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You're hiking alone when you turn a corner and see this, 15 feet away from you. What is your course of action?
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You have a couple million max to buy a large amount of undeveloped acreage. Where you moving /out/?
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Is farmers strength still a thing?
What other /out/ lifestyles help you develop strength and endurance?
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What's the best way to deal with a trapped raccoon if you don't have a gun?
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>Makes /out/ go into tard rage hulk smash mode
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what is your favourite campfire setup? for me? the keyhole fire
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Does anyone else find that /out/doorsman of a certain grey age, tend to have a lot of wisdom?
I'd like to learn from these people but I don't wear to meet them. The only outdoor organization I know is the scouts, and I'd be dealing with Kids there. Where can I meet venerable gray foxes?
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Foraging General: Black Raspberry edition

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Why the hell can't /out/ keep a foraging thread bumped full time. Foraging is peak /out/.
Post your wild edible finds of early summer.
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I just caught a kitten, what do?
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Alone Season 7

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New season airs today my negroes, breakdown for newfriends:

>10 contestants
>10 items of their choice
>100 days in the arctic
>Winner gets 1 million burgerbucks

Kino is back on the menu
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