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should it be forbidden for women to go hiking alone?

>Moment Woman Slips Over a Waterfall & Plunges 50ft Down, Suffering 10 Broken Ribs & A Collapsed Lung

>A hiker’s GoPro captured the insane moment she plunged down a 50-foot waterfall in Hawaii. Heather Friesen, 26, an American beach volleyball player was hiking Ka'au Crater Trail in Hawaii with friends in 2016 when she slipped and fell into fast-flowing water below. Footage of the ordeal has just been released. She broke 10 ribs, suffered a collapsed lung, and fractured her shoulder blade after losing her footing. Friesen had turned her GoPro camera on moments before she fell.
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Why haven't you been to the upper peninsula yet?
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So who do you think will have firsties once it's completed?
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Appalachian "Mountains" kek more like glorified HILLS
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Goodbye /out/. Goodbye 4chan.

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I'm tired of everyone LARPing on this board, the people who post solid advice get shit on because someone points out what they think is dumb, without any real experience, and then pulls a strawman argument out of their ass. The rest of this website has always been degenerative but its saving graces of creativity and uniting people through social ineptitude are running extremely low. It's time for me to go after 4 years. It's been a good time and best of luck to all you. Adventure on and don't get yourselves killed.

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Headed to the FL Panhandle

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Hi everyone. I'm a first time poster, and am headed to my yearly jaunt to the Florida panhandle. I have board-fished it for years, and have had decent luck, but wanted some advice. I typically troll a Rapala while I search for larger fish or schools of fish, and then I cast Gotcha lures or spoons when I see a decent fish or school. I try to diversify and use topwater poppers, swimbaits, and a multitude of other lure types to see what is working best, but I would appreciate someone more seasoned than me providing any tips they may have. I get up early and fish from dawn until mid-afternoon, then I head in and grab something to eat, and then I fish the later afternoon until dark.

Any residents have advice for better techniques, or any ideas that might be ideal for the season? I know it's a bit early for sailfish to be near shore, but I was thinking of at least fishing for smaller fare to use for live bait, like this little tunny I caught last year.

Seriously, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Axe handles

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I have 3 axe heads without shafts, am thinking of making new ones myself, but i have never even replaced a shaft, any tips?
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Deer Hunting

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You been sighting in your weapon, right?

Anyone doing primitive arms hunting coming up next month?

You got your stand and plot setup, right?

Been out scouting and anything on your trail cams?

Let's talk about deer hunting since the season is right around the corner.
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Thru Hiking

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Any Advice for someone who wants to thru hike the long trail? I was thinking doing it either mid April or early summer.
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Couldnt find a questions that dont deserve their own thread post so thought I'd make one and oh boy do I got a dumb one.

These straps around the sheepskin here, I see lots of people have them for their sleeping bags and tents to attach to their bags I always just tied my.stuff around with a shoelace and I'm wondering do you buy these separate or is your bag suppose to come with these straps?
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