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What biome?

>slow board
>first responses
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Identifying a rock. Please help

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Found this odd rock, started cleaning it. Been pulling some rust off of it. Any help would be nice
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Let's play a game.

>the room you are in is picked up and transported back in time to a time before man settled your area
>you only have whatever is in the room right now as supplies
>if you are alone the last 5 people you talked too are brought along with you, with no supplies of their own
>if other people are in the room then they are brought along with you
>if you are currently outside then apply this to the last room you were in

How fucked are you?
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Lost Coast Trail
King Range National Conservation Area

Is this remote wilderness trail just massively overcrowded? I'm guessing yes. What if I hike it right now when it's cold and rainy?
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All my friends are dead.

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It hurts so bad, also Ozark Chinquapin, Missouri bladderpod, Ozark clubtails, and other loved ones I never new by name, several species of crawfish, darters and shiners, aligator snapping turtles, timber rattlers, glass lizards, collard lizards, Hellbenders, woodfrogs, some unidentified tiger beetle, not to mention entire communities like limestone glades, canebrakes, praries, oak Savannah, disappearing streams, fens, and sinkholes, forest grassland and riparian ecotones as well as ecotones along cliffs. Ecosystem process like fire, seed dispersal, recurtment and phenological cycles of germenation and emergence, it's getting hotter every year and extreme weather events are very common, a once reliable snowy winter hasn't happened in 10 years and even then record highs nearly every day of every year, it's all falling apart.
All I've ever wanted to do was study life, I'm consumed by grief and my dreams are too much to carry around, I want to travel the world but I can't abandon my home. Right now many remenants of my community are being subdived to join the rest under tombstones marked by multimillon dollar vacation homes and broken landscapes.
Hardly anyone understands what is going on, all the people with a real connection to the land appart from scientists and a few privileged kids like me are dying off and the children are selling off their land. Our unique culture and traditional knowledge are dying just as fast.

I need motivation and support, who else knows these blues?
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I'm considering getting a bachelors degree in Botany, I always loved plants and their properties. How /out/ friendly can this choice in a degree get? How /out/ friendly are the job choices?

>inb4 don't go to college it's a liberal trap
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Homestead Motivational

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Pics that make you reconsider society.
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well fellow outists I battoneyd myself good today

somehow managed to put a 2 inch gash across the front of my right index finger right where a gun trigger guard would go even though I was holding the hammer in that hand

the round split super hard and sudden and next I knew I was drppin
ran to the bathroom to wash it and just sat there in a cold sweat for a while
got a cotton on it now and gonna be OK but that sucked

stay safe /out/ there everybody
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I'm not American.

Please explain to me what this shit is, and why everyone on this board shits on it non-stop.

Is it some kind of suburban shopping mall place that sells clueless baby boomers and weekend warriors cheap Chinese junk for 3000% markups? Some kind of richfag store that exclusively sells normie-targeted Premium Brands® gear that perform just as well as cheaper brands that cost 1/10th of the price? A pseudo-milsurp store that sells crappy tacticool shit marketed at LARPing fatasses and teenagers? A hipster place that sells artisan sleeping bags hand-sewn from organic vegan materials for $1,000?

Why is this thing the bane of every American poster's existence?
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Urban Exploration thread

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since there isn't one up. this is the thread for your finds and experiences in abandoned buildings and other cordoned off areas within the city
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