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Military /out/

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Ask a US Marine that goes /out/ a lot anything. I’ve been to the Mojave and Sierra Nevadas, and have spent a considerable amount of time in the field
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Fishing & Tackle Thread

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#284-“Page 4?!” Edition

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Thinking about picking up a new hobby? Want to get a memecaster? Haven't mastered the Palomar knot? Click here!

Talk about fishin
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I am looking for a new pair of hiking boots.
Full leather uppers that can be waxed and polished.
Maybe Scarpa or Asolos?
Dont know whats good these days.
Also i am in no hurry so what time of year will these go on sale?
I can probably finish the season with what i have but they are ancient.
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I just bought this gay chair and I already regret it. Haven't even used it yet. Why? Because why the fuck is this little thing a hundred fucking dollars?! Are there any good alternatives for a backpacking chair that's only one pound? I feel swindled
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What to do in wyoming

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I'm heading out west tomorrow, one day of travel then I'll sleep on the wyoming/nebraska border. Four days after that I'm meeting friends in yosemite, and two days after that I'll have a few days left before I head home. I have a spot in the Snowy Ridges I plan to spend a day in, but besides that I'm a little clueless. I'd love to hear recommendations for places in western wyoming and perhaps southern montana that I should explore. I prefer out of the way areas where I could spend a day hiking and maybe camp for a night or two, but wouln't mind stopping by some major landmarks. All tips are appreciated!

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These nomadic mutts have been plaguing my lands for years now, I check my property every couple of months and every time I tell them to fuck off yet when I am back they're still camped up there.
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/out/door sexy stories

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Anyone got any stories hot stories/sexy encounters from when you went out camping or hiking?

I'll start with something just to get the ball rolling

>Autistic 17 year old me goes on camping trip with parents
>Some friends of parents decide they wanna join too
>Decide on spot and location and basically meet there
>Other parents have smoking hot 19 yo daughter

>We arrive at established camping site, start unpacking
>She often smiles when talking to me. Don't know if signal or not cause too autistic
>My parents had a tent for 3 of us while she had her own, separate from her parents

>Anon why don't you help Anonette with unpacking and setting up her tent and prepare setting up a fireplace
>All 4 of them leave the campsite under the pretext of looking for firewood when in reality they just wanted to catch up with the good ol' times without us probably hearing it


>Finish with her tent because it's easy pull up mechanism that sets up easy and just have to knock a couple of rods to keep it in place

>It's done, both of us decide to get in and get her stuff inside
>All alone inside the tent after a couple of minutes of silence she goes

>"So, Anon, what do you want to do know?" She says with a bright big smile on her face

>Still too autistic to read female signals

>"Well umm.. i have to dig a hole and look for rocks to set up the fire site"

>"Oh... alright then.."

Parents came back with the "firewood" (it was just some sticks and it wasn't enough so i decide to go and find them myself)

The rest of the trip she just felt bored and didn't smile to me as she did the first time we saw each other. Didn't even say goodby when our families parted ways.

>Years later pass by and realize i missed a chance

Oh well. Still lost my virginity in a tent a couple of years later tho.
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What does /out/ think about this? At first I thought it would be a load of nonsense but some of the cases are indeed very intriguing. I really don't think it's anything supernatural/big foot but maybe serial killers?
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best outdoors related musicians?
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Snakes eating eggs

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These assholes always go into the chicken coop and eat all the eggs. Don’t want to kill them but it’s a pain to relocate them because they shit themselves. Anyone got any solutions?
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