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I am planning on deliberately going missing. I am not here to tell you why or what caused me to want to do this.
I plan on surviving for a pro-longed period of time in a large North-American National Park on my own. I am in
no way prepared for this task, and that is why I came to this board. I am in need of survival related tactics, guides,
tips and other pieces of information relating to survival in a large, mainly uninhabited territory. I am planning
on doing this in the pacific Northwest (USA&Canada) if that helps.
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I'm obsessed with nature and have been really interested in backpacking lately. However the idea of just walking on a predesignated trail doesn't seem that fun to me. I want to explore the wilderness and not just walk through a trail that thousands of people have already done.

Does anyone else feel this way?
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Squirrel hunting

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Hey guys, I ordered an air rifle recently (Crosman 2400kt) and I plan to plink and hunt small game, namely squrriels. I have never hunted before and i feel like there's some things I need to know. For one I know to look up hunting rules for me area. But what I want to ask you guys is is it a good idea to eat the squirrels I shoot? I hate to just shoot them for fun, I'd like to be at least using them. I live in a small neighborhood, would urban squirrels be ok to eat? Or would they be all wormy? And is it possible to tan the fur? I have no idea if I could do anything with squrriel fur but having the option seems appealing.

Many thanks!!
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Anyone else make tea or use as tinder?

Very good anti tumor, antioxidant, etc. Its the true tinder fungus. Will catch a cold spark and become a slow burning coal. Good for lighting fires in adverse conditions, or even transfering fire long distance.

I add a bit of the honey i farmed to it. I don't like it black yet.

Also i still can't describe what it tastes like...
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Another bear attack within 3 weeks, what's going on /out/? First a black bear attack in Canada and now another black bear attack that killed a 16 year old in Alaska. Make sure to brush up on your bear safety and consider carrying a firearm, stay safe out there sc/out/s!
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Hey /out/. famous Appalachian trail hiker trash Seven here. Basically I left the trail, 11 years, 15,000 miles hiked. Now i live in my van making homeless videos. Help me i'm starving and broke, my van is broken and I have no money. If you can donate anything, pls.
www gofundme com/ hikertrashvideo
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Best /out/ movies

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Didn't know which board this belongs on, but what are some of your favorite outdoors movies? I'm bored and feel like watching nice movies, also I've already seen into the wild.
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Is the ocarina the most /out/ instrument?
Anyone bring an instrument when the go /out/?
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Hey outies, I'm in a slight pickle. I ordered a pair of shoes (pic related) and when I got home I tried them on and they're a bit too small, hurt my feet just sitting down with them. I was curious so I took out the insole (Ortholite) and the shoe fit pretty good. Is it really bad to go hiking without the soles? I'm going on a short trip on sunday and I don't have time to swap them for a new pair
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Anyone been to Glacier? Planning a 5-6 day backcountry trip there in a few weeks. Want to know:
>How did you get there?
>Did you try the backcountry permit lottery? (already pretty slammed)
And other general impressions and tips.