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can anyone tell me what mushrooms these are? I'm thinking maybe honey mushrooms but not sure. they were growing on a dead tree and I'm waiting on a spore print atm. they smell like regular mushrooms and when I tasted one it left a bitter and almost painful taste on my tongue. they have little hair-like things on the top of the cap as well as slightly curled gills. found them in maryland. any help would be appreciated
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Ax0rz thred

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Batonny chop chop no good.
What does out use to get firewood?

A full-size axe is nice if you are camping, but not always the best thing to carry around. So let's see your hatchets, hawks, and other axes.

Pic related is a shepherd's axe, also known as ciupaga, valaska, fokos, or baltag. Essentially a light axe with a long haft, that doubles as a walking stick. Really handy to have while /out/.
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Help me /out/ here guys. I have to move to Hawaii for work. I love going /out/, but my ideal surroundings are snowy mountains, thick evergreen forests, log cabins and cold winters. How do I cope with living on a tropical island?
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What was your last out meal

Chopped cactus (had to improvise)
Egg yoke
Bacon grease

We called it goolauge
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Post good /out/ books.


Anything goes as long as it has a large outdoor/survival theme
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What snacks do you take with you when you go out?
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Taking a trip to Bryce Canyon soon. Anything tips? anything I should see or watch out for? Never been to the area before.
Anybody got any stories to share about Bryce area?

Wasn't sure if /out/ or /trv/ was more appropriate, sorry.
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Hiking meals- Military MREs

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Does anybody take military MREs out on hikes? I know they're a little heavy, but there are a lot of them I've tried that are way better and more satisfying than some of the food options I've come up with.

I've tried US, Dutch and French military MREs. All are tasty! Does anybody else go this route?
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why stupid normies trying to eat anything ?

and then die

here on /out/ ?!?

literally every shroom you ever find here its toxic