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Have you ever Been to Indiana? If so, did you like exploring the wilderness?
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Advice on backpacking through norway and finland

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Hey guys, this is my first post on this board so forgive me if i do anything wrong.

I'm planning on making my first backpacking trip, i am gonna go to oslo, from there i'll hike all the way to bergen and from there on i'll go all the way up north to see the northern lights and i'll move back through finland to helsinki, i'm gonna plan route's between two cities each time that have to be 3 to max 6 days walking apart and when they are longer dan 3 days apart i'll have to plan a route that passes by one of the dnt cabins which i'll get a year membership on.

My plan is to walk all of it and to take exactly no buses or trains at any time
I will be sleeping in nature or in one of the cabins
I will wash my clothes and everything in the lakes and i'll also take water from those so the only thing i have to worry about is food and gas for cooking and maybe some coffee

If anyone has some advice or tips or anything that can help me prepare for this trip please let me know
If you want to know anything more of my plans just ask
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I put that shit on everything thread

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Post favorite trailspice. I'll start.
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So how many of you use a fanny pack as a daypack? Your favorite model?
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/out/ and music

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While hiking am I supposed to not listen to music? I prefer to have my earphones in with a podcast or music on.
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Painted rocks new hiking trend?

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I saw this thing on TV where people are painting rocks and leaving them on hiking trails to bring happiness to the masses while they are trying to get outside. Today I came across a little painted rock sitting on a stump. STOP THIS IT'S STUPID!!
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Where do I look for cool rocks?
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/Out/ Related Sites

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Anybody know of any other forums that are /out/ related? The shilling and discussing politics in here sucks.

Pic related is where I used to dwell.
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