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>rips past you at 50 mph on a trail loud as fuck

Sorry bro, just enjoying nature ;^)
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Tent thread

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Sup sc/out/s

I'm in the market for a new tent and was wondering what your opinion was on tent cots. For the most part, ill be camping with some kind of vehicle - car or canoe, so a bit of added weight isn't a big deal. The cot and tent combined weigh around 25lbs, more if I bring the sleeping pad. I'm wonder what your favorite tent is, and if you think the added weight is worth the comfort.

Pic related.
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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread. Last one finally died.
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Anyone have experience with Akubra hats?

I've had this one for about a week, not even fully broken in, and it's the most comfortable hat I've ever owned. Loads of shade and plenty cool.
Due to the size, not too great for thick scrub, but still, can't recommend them enough.
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Looking for books and other resources on living totally off the grid. Already found Living Well on Practically Nothing by Ed Romney.
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most surreal /out experience
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Do you ever smoke weed while you’re /out/?
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MGTOW community

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Did you guys ever make that commune you were planning about ?
Is there a map to it?
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bushcrafting axe

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Which axe is the best axe for bushcrafting?
What's better? An axe or a hatchet?
What axe are you using?
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They let him out and he went and did it again. supposedly this time he killed someone..
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