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what are some /out/ books
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What are some /out/ approved video games?
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What is the best 2 ppl tent for 50-100$?
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/outing/ with the misses

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[spoiler:lit]HOW DO I TELL HER TO FUCK OFF[/spoiler:lit]
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/out/ approved careers

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What are some /out/ approved careers?

So far I've got:
- Forestry / forest management
- Back-country ski guide
- Hunting guide
- Park service
- Fishing deckhand
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Summer Plans Thread

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What are you guys doing for the summer?

I have a really flexible job in Vancouver so I'll be roadtripping around BC a lot. Any BC bros have suggestions of cool places to go? I'm geared up for pretty much any camping/backpacking, like hunting & fishing, just looking to have a great summer.
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I know we have a car camping thread going but this one is more focused around the vehicles themselves.

I live in Spain and want to pick up a dirt cheap off road getaway /out/ car. Is the niva perfect for 1 -2 man outings? Should I consider the little suzuki? Or get a bigger used car?

(Or should I blast all my savings on a defender and live off water and rice?)

Consider this a continuation of the last thread.
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Urban exploration.

Post your pics
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Best bushcraft youtubes?
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