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i tried to out

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What do I need to do to make my video /out/ worthy? I know this was my first test trail as it were but any feedback is appreciated.

I know the editing needs to be improved ten fold.
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/nightwalks/ Gen: Boonies Without Cityboi Lights Edition

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Post your photos, tell your tales. 40 F, shitloads of wind, and 68% moon through clouds tonight, it was perfect.
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So much winning!

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I just dumped a sofa in a river to own the left.
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Is there any modern exploring jobs/careers? I’ve always been infatuated with exploring, but with satellite imagery and overpopulation everything seems to be discovered, and whatever isn’t discovered, no one cares about.
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/Out Books

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Lets get a list going of the best /out reads
(Journals, Manuscripts, Books, Fiction/Nonfiction)
Ill start: Huckleberry Finn
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what is the most underrated kind of biome and why is it swamps/bayous
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Trail Running

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Ran my first 5k last year and I've been a life-long lover of hiking. I've been thinking lately I should combine the two. There's a trail race in my area in about 4 months, 12 miles with 3,500 feet of elevation gain. Anybody here trail run? Any tips or tricks? Training or gear suggestions? Think I can prepare for it in 4 months?
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Morakniv Garberg is currently $26 on Amazon.
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Looking for some tips on hunting whitetail. Im 22 and used to hunt a lot when I was 13-17 and haven't been hunting since, I live in Houston and want to go hunting on public land was wondering for some tips and where I should hunt. I know it's not deer season but if I'm going to do this by myself I should probably start planning now. The hunting I did was all on private property and so I didn't have to compete with dozens of other hunters, as well there were stands and feeders throughout the property. If anyone has some tips on where I should go and what I should look out for. Is East Texas bunked if I want to hunt on public land? Should I try Ok, Co, or West Texas? Should I purchase a tree stand and/or lures? What should I be prepared for and what should I look out for if I want at least an eight point?
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The Outdoors have been reduced to a recreational form of escapism.

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When did you realize that your passion for the outdoors was just a form of escape from technological society.

I go outdoors and do things to complete goals, and feel like I have autonomy. But in reality nothing I do has any impact on my life, and the majority of my time is spent serving a system I hate but can't escape.
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