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Is this a magic mushroom please or am I dumb

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Just got back edition!

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Just got back from a 2 night jaunt in WV.

Drove up Spruce Knob for a quick peek at the observation tower, then hiked (6 hours!) Pike Knob to Nelson Sods along North Fork Mountain slightly west of Franklin WV.

Did Grandview overlook at the new river gorge, saw the coal tipple at Nuttallburg, saw Propps Waterfall which an anon from 4chan recommended (thanks again!), hiked a little along Comers Creek, and then drove up Whitetop Mountain, the second highest mountain in VA (5500 ft).

Please post any hikes or outdoor stuff you have done, especially in West Virginia, but also anywhere in the Mid-Atlantic or Appalachia in general.

Always open to suggestions and have some of my own to share.
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Ugliest nature in the world.
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Is it a meme or is there no alternative?
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Is there any reason to get carbon steel Morakniv instead of stainless steel ones? I've heard if you put it in the acid for several hours after purchase it won't rot in the future and it's much more sturdy than stainless steel ones. Thanks in advance.
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Can someone tell me what type of spider this is plz. Just found it in my backyard
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stealth camping

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>paying to camp out in the woods

anyone do stealth camping? Been watching Steve Wallis channel on youtube and it's got me feeling inspired.

how do i get out of doing this? Seems like a giant scam to have to pay for a primitive camp site.
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Hunting with my dad

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>Be me
>Home from school for Thanksgiving break
>Go duck hunting with my dad
>Shoot duck
>Dog gets duck
>Duck isn't dead
>Dad wrings duck's neck and puts it in the car
>We hunt some more
>Go back to car
>Duck running around the car
>Dad wrings duck's neck
>nuggies time
>Get home
>Pick up duck for butchering
>Duck lifts its head and kicks its feet
>I wring duck's neck
>Poke duck's eye to test cranial nerve reflexes
>Duck blinks
>Hit duck in head with big rock
>Poke duck's eye
>No blink
>Mission accomplished
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Post Your /out/ings!

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Post stories and pictures from your recent /out/ings!

>I know that 99% of this board is LARPers and cityfags who wish they could go outdoors with the rona
>Here's a thread for the real niggas actually going outside

Here's a few pics from an overnight I did in the Bitterroot Wilderness in Western MT.

I'm starting to think the sardineposter is onto something.
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Is there a high population of black people in the woods? They due to lower intellect on average end up poor, so I figured they might be in the woods a lot. Is that an issue for the USA? Should I bring a gun? I'm neet and can't afford one ironically, but I know I can't beat a wild nigger at hand to hand even if I have a melee weapon. In my county due to living with a felon I can't get a gun.
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