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What are some easily preserved, high calorie foods?
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Freeeedom (camping)

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Just moved to Scotland from NZ, and here they have the right to camp pretty much where ever the fuck they want unlike England. I've got the Pentlands nearby but a guy from work told me I'm likely to get woken up by drunk teens or military exercises, saying better to just try and get to loch lomand/trossachs or up near aviemore. Anyone here a local willing to tell me where a comfy spot is? don't care if I have to drive 5hours or so.
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The Last Alaskans

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Anyone watched this? Is it any good?
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Northeast meet-up #3

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>When: June 21-24
>Where: Long Lake, NY - Plumley's lean-to
>Boat or hike in (~8 mi)
>See maps in attached pic

Attendees so far (post location + dates to join list)
>Albany, NY - 6/21, 6/22 - 15' sailboat, 14' canoe
>Waterloo, ON - 6/22 and 6/23
>Northern VT - 6/21-6/24ish
>NE, CT - 6/21-6/24, 22nd at Plumley's
>NW, CT - 6/21-6/24
>Boston, MA - 6/21-6/24, maybe + wife/buddy, giving NH a ride
>NH1 - 6/21-6/24, bus + riding up w/Boston guy
>Lancaster, PA - 6/21-6/24 - 17' canoe
>Delaware Cty, NY - 6/21-6/24
>PA Dad - 6/22-6/24
>Greenfield MA - ?dates, maybe + GF
>2 hrs NW guy - prob stopping by
>Miami, FL - ?dates, heading over for sure, +other anons?
>NJ3, Ocean City - ?dates
>? Montreal - if DJT lets him cross
>? Central, CT - if other plans fall thru
>? Quebecnigger - has expressed interest
>? Couple Mainers
>? LI possibly - scouted site
>? NJ1 possibly
>? NJ2 possibly + friend, needs to look at sched
>? OH possibly
>? PA possibly
>? NH2 + friend possibly
>? Hopewell Bigwoods, PA - possibly. No horses.
>***Updated 3/24/18***
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Been lied to

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Al the normies told me they go out Saturday night. Saw none of them...

How you doing this fine Saturday evening ?
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What do you do in your /out/ downtime?
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/out/ movies

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name your favourite /out/ movie. NO INTO THE WILD ALLOWED
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/out/ playing music

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Hey there /out/.
I always liked bringing my harmonica with me whenever I go camping.
What's your guys take on playing music while going /out/? What instruments do you like bringing? Do you find it a hassle to take an instrument with you? Do you hate people ruining the serenity of the outdoors?
Gimme your thoughts!
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I woke up this morning and being the impulsive cunt that I am I randomly made up my mind that I will leave and wander around the outback until I get tired of it or die. I'm leaving Melbourne today. I'll probably make a blog and upload videos and shit. Anyone interested in following my adventures? Please like and subscribe.
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These threads are the lint trap of /out/. Post your miscellany.
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