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Going to spend a week camping round the lower eastern sierras on my motorbike.

Anyone have recommendations for free camping and things to see and do?

Thanks bros
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Who is the basedest /out/ related person?
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Jane is what all of us wish we could be

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-No money, no degree
-Gets dead end job that she hates as a typist
-Friend randomly invites her to Africa
-She drops everything and heads to Africa
-Conveniently runs into Louis Leaky
-Impresses him with her vast animal knowledge and intelligence
-Sends her to the african bush to study chimpanzees
-Spends months alone in the bush, doesn't give a fuck about snakes or jaguars
-Wears shorts and converse to move around the brush
-Emotionally and spiritually connects with her surroundings, so much so that the chimps begin to embrace her
-Doesn't care about fame or fortune, only tours so she can raise money for the chimps

Probably one of the most self- actualized people to have ever existed, absolute goddess
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What trips have you planned this year, /out/?
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hello world

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this is my first post on the forum
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hiking boots

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looking to get some boots for hiking i have wide feets and it would be a bonus if the boots were water resistance the price is eh im not trying to break the bank also pants to
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/Appalachia General/ - by popular request edition!

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A thread to discuss your favorite hikes and areas in and among appalachia!

Winter has been long and cold. Are you planning any adventures for spring yet?
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Gardening and farming threads with the exact same copy and paste infographs and stock images, year after year. Everyone is a larper like you'd find on any other board.

Even if you're going to reply bitching about me bitching, post a unique pic of you sprouting a seed or feeding a bird.
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I am in an abusive home, no money, no job. Is living in a tent in a British national park an option?
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senpai a new month has begun. which knife will you buy this time?
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