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Any advice on what to bring for 10 days of supplies on the 100 Mile Wilderness part of the AT? Indecisive about what foods to take.
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Yay or Nay?

Building a light hiking pack / daypack. Based on 10 liter rolltop with Molle attached pouches for different gear-set. Idea being that I can hike to a base-camp with a larger pack with the pouches attached to it and the roll-top attached to the pack and then do day-hikes / trips with the pouches mounted to the Roll-top as needed.
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What's the best tree in general?

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I'm trying to prove a point in one of my classes and I need help.

What trees are god-tier? Good for firewood, not a fuckton of sap, etc.
Some trees are pussy and some are girthy motherfuckers, so what's the most chad type of tree you know?
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annual /out/ tick thread

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it's that time of year again /out/

>went /out/ every chance I had in the winter
>comfy snow camping, winter hiking, never need to worry about anything
>winter is now ending and the snow is melting
>lose all motivation to go outside because i'm scared of these fuckers
>springtime is when the nymphs (carry lymes and are hard to see) are most active
what do, /out/?
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Leaving for my PCT thru hike in two days. And last advice?
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Tell me about Anoraks, like pic related
I understand that it is designed for mountainous regions, and this specific one is for the summer, but would it be effective for rainy and cold conditions with some layers under it?
This one specifically is 100% Polyester Microfiber
I love the front pocket and would love a button up instead of the zipper in the front, if you have any suggestions please fill me in.
Gorkas are only for dry and cold places in Russia, so that isn't an option for me.
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ITT: Wildlife You've Seen While /out/ - Spring Edition

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Old thread 404'd

Post your pics and/or stories of birds, mammals, and other wildlife you've seen while outdoors. Wildflowers are fine too!

Pic related, Savannah Sparrow enjoying the Spring blooms.
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Bought one of these for my motorcycle (It's a road bike calm your tits) and I was wondering what /out/ purposes it might have besides shoving it down my neck. It said somewhere that you can wet them to cool down in warm weather but idk how good an idea that is.

How do you wear your scarves lads, you do own a scarf right? Also post scarves.
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ITT: Zippos & Fire Making Stuff

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Lets have a good old zippo thread

i bought one recently off amazon from Jew Bezos and it'll arrive on friday, anything i should know. Cost me 20$

Pic Not Mine
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Want to get a good knife for camping,hiking, etc. What would be a good, generally useful knife to get? (Preferably under $100)
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