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food/mre thread

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How many calories do you eat per day, and how do you get those?

I usually carry oil, lemons, salt and pepper and my fishing rod so i never worried about food. But since that kinda bounds me to bodies of water I usually have insta noodles to cook in water if i ever don't catch anything. Also like bringing canned fish as backupbackup if I'm stupid and fail lighting a fire (not my pic, ther os no bigger faggotry than bringing your phone on trips and use it to take pics. I have a phone for emergencies, but that's an old Nokia)
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/out/ today Orange Beach AL USA
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Imagine being a landlet

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Folk songs, folk lore and folk stories. Do you sing songs like Gandalf when you hike? Do you tell old myths around the campfire when /out/? Which ones?
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camping drinks

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what do you drink when you camp?
>long trips i bring 95% everclear and mix it with whatever drink mix i have and water
>short trips with friends mulled wine

also if this thread doesn't take off, feel free to post about tobacco. pipes seems close to bump limit and i don't want to clutter up the board
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Axe Thread. Last one died so let's get another going.
Recently bought an old carpenters hatchet for ~20 USD (pic related) and plan on fixing it up into a good little bush axe. The head's seen some action but is in great nick apart from needing a good sharpening. Will replace the haft entirely for something a bit hardier, and will have to make a sheath for it. Obviously this kind of axe will never be great for felling but its got enough weight to harvest firewood and the beard allows for a good controlled grip right under the head.
Post axes.
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what's a good knife for scalping your enemies?
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Forever /out/

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Civilisation collapses for whatever reason. You can't rely on supplies like gas, batteries, electricity, medicine etc. You may have supplies, but eventually these will run out and you will have to hunt and forage.

You have to be able to move fairly quickly to deal with changing situations. You have to be able to stay /out/ in winter in Northern Europe/USA, but also stay cool during the summers. You may be able to use buildings for shelter, but there is no guarantee and you need to be prepared to go into the wilds for extended periods to avoid raiders, mobs of zombies etc.

What is the best forever kit?

>Moving kit (hiking/running, hunting)
>Camping kit (keeping warm when still, being able to rest)
>Ideal baseweight
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Plant ID General

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What kind of fungus is this?
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Going out

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Thinking about pulling an into the wild and just going out into the world and seeing what happens and what it has to offer me, what should I expect or bring with me for this?
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