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Prepping: Sheeps vs Goats

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For a small area what would be best? Also general animal thread (on a smaller scale than farms)
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quiet pellet rifle?

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Hunter of /out/, I would like some advice.

I'm going to change my amateur hunting style from the bullshit truck hunting that I was taught to a spot and stalk. I'll be going for white tail and mule deer this season as well as any small game I see on the way.

So with the small game I typically used my 10/22 and had great success. But if I looking for deer and see a grouse, I'd just pull out the 22 and pick its head off. But I figure that the 22 will be too loud and possibly scare away any deer that might be near by.

I was thinking of getting either a slingshot, a high powered pellet rifle, or maybe a crossbow with rubber blunt ends. Or would CB rounds work too?

What do you guys suggest?
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>Go outdoors
>Outside the city
>Always see this shit
What the fuck do rednecks store inside these shitbags?
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What's the best kind of keychain /out/ there?
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>be beta white male
>marry uggo waifu
>she needs alone time
>go camping with wifes daughters
>go to sleep
>get shot
>wake up dead

Think of all the alimony he saved
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anyone here a certified innawoodsman?

So I went hiking with a friend and found his knowledge of outdoors shit cool as fuck. now I'm curious if anyone here has a formal education on outdoors stuff and if you do where'd you get it? I'm specifically hoping for a certificate or associates program from an online school
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I always wondered if a shovel can serve as a substitute to an axe, at least for a short trip. Especially after watching that chink video, which does look impressive.
I used this heavy as fuck, built like a tank, old polish saperka, sharpened the sides pretty well.
Took it innawoods about 2 months ago.
The results ware not promissing.
Sure, it can cut some shit, and shit accesories, but nowhere near as good as an axe. Even though the 'blade' is in the middle of the grip, unlike in most other army shovels.
And even though it's very durable, it still started to move a bit.

I'm pretty sure any other "entrenching tool" that has moving parts would quickly fall apart. I have a east german one, west german one, they all started to get looss after just a few swings.

Just my few cents.
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/out/ Texas

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Just moved down here. Anywhere cool to see around here? I live in the DFW area btw.
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Innawoods recommendations

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I'm flying out to HELL-A today to help my friend move back to Pennsylvania. We're driving the west coast up to Washington and then heading east. What are some must see spots/destinations we should check out? We're experienced in backpacking and car camping and are looking for options for free/cheap sleeping arrangements, preferably away from normies.
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Eating Outdoor Enhancement

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What is the effect of food taste better when you eat it outdoors? Does it have a name?
Why does eating outdoors while camping / backpacking makes it taste so much better.

Image somewhat related; eating outdoors, with the added benefit of triggering non-normies.
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