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>He doesn't carry a fanny pack while /out/
Please explain yourselves
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homeless general

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so what's the deal with baby powder? is it the same as baking soda? can I bathe on the greyhound with it?
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Stealth Camper Thread?

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Stealth camper thread.
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What tyPe of tent does /out/ use? Pic is my Kelty Salida 2 person tent. I got it $30 off its original price.

Protip for buying a tent: AVOID REI
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Put your stupid backpack questions here, I'll start is this a decent pack for the price?
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Why are kids and their parents terrible these days? I quit working at a day camp because none of them really care. I've found a new one that is much more conservative and rural, but I worry I'm getting my hopes up too much
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So any plans for the summer?

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Any big planned rides?goals? Thoughts?

I’m thinking about really getting back into road cycling and getting my speeds back to 17mph at the least. I will probably try to ride 25 miles every other day around my suburbs.
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Survival Essentials

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We all know the 5Cs and other such prioritization formats for survival but when it comes to item selections there is a lot of variablility as well as scenario dependent options. Assuming rescue is not forthcoming and given only three items to sustain you in a survival situation what would you choose to bring with you?
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Fishing and Tackle thread

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"Chance to win" edition.

Previous thread. >>1249523

Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin

I'll setup a sign up sheet and then do a drawing at 250 total post on THIS thread only.

It is used. But a solid reel, and free if you enter the giveaway!
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Anyone know anything about Newman hot springs in Lucerne California? Want to go there for a friends birthday but its a long drive and were not sure if its worth a 4 hour+ drive to camp for the weekend. Any insights are appreciated.
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