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/out/ scary stories

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Halloween's coming up so I decided to make a spooky /out/ stories thread. Be it weird people, strange sounds or even skinwalkers, anything is welcome!
I'd put this on /x/ but I don't think anyone actually goes outside on /x/. I even made a shitty image just for the thread.
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How did it feel when you took an animal’s life for the first time?
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I want to larp as a cowboy. I got a lever gat, I got me a six shooter, I got me some assless chaps that my bf lend me...but I'm lacking on the other gear that cowboys used. So what type of gear did they use? Links are much appreciated, would love to see your guy's cowboy load out.
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Why is it so hard to do anything /out/ in Australia? I can't go camping anywhere besides shitty designated camping spots.
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I fought this fellow slithering around my kitchen, is it dangerous?
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What’s the easiest thing to grow that I could sell to local farm markets?

Won the lottery last year. It’s enough to be set for life if I was living on my own, but I want to give my kids an inheritance. So I need some supplemental income.

Not doing mushrooms, because it’s too hard. I was thinking hardneck garlic because it’s a high price around here with all the liberal hipsters wasting their money on “fancy” things.

What do you think?
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>there was a time in history where you could sit down in a field of grass and not have to religiously check your body for ticks in fear of getting a disease that attacks your nervous system and fucks you for life
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/lg/ layers general - updated with temps

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Added the temperature range for each layer just as multiple anons suggested as well as the additional parka layer that would go on top of everything if you go /out/ in extreme cold. Is this an accurate overview of layers and their suggested temperatures?

I filled out each layer with what in my opinion are pretty top tier selections of clothing & some I own myself but I will post the template below so anyone can fill it out with their own personal selections & temperature ratings.
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