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Small Game Hunting With Mink

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Has anyone used ferrets or minks to hunt before?

This guy hunts brown rats, carp, muskrat, squirrels, and rabbits using trained mink.

Who mink man here?
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Kino mountains?

Kino mountians.

Yes, I know, but I still love the look of this mountain coupled with the fact that it is the highest one.
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Comfy pics taken while out

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Old thread also reached image limit.
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Dream Trips: Under-Traveled Edition

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What are some of your dream /out/ trips that are under-traveled or in less frequented parts of the world?

>Venezuelan Andes
>The Kungsleden Trail
>The Jordan Trail
The list goes on...

For me it's the Transcaucasian Trail, from the Caspian to the Black Sea via Azerbaijan and Georgia. I hope the trails get officially finished and linked soon so I can quit my job and attempt to thru hike it.
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What do you use rope for?
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/out/ music thread

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Last thread gave a lot of good tunes. What music do you guys listen to while on the trail? Pic related.
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Homegrowmen Thread #165 Farming and Gardening

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Old thread: >>1471789

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Stealth Camping: How to Stealth Camp

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I live in central Wisconsin there are many deciduous/coniferous/mixed/evergreen forests, as well as high(ish) altitude mountain regions and humid riverbank brush areas, as well as river islands. I want to camp everywhere, but unfortunately Wisconsin has a shit ton of Wardens (2.9 per county officially, which is a retarded average, so assume 3) so it's somewhat difficult.

How do I stealth camp? Im somewhat of a beginner to camping on my own.
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ITT: Wildlife You've Seen While /out/ - Spring Edition

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Old thread 404'd

Post your pics and/or stories of birds, mammals, and other wildlife you've seen while outdoors. Wildflowers are fine too!

Pic related, Savannah Sparrow enjoying the Spring blooms.

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You do hike mindfully, right?

I hope you don't get lost in thought while outdoors.
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