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Knives that work just fine

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Let's see those regular old knives that do the job every day and get no credit. No thick, supersteel, painted, bolt on handle chop shop, high speed bullshit need apply. Knives that were and are just fine as is before the autistic fat kids decided a knife needed to do chores other tools were designed to do.
Pic related Mora 2000. Dirt cheap. I have left the thing everywhere imaginable. Do not even have the original sheath anymore. Great knife.
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Idiot Traps

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anyone have any other /out/ stories of places + trails that have a knack for killing idiots?
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Iron in the wild

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How do I find and smelt iron in the wild. I've already made a clay kiln. Is iron even findable? I'm in Georgia if that helps. Also what ingredients would I need for smelting? I have charcoal and wood Ash.
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What are the best Euro(Schengen) countries to vagabond, /out/ and work some menial jobs on the side?
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Hi Guys,

could you recommend me an openstreetmap based gps/route planer program for ios?
A freeware with map downloading capability would be nice.

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What the heck kind of bite could this be? This is the itchiest bite I’ve ever had in my life. I happened to me either at the beach in Los Angeles or in my bed in Seattle when I left the door open by accident
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Any trail makers break through rock?

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I'm on a sort of ledge/cliff and I actually made this much so far but I just want to get rid of some of the rock sticking out. I have to use "hand tools" so I'm using a very big rock bad with a point. I busted through the other rock but this stuff is really hard and not cracking like the rest.
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Another , another paraglider has a problem.

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I don't know what the hell is going on with the paraglider Community here in Squamish but holyfuck people. It's bad enough when a guy crashes into a boom and then dies later of his injury but and then the endless waffling and what about this what about that or not harming anyone from the community and then this happens. A person almost lands in the middle of a busy traffic lane only to get saved by a lamp standard. Talk about sheer fucking luck. There was one that had a crash landing and killed himself a few years ago on the day before that happened, he landed on the other side of the concrete barrier feet from Landing in the fast lane of traffic during the morning rush hour and then just looks up sheepishly at the traffic as he's pulling in his Parachute by the side of the highway. I think we've about had enough of these people and it's time to just outright ban them from here
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Have you guys ever come across anything strange in the woods? Found this yesterday and it sorta creeped me out.
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How do you clean cookware and store trash while out?
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