able to meet new people or visit different venues/social events whenever she feels like it. I really would like to try to understand that.
inb4 >slut
she ain't a slut, but bluepilled af and depressed
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*circles your head*
nothin personal, kid.
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/out/ chairs

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Lemme guess, you either

>Spent too much money at rei for a cheap chair to takr innawoods
>Have a camping chair thats too heavy


2 gallon bucket.

>Cheap as shit
>Lightweight as shit
>Can be attached to outside of pack easily
Convince me buckets arent that far superior /out/ chair
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Outdoor Clothes Thread

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Everything related to clothing.

Preferably clothing made from natural materials, not a polythiscribmaline rain cow and plastic underarmor stuff. Clothes made in Europe/NA/Australia.
Was disappointed to see blundstones are not made in tasmania anymore
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Has you're dog ever saved you're live? Greentext optional lol

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How do i stop being paranoid when /out/?
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Homegrowmen Thread #178 Farming and Gardening

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Old thread: >>1516103

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How dead am I?

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Just cleaned my chicken coop, forgot to wear my respirator, blew some nasty shit out of my sinuses and coughed like an asthmatic. I know chicken shit dust can carry Histoplasmosis but for the life of my couldn't find any exposure statistics that told me what my chances of getting that shit are. Just how dead am I?

Photos From Your State

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Post photos from your state. Prove it's /out/

Illinois does have some out if you look for it. Endangered prairies with orchids where I'd be breaking my contract if I told you the location.

Talk about your sacred spots, especially in /out/'s discarded places.
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Remember, if you're not /out/ with a gun you'll be out cold before it's over.
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