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What are /out/'s experiences and recommendations for boot socks? I'm looking for something that keeps my feet fairly dry even when they're sweating, and keeps my feet from moving around too much. I'm currently watching my toenails fall off two months after I destroyed my feet with wet socks and I'm not particularly keen on repeating the experience.
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Any suggestions on lightweight padding for tents? I know I could google it but I'd like some discussion on the topic. I tend to steer toward drier desert climates whenever I go /out/ so hammock type set-ups won't really be ideal plus lately I've been going out with my gf a lot more so hopefully she'll become more interesting.

Lately we've just been bringing a couple of heavy throw blankets but we've been going more and more into the desert so walking a fair bit of steps up to the campsite with a bunch of heavy blankets won't be ideal as we get more adventurous.
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These are the gayest things in existence. You don't need one. I spent 6 month out with just a bic lighter.
>B-bbut what if the lighter breaks
I brought 2 Bic lighters.
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Get out your cook kits
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In November I finished my 6th hiking trip in Morocco. It was the best one yet. I'll share some photos in chronological order. If you want to follow along on google earth, I started near Beni-Mellal and finished in M'semrir in the northern High Atlas., a total of 9 days walking (I cheated and hitchhiked one boring stretch).
Unfortunately I dropped my camera on day 2, and it got stuck in some shitty mode, so pls no /p/.
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Hey guys. I just want to know how hard it would be to homestead. Im thinking about moving myself to somewhere in the northeast or somewhere in Minnesota. Any tips?
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Best European country for camping?

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What is in your opinion the best European country for camping, why?
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rock vandalism

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>be me, hiking at my nearby state park
>heading to one of my favorite spots
>see a bunch of faggotry scraped into a nice sandstone face (some was pretty deep)
>pull out rock hammer bc muh geodes and chisel away everything, try to make it somewhat uniform but it's pretty obvious what went down

Am I degenerate or an hero?
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Shortwave Radio Thread

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What shortwave radio do you own /out/?

I have a Tecsun PL-380 and I use it whenever I go hiking, thinking about upgrading to a Tecsun PL-880.
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How do YOU poop?

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I wait until I can find a sturdy log or a rock I can sit on and then I dig a hole, take my shit, use half a role a toilet paper, light it up, and bury it.
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