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Gear Thread #5: Sous-vide edition

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Previous thread: >>1054612

ITT: We discuss gear, ask and answer questions, and post our own stuff.

I can't think of any questions to start the thread with, so you guys have to get the ball rolling by yourselves this time.
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No EDC thread in the catalog.
Show us what you have.
Pic related weekday carry, if I've got a daysack also a Mora fixed and a Buck 110.
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Dick appreciation thread

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Someone uploaded the whole documentary on youtube.
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*blocks ur path*
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Sup /out/!

I came here from /trv/ and i want to ask you guys for some advice:

Im looking for some outdoorgear. Especially a jacket (for fall, i would say -1 to +10 degrees) and some trousers (they dont need to be suitable for low temperatures, i have good underwear ;) ). I would need them to go hiking and hunting. So they should be pretty resilient. I stumbled upon some stuff from Fjällräven but I think its not worth the price, but what do you guys think. Im glad for every advice/recommendation you could give me

Edit: Im from austria and hunting is pretty traditional here, so the cloth needs to be in some natural green/brown
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Cabin thread

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Cabin porn/general cabin info thread.

I'm moving to a cabin with no running water, wood heat, and currently wired for 12V DC, but the last tenant to his solar panels with him. The structure is probably 15 x 20, one floor with loft. I have to rebuild the outhouse and tear off the porch, then worry about getting the inside comfy.

For the inside, the first priority will be backup heat. I'm planning on a wall-mount infrared propane heater, because the place has a propane range and (maybe functional) propane fridge. All it has to be able to do is keep the place at 45°F when the woodstove isn't going.

I'd like to hear any comments or ideas, or recommendations for what else I can do to cozy it up.

Pic is not it, but similar.
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How many types of poisoning does one get if boiling water on aluminum water bottles?
It has some type o lining that certainly isn't good if heat, I assume.
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To the people who were interested in this thread yesterday before it got (rightfully) pruned- I just heard through the grapevine the kid came back from being innawoods a few hours after the post. Not sure if it's just coincidence or he's one of us but everyone is very happy.
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Recent /out/ings

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Image limit reached on the last thread. Where have you been /out/?
Pictured Castle of Ali Pasha in Parga Greece
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