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Fanny pack thread

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You may not appreciate it but this is what /out/ peak performance looks like.
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First solo trip

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Sup /out/

I always liked outdoor life and have been on quite a few car-camping trips as well as backpacking in mountains. I can start and keep a fire on a rainy day, pitch a tent, cook on a campfire or stove, dress properly to weather, know first aid. I want to go solo badly, cuz people are nuisance that can ruin any /out/ing.

So I found some unserviced national park with primitive backcountry camping sites, about 20 miles from nearest town. They say you can spend a day there without sighting a human being. But I feel a bit uneasy about going solo. Here's why:

> always relied on others in my trips, usually more experienced than myself
> uncomfortable in darkness, mere thought of being alone innawoods at night sends my heart racing
> bear fear, I have read how black bears are as harmless as kittens, will buy some spray, but fuck those things are scary
> no experience navigating in woods. Trails are supposed to be marked and I only plan 15k walk, but fuck, what if I get lost
> being fatherless pussy in general

Pls halp me make up my mind.

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Any good books you would reccomend, /out/?
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Is mushroom foraging fun? I live near the Alps if that matters.
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Goldpanning Thread

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Any Anons here goldpan? I'm looking to start this spring.
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Hey anons, had a question for yall

Now i dont wanna be some normiefag zoomer with a portable speaker or some shit like that, but /out/, what music do you listen to on casual hikes if anything?

Since the nearest nature near me is full of people and i cant move rn (reet wagie job), i sometimes listen to music but nothing seems to match the mood of nature. Ideas?
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Does Denver, CO have good /out/ ?
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/out/bros, what kind of gear is good if SHTF? 60k city, coastal central europe.
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Economical Travelling

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How do (you) anons save money while travelling?
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What U.S. cities are /out/ certified?

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