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Let's discuss Urbexing! Post some cool pics if you got 'em.

>pic related, abandoned subway in upstate NY
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Looking for a hunting slingshot, heard the scout is pretty good. Recommendations?
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His climb isn't that impressive. Sorry. I've seen more impressive "athletic performances" in horseback riding.
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>Not friends to go on an /out/venture with
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Aesthetic Mountains thread
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/out/ Jobs

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Tired of working low effort """wageslave""" jobs. I'm a young, /fit/, man and I want to use my body more productively and make a hell of a lot more money. What are some heavy labor jobs where I can make a lot of money in a season?
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Is there any reason to not carry a waist pack when hiking or fucking around /out/doors?
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metal dedectors

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any dedectorist fags here?
i want to buy me such a thing, what should i get? i wanna search on WW2 battlefields and for old coins mainly in woods and fields. decent depth and waterproof is what i am looking for.
i heart that the fisher f44 is quite good, now my question is if its worth to spend more money on lets say a garret AT pro.
any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Hunting experiences thread

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I posted this before on /b/ but I thought you guys might like it
>be me 14
>antisocial loser that has no friends
>everybody in my school hunts so I thought if I killed something I might get some friends
>go on budk and buy a blowgun
>when it arrives I start practicing with it after a week I’m actually pretty good with it
>I feel I’m ready to hunt something go outside and see a chipmunk peeking its head from a rock
>I aim and fire it was quiet for a bit so I thought I missed it but I see it start running with a dart in its head
>pretty impressed it’s still alive honestly fire two more shots it’s now dead since I like animals and never killed anything before I’m pretty sad about it
>I even cry a little bit but since it’s dead I made sure to make use of it so I skin it I would’ve did more but it was small and I didn’t know how to cook
>everytime I look at the skin I always feel bad
and after all that I still didn’t have friends
Here’s the picture of the blowgun and the skin
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/out/ memes

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Post em
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