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Due to my job I get /out/ much less often than i like. What is your preferred method of living vicariously?

Personally I really like reading gear reviews. I watch thru hiking vlogs. Movies like Jerramiah Johnson, old westerns, Planet Earth series, and pretty much all the stuff from the /out/ related movies thread are good too. Don't read much /out/ related books, prefer lifestyle books about minimalism or philosophy ect, but I've read a good chunk of Walden, and ive read cannot into the wild, and Wild, lol. And also I browse this board even though it's less than ideal.

Pic from Norway trip last year.
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Recent outings pics

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Post em. Here is one from Iceland a few weeks ago
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Hey /out/ just wanting to start getting into backpacking and looking at gear. Is my best bet to save money to learn how to use a tarp? As a beginner has anyone done that and did it work? Did you prepare before hand?
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How do I convince my gf to use this thing while out? Ffs every time we hike she spends hours on finding a place to pee, because she can't hide behind a tree by squating, she has to go for fucking miles away and I'm getting sick looking for our backpacks waiting for her and worring if has she been eaten by a puma or bear. Another nasty thing is when she pees outdoors her urine is flowing like a fountain all over her butt cheeks and pussy, soaking her pubes, and then she uses a napkin to wipe that shit, and you know, it barely works, because by the end of the day when we're in our tent that shit stinks and I can't get hard and she gets pissed off ruining vacation, I tried to tell her to buy that thing but she went berserk saying I oppress her identity and all that shit.
So I'm really having hard times dealing with her issues and don't really know how to approach her, what do I do guys?
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Childhood is idolizing kayaks.
Adulthood is knowing canoes make the most sense.
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Anybody on /out/ do beekeeping? Pic incoming with a swarm I caught a few weeks ago, once i find the thread with my phone.
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How long have you been here on /out/?
Do you remember the ghillie suit guy with the plague mask?
I tried to google up the story but to no avail.
Is everyone from that era already gone?
I feel so old.
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Hammock Thread

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Hammock time.

Direct all hammock related questions here.

Post your set up.

Ask questions.

This isnt the place to say you think tents are better than hammocks. They both have their place, and everyone can use what they like. Remember, this is a happy hammock thread.
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Alright /out/ I hiked in these used Austrian army combat boots I got for $30. I just got back from a two night/three day hike where I covered a modest 22miles. I had roughly a 35lb pack and was in fairly rugged terrain (no flat areas, some decent scrambles up and down). It rained for a few hours both mornings I was out and I had one unavoidable stream crossing where I left my boots on.

Here's my short review, questions and disquss if ya want.
I'm a 11/11.5 so I got a 44 (euro sizes). They were a little big, but fit ok with big socks. Wore them around for a few weeks. Figured out a comfortable lacing for them. Took them to my uncle's farm and rode horses/shot guns/did country things in them for a weekend and felt confident enough to make a go of them.

Before I left I did two things. I soaked them in hot water (some boiled in a kettle, but also just hot from tap in bath) to shrink them a little. Also polished them.

Went hiking expecting a need to turn back. Left my usual hiking footwear in car. Brought 1 extra pair of similar thickness socks, 1 pair of nylon dress socks (as liners) but never used them. & 1 pair extra super thick sleeping socks which barely fit in the boot (also never used for hiking).

Tbh, they were pretty comfy. The soles left a little to be desired- even if they were new- I can't imagine the tread pattern doing well on slippery rocks/logs. I dumped out the water after the stream crossing (dunno if that matters). All in all pretty good. Thinking about chopping down the boot because I don't lace the top two eyelets. Also- the back heel of the right boot split a little. I'm going to use my upholstery needle and some floss + shoe goo to fix it, but kinda sucks- we'll see how it turns out.
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Space plant

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Wtf is this shit and what will the spores do to me?
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