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How annoyed would a slightly male socialized carefree woman feel about river kayaking in the winter at temperatures of 5-10C for 5 hours?
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What happened to the journal?

Any copies of the full thing somewhere?
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Ski thread

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Alright, so winter is beginning, and this is the year I jump from inbounds skiing to ski touring. Only problem is, I need a whole lot of new gear. Does anyone have advice for buying touring gear? Also how the fuck can I buy boots when no shops stock Mondo 33 boots below the 800$ price point

Also general ski thread
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Have you ever built someone a little shrine in the woods, /out/? Odin? Jesus? Hitler?
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Backcountry skiing

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Alright boys, winter is here early this year and I don't want to spend the next 6 months lifting in a dark basement. I watched a couple of movies about snowboarding and skiing and this stuff looks pretty fun. Also, I don't want to purchase a 400$ season pass to gain access to mister Goldstein's overcrowded hill.

Anyone have experience with backcountry skiing? Is this thing actually fun or you get bored of it after a couple of week? I tried snowshoeing and I almost felt asleep walking. I wanna go fast and slide down little hills once in a while, nothing too crazy because I'm a boomer already.
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how do you avoid crowds when going /out/ in california? I just got back from joshua tree and it was unbelievably crowded. luckily i started hiking early because on my way back out of the trail i probably passed at least 50 people.
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Is motorcycle camping any fun? Been looking at a tenerae for a fuel efficient way to reach far away places to hike/camp
>inb4 fuck off to /o/, they cant stop fapping to sportbikes
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An unfortunate pooping situation

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Hello /out/, I am facing a dire situation which needs big brained solving. My grandfather built a cabin in a pretty isolated cabin area in the 1970's, and myself and my friends have begun to use it for lan parties and generally great times.

Unfortunately, the water pump for the cabin is removed in preparation for the winter, and water drained from the pipes. I at first thought I could bring massive amounts of water for dish cleaning and toilet filling, but even if I could amass the water necessary for the ultimate epic gamer week in the woods, the water would freeze in the pipes, back up and break the pipes.

So, regarding shitting: should we all just attempt to lumberjack in the woods for a week in different areas each time? (I can't imagine shitting on top of shit being a pleasant experience), or should I head to the cabin and look into some makeshift outdoors bathroom, or should I just concede the cabin for the winter?
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Cheap eBay Chinese outboard

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Hey /out/

I just bought two of these.

Plan is to keep one for spares or parts.

I'm not sure if they'll actually turn up but I'm guaranteed with PayPal and eBay plus to get my cash back so no issues.

They state there's a 7 year parts warranty which I highly doubt.

Two outboards for under $100 USD with free shipping?

What is this witch craft? Taking bets on if they'll arrive and or how fast it will break
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You have to stay outside without any shelter for at least 36 hours in gusting winds, pouring rain and possibly snow. You also are unable to use anything made with synthetic materials.

What do you wear?

....and where do we buy it?

I am trying to cut out any Petrochemical/synthetic item I can out of my life, including clothing. Needing to buy a new winter coat/jacket, I have been hard pressed to find anything that is made 100% percent natural and waterproof. I thought of waxed canvas, but even those are lined with polyester inside. Not for "climate change emission" reasons but for health and for the real environmental disaster, microscopic chemical pollution.

Also, general all-natural /out/ supply thread.
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