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Hey /out/, a biologist here
I just trapped an ant in tree CUM (pine resine), it looks kinda dope.
Don't let my career fool you, i'm actually stupider than you think. My only reason to believe it's going to get solid and preserve the ant is cause I saw it on jurassic park, i guess only time will tell.
Any cool thing you've found in the wild?
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what duct tape or gorilla tape for /out/ stuff? that works with a bit of wet. need for taping shut loose straps so they dont flail around.
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Foraging general

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Previous thread

Went walking in an old quarry today which at one time had a convent adjacent to it.
It was pretty cool, I spent hours beating my way through 8 foot high walls of dense thicket and then found myself in really old garden that had gone wild.
Lots of old stone walls and arches made of trees just hidden in the middle of this wild wood that probably hadn't been visited in years.

Anyway, it appears the nuns had a small bit of an orchard with lots of apple trees but I also found a single pear tree and got about 5kgs (around 11 lbs) of little pears.
Anyone have any recommendations of what to do with them?
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Chafing and underwear

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Anyone else deal with chafing here? What are your strats?

I will be looking into long distance hiking in the future, and i like to dress (seriously) warm, so it's a big problem for me.. So far Ive found that formfitting briefs are a good start
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This really is the superior area for an outdoorsmen, isn't it?
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In what ways do you camouflage your tent or tarp to stay hidden from humans?
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Mushrooms in on the west coast of Scotland

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Anyone know any good spots to pick mushrooms on the west coast of Scotland preferably around Ayrshire?
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Looking for a good self inflating mattress. Should I get the Thermorest trail scout or the coleman silvertron. Heard mixed things about the trail scout but only positives about the coleman. I like how the trail scout is lighter and more compact but im just not sure if it would be comfortable enough.

Rip the king of out

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How can we fix /out/?
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