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My new EDC, rate my setup sempais.
The phone is a Moto G5 Plus
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Pooping in the woods

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I'm kinda new to camping so i'll ask my questions and hopefully you guys will be kind enough to answer them for me.

1) Are piss and poop bad for a forest?

2) How do you correctly shit in a forest?

3) What do you do with your poop afterwards?
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Medical Pack general

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I haven't seen a medkit or first aid kit thread here, a clear mistake that you may learn in the hard way. medkits are like condoms and guns: it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not having it.

let's discuss about:
>kinds of medkits(bug out bag, camping, hunting, militar).
>different problems that you may have while /out/: cuts, burns, traumas, fractures and dislocations.
>dehydration, fever, diarrhea, vomits treatments.
>what kind of first aid kit you use
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>you will never go /out/ while it's cold
>you will always be Australian
>every outing you experience will always be a desert survival scenario
I just want to be comfy and go out in the snow and rain, without having to move to Tasmania.

People in cold places dream of sunny skies, but i tell you living the dream, I wish it would rain and snow.
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Questions that don't deserve their own thread thread, because there wasn't one edition
"Packable" puffy jacket, or a thick one for general layering and warmth while /out?
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How did out learn Landnav / Orienteering? I have a Garmin GPSMAPS 64s but I don't want to depend on it.
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Anyone here enjoy swamps?
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Good night /out/

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This goes live some time in the next five years and is supposed to be operational world wide by 2030. With it you could be on a seven day trek into the Alaskan bush and still stream HD anime tits if you wanted to.
How is this going to effect outdoors culture?
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What's better for /out/ .22 vs. .357?

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I'd be inclined go carry a .22lr over a .357 Rem Mag. Not because of weight, but because I'm more likely to use a .22LR on cans n' squirrels. A .357 would only be used for self defense and wouldn't get much trigger time. Not as much as a .22LR. Pic related a prelock SW M617, 10 shot. I've got a SW M686 that fits the same holster, so what's best?
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