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Alright guys im about to do a chris mccandless.
So im going to go camping in the woods this summer. But heres the difference: im basically going all out. No shitty "camp" site with all the luxuries of plumbing and basic communication. Im going staright into the wilderness with whatever i can carry in a back pack. So my question is what should i take? Water is easy as texas has a low water table and i can pretty much dig a hole and it will fill up pretty quick. For food i plan on taking some bags of rice and beans. Also sleeping bag and a small one person tent. I will also take various other things knives, tape, compass etc. Ive never done this before. Feel free to constructively criticise or just shit on my idea.
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Axe thread vol. 2
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Anybody here have experience in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area? NPS denied my backcountry permit for King's Canyon and my backup has been Coyote Gulch. I've never been to Utah but I'm pretty experienced outdoors, if my buddy can't make it would it be a dumb idea for me to go alone? I'm in good shape, 21 years old. I know not to underestimate the desert.
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Welcoming a New Era

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999999 and 1000000 get are coming. What will be the post to end an era and what will be the post to bring in a new era of sc/out/ing.
In the past 1000000 posts we have seen an era of Moras, batoning, tripfags, weaklings, hobos, MGTOWs and much much more. It is soon the end of 4 year posting era and onto a new one. We have seen the degradation of this board and in the coming one million shitposts we will see nothing but a path of raising up from our beastial bindings and truly make both /out/ and the Outdoors and the activities we love to participate in while in the great Outdoors truly great again.
So what say anons? What will you do to make /out/ rise in the new era before us?
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I have a pet bunny and have been using the accident poop on the garden. However, how should I deal with the poop when it in the litter with bedding since it contain urine? Can I just put it in a bag with hole or strainer and rinse with water? Would that be enough to feed my worm compost or apply onto my garden?
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raising money

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if youve got a spare dollar hit me up trying to raise some cash to go to creamfields in the uk and get riggidty rekt surnnnn also before you ask i got fired from burberry clothing inc when sales dropped so hence the e-begging
donation link below -
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Hiking blackpill

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>mfw no qt 3fourteen to go hiking with.
>mfw live in a country that is too densely populated and pretty much everywhere you go hiking you will always run into hordes of other hikers doing the same thing.
>mfw more and more Chink and Gook tourists going hiking on your mountain.
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What is the best /out/ city in each state?

Diversity of activities including yearound
Least (((diversity)))

For me, in Idaho, it's Ketchum. Hiking, biking, fly fishing, skiing, snow mobiling, whitewater and milfs.
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How does it feel living in America's anti-/out/ belt?
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in the third world

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So somehow I ended up in a legit third world country, and suddenly all those things I read about survival could actually be of use to people

often people have water tanks, but no filtration or purification systems
what would the best way of rigging a cheap but long term gravity water filter?
I was thinking charcoal, but not sure if it would make more sense mounting it above or below the water tank
people here just can't afford bottled water

also cold storage without electricity, people here just air their foodstuffs and so much is wasted
pickling is still a crude practice here, with open air fermentation instead of sterilizing containers

how do you get rid of intestinal parasites without proper medicine?
does garlic really work?

in some places they just need money, but over here locals just don't have the education and skills to get things done
what about venereal disease?
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