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thrift store scores

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last week i found these for 10 cents each at a thrift store. they retail new for 20 bucks a pop. anyone else find anything good recently (or not recently)?
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>2018 EDC
Long time no see, post 'hem
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Objectively speaking what's the best SAK for hiking/backpacking?

>get a fixed knife
>get a leathermeme
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Now they are starting another stupid fad

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I must live in /stupid general/. They make cairns, geo caching, painting rocks, and now doing this shit?!?! Is it a mental illness?? Is it a psychological thing like a dog marks it’s territory?
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Post the coolest snowboard graphics.

I wish I could get a Burton Love, but they are insanely overpriced on eBay.
A few days ago some guy was selling one for $150 and it got snatched away immediately. What a shame.
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Self sufficient gen

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where would the best place be to go out in the woods and be self sufficient be?

im a highschool dropout autistic neet, in my mid twenties been depressed most my life and i know that i'll never be able to get a job and work with other people and cant work online because im no computer nerd. (and id still be depressed if i could anyways.) so i think being self sufficient out in the woods alone somewhere with no human contact just my dog for the rest of my life would let me be happy and give me a purpose. And not have to leech off the government. i cant work with other people
if i had to take survival training for a few years get /fit/ and buy alot of equipment that's fine but i dont know where/if this is even possible in todays world long term. (legally or somewhere id never be found.) would i have to buy land? how expensive is that? (i know it depends but generally) A place where i could hunt, fish(light fires, etc) and not freeze to death. where i would have no more need for money hopefully.
(i have a canadian and american passport but open to anywhere)
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Alcohol thread

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How much is too much when bringing alcohol with you into the woods?
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How /out/ is Georgia? Hoping to move to the Augusta area in the next few years. (Extended Family and career opportunities)
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>Walking through the woods
>Lost in thought
>Enjoying being away from society
>Suddenly start to feel uneasy
>Immediately notice the forest has become dead silent
>Continue on walk feeling unnerved

Usually only happens when I'm deep innawoods but has anyone else experienced this? I'm chalking it up mostly to just my mind playing tricks on me, or just me being paranoid in general.
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Anyone else melancholic about the slow death of the Boy Scouts? When will they ban pocketknives and switch to a rainbow neckerchief?
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