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Gonna see how many people here enjoy this shit.
Urban exploration is the exploration of manmade structures, usually abandoned ruins or hidden components of the manmade environment. Photography and historical interest/documentation are heavily featured in the hobby and it sometimes involves trespassing onto private property.


>What started or peaked your interest into exploring?
>Whats the best photos you've gotten of places?
>Stories of any kind?
>Know any quality urbex ytbers that arent shiey or the proper people?
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If i got a internal frame backpack then where should i mount my water flask? Been thinking about putting it on the belt of the backpack for ease of access.
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What's /out/'s thoughts on glamping/travel trailers? They seem based. Take ATVs out or hike the surrounding mountainside while having a warm, comfortable place to sleep without roughing it with bugs and shit on the ground. Maybe take a small boat with you, and do all the stuff tent campers do while not having to hate yourself in a piece of shit tent.
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Quality winter jackets

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What do you guys wear when the weather gets fuggin cold. Everyone around me shills pic related, I'm not against them but it feels like half the price goes towards making a fashion statement. What are some decent looking warm winter coats
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How do you stop snek bite? Are leather boots enough?
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How do we put it back?
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Foldable saw vs hatchet
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What's the dumbest thing you did for fun as a child?

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I would fill plastic bags with water and smash them on the ground.
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Thoughts on the Amish?

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I don’t know if someone has brought them up before, but in case nobody know who they are I will give a short explanation.

They are a Luddite religious group mainly in the US and they reject most modern technology and conveniences to instead go for a pre industrial lifestyle.

I bring them up because their population is exploding and they have one of the highest birthrates on the planet at 7 children per woman with some sects as high as 9 on average and at their current rate of doubling their population every 20 years they will reach the current US population in 200 years.

So what would everyone think of such a lifestyle compared to the way things are currently?
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