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Whats the coolest thing you've ever seen in the night sky?

Once i was following a sattelite through the sky and it hit the perfect angle to reflect the sun's light on it's solar panels to make it super bright for a few seconds.

I also saw a particularly bright meteor such that you could see red flames coming out the back of it
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I'm going camping with some friends in a few hours, just overnight, its been a while. Does anyone have any rock-solid tips for making delicious campfire food or any ideas for fun things that I can bring to the excursion? I dont want to just sit and drink all night
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>makes informative videos
>entertaining to watch
Yah that's a based from me.
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Will My maple sapling be fine?

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Two months ago I pulled this maple sapling out from the side of my garage and planted it out in the yard. A bunch of spots appeared on the leaves, and insects started them. Now the leaves are turning dry and I just pulled off two of the dead ones after taking the picture. Is this normal? Or is it already dead?

Deep /out/ Thoughts

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Do you ever think things like this while /out/, /out/?
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I was bitten by a brown recluse 2 days ago

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What are my chances of survival with no medical attention?
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What are some good lightweight/minimalist hiking shoes that aren’t a meme?
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Chris McCandless

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Was it autism?
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