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Dragonfly appreciation thread

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Appreciation thread for these little agile flyers.

>be /out
>sweatty, a bit tired
>lost in thoughts
>sit down to take a snack
>one dragonfly appears
>parks itself on a branch as if to observe you
>then two more
>now three or more
>they buzz about like fast helicopters
>a real air show
>no more lost in thoughts
>just a moment of here & now with dragonflies
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Compost Ingredients, Recipes & Tips!

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Any Composters here?

Free, bulk sources of compostable ingredients:
- Used coffee grinds (ask local cafe, high nitrogen)
- Pine shavings (ask local pet stores that sell birds CAUTION may contain antimicrobials fed to birds)
- Dry leaves (mulching speeds composting)
- Lawn clippings (contains seeds, mulch compost heavily when used)

General Rules:
- Add a mix of dry (carbon) and green (nitrogen) ingredients to get compost cooking quickly.
- Turning compost speeds decomposition
- Add worms after temperature drops and the pile will start to become worm castings
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does /out/ into boats? I'm thinking of getting into sailing
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What does /out/ think of the Mountain Light XT 2? Is it good and worth the money?

It's on sale right now and I can get it down to $117 with a few coupons.But I don't know anything about tents.
My goals with it would be some light camping in national/state parks for a few days and perhaps section hiking the Appalachian Trail.
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best outdoor related add-on item from amazon under $10?
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Can we have a prepping thread going on? Long time no see.

Some topics to discuss
>Sustainable living
>Geography/Types of events you prepare for
>First aid training
>Individual/Family/Friends/Community prepping approach
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Which season is best and why is it pic related?
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Do you guys keep fires going all night? Also how do you keep feeding small biomass into the furnace?
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Leasure Time While Camping.

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After you've pitched your tent, made fire, cooked your meal, sharpened your blade, collected enough wood for the night. How do you pass your time until sleep?

I do one of the 3 things, either play card, read a book or sketch.

Whats your leisure activity while outdoors?
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Alone TV Show

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Third episode is out,
Get in here.
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