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My friend wants to do an overnight backpacking trip out to a fishing lake and do mushrooms. Ive never done psychedelics before. What shod I bring and what should I expect?
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Sailing/Boating General: Spring Commissioning Edition

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Hey /out/!

Noticed quite a few threads going around regarding sailing/boating and topics related, so thought I'd try my hand at a General Thread. If it goes well, we'll try to keep them going throughout the season.

I for one just upgraded from my Catalina 22 to this Cape Dory 25. The full keel and wider beam make for a more stable boat for my usual sailing which is Singlehanding on Lake Erie.

If anyone has any questions about sailing/boat ownership, boat equipment, maintenance, or anything else related to being on the water, I'll check the thread a couple times a day and answer as best I can.

And yes powerboats are welcome.
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what about using just a leuku instead of a axe, just baton the wood if necessary, an axe takes a lot of space in your backpack anyway
pic related
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Boot Thread

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Someone put me out of my fucking misery and recommend a hiking/walking boot without any vibram horseshit. It is the most slippery sole in existence and I've eaten shit just walking on smooth concrete in the rain.

Also boot thread.

Pic related: PU soled shoe with good grip but no longer being produced.
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How dangerous are caves? How do you get into cave exploring? Anybody have spelunking stories to share?
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At what point does a hill become a mountain?

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Angels Landing Zion

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Has anyone here done this trail? Is it actually fun or is it too scary?
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Squatting in a ski resort shack/building is pretty based
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What's your latest /out/ haul bros? Here's mine.

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And what're your plans for the weekend? Girlfriend and I are upcountry stream fishing in northern California American river.
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Bivi bag thread

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Did I just fall for the Bivi bag meme?

Tried out my new alpkit hunka last weekend which is supposed to be mega breathable but I still woke up with damp patches on my down sleeping bag :(

I love everything else about it, it’s mega light, packs down tiny, fast to setup and you can set it up pretty much anywhere and it’s low profile for stealth camping, but if it’s going to give me a damp sleeping bag each time I use it then it renders itself unusable.

Did I do something wrong? Do I need to get a more expensive one? Or does anyone have any recommendations for something that is a good replacement and won’t leave me with a damp bag? I’m thinking I might try out a tarp and groundsheet next but that’s less ideal for what I want.
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