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Share something you've made or built outdoors.

I made these today. They're not quite finished, still have the steepest bit to go.
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Been here quite a few times and never seen a weed thread.. what do you guys think about the herb? Any comfy /out/ pot-related pics ?
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Budget gear that’s actually decent. Let’s hear it.
Here’s the Lanshan UL 2 person tent. $86 plus shipping. It’s similar to a zpacks duplex, but 1/6 the cost
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What are your thoughts on Timothy Treadwell/Grizzly Man? For those of you who are not familiar with him, here's a page that has some details on him:

Personally not much of a fan. I would say that the Helicopter pilot in this video probably has the most concise analysis of Treadwell that I've seen:
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I want to buy some land in the middle of nowhere. How does one go about connecting internet to such a place?
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Boots Thread!

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Lets talk hiking boots.

After a few years of cheap-o shoes and discounted trail runners i decided to give combat boots a try. I often go off track and live in a rocky environment so should prove useful, though god knows what ill do when it gets hot.

What boots does out use?
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With the weather warming up and more out time, I'm thinking of getting into batoning this year. Any tips?
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Every national Park in Australia doesn't allow dogs. This is a major problem for me because I have one and need to take her with me everywhere. I'm planning on going to Tassie for a few weeks holiday and realised most spots are paid or don't allow dogs. Any Tas Bros in the house?
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Grave Robbing

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is grave robbing LARP ?
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