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European dear skull mount

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Calling all hunters and sick fucks that play with dead animals what is the best way to get rid of all the connective tissue that’s on the skull The meat is dryed up so it peels off
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Truck Camo Paint Job

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Well /out/ I just bought a 93 Ranger 4x4, it’s going to spend a lot of time in the bush, the body is already kinda beat up and I like having fun with paint jobs. Thinking about doing the same as pic. Thoughts? Suggestions?
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Wearing training pants when /out/?

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Someone gave me these training pants as a gift. All my other pants are denim jeans, and I'm told that it's dangerous to wear /out/.
Are these training pants okay for doing bushcraft stuff? I don't need cargo pockets.
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Why do city slickers insist on keeping these fuckers on endangered status? Do they actually think bears and wolves are just nature faeries that can do no wrong?
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Looking for help on planning a solo canoe trip this spring.

How do you get back to your car after paddling down river?
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Who out today, or do you guys just larp about going /out/ but in reality rarely leave your warm house
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Tiny house/ cabin living

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thread about tiny house outdoor living
>Where to live?
>how much would it cost?
>how much would it cost for overtime?
>how large of a trailer?
please share other kinds of simple living such as cabins or shacks.
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I'm looking at picking up a new flashlight to replace my old halogen Mini Maglite. Specifically, something that I can use for emergencies (i.e. in buildings, outdoors, etc.) and illuminating short-range and long-range (like down a dark path at night at a camp)
What should I pick up? Would something like this Fenix LD22 work? It's a little on the expensive side for me, but I'm willing to pay around $40–$80 for a good flashlight.
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Best Outdoor Knife

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What’s your go-to sticker for any outdoor trip and why, be it a short hike or a long trek? I’ve got myself a Ka-Bar, though I don’t use it as much as I’d hoped
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