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Cheap eBay Chinese outboard

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Hey /out/

I just bought two of these.

Plan is to keep one for spares or parts.

I'm not sure if they'll actually turn up but I'm guaranteed with PayPal and eBay plus to get my cash back so no issues.

They state there's a 7 year parts warranty which I highly doubt.

Two outboards for under $100 USD with free shipping?

What is this witch craft? Taking bets on if they'll arrive and or how fast it will break
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You have to stay outside without any shelter for at least 36 hours in gusting winds, pouring rain and possibly snow. You also are unable to use anything made with synthetic materials.

What do you wear?

....and where do we buy it?

I am trying to cut out any Petrochemical/synthetic item I can out of my life, including clothing. Needing to buy a new winter coat/jacket, I have been hard pressed to find anything that is made 100% percent natural and waterproof. I thought of waxed canvas, but even those are lined with polyester inside. Not for "climate change emission" reasons but for health and for the real environmental disaster, microscopic chemical pollution.

Also, general all-natural /out/ supply thread.
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UK man, 32, nearly died after parasite crawled up penis, laid eggs as he swam in lake on Africa trip

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i love this little nigga like you wouldn't believe
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Dealing with dangerous wildlife in northeastern USA

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For those of you who spend a lot of time hiking and camping in northeastern USA, what do you do to prepare for situations involving dangerous wildlife?

What are you going to do if you run into a bear or wolf?
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Wool general /wg/

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Alright boys, it's starting to chill out here in the states, lets get cozy. Wool discussion, blankets, coats, socks, raw material, surplus, go crazy.

First question here, what are your guys favorite coats? Has anyone made their own?
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Sea Kayaking

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How can I get into sea kayaking? I've recently moved close to the Chesapeake bay and want to make the most of it. I've heard of an abandoned house on a tiny island I want to check out, but the closet part of the mainland is 8 1/2 miles away. I've kayaked rivers and lakes, but no waterway this big before. What kind of gear do I need and how should I prepare? I'm starting from square 1 (everything I had is 500 miles away).
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/out/ Watch

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Looking for a watch for /out/ but I'm also looking for taking it out ice fishing. Where I'm from this means the temperature could get to -20f (-28.8c)

while on my wrist it may not get there, the windchill while looking at the watch may get it really freaking cold. I'm looking at the Pathfinder PAG240-1 from Casio but I can't seem to find the operating temperature.
I know the sensor only goes from 14 degrees to 104 or something, but not really any info on operating temp of the LCD.

I know Casio also makes a Low Temp LCD watch but it doesn't have the options. Or is there another brand that is low-temp with lots of /out/ options?

Gen watch threat too
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The coming collapse

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Society is going to collapse, there's no way around that and we can't avoid it. What we can do is prepare to some degree. What are my chances living in the second largest city in sweden? How do i prep, what things do i need that i could've missed?

I have no experience whatsoever with being innawoods, but i can learn quickly.
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>adore the outdoors and beautiful nature as any person would
>expect the community of outdoorsmen to be full of fun-loving, old-American style rednecks
>instead it's a bunch of consumerist hipsters from the coasts who want to spread the word about new-age spiritualism and sell me their organic granola bars
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