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What are /out/ Anon's look on Zippo lighters?
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Is there anything by pic related that actually has any substance to it? I have tried reading a few different things and his writing consists of descriptions of landscapes.

Advice needed

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Any cowboys out here?
Last summer I almost got killed by a cow.
I was walking past them by the stream embankment (some mountain torrent) and naturally kept my eye on them cows. Suddenly I saw one charging at me, head down. it was a normal size cow, not too young, with some horns, maybe young female, but i had no time to look.
I am not a matador, so I jumped off the embankment with my bakcpack on, and scratched all my arms badly. It could be worse since that concrete wall was much higher further down the path.
I wouldn't usually walk in the cows enclosures but the cowboys set them up there overnight and they were blocking my way out to get to the village.
How dangerous are they?
Will a shot in the air scare them?
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>he thinks bear spray is more effective than a gun
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What good YT Channel to follow ?

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Not necessarily on YouTube but findable on the net. Yes I already know pic related.
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Anyone else go cross country skiing here?

It's really good exercise and there's nothing I enjoy more in the winter than being /out/ on a beautiful day when all the trees are covered in snow.
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/out/ Books General

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Discuss /out/ books, fiction, nonfiction, instructional, doesn't matter.

I recently tracked down a small collection of the Foxfire books. They're part-storybook part-guide, basically big collections of appalachian hillfolk talking about their bygone way of life. Link for those interested:!1p1HGYDB!r0MPnp89JprlXirXXhX4Uw

I'm looking for all books on arctic living, survival or otherwise. I'm from Dixie and may end up spending some time in either Alaska or Finland, so books related to daily life, or survival, or hunting/guidework in arctic regions would be appreciated, all I have so far is Stefansson's Arctic Manual and I don't know anything about what happens up there. For Finland in particular, I'm also interested in buying land, so if anybody has info on that it would be appreciated.
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Does anyone here use travel guides/websites to help assess the safety of a potential /out/ destination? Pic-related is an Australian example.
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any thirdworld fag /out/ here?
special argentina, i'm living in cordoba now and want to now some good place with little to no people to go camp and hiking

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what camping stoves does /out/ like?
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