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Sometimes I find geocaches by accident while innawoods. What do you do to make it fun and challenging for the next geocacher?
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The Fish Locker

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The comfiest Norf kino. I wish he was my dad and taught me all about the sea.
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Is batoning worth it at all? I figure it's pretty pointless on cleaving big logs but for getting small splints off (for putting on fire after firestarter) firewood it should be fine right?
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/ski/ general
Reddit BTFO edition
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The BSA was a great and historic American institution and now it's cucked.

Asking any fathers, what are you doing instead in 2021?
Trail life USA is the best alternative as far as I can tell and it's explicitly Christian like BSA was historically. It's just a shame to be apart from that historic tradition in a new organization.

Here's my thought, continue with a scout troop but just don't affiliate with BSA. Use an older edition of the handbook, award your own merit badges, appoint your own scoutmasters, and still don't allow gays or females disregarding what the BSA headquarters says.

This exact scenario has been playing out in the last few decades in the Anglican Church. Canterbury cucked out so local churches or networks of conservative churches disregarded the bishop cut off. It's called the continuing Anglican movement.

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ITT: /out/ sunsets. OC Only.

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hey guys, newbie here. i need your help - can you link some of survival books? mostly about edible/poisonous/used in medicine plants, how to use literally everything to our advantage in nature without destroying it, beginners mushroom guide books would be good as well; survival cookbooks would also be helpful. maybe ranger and scout guides too? just anything around that. i wanted to get into this sort of stuff since childhood but toxic family didn't let me to. i'll be more than grateful if you help

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Someone else listens to skyrim soundtrack unironically while out? Also /out/ comfy music thread
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Going to spend a week camping round the lower eastern sierras on my motorbike.

Anyone have recommendations for free camping and things to see and do?

Thanks bros
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Who is the basedest /out/ related person?
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