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hey anons, post your bikes

heres mine.

custom fixie, semi freestyle
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Winter Camping

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Who else is ready for bestest season!?
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With a storm rolling in where would you set up camp in pic related to survive the night?
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Why wouldn't you use joggers while out?

>Lack of Autism Pockets
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>hey annon, how was your weekend.
>great! Found a beautiful spot for camping not to far out of town!
>oh yeah? Must have been busy on the long weekend
>no actually, not a soul in sight.
>where at? I should check it out!
>can't say
>haha no, really though, where?
>wow you're a fucking asshole

Anyone else going to carry their secret spots to the grave?
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should campfires be illegal?
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Bush ppl

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Can I eat this berry looking thing and what is it¿
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Shovel v Hatchet

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Rubber boots

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Recommend me some rubber boots /out/
I'm looking @ pic related but I hate the orange buckle
I need some to hike in for the wet climate here
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Looking for rucksack in range of 60-70 liters, for 2-3 day camping. Narrowed it down to Fjallraven Kajka and Osprey Atmos.
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