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Tent Stakes

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>he doesn't forge his own tent stakes
have fun with your ultralight bent tinshit toothpick

where do you live?

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Hiking with Women

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What are your experiences hiking with women? Were they good, bad or neutral? Assuming you knew each other well, do you think hiking, fishing or other outdoor outing would be good for couples? Have you ever [spoiler:lit] had sex [/spoiler:lit] during an /out/ing?

What social, safety and hygenic concerns are important to keep in mind with woman hikers? Share your experiences here.
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aussie /out/ thread

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any australian /out/ers? what are your favourite trails/camping spots/beaches etc.? how are you doing in quarantine with campsites/reserves closed?
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What do you make fire with?
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Bought a used dhp truerec kayak with built in outriggers but now cannot seem to find replacement gaskets for the specific parts and their website is basically dormant. how screwed am I?
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*tortures you to death*
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Can anyone tell me what kind of plant this is?

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What kind of bird is this?
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