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Forest bathing

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Looking to do my first forest bath
Any tips?
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/out/ watch threat

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Thinking about getting pic related. Gshock rangeman. Any opinions? Got a basic Casio already but want to upgrade.
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yo, lets talk ski helmets. I hate traditional ski helmets, im looking for a full faced one, pic related. It says that its a downhill helmet but good for skiing and safte approved. whats your opinion about it and why are there so few ski helmets with face guards?
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Slinging Your Weapon Innawoods

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I'm hoping to get some oppinions on how to properly tote or sling a long barreled weapon innawoods. I personally use a pump shotgun, and have a fairly decent sling- but my question is this: with a backpack on, what is a safe, effective way to carry a long barreled weapon off the trail? I'd like to keep water and dirt out of my weapon, and stay safe (and considerate of my own safety and the safety of others), but still have it at the ready in case of an "oh shit!" situation. I like to have my hands free, too- but I feel like you can't have your cake and eat it to. Any /k/ommandos have a certain method?
Hanging in front? Low Ready? Barrel up? Barrel down? At one side? The over-the-shoulder boulder holder? Above the head while running with high knees? Mounted on helmet with a string attached to the trigger? I just don't know.
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Amateur Radio is a great accessory to the being /out/. Ham radio allows you to:

>Use lightweight handitalkies to communicate with a range of several miles to dozens of miles (dep on terrain)
>Communicate in emergency situations where no cell phone towers are in range
>Use APRS to keep track of the GPS location and keep in contact with your group
>Participate in /out/door ham contests

What can I do with amateur radio in the great outdoors?

>Summits on the Air: take a portable HF/VHF rig to a picturesque mountain summit, throw up a wire antenna, and activate it by making contacts with people all over the world, info:
>Parks on the Air: take your HF rig to a state or national park, find a nice quiet spot, activate the park, info:
>Microwave: build microwave antennas and use them to make contacts from one mountain peak to another

Due to the influx of chinese equipment, new ham radio equipment prices are at all time lows. With boomers dying off the same is true of used equipment. You can get started in the hobby for as little as $30.

>How do I get started?
You start with your tech license, this gives you access to the higher frequencies VHF. It requires taking a 35 question test on the basics of radio which you can take in your local area and costs $15. Once you have that you can upgrade to General or Extra which will give you access to all frequencies.

Study the materials

Find an exam session
>(don’t be intimidated, they genuinely want you to get licensed)

More resources
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Going on my first moose hunt this fall. Share some tips and tricks so I can fill my freezer for the winter.
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What's your best/most memorable hike?

For me it was the Mt Saint Helens crater rim.
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What are things you wish you could see in survival/post-apoc movies? What do they get wrong? What would make them more realistic AND engaging?
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/out/ rage thread

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>"hurr I'm healthy vegan no GMO's because muh pesticides durr"
>lathers skin with 1,000,000% DEET

god i hate these pretentious faggots
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Best Tents

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Post only the best and most based outdoor accommodation and discuss why nylon tents are cancer.

Pic related - nothing quite like the classic bell tent.
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