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Climbing General

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Climbing General #9

A place to talk about climbing in any aspect (trad, sport, bouldering, aid, alpine, etc).

Rock Climbing is a dangerous sport that can cause loss of life, limb, eyesight, or sanity.

Useful Info:
Off-belay thread: >>1636281

I'm not off-route, I'm doing a first ascent.
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>paying more than $50 for a roll mat
Can't believe people actually fall for this. The only excuse is if you're over 40.
Pic related costs $10, weighs next to nothing, dries in minutes and your sleep is just as good
What other products are just rip-offs?
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Apropriate gear for overnight camping in snow.

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Hey y'all, I'm gonna be heading out next weekend to hike and camp overnight in the woods of NH. Thing is, I have to pack light as hell, as I'll be carrying my gear the whole time, and Ill need my hands free.
I put together a basic bag of things I imagine I would desperately need. But I have two main issues:

> 1. I don't have enough space for a tent or a good sleeping bag, which means I have to downgrade to a thick felt blanket, but still have no solution for my tent.
> 2. This is my first time camping in the winter, and my first time camping with only the things I can carry on my back. So I'm positive I'm missing something important.

The items I have so far are:
> a cooking set contained within one pot
> a water bottle
> a hatchet, saw, and knife
> A thick felt blanket and towel
> an extra sweater if I me or a buddy needs more layers
> an assortment of small things like a flashlight, lighter, multi tool, and fire starters.
> and spare gloves and socks, plus a hat/ski mask.

I'm leaving out food for now but I have plenty of space for at least a day or two of food, which is all I need.
And I will be wearing cold winter appropriate clothing.

My main question for you all is, how do I solve my tent problem, and what am I missing besides food and a tent?

Also, general winter /out/ thread/.
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Lapland trip complete - AMA

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Hey folks, just completed a ~2 week trip to Finnish Lapland at just south of 70 degrees north. Sharing my experience and photos, happy to answer questions.
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/shred/ - Ski & Snowboard General

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/shred/ - Ski & Snowboard General

Last thread: >>1661866

>ski or snowboard?
>skill level
>what the fuck are you doing now?
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Well, Out?

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Can’t believe they survived!! What do you guys think of the technique?

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>not making $400 a day planting trees in Northern Canada
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not really sure where to post this ive looked in the catalog.

any of you ever used one of these? im looking for something really lightweight for basically doing a vagrant holiday.

also anywhere cheaper?
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/out/ Jobs Thread

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Gather round the fire, /out/ists. Tell us about your /out/ job and ask questions about /out/ jobs, education, training etc.

Forester/logger reporting in. Hard work but can't beat being innawoods on the daily. Shit pay but wouldn't change it for the world. What do you do for work, anons?
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/out/ needs fleg

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Any ideas? I was thinking of something centered around a bear(s)
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