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Thoughts on the Amish?

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I don’t know if someone has brought them up before, but in case nobody know who they are I will give a short explanation.

They are a Luddite religious group mainly in the US and they reject most modern technology and conveniences to instead go for a pre industrial lifestyle.

I bring them up because their population is exploding and they have one of the highest birthrates on the planet at 7 children per woman with some sects as high as 9 on average and at their current rate of doubling their population every 20 years they will reach the current US population in 200 years.

So what would everyone think of such a lifestyle compared to the way things are currently?
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/out/ Patch General
Want a patch preview? go to

Here's the start to my patch collection right here, its "leather"

Barefoot in the outdoors

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I already have heavily calloused feet from walking around barefoot almost constantly, and the only time I have any trouble walking around without shoes on is walking around on gravel for extended periods. Even walking through the woods I'm perfectly fine. Is it advisable to go hiking, camping or whatnot without shoes on? Just to be clear, I'm not one of those fags who is vehemently opposed to wearing footwear no matter what, and I'm fine wearing them, but my feet start to hurt after a few hours of walking if I do. So should I go /out/ without footwear? Bring a pair of something just in case? What are the pros and cons?
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imagine being an easternfag and seething at the alpine
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Help me identify this

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I found this stone disc today when I went fishing to a remote creek, does anyone have an idea what could it be?
As you can see it has circular ridges on one side, the other one is blank. Diameter is 19.3 cm, thickness is 1.5 cm..
It's too small to be a millstone and too smooth to be a grinding stone (plus there's no hole in the middle). It also doesn't strike me as a coaster or a base of some pot - why would you put so much work in such a simple item, making it out of stone.
I live in the Alps, there's a small village 2 km away from this creek, there are historical settlements, but way down the valley.
I'm perplexed by what this perfectly circular disc made out of stone was doing in the creek, perhaps someone can help me?

pic related it's the disc
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Share your recent /out/ings
Today I went on a hike to one of the local waterfalls
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What's the best /out/doorsmen watch?
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/seamen/ - Sailing General No.1: Bon Voyage edition

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Previous bread

Hello fellow /seamen/, we've had quite a few sailing threads by now and I thought it would be great to maintain the momentum by formalizing the OP a bit. Firstly, are we all okay with "/seamen/"?

Some anons in the previous thread recommended that we start a more inclusive "water sports general" instead (e.g. scuba, kayaking, etc.), but since those topics already have their own "general" thread, I didn't include any info for them in the OP. What do you think?

**Old threads:**
1. >>1799222 <>;

1. To see full list of resources (cannot include in OP due to post field character limit) (non-editable): <>;
1. OP collab (editable, feel free to contribute): <>;, <>;
1. Good anon quotes: <>;

**Getting started:**
1. Simply contact your nearest yacht club and volunteer for menial labor like being rail-meat. Remember to be nice and humble.
1. Read (see resources below).
1. Never forget to have fun!

**Foundational knowledge and books:**
1. COLREGs: <>;
1. Marine VHF radio: <>;
1. Books by Tom Cunliffe: <>;
1. Crossing international waters: >>1814803
1. By Capn Fatty Goodlander: *Buy, Outfit, Sail: How To Inexpensively and Safely Buy, Outfit, and Sail a Small Vessel Around the World*

PS: Formatting of OP inspired by "/ohm/ - electronics general" over on /diy/.
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