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Southwest hiking?

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I'm an idiot from the northeastern states with literally no experience hiking in a dry southwestern climate. I'm going to AZ for a few days in September and want to experience the natural beauty without dying.
Aside from bring shitloads of water, what do I need to know? Mostly looking for general tips but if the specifics of my trip will help let me know.
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/mg/ - mountaineering general
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Primitive Thread

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Remember no gear. Post things you've made with natural materials or guides to making things.
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how the fuck do i live like the mountain men back then? or the injuns idk
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Hey /out/, anyone have experience trapping? I'm looking into it as a potential hobby this fall when trapping/hunting season opens up.

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Just put a new handle on this old what I assume to be a Sager Chemical Puget Sound axe. Can't wait to go out and cut some trees after this stupid hurricane passes.
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The island, survival and Bear Grylls

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Who else is hyped for season 6 of the island with Bear grylls? Appearantly this year there Will be a price and no predetermined groups. Would any fellow /out/doorsmen sign up?
>pic unrelated
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>watch yuru camp
>wow that looks fun and relaxing
>buy some camping gear
>go to local campground
>full of RVs and people 30 feet apart
>try again next weekend in a more remote place
>no RVs but full of stone stacking hippies
why are american campgrounds so crowded compared to japanese? do people actually enjoy camping next to 30 other families?
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anyone used one of these?

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Am I going to get explosive diarrhea if I buy this chinese one instead of the branded Life Straw?