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Knife thread

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Recent outings?
One from this morning
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I hate fucking pretentious niggers with their fucking gardens. Flowers are okay - I have a row of beautiful flowers at home. But growing a bigass garden and being pretentious about it is not okay.
I always buy 3 or 4 big bottles of plant killer every year so I can dilute it and pour it over their gardens. Every single neighbor on the block, I go out at night and pour it over their plants. I make sure that it's nice and covered so that the entire thing is uninhabitable. For kicks I do it to their lawns sometimes too.
Keeping those big fucking eyesores out pisses me the fuck off. I love it when they get all frustrated because nothing will grow anymore. I love it when they get depressed because all of their "babies" died. I fucking love watching as they come out every day to see if anything will ever grow anymore. It won't. 3 of my neighbors have already moved out because of this. I hate big gardens, and you should too.

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purifying water is a meme, yes? I've been drinking from tons of streams, creeks and lakes and never had a problem. I don't carry water anywhere there's freshwater available outside.
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Seen this truck on here before and on a Facebook page.

I have questions for you.

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Finnish Swede survivalist here, I am gonna look into migrating into the US of A and I was wondering where is the best place to live off the grid and if not off the grid far away from big cities? Some folk say Maine others say Colorado and Utah. I am very fond of the mountainous areas and what not as I wanna LARP as my mountain man forefather which migrated back to the north after he thought America was too civilized or whatever he wrote.
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I need a good knife for both /out/ and self-defense, but due to my country's legislation the blade has to be under 4 inches.

What do you guys recommend?
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What have you done to rewild yourself?

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Currently stuck in a paddock that just got flooded near Broken Hill Australia, I drove in an overgrown track so I can sleep in my car, woken up at 11 pm by torrential downpour, everything is mud, 2 creekes just appeared on either side of me, I tried following the track I came in on and got lost, can't see shit because too dark, now I'm just waiting for daylight to see how fucked I am.
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is this a meme tool? i just weekend camp but i want to be able to make hot meals without a a big fire or lug around some backpack stove that needs propane I don't really care much for the charging unit on the side
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Trapper hat/ushanka thoughts

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Thoughts on this hat?
Currently own it, really warm and only $12, is it good for camping/outdoor activities tho?
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