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>who here adventure motorcycle /out ?
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Give me a nonreligious reason that explains the intrinsic value of beauty- specifically beauty found in nature.
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Outdoor Retailer/ISPO

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Any other /industryinsiders/ going to OR/ISPO?

My company is sending me to both. If any anons have anything they'd like me to get info on for them let me know. I'll keep my eye out for stuff you guys might find interesting.
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Has anyone here ever hiked Patagonia? I really want to. I'm just getting out of the military and would love to go.
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Medical/First Aid Kit Thread

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What do you guys carry for trips into the backcountry?

I’m building my own outdoor first aid kit to carry in my pack. I’m trained as a medic and I tried making a list, but it ended up being like half an aid bag, which is obviously more crap then I’m realistically going to need. How much is too much?
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Large daypack in Canada?

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I'm a big guy. I like to have a big (50L+) daypack but don't want one that looks like I'm about to set off on a wilderness adventure.

Firstly, can anyone recommend a bag?

And secondly, why the fuck are Canadians paying 50% more than Americans for the same product?
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Birding pics and tips

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Posted this in /p/ and they shat all over it. It IS shit but I was looking for more discussion and sharing than criticism. Went out today for my first time and it was quite pleasant. But have no clue what I'm doing. /out/ can you share some tips for someone new to birding.
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hi /out/ i'm about to make tea with these on the assumption that they're turkey tails. can anyone here confirm?
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/a/ here.

Is this guide legit? I don't want to die while camping for my first time because some anon included how to make mustard gas in a seemingly harmless guide on camping.
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I just saw the movie "The Hunted", went to take a poo and tought about the movie and it got me thinking. How would someone go live in the forest illegally without a permanent home, with all the suplies that he/she needs for survival and would make a small hidden shelter and just live like that? what would that person need, how would he/she get food, basic suplies and all that? How would you do it? Thoughts on this?
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