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Socal super bloom season

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Hey /out/, I'm trying to find a nice park in Socal with a super bloom to visit on the weekend with the least amount of tourists. I just want to sight-see and take pictures of the flora since I've always wanted to see a picturesque view. Any suggestions on where I can go? Preferably to a park that has poppies like pic related

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Gather around the campfire. Watch it dance, hear it crackle and tell us your best /out/door stories, anon.
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Bear encounters?
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>recently accepted a job offer from a hotshot crew
>just found out there are four girls on the crew.
This isn't quite the "elite team of firefighters" I was expecting.
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Can I use a Jerrycan for water?
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Sling Packs

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Are these any good or a meme? Putting together a lightweight hunting kit, want to be able to run comfortably with it on. They look lighter than most backpacks and more comfortable?
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>be you
>be /out/doors
>all of your water containers suddenly fall into ravine or get abducted by aliens
How do you get clean water and store them?
No bamboo is available
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Thru hiking general

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Post your long distance hike experience, gear, and plans

In May I'm going to tackle a section of the New England Trail for the week I get off work for the year. By 2021 I plan to hit the PCT and from there who knows.
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Army fag here, im stationed in North Carolina. Where are the best places i can out?
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Where is the best place to live in the world?
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