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Have you ever asked for a girl's number who you met while hiking? How did it go?
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Ultralight General

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It's been a while m8s, time to reveal our autism power level and buttdevestate the board again.

>muh lite gear
>muh 0.07g shaved off
>muh $1K upmarked tarps
>muh zpack
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Fear of Heights

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I want to start climbing munros here in scotland but some of them have terrifying ridgewalks/pinnacle scrambles. I am scared of heights. I just wouldn't be able to do it. My legs would be jelly.
How do i overcome my fear?
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what is your favorite Camoflage for deer watching, bird watching, avoiding other people, etc etc

not necessarily hunting, thats not my personal game, but all input welcome, i just love sneaking up on deer/elk and get as close as possible,
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Has anyone ever ran a Community supported agriculture? I have 20 acres and currentlya full time job. Was going to start with veggies/aquaponics, chicken in the next year, pigs after 3 years.
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So. Looking at all these loser threads about Dogs and nothing about bows.

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Lets fix that people. Lets make a thread about Bows. And Anything Archery related.

Im thinking of getting myself Diamond Archery Edge SB-1 Compound Bow and than making small tweaks to it to be accurate. Might even buy myself one of those Plastic Dear targets.

does anyone have recommendations for nice bows that are Traditional compound bows to go hunting with?

> TFW academy does not have any javelins to practice with.
>TFW cant find any javelins online that i could buy to target practice with.
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Identify a flower for me

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Hey guys. Thought I'd ask here instead of in the history section. I have a painting where I am attempting to identify a flower in it.

I originally thought it was a Geranium.

Help very much appreciated. Thank you.
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Boy Scouts Will Admit Girls

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"The Boy Scouts of America announced on Wednesday that girls will soon be allowed to become Cub Scouts and to earn the coveted rank of Eagle Scout, the organization’s highest honor."


" Earlier this year, the National Organization for Women urged the Boy Scouts to admit girls to the entire program, supporting the efforts of a New York teenager, Sydney Ireland, to attain the rank of Eagle Scout, as her older brother did.

"I just want to do what the Boy Scouts do — earn the merit badges and earn the Eagle Award," she told NBC News. "The Girl Scouts is a great organization, but it's just not the program that I want to be part of. I think girls should just have the opportunity to be a member of any organization they want regardless of gender." "

so, instead of fixing the girl scout program, they're going to make the boy scouts program worse
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why do we hate him again?
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