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What makes the deserts of west USA so creepy?
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How does one get into a hobby like the /outdoors/ when you live in a less than decent state for it?
Has it brought you happiness? Do you feel truly alive when youre out? Are you happy?
>tfw trying to get out of this depression through self improvement and seeing nature
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How to find rabbit trails? How to break neck? Is floral wire good?

This is revolutionary

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Taking a trip from the Southwest to the Southeast
I have a few urbx/ghost town locations lined up already and a couple parks, but I'm looking for any suggestions from people more familiar with the areas.

What I've got so far
- Thurber, TX
- Lake Bistineau, LA
- Kuhn Memorial State Hospital, MS
- Sweetwater Creek State Park, GA
- Loew's Grand Theater, GA
- Atlanta Prison Farm, GA
- Scape Ore Swamp, SC

I'm primarily into urban exploration but want to get /out/ more
I won't be doing any hardcore multi-day hiking, since I will be with a small group who have varied levels of experience, but some hiking and going off-path is welcomed.
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Underated /out/ movies

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Share some lesser known /out/ movies
>Swiss Army Man
its bushcraft at its finest
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Non-Electronic Entertainment

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What are some fun toys/games that can be played by yourself when /out/ or even indoors? The only requirements I have is no electricity or batteries.

So far, I have:
-Deck of cards for solitaire or other solo games
-Hacky sack
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Why does /out/ hate the Sierra Nevada mountains?
Am I pleb for enjoying them?
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Cures for fuckin' poison ivy? I can feel it itching me already!
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Polish warrior playing outside fighting 3 cops

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Polish guy playing OUTSIDE and fights 3 Dutch police officers in The Netherlands