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Went on a little jaunt today through the woods near my house in eastern WA. Nothing special, just some nice snow and animal sightings. Almost ran into a great horned owl when we spooked it on the way back to the car.
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Gas burner vs. Gas stove

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Title says it all.

What is your preferred type when using gas as main source of fuel? Why?
What are the main advantages/disadvantages?
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who here /innaswamp/?
Baton Rouge is a shithole might fuck around and retreat to the bayou to live in solitude

just gotta figure out how to survive hurricanes
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what is the cheapest way to eat a well rounded diet with limited cooking utilities? i'm thinking porridge in morning and raw fresh salmon at night?
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Lapland trip complete - AMA

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Hey folks, just completed a ~2 week trip to Finnish Lapland at just south of 70 degrees north. Sharing my experience and photos, happy to answer questions.
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Sup /out/,
I'm an Aussie that lives in a fitted out shipping container. Due to this summers extreme heat I'm hardly inside. I have a fan and a cheap little air cooler which can get it down to roughly 35°C during the day (from upwards of 50°C inside 40°C outside). Just wondering if you dudes know of any tips or tricks to cool that Hotbox down?
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Anyone ever just build a cabin?

I have some property I can build on with only two rules:
It cant look like trash, must be constructed of natural materials and built using traditional methods (log cabins, thatch huts, mud huts, boulder and mortar)
It still cant look like trash but must be built non-permanent. Or basically a portable structure (large tent, box truck box, quonset style, dome tent, anything tent)
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Name a comfier life

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Well, let’s take a day in January, and let’s suppose I wake up about 3:00 a.m. to find that snow is falling. I start a fire in my stove and put a pot of water on. When the water comes to a boil I dump a certain quantity of rolled oats into it and stir them for a few minutes until they are cooked.

The I take the pot off the stove, add a couple of spoonfuls of sugar and some milk— made from powdered milk. While the oats are cooling I eat a piece of cold boiled rabbit meat. Afterward I eat the oats. I sit for a few minutes before the open door of the stove watching the fire burn down, then I take my clothes off again, get back into bed, and go to sleep.

When I wake up, the sky is just starting to get light. I get out of bed and dress myself quickly because it’s cold in the cabin. By the time I’m dressed there’s a little more light and I can see that it’s no longer snowing and the sky is clear.
Because of the fresh snow, it should be a good day for rabbit hunting.

So I take my old, beat-up, single-shot 22 down from the hooks on the wall. I put my little wooden cartridge-box, containing 16 cartridges, in my pocket, with a couple of books of matches wrapped in plastic bags and a sheath knife on my belt in case I have to build a fire in an emergency. Then I put on my snowshoes and take off.
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Backpacking/camping shelters

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Which type of shelter do you usually use?
(I know bivvy is spelled wrong btw, I didn't make the pic)
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Seattle is completely overrated as an /out/ destination. Cities like Provo, SLC, LA, and SF are situated in foothills of massive mountain ranges which means it only takes 20 minutes to access a variety of trailheads. Seattle on the other hand is two hours away from the olympics, two hours away from Rainier, and 90 minutes away from any good part of the Cascades. These roads are not accessible for half of the year which means you're resigned to circlejerking all the normie garbage between Issaquah and North Bend. Yeah, Seattle has ACCESS to some worthwhile /out/ in the state of Washington but calling it an /out/ city is a straight up lie.
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