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Quick! You have 10 seconds prove you go outdoors by posting a picture from an /out/ing you've done within the past month.

Reminder that larpers and off-topic /in/posters aren't welcome here, and should return to >>>/v/ >>>/tv/ >>>/pol/ >>>/r/eddit
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How hilarious is this dude

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This dude is insane
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Conifier vs leaf trees?

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I see there's a lot of hate going both ways on this topic and it never even occurred to me this was a thing. I have basically never seen anything other than conifer forests before, so it made curious why some people hate it so much. What's better with leaf forests?
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Dogs pooping in the ski track

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Is this the most disgusting thing ever? It makes me so fucking furious you have no idea. The next time I see a pooper in the track I will fucking mow over both the dog and the owner with my steel edged skis. Fuck them so fucking hard
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Who of you fucks did this?

Jaakari S.

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Ordered the Jaakari S. How is it for an everyday pack? Need something to carry shit in, like a combination wrench set, laptop, etc.
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/SGG/-Small Game General

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Get in here anons! How's the woods been treating you recently? I've been pissing off the (cross)Bow hunters on the plot of public land near me by busting squirrels with my .410. Rabbit season started a week ago me and a buddy are gunna take his dog out and try to get some cottontails.
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dead society and running from it

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Where should I move to where won't happen to me? I'm sick of society. 4chan's auto mod is the last straw randomly eating my comments. I have no reason to be here. How far and where to you have to venture into something to where the pigs won't come after you? I live in central FL. It's too hot to do it here, though the food could be easily grown. Also, the bushes are too thick. I tried Ocala before, it got old climbing over the vines like a spider super fast. And that was in winter.
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Is this a magic mushroom please or am I dumb

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Just got back edition!

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Just got back from a 2 night jaunt in WV.

Drove up Spruce Knob for a quick peek at the observation tower, then hiked (6 hours!) Pike Knob to Nelson Sods along North Fork Mountain slightly west of Franklin WV.

Did Grandview overlook at the new river gorge, saw the coal tipple at Nuttallburg, saw Propps Waterfall which an anon from 4chan recommended (thanks again!), hiked a little along Comers Creek, and then drove up Whitetop Mountain, the second highest mountain in VA (5500 ft).

Please post any hikes or outdoor stuff you have done, especially in West Virginia, but also anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic or Appalachia in general.

Always open to suggestions and have some of my own to share.
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