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Do you know any good low profile tarp shelters?
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Cheap backpacking food

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>360 calories
>TWO servings so apparently 180 calories per meal
>cheap price of $10.95

what kind of gay joke is this shit and who actually buys it? 360 calories is nowhere near enough to satisfy me at dinner time, i would need to eat like 3 of these and i swear on my mother's life i'm not fat at all.

also post your best backpacking meals.
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>muh field notes
>muh EDC
>muh paracord
>muh multitool
>muh fixed-blade knives
Has anyone really been far even as decided to consoom so much gear? EDC "culture" and outdoor gear consumerism truly has infested even what was probably once one of only explicitly non-consumerist hobbies there was. I recently sold a bunch of my gear dirt cheap on armslist; it wasn't even about the money, but not having it hang around and collect dust was a huge weight off my mind and ended up being worth far more to me than the money I recouped.
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Give me your PVC pipe /out/ ideas. I built a PVC pipe cot for my truck last summer and worked good. Then my truck blew head gaskets and blah blah blah, now I own a brand new Subaru Wagon. But now I got a lot of PVC pipe fittings and a lot of PVC pipe itself. I wanna use it to make a packframe but I wanna see if there are better alternative uses for the fittings.

Let me know if a PVC pipe packframe would be the best use. I saw someone else on /out/ do one a few weeks ago so I'm sure there isn't too many downsides. I mainly just fish with my friend and do some hiking, not much. So the main use for the packframe would be to hold my backpack and maybe some other gear like fishing polls or pans.
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Montana is officially full

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Looks like yall missed your chance by waiting for cheap land and houses when the boomers die off

>As of Friday at noon, there were 54 single-family homes on the market in the Missoula metro area with a median list price of $797,450. Only 33 of them are below $1 million.
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how do you feel about city dwellers coming /out/?
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Yuru Camp

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We just entered the second half of season 2. Apart from pic related, what do people new to camping need to know to get started?
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Just spent $500 on a fishing pole. How do I tell my mom?
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I'm a fat cunt.

I don't like having to tuck myself in or having my arse hanging out after exerting myself, so I was thinking of getting some kind of one-piece undersuit that should be comfortable in most weather.

Any ideas or recommendations?
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/out/ jobs?

Tired of my office job. Cozy outdoor job recommendations? Anybody here getting paid to /out/?
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