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come on now can we be honest dressing in milsurp and using a fucking tarp is just trolling right???? Seriously milsurp is heavy as fuck useless against water ugly as shit

can we stop trolling idiots into going on backcountry trips with just a fucking tarpaulin, stick, and milsurp clothes now
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Any innawoods guns you guys suggest?
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I am new to the whole hiking/camping thing, mainly because of my geographic location. But I decided that I wasn't going to let that hold me back and am planning a 1-2 week hiking trip.
I don't have much gear currently so I am going to purchase a load of stuff.
Is this somewhat decent? I am going to be adding and removing things, so this is not a final list.
Would appreciate some advice or recommendations! Cheers.
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Autumn is here! In anticipation of the annual influx of fungally-related threads, here's a one-stop shop for everything--

Tips, questions, mushroom ID, bragging, and discussion.

If you want a mushroom ID'd, please take pictures of the cap, gills, and stem!
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cabin in the woods

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hey /out/ i have always loved the outdoors and i have a job were i am making decent money so i was looking to build an off grid structure i can build up and expand on in time. Can i get any advice on where i should start? things like acquiring land, good sites with quality equipment like camping gear and wood stoves. mainly i am confused on how to find these properties for sale out innawoods, i would like something i can walk to and build something decent to start and have just the basics at first so i can head out on weekends and build it up to a place i could live at full time if needed. any advice is appreciated. I am not looking to get fancy things or anything like that, i prefer to be to close as roughing it as possible while still having a comfy place to rest.
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Tarp thread

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Anyone on /out/ have terrible allergies? How do you deal with them?
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North Carolina

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Going to be back in my home state for a few months, what's the coolest /out/ stuff I can do here?
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Amazon Budget List: REDUX

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So the last Amazon Budget list was stupid as shit- tarp and tent no sleep pad?

The idea was interesting to me tho, and could maybe turn into a sticky for all the noobs coming on here going "tell me what to buy".

>Budget is $250

Here we go:
>Shelter- can be a tent, hammock, or tarp & bivy combo. Make sure the other shit works with it tho. (bug protection is a must).
>Sleeping bag/quilt/blanket- try to go for something that can handle 30F or 0C
>Sleeping Pad
>Cookware & Stove
>A fleece or something warm to wear
>Rain Gear
>Water Purification
+any extra $ for scrim-scrams

Bonus points for hats but not necessary

Assume basic first aid, synthetic shorts, socks and shirts, a fire starter and bandanna are owned. Include if you want at no extra cost.

I'm gonna include my list asap
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