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Midwest /out/

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Next fall I will be moving to either Illinois or Indiana. What outdoor activities are there to do in these states?

I'm used to western states with lots of public land and mountains, wondering how I'll get /out/ without either. What's the flat land like? Where do you go hiking? How are the rivers and great lakes? I know a lot of deer get shot here, but I don't know how the hell you hunt on private lands.

I'll be in Northern IN, Chicago, or Central IL, for reference.
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Dog thread

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Dogs are the ultimate /out/ companion. Post your doggen.
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Camping in winter/snow

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So I would like to start camping in winter and would like to know how it must be done. Any guides and/or tips?

Also what camping tent should I get myself for winter? Any specific products maybe? (Keep in mind that I am a student so budget is kinda important here)
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ITT: Waterfalls

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Post cool waterfalls here. Bonus points if you took the photo yourself.

Pic related, hiked to the top of Vernal Falls in Yosemite this summer.
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how often do you use your compas? ive only ever used them for orienteering and stuff, never actually while hiking.
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Do you have an /out/ major/job ?

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Or are you just a sedentary office cuck ?

>t. forest engineering major (about 20% field 80% office)
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Innawoods Thread

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Alright /out/. Lets say that you are going to the Alaskan wilderness for a week. There is none population for 100 kilometers so you are alone. What's your loadout.
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Who /brapping while /out// here?
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I am looking to get started in metal detecting.
What should I know?
Any good books/youtube series on the topic?
What is the best metal detector I can buy for under 100€ with shipping? Preferably from eBay, I live in Spain.
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Which is the American political party that aligns the most with /out/ philosophy and goals?
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