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I found a notebook full of old field notes and maps at an estate sale

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anyone got any ideas where these are talking about or if they mean anything? Are they treasure maps? Sorry for shit photos I am trying to take better ones but the drawings are really faded.
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What's the point of going /out/ if you don't hunt?
Hunting is the pinnacle of all /out/ skills, and all skills are only valuable insofar as they improve your hunting.
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Is there any hope for truly enjoying America's national parks when they are so crowded?
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Dog Thread

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What dogs do you guys have to take into the outdoors?

Recently got this lab/husky mix and I need to train her to be a good hiking or hunting companion.
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Entrenching Tool

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Any good entrenching tools that are a good price and fairly reliable / durable?
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Whats the skinny on Maine?

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I am taking a job as an apprentice on an organic farm outside Freeport, moving there in a couple months. There is a lot to talk about there but that`s not what I`m interested in with this thread.

I want to know what /out/ folks from Maine can tell me about the state that I won`t find in a cursory google search. Things like,

> is Acadia overrated, a tourist trap, or actually pretty rad?
> what the fuck goes on in the part of the state that isn`t the southeast corner?
> What are the best parts you lot like to go /out/ in?

and most importantly

> do you like living there?
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Just moved to a coastal city.

Interested in getting into crab and shrimp fishing. Anyone have any experience in that? What are the basics? Can I do it from the shore or do I need a boat? What do you look for in a spot to set up your trap? What should I budget for traps, time, etc. Etc. Etc.
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Hey /out/, what are your plans for Summer? Any fancy trips planned? Anyone hitting the trails/road solo?
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What can be done about deforestation?
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Have any anons on here explored the NJ Pine Barrens? While I may have hiked/camped more scenic places for sure, the Pine Barrens are where I first fell in love with the outdoors. Where’s your favorite campground or place here? For me, it was hiking the Batona Trail.
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