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thoughts on this pack for 0F backpacking on some sketchy mountains? Clothes and food not included in pic
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It’s snowing in Kansas. This is my favorite fucking weather. God, winter is so fucking kino. I just got back from doing some errands which I purposefully put off until the roads were slick because it’s so satisfying just driving 15mph on a dark and empty road. Walked down to the corner and took a few pics, hopefully others might share their /comfy/ winter pics.
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What does the browsers of /out/ think of this ideology
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These good?
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Are you a pussy, or are you a man?
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who else /nightbike/ here?

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do you brush your teeth while innawoods solo?

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I personally don't, I've never gotten a cavity and my teeth are almost perpetually healthy. I only get bad breath and I don't care about that if I'm alone. What about you?
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Max axe

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Would you strap it to your pack for 2 week or longer backpacking trip?

For me, it's worth it.
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What makes the deserts of west USA so creepy?
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