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What are some good lightweight/minimalist hiking shoes that aren’t a meme?
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Chris McCandless

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Was it autism?
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What video games would out recomend.

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I had some stuff saved from a thread a while back but lost it i have some spare money right now and was looking for outs advice.
I remember the forest coming up last time as a popular option.
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are offroad teardrop trailers peak comfy?
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Small/medium packs general

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How close are you to completing the US™, /out/?
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Hi /out/ - I work in construction and this is my first summer on the job. I live in the South and it pushes 90f+ every day, plus miserable humidity. I am fairly physically fit, but scrawny - 6'1 and barely 140 pounds. This heat is killing me. I feel nauseous and physically ill all the time now. It's usually a struggle to gain weight (which I have been trying very hard to do and slowly making progress) but I am having trouble keeping food down or eating enough to keep up my pace. I drink water and gatorade constantly but I still feel like I'm on the verge of collapse after just a few hours at work.

Any guidance on getting my shit together?
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tree of life

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Oregon & Pacific Crest

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Heading up to Portland for a week-long trip. Planning on spending a day at Long Beach digging up razor clams, two days near the Crater Lake area, one day at Mount Hood, and one day along the Columbia River Gorge.

How do I properly enjoy this coastal state and its mountain ranges? Where should I stay at Crater Lake? I won’t have camping gear with me. Thinking about staying in Roseburg for one day near Crater Lake, but wondering where I should stay for the second day—want to avoid as much back-and-forth driving as possible.

Is it worth it to spend two days at the lake? I’m thinking of spending the one day doing a day-hike in the crater, the second day at some hot springs or in nearby forests. Help a man out /out/

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How do I get an /out/ GF?

>pic related
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