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Making a Video

What are some of things you like to see in an out related video?
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How is it really like? Has any of you faggots ever been there?
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Living in nature

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Have any of you ever lived, alone or with family, in a wilderness area?

It's always been my dream to live in a rural cabin like pic related, in the middle of a natural park. Been thinking about it though, and I worry that I'd get really depressed if I ever had that level of isolation. Don't you get really lonely without even indirect human contact? I think personally I'd need to be within a few miles of a medium-sized dwelling or I'd just go crazy.
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Woods guns

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Post inna woods rifles
Not mine but it's what mines gonna look like when it's finished
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Is using a spin rod and reel with a bubble and fly, fly fishing?
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Does anyone on /out/ sail? Pic related
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/out/ watch decision? Help...

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So I have a bit of a watch fetish and currently have a really good watch for /out/doors. However, I wouldn't mind adding another one to my collection?

I'm torn between the Suunto Traverse Alpha and the Casio Gulfmaster Quadsensor...

The Suunto has so many features but the draw back is that it requires charging (this wouldn't be too bad for extended /out/ trips since I have a 20w GoalZero Solar panel?

On the other hand, the Casio looks a bit better in my opinion, is solar powered and has a heap of data (tide, moon, depth +abc functions)

Money isn't an issue, so what do you guys think?
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What are your favorite characters living the /out/ lifestyle? Reading moomin books as a kid, this guy always made me want to live out in the woods playing a harmonica
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Need some advice /out/ I'm planning on starting a garden in the coming months.
I'm specifically interested in plants that will produce lots of oxygen.
I have a couple of mischevious dogs however so no Dracaena plants, etc.
Means a lot! Thanks.
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Summer outings.

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Okay /out/, I live in Spain which is nice for short outings, nothing too crazy. Over summer I am going to be in Russia (Moscow). I want to go roam the great swamps and forests. Where should I go on the european side of Russia awhich I can take a quick train to? Where shoudl I go in the east?

(I was thinking Kola peninsula) Any experiences? Personal plans for summer?

>got some cash saved
>Alice pack and wool blanket arrived recently

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