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First time fishing help

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I got my first fishing rod yesterday. I figured out a lot of shit, like how the thing you turn on the back of the reel is to change the drag sensitivity.

I have a pfeuger president spinning reel. and a St croix 6’6 medium power fast action rod.

I used a red and white plastc bobber with a split shot weight and a swivle.

I was able to cast but had some major issues. The first problem is that it kept casting to the side when I was trying to cast from the side like i saw in the videos. The second problem is it got really fucking tangled to the point i couldnt use it anymore, stuck under the reel itself kind of. first it got tangled like the line in the guides was twisted and so jt wouldnt reel on, then when i tried to fix it it went under the reel. please help