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What footwear is the best choice for /out/?

For me, any military boots with high collar like pic related
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Navigation without GPS

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Any of you anons navigate or locate yourselves without GPS? I think it'd be cool to learn how to find my position by the stars. I'm not sure how accurate you can get but I think it'd be cool to do geocaching without a GPS. Cool idea or am I retarded? Any books to read and then practice navigation/location finding?
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Where would you get a full-body suit like this? Obviously it would have to be waterproof, durable, etc.
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Now that winter is here and it's time to put the comfy clothes on, What advantages do modern fleece jumpers have over the classic, thick knitted wool?
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What drone does /out/ use?
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redpill me on hydroflask
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/out/ cuisine and recipes

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Post your favorite food to eat while /out/ and recipes that you want to share. Doesn't even have to be made on site.
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Cleaning up my usual campfire spot from trash left nights ago by inconsiderate visitors.

2 whole contractor bags worth of broken bottles, kitchen paper, chips bags, cigarette butts.

And, under a stack of rocks, a dimebag of weedlmao, half rotten from condensation and being poorly wrapped in saran wrap. Promptly dunked in the fire I prepared for the post-cleanup BBQ for myself and the other boomers that cleaned up the place. The whole place smells like joints.

As we're sipping whiskey by the campfire, a group of zoomers came in the hope of finding their stashes, carrying along their equally zoomer clients. They can tell weed has been burnt, and their clients are prancing like rats in a cage.But they don't dare asking,, hopeless they leave and soon their stupid voices leave the premises.

Have a nice day in these cozy last bits of summer, enjoy innawoodz.

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So I'm running this ultramarathon - 82 miles in 3 days on the britbong coastline, so about a marathon per day. I have never ran multiple marathons one day after another before. Most I have ran is 24 miles on (mostly) flat. Anyone done any similar events and can let me know what to expect?
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