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Lake meet success!

Next meetup planning underway

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Why I don't upload to alltrails or post locations on this subreddit

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>There's a mountain on state game lands near where I grew up in Northeastern PA that has always been quiet, used only by the locals who would go swimming in one of the waterfalls in the summer time, and hunting in the fall and winter. At the top of the mountain there is some rare blueberry heath barrens and red spruce that resembles the ecosystem you might find in the dolly sods in WV or further north in New England.

>The trail leading up the mountain follows an old logging grade through the state game lands, though the parking lot access to the logging grade crosses through a section of private property. To my memory the property owner was always a nice guy, he would let cars park off the shoulder in front of his place so people could access the logging grade and never posted that section of his land, even in the hunting seasons (which is rare in PA).

>Earlier this spring, someone uploaded the logging trail path to mountain top barrens on alltrails. If you looked at an alltrails map of the county, there's not much around, and there never were any alltrails up on that SGL.

>When coronavirus happened, suddenly the place started getting flooded. It's in a part of PA that's close to NYC, only a ~2 hour drive, and when NY and NJ locked down their parks back in April, we started seeing a huge influx of hikers and NY and NJ plates, which we'd never seen before. My guess is because it was a singular trail in that game lands, it would readily pop up on the alltrails map.
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the North Pond Hermit

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I like to be alone in nature but this dude is extreme:

"He lived for 27 years completely alone in the woods of Maine and didn’t even light a fire in winter; did not have a single conversation with another person in that time; did not send an email or communicate with the outside world in any way."

Knight was extremely shy all of his life. He found human interactions dauntingly complicated. And at the age of 20, he drove his car into northern Maine, left the keys on the center console, and walked into the woods. The family never called the police or filed a missing person’s report. I asked the local police, were you surprised that they didn’t call you for a search? The police said, “No, they are a very keep-to-themselves family. If a boy went off, then he went off.” They worried about him, I am sure. But they didn’t involve the authorities. That wasn’t the ethos of that family.

Then I went into the forest around his site. The locals call it “The Jarsey.” It is like a giant Brillo pad; the densest, most disorienting, pathless, boulder-choked forest that is too difficult even for deer to walk through. I’m a decent outdoorsman but when I went to find the site I cut my hands apart and ripped my hiking shoes. Chris Knight was able to walk through these woods, at night, completely silently.
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Floote Day is today

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Original thread here:
Original tune:

On april 11 2017 a legendary out meme was born, and it has been celebrated yearly ever since. Come celebrate the anniversary of this legendary thread!
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Is Charles Darwin's the origin of the species worth the read /out/?
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How do i make ranger beads so that the beads stick to the cord instead of moving around? What cord? Will any bead work?
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What’s a free map app with offline map and gps overlay?
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I’m sitting on the shoreline reading books ama

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I have a break in the middle of my school day so I’ve been building a little shelter and fucking around innawoods. Ask me sumn
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/p/h/out/ography thread

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post your recent pics
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Defensive Hiking Handguns

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Is a compact 9mm enough to stop a pissed off black bear or mountain lion?
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