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Have any of you ever successfully bought a plot of land and just thew an airstream or something similar on it and called it good?

I was thinking of doing just that. I don't mind cooking, cleaning, washing up outside even in the cold. My only real concern is keeping an ac going in the summer for my doggos (moved from NY to NV so my akita mix isn't best suited for the environment)

I'm basically looking for the cheapest way to fuck out of the city with my pups. Land towards the sierras is actually pretty expensive and I'd rather pay more for land and less for housing than vice versa.
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What are the creepiest experiences that you guys have had inawoods?

>inb4 >>>/x/
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just got my new bag (GR2 40L) and this patch in the mail :)

bag/patch thread?
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Oregon out/ist Meetup?

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Hello, Oregon fag here,

I was wondering if any other Oregon people wanted to have a Meetup and do some camping and outdoor activities. Feel free to say hi!
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Huge RC Car

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What is /out/'s opinion on rooftop tents?
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Is this real gold if so how do I separate it from the black shit
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How did you guys get used to sleeping in the woods alone?

I would be afraid of someone or something sneaking up to me in my sleep.
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Foraging/Wild Edibles Thread

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Hi all, didn't see a general foraging thread so I thought I'd start one.

What do your forage? When is the best time to find it? Where do you go looking?
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What do you guys think about renting electronic fat bikes
My friend an I are staring a business in Slovenia.
Does this have any potential?
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