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>4 Canadian wolves air-dropped in US national park to deal with moose

>Four Canadian wolves were captured and air-dropped on Lake Superior's Isle Royale National Park in Michigan – effectively doubling the pack’s current numbers – as part of an effort to rebuild the dwindling wolf population and help control the moose population, officials said Monday.
>Helicopter crews fired net guns to capture the wolves, three males and one female, in Ontario last week, the National Park Service said. The wolves were sedated and examined by veterinarians before being transported to the U.S.

Motherfucking wolf paratroopers, can you believe it /out/?
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Fishing & Tackle Bread

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#269-“Spent My Vacation Not Fishing” Edition

Previous Thread:

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin
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/Out/ Instrument Thread

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What instrument(s) do you bring on your /out/ings? Pic related is my choice, usually camp near rivers and lakes and love seeing how fast I can make the occasional rafter paddle.
Post your instruments! Bonus points for sharing your favorite campfire song.
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Name a better /out/ aesthetic

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Protip, you can't.
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What’s the point of these hybrid snow skateboards?
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>walking innawoods
>someone with a dog (off leash) starts walking toward you
>dog starts running directly at you
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Just train hopped from Cedar Rapids, IA to Willow Springs, IL with plans to keep going east. AMA
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annual /out/ tick thread

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it's that time of year again /out/

>went /out/ every chance I had in the winter
>comfy snow camping, winter hiking, never need to worry about anything
>winter is now ending and the snow is melting
>lose all motivation to go outside because i'm scared of these fuckers
>springtime is when the nymphs (carry lymes and are hard to see) are most active
what do, /out/?
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