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>come to this board expecting an /an/ tier appreciation of nature, but one the focuses on going out there and seeing what it has to offer
>it's actually just a bunch of /k/ tier LARPers camping a few thousand feet out side of some flyover city, or cityniggers walking the streets thinking that's "outdoors"
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/out/ists, can you explain to me why normies like camping? What do they do when they're camping?

I live in Denver and every woman lists "camping" as a fucking interest. We all know they drive 2 hours west and park with a bunch of other normies, drink beer while burning grocery store firewood, and hike maybe a mile or two a day. That shit is boring as fuck.

What is the point? Am I missing something about this "camping" they do?
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What’s the best way to wash and dry hiking boots?
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Midge bites

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Anyone one from /Out/ know how to treat 500'ish midge bites? Also is this what he'll feels like?
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/out/ jobs

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Just wondering how many of you /out/istic cunts work outdoors or are weekend warriors? No hate on the desk jockeys during the week, just curious.

Or if out is like fit. A bunch of fat cunts larping as zyzz.

And well. Cool out jobs and stories and shit too.
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Out /fa/

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Is Pennsylvania a good /out/ state? I'm finishing up my bachelor degree and I want to move somewhere /out/. The problem with choosing a place to move to in Pennsylvania is that theres a fuckton of small towns, so I have no idea wheres good. Any Pennsly-anons that can help me out?
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help with a tent

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Looking for a good tent for me and my backpack, usually for camping spring-summer-fall, and i dont need any pro tent, just something pretty light and in good price that will survive longer than 2 trips.
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Hi /out ,
I am from germany and start a hiking tour through europe on july the first.
The route I want to walk is in the picture related.
I going to start in Alicante, spain, and want to walk all the way back to germany.
I have all the things I probably need , inclusive 6l water inside my backpack.
But I have nothing for cooking, and here is my question:

Did anyone here walk a simiular route? And could tell me if it's possible to put on a fire? I really dont want to burn down some forrest by mistake. Spain is really really dry, things burn easily there.
What is a good, easy and SAFE way to make a good fire to cook some food?

It is illegal to do outdoor camping aside of regular camping places in spain. Should I expect any trouble when I just put up my tent somewhere?

I want only a really little fire to cook some potatoes or shit, I had a plan like in the painting underneath to place it:
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