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How is staying in a poncho shelter? I was thinking it would be neat to just carry a poncho and have my friend carry one too while backpacking then at night we can snap them together into a two man tent.

However one friend is trying to say I really should just get a hammock or carry a small 1 man tent instead, and that sleeping down in the grass really isn't worth it, because poncho shelters aren't sealed up so bugs and snakes can get in more easily.
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Have a shit ton of weeds outside my new apartment. Landlord is cutting them once, but then it's my responsibility. What can I use to permanently get rid of them and get a small farm going
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river rock stacking

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what are your thoughts on this
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Backpacking recipes ITT pls help a newbie out
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Are you ready for squirrel season /out/?

Squirrel hunting for those who don't know, is all about being out, walking where no one else is, stoping to observe and sense your surroundings. You will see more interesting things hunting bushy tails, then you ever will hiking established trails.

What's your plan for this season? Are you hunting new grounds, or old family land? Bringing dogs, or still hunting?

What gear will you pack? Using a fine tuned .22, a rusty 410, or something of like a slingshot?
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4chan be like

>>going /out/ this weekend

bitch ass kar kampers
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Metal detectors

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Metal detectors thread.

What do you think of the Minelab X-terra 705? Looking to buy one and go trekking using the same pathways as the Romans of yore in the hopes I'll find some coins. Might also explore old abandoned houses.

Reminder a good metal detector will have differing colours depending on the metal type, depth, general mapping of the shape and so on.

Does /out/ know about metal detectors?
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When you see people put a knife in their "survival" kit
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Neglected pools

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>neglecting your pool so much that nature reclaims it
How do people let their yards get this bad?