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/out/ belts

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I see a lot of clothes talked about on /ck/; boots, jackets, pants... but I never see belts talked about. I'm curious to what belts you guys use, and for what recreation. For instance, bushcrafters might be leather belts because they're able to strop their knives. The trade off is a heavier belt for a multi-purpose use. Alternatively, hikers might use some kind of stretchy synthetic belt because they're lighter, where hiking is more of a weight-conservative activity.

Post your belts, and what your main activities are.
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How the fuck do I not die if I plan on going deep into the Canadian back country for my first camping trip?

Long story short I lied to this girl and told her I'm some /out/fanatic, kept boosting about how awesome it in nature, the privacy etc etc.

So now she wants me to take her on some forest getaway and I have no fucking idea what I'm doing.

We are going to go in a few weeks when the weather warms up a little bit. so PLEASE help me so I can fuck this qt in the tent in the middle of the woods.
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What’s a good stong tent stake that won’t bend and will lighten my load
The current ones I have are too heavy
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Go to Local State park. FEEL like Video link.

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but seriously. can we get fun little Hiking spots in the USA?

Ya know for like a saturday out 2 hr walk in the woods 420!

SWeet Water creek park is fun

Also any one else ever get this feel?

>Be me wearing camo pants and water resistant hike boots. Go into stream pretty decent size. Go half way before i notice next small section to get across would be at my belly.
>Start walking back across rocks, Slip on algae So you fall into water. hit knee a little hard, not to hard, just a small cut appears.
> Other NORMIES see you fall,

I began laughing soon as i knew what was going to happen when the slipping started.


imagine seeing a 30 yr old looking dude do that.. hehe

How to cross streams /out/?? If you had to.. Say you needed to get back home and sun is setting or something.

my knee hurts.
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How can I bring my ghost pepper plant back to health? I put it outside a couple days ago right before a cold snap that I didn't see coming.
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newfag wants to go /out/

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Hello /out/, could I get some infographics of supply kits ordered by price range or something similar? I don't own a single piece of gear but want to get back out in the mountains this summer. Because of my autism, I have to feel like I'm doing something the most efficient way so I'd like to hear what y'all have to say about buying general supplies.

pic likely unrelated
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Boys I want some decent pants for hiking.

Now I always use jeans or shorts, any suggestions?

Budget is around 50 bucks tops (preferable available in EU).
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yo /out/ i live in semi rural area & want to actually do something outside today (not an extended amount of time like camping) because its the first nice day in several months. But being the average 4channer i know not of what i do in this "outside" place. Any suggestions?
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What shovel do you use to dig your poop / grey water holes?

I use a cheap small plastic trowel and am thinking of updated to pic related bad boy to see if it cuts through small roots better.

And then there's this:
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If I get a backpack like this will I look like a complete faggot? I just want one that i can use for both hiking and throwing things in for the gym. I have no intention of walking around the city with a laptop in it or anything but I still don't want to look like a moron.
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