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Outdoors recording

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Lets get another /out/ recording thread going.

There were some great /out/ rec threads a while ago, and I'm getting into outdoors recording myself. Planning to make a parabolic microphone to connect to my Olympus WS-853 recorder I got for Christmas.

Any Anons wanna contribute? I would love advice for complete beginners.
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Hikers toe

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How to prevent it?
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I need a jacket for /out/ work. I need it to be tough and not be destroyed by thick brush, and I need it to not look too distinct, so that I could mix in with the background. No military jackets, I need to look as civi as possible. Suggestions? So far I think I’m just gonna get a jean jacket or something
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Potato cannons as waste removal tools?

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How much would you pay for a backpackable collapsing potato cannon designed to launch your shit several hundred feet away from your campsite?

It would include a toilet style seat so you can shit directly into the barrel rather than having to load it by hand, and the barrel diameter would be the right size for 1 litre piss bottles as an alternate ammunition type.
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What are the most durable slippers??

Shitty Walmart $10 slippers only last 6 months
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What's your favorite flower? For me it's devil's paintbrush. Every time I smell one of these I'm reminded of being out with my dad.
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Guess the author out of context

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I surmise that zebras are likely to be obstinate, or otherwise disagreeable animals, because their great importance will also force itself upon our minds.
Photographs, especially instantaneous photographs, are very instructive, because we know that they are in certain respects exactly like steam whistles.
This may sound paradoxical; but the following imaginary little dialogue will show how true it is:
Two men, A and B, meet on a country road, when the following conversation ensues.

B. The owner of that house is the richest man in these parts.

A. What house?

B. Why do you not see a house to your right about seven kilometres distant, on a hill?

A. Yes, I think I can descry it.

B. Very well; that is the house.

Thus, A has acquired information

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*Blocks your path*
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How should one dress for freezing conditions with little movement, I know to layer but wanted to know if you could recommend a good coat/jacket, and trouser
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